33 year old. Revision After Breast Feeding to fix double bubble, with an anchor uplift and 425cc. Mr Samouris.

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So it's been 10 years since my initial BA when I...

So it's been 10 years since my initial BA when I went from 34A to a 34DD with silicone unders, 280cc and 300cc to correct asymmetry due to tuberous breast condition.
I breastfed for 3 months in 2011 and am looking to replace the implants and go bigger to 425cc. I've shopped around with three different companies/four different surgeons and I think I've finally found what I wanted from the consultation.
I'm hoping to go for January or February 2017 for an op date.

So I've paid my deposit and all being well, I'm...

So I've paid my deposit and all being well, I'm booked in for end of January! Feeling a mixture of excitement, nerves and some guilt at spending more money on trying to look good! Hubby is on board but thinks I'm fine as I am. Deep down I know he'd rather I didn't spend the money on it, but is supporting me anyway.

I've not plucked up the courage to add pictures yet, because It feels quite exposing to do it, also I don't have the before and after pics from the initial BA, will see if the company many still has them and will probably post pics then. 

Good luck to others going under the knife soon.


So I've started the preparation and just bought a v-shaped pillow and a Royce front fastening post surgery bra. I'm getting so excited about it and still have 75 days to go!
Has anyone else used the Royce bras?

Ladies who have had a lift, question about a hair appointment????

So, I'm booked in for a breast lift and revision of current silicone implants in January and have booked myself in for half a head of highlights with a cut and dry, four days after the op. Is this a bad idea or will I be OK to sit for three hours?
It's been ten years since the initial procedure and I can't recall the recovery/pain.
Anyone got experience of something similar and willing to comment???

Almost there... 34yo, 5.5ft, 140lb, bwd12cm

So it's less than three weeks until my BL+BA (revision). I keep trying to cast my mind back to my first BA in 2007 but it seems a lifetime ago. I've bought a new spots bra and have decided to hold off until after to buy anymore, in case they come out bigger than expected.
Last time I went from 34A to a 34DD with 280/300cc's which I'm now surprised about, as I've been reading that 400cc's would usually be a D/DD cup! This time I'm going for 425cc's so hoping to fill the void from breastfeeding and go a bit bigger.
Has anyone else got the same stats as me and had 425cc's, if so, what size did you come out as?

Three days to go... Still camera shy

Wow time has flown by and can't believe it's really happening. Still haven't plucked up the courage to take pics of current boobies but I'm hoping I'll bite the bullet on Wednesday as the op is Thursday and I definitely want before and after pics. I just really don't like them!
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