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Hello everyone, After many years of being small...

Hello everyone,

After many years of being small chested I have braved it and decided to get a boob job.

I've found this site incredibly helpful and will post everything I have stressed about, gotten information on and hopefully help a lot of you by sharing my experience. I've thought about getting this proceedure done for many years now and decided to take the plunge.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


So I went to my consultation with Dr Davood Fallahdar from the Private Clinic in London. I had done a lot of research about what would happen at this consultation. He measured both boobs and I discovered one was smaller than the other and my nipples were not symmetrical. He asked what desired results I wanted to achieve and I stated I wanted to be filled out and be more proportionate. I am a UK size 6 so quite small.

First he got me to try on 260cc in the sports bra which I felt was too small. Next, we tried on 300cc and I thought this was absolutely perfect for my frame. He gave me 325cc for my right and 300cc for my left to even them out. I put these in and he assessed my frame from the side and said it looked great. I asked if there was any way to go bigger and he said that if I did the implants would show on the sides because it literally wouldn’t sit in my frame.

Before this he asked if I knew what sort of profile implants I wanted and I said I didn’t mind which sort as long as it fit properly and looked good. He chose the high profile ones due to the fact I wanted more of a “lift” on my chest instead of going for something more like the teardrop style. The high profile ones are actually the best for my frame overall as the medium profile implants are too wide and wouldn’t sit as nicely.

I was happy with my choice of implant and the size.

I’ve done a lot of reading about “which size ccs to get x bra size” but at the end of the day it isn’t about this. Everyone has a different body. There is no point in comparing.

I am currently a 32A.

I then went to one of the coordinators who is really lovely, Becki, she gave me the price and stated when I could possibly have the operation if I wanted to go ahead. She said there *might* be a possibility of getting it done in just under 3 weeks if I was interested. Otherwise end of August or October. I said I would be incredibly interested in just under 3 weeks.....

The next day I got a phone call from her stating that date was available and if I wanted it I would have to decide. Given that I had only just decided to get the consultation done this was ridiculously overwhelming for me. I thought about it for a good hour. Moved money from my savings.

Sat again for some more time....and then decided "HELL YES".

I am now booked in for the 21st of July 2014.

1 week to go....

So time to get serious. I have found this is a difficult time. I've had to buy my own post op bra which I've been advised to purchase at M&S. I've done this in two different sizes as recommended by my coordinator 32D and 34C. 32D!!!!! Exciting! I am worried however that they may not fit.
They are literally "Extra high support" non-wired sports bras. Previously, I had purchased a "post op" bra and was told this is incorrect as the "shock absorber" bras are preferred (they strap everything in I guess).
1 week to go - what I am doing:
• Taking Arnica starting Monday (to help with the bruising). I have ummed and ahhed at whether or not to take this and have decided to go ahead. There are so many conflicting things about it but I do like taking herbal/natural remedies so will give this a go.
• Exercising 3 times a week as per usual
• Not drinking any alcohol or smoking!
• I have ordered groceries to come on the weekend so that I am sorted after surgery
• Asked the boyfriend to take a day or two off work
• Doing as much laundry as possible
• Cleaning the house
• I’ve been applying Bio Oil for the last week and will continue to do this to hopefully reduce any stretch marks I may encounter
Items I’ve purchased for post op comfort:
• Arnica
• V Neck pillow
• Arnica gel for bruises
• Ice pack
• Heat pack (for back only)
• Post op bras
• Groceries; includes jello, ginger ale, water, crackers, chicken, tuna, pineapple juice (good for healing) etc.
Is there anything else that you would suggest I get so I am comfortable post-surgery? Or anything I should be doing the week before my surgery that is not on the list above?


Food talk: Pre & Post surgery

So a week prior to the surgery I am staying away from salt. I’m not actually changing my diet dramatically just not being stupid about it; eating packet after packet of crisps etc. I’m not altering my diet massively apart from avoiding white bread, pasta and rice.

For those of you curious enough!:



Salmon/chicken/lean meat

…As one website says “IMPORTANT! Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain!”

By limiting sodium intake to 1500 mg a day or less you end up producing a diuretic effect where you retain less retain body fluid, especially in the area your surgery was done.


I’ve been drinking plenty of pineapple juice (freshly squeezed) as this is proven to heal wounds.


I have begun on my Arnica tablets….these are a pain for the first day as you have to take them every 2 hours (2 x tablets for the first 6 times…).
Vitamin C tablets 2 x 1000mg (I’ve already been taking these for a week so 2 weeks in total). I really feel like vitamin C makes such a difference (even when you have a cold etc.) in any recovery process.

