35, Breast Implants on September 10th, 450cc High Profile Silicone, unders -United Kingdom, GB

Hey there, I am meeting with my PS later today to...

Hey there, I am meeting with my PS later today to discuss things over. I am torn on an anatomical shape (tear drop/gummybear) or round?? any feedback or advise on peoples experiences would be great! good or bad, recommendations on implants would also be fab. I am currently an A Cup looking to be a large C or small D. I will upload some pictures later.

Sizing appointment and pre-op

I have my sizing appointment today!!! Ahhhhh feels so real now! Can't wait. I will update after the appointment. I have my pre-op 2 hours after.

Size chosen and pre-op done

Had my pre-op yesterday so all bloods taken and swaps done :) finally decided on my new boobies!!! I have chosen round silicone 450cc full projections for each breast. Can't believe in 2 weeks I will have boobies!!! Lol struggling with photos as I hate my boobs now :( but I need to take some and post them.

New boobs tomorrow!! :)

So it's come around fast! I go in tomorrow morning for my BA. Super excited but also nervous! Although I hate my small chest, I have taken some pictures so I can compare tomorrow after the op!

At the hospital!!!

Nervous and excited!! It feels so real now! Wish me luck lol

3 hours post op

Very large left side!!! Surgeon had problems with my left boob and boy do I feel it! I am in pain :( and I look crazy wonky! But he reassures me it's the swelling

No sleep.....

Need sleep!!! Zzzzz way too uncomfortable, but at least my boobs are looking a little less swollen! Not much but better than they were this morning

2 days post op

Feeling bad today, tired and so sore! My chest is black with bruises and I can't go to the toilet. Just feel very tearful and sad

Bruised swollen boobies

Day 2 post surgery boobies

Day 3 and feeling better

Day 3 post op and I am starting to feel human!! I have my week post op on Thursday so I think once I have the all
Clear from my surgeon I will feel better

4 days post op

I have my first appointment tomorrow with my surgeon which I can't wait for. Little worried about my right breast but hope it's ok. My stitches will be checked too which I hope are ok, haven't seen them yet as they are covered with dressings. Feeling ok today, have a right shape pulling pain under my right breast which upsets me but trying not to panic until I see them tomorrow.

5 days post op

Seen my surgeon today and had my dressings removed and tape applied. I have to change the tape every 2 to 3 days. Which is creeping me out as I don't like wounds or blood!! Might have my fiancé do it. He said that he can see my right side is stitched tighter but he thinks that should settle down. Next appointment isn't for 6 weeks!!! Feeling scared to be without his checking me for that long! Hope I will be ok.

8 days post op

I have been reluctant to post pics of my breasts as my right and left are odd. It doesn't look to bad to the eye but in a picture you can really see it. My PS stitched me higher and tighter on my right!!! He said once the boobs drop and the stitches relax they will settle and even up?? I'm sure he knows what he is doing and he didn't seem worried at all. I just get annoyed looking at them like that.

10 days Post op

Back to work today, boobs are still odd! Which is annoying but my PS has said they will even up so I have to wait and trust him, although I am stitched uneven so I don't see how them will even up? I really hope they do!

Set Back!!

I am nearly 2 weeks post op and yesterday and today I have been in pain :( I think i have overdone it being back to work and not sleeping isn't helping. Feeling a little gutted as the pain was getting better but today I am sore! guess I will still get days like this, I just want to be back to normal, I am trying to be patient but its not easy. I will post some more boobie pics over the weekend.

2 weeks post op

Still feeling swollen and uneven but my fiancé gave me a good analogy the other day! He said it's like baking a loaf of bread in the oven! You keep peeking and hoping it will be done...but you need to wait the time out and when it's ready....it's ready lol this is true! Boobs take time and I have to wait this period out! I am trying not to get upset by how uneven they are....its not always easy.
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