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So after 2 years of being flat chested after...

So after 2 years of being flat chested after losing 3 stone and weight lifting I've finally decided to do it!!! Really excited to meet my surgeon but for now I'll take about my consultation at Harley Medical Group. I decided to have my operation there after researching surgeons and also going to a few other consultations. I cannot fault the woman who took my consultation! Lucy was lovely and answered all my questions. She helped me to try on sizers and come up with a comfortable size for me. She explained to me how my surgeon consultation would be structured and advised me to go away and list all my questions so I could ask as many as possible in the session. We decided to go between 400-600cc but I'm leaning towards 500cc+ due to my height and broadness but she said the surgeon will let me know what's doable. Right now I'm so excited for my surgery, it seems a little bit like a life makeover and I'm treating it as such. This is a life changing experience and I cannot wait to get my new breasts! Pre operation preparation: at the moment I'm training really hard in the gym and trying to get in good health and good shape to help my healing process and also for confidence. I'm saving up for my new wardrobe!! (Any excuse to shop). And I'm constantly online looking at pictures of women's breasts and sending them to my boyfriend (poor sod)!!

Wish Boobs

Spending so much time looking at breasts to see what sort of shape and size I like. Constantly on boob patrol!

Consulation Done

So I had my consultation with my surgeon and was so nervous I've had to book another one to go back and review my choices. In my consultation we went for the 435cc UHP unders (as I am broad chested and medium framed) which my surgeon predicted would take me up to a 34DD - but not I am suffering with boob greed after seeing so many women on this site who have gone for 500cc plus and I feel as though my proportions would benefit from a larger implant. I have arranged another consultation for next week to discuss this with my surgeon as I'd like to feel abit more at ease and reassured I am making the right choice as this is an investment. Have many other women changed their minds about size pre-surgery? And are there many who wished they'd gone bigger post surgery?


Had my final consultation today and have decided to go a little bit bigger.

So we are having 480cc UHP Mentor Impants via dual plane!

2 weeks now I cannot wait!

1 Week Until Operation. Before Picture!

So here is my before picture. I'm a 34B/36B (in between bands at the moment). Looking forward to getting my 480cc UHP Mentor Implants this time next week!

My surgeon mentioned he is doing a mix of over and under (dual plane), so I am really worried about bottoming out but know I can talk to him about this when I see him for the operation. I have every faith in him thanks to this website and seeing other women treated by the same PS! Really has helped me lots!! Preparing my flat in this final week so any tips/tricks to help me get sorted or things I need to buy would be much appreciated!!!

Pre Operation Packing

So it's the night before the night before Boobs. So far I have decided to prepare for my breast augmentation by: Cleaning my flat from top to bottom Washing all clothes Changing bed sheets Preparing food (although my boyfriend has eaten most of it!) Food shopping Washing towels Putting things in easy to reach places (as advised by fellow members) Sorting any medications/post op things I will need I've also started packing my hospital bag: Comfortable clothing (leggings and a zip up hoodie) Sports Bras (packed both for choice - M&S High Impact Bra and Under Armour Protégé Bra in 36D/DD) Magazines and a book (will also take my laptop) Water Lip Balm and Moisturiser Glasses/Case Headphones Paperwork from Harley Medical Group Purse Driving Licence/Passport Hope this helps anyone else preparing for their operation!!!

All Done

Day of surgery and everything went so well I could no recommend the Highgate hospital more!! Lovely staff and my surgeon was amazing. They look exactly how I wanted and aren't too high already. I have had 480cc dual plane.

Before and After

Day 2 - Swollen and Bloated

A bit more swollen and painful today. Blood on my plasters over my stitches so not sure if I should change them at some point. Feels like a 4-5/10 atm especially if I pick anything up or move about too quickly. More swollen up top today and I weigh 8lbs more than I did yesterday which is to be expected with the implants and also the amount of swelling!! Couldn't eat a lot yesterday at all so orange juice was definitely key, going to try and eat today and drink a lot of water!!

Recovery Reality Check

The one thing I've learnt during my recovery is that everyone is different and to expect to be immobile during the first few days of your recovery even if you don't feel like you'll need it. The pain is like a wave you have to ride out and it's easy to feel depressed and down in the dumps. You cannot wash yourself, you're bloated and swollen and it's not nice being on all the drugs. The pain is similar to a broken rib and at times the tightness in my chest makes it hard to breathe. Other times I can move about and do things with restricted motion. It's hard to feel so grim and Bloated and I feel so scruffy and depressed and would give anything to be able to shower and do my hair and make up BUT pain is temporary and we will heal but just need to keep your chin up when you've going through recovery.


I'm so happy with my new breasts. I've been really unwell so haven't updated (not boob related) but I'm so happy. Originally I was told to expect a 36DD/E but I have been measured now at a 32G I could not be happier. My breasts are so in proportion to my body I could not recommend my surgeon enough!!

5 Month Update

So it's been 5 months with my new assets and I could not be happier. The mental change in confidence as well as the physical change is more than I could have hoped for. My surgeon was great and the team were also fantastic at checking up on my post operation. I'm happy with the size and shape of my new breasts!
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