I basically want this week to be over. Just pull off the Band-Aid already….will take some before pictures in outfits tomorrow so you can all compare :)

xxxxx peace out

Best Boob Blog

Hello everyone,

I have found it incredibly useful to watch these "boob blogs" on youtube.

The most informative one and easiest to watch is the link I've left below:



More before photos

8.30am on Monday 21st I will be getting my boobies!!

Fear of germs.

4 days to go until I get the twins. I have nothing really to report except that I now have a fear of germs! Every time someone sneezes on the tube I am so worried I will get an infection pre op!

See updated photo (before pic) :).

I’ve found reducing the salt intake for my diet has been especially hard but hopefully this will help with the swelling. Still taking arnica, vitamin C and plan to “gym-it” on Friday and do a run on Saturday (so 4 times this week).

I have brief moments of doubt beforehand but I think this is normal. I think it is more the fact that my process has happened in a month. My biggest fear is the recovery process and the fact that is DOES take them so long to drop! They will be sitting up high for a few months and that literally does freak me out. I am in awe of all of you girls who have done this and gone through such different recovery processes.

I know my own recovery will be unique so will continue to share.

So excited to have an early appointment on Monday to get the new boobies - when I got the phone call (after I had written the text above) I broke out into the most amazing grin!!!!!!!!! EKKKKKKKKKKK.

Can't wait!!

Thanks for all of your support :-D

So scared/anxious

It's happening tomorrow and I cannot wait for this "waiting" period to be over. Just want to get it done already! Feel so anxious, can't sleep and counting the hours down....:-S

New Boobies

Just got home, procedure went very very smoothly. I was told I was "the perfect patient". Got into the room and within twenty seconds I was completly knocked out. Once I got onto the surgey table, they put these really weird leg straps on me and then turned them on and they vibrated and massaged which was quite exciting. That happened every fifteen seconds or so.

The procedure took 45 minutes and I must have slept for an hour and a half. I was then awake and there were all these weird beeping noises. I asked if that was my heart rate and the lady said that no everything was fine. My blood pressure was taken which was perfectly normal, I felt completly lucid, no nausea. I then went back to the room, one of the nurses accidently rammed me into the wall but that just made me crack up laughing. At this point I was in a fair amount of pain, all I could think about was my boyfriend and if i saw him then I'd feel alot better. Then I got into the room, she asked me what my pain level was and I said seven, but thinking about it, it was probably a ten. She then gave me morphine which instantly made me feel better.

Since then I've experience no pain, nor had I been given any pain pills before that. I was then discharged at 6pm after clarifying what dosages to have of my pills as it is somewhat confusing, there are so many!

Overall, the pain is no where near the level I expected - I am also utterly shocked that I can think clearly and I'm not disorientated. My throat is quite soar, you require water quite frequently. I can't go to the bathroom by myself, it was also quite difficult to get the post op bra, but now that its on its all good. I have also been given a band which I've been told I have to wear for six weeks. Now that I'm at home I feel a billion times better, I couldn't have stayed the night there.

I've attached some photo for you guys, I think they look absolutely perfect, I'm so happy i've got this done. They are a lot lower then I thought they would be, but they will heal in there own time so not worried about how fast they will drop. One of my first thoughts was that "I should have gone bigger". My right boob I was already told pre-surgery that my nipple would be pointing down more due to its position originally. Therefore if you look at the pre-op and post-op photos you can see it's just completly my boobs, and this is 100% the look that I wanted to go for. I know some other girls who want there boobs alot closers together etc, but this is the shape I have, so no complaints. I'm also very impressed with how similar in size they both are.

If anyone has any questions please do ask happy to answer anything


Note: I got 300ccs in my left, 325ccs in my right, dual plane, High Profile.

omg wont let me upload...error message come on real self....will try again later!!!

New Boobies


First night

Last night was rough. 3 hours after taking antibiotics my left and right hands swelled up ridiculously. I called the emergency line as I was due to take another round of antibiotics and wasn't sure if I should. My doctor advised me not to and to see if the swelling went down the next day. As soon as I got off the phone I noticed a rash had appeared on my chest. I drank as much water as possible (bloating is crazy but I expected this). The more water I drank the better I felt and this morning my stomach has reduced significantly.

I slept upright surprisingly easily but I think I'm just so tired :). Boobies have swollen a lot in the middle which the nurse said is very normal. Rash is completely gone, swelling in left hand is the worse but all good.

Overall I feel soooo much better this morning. I have been clear headed this whole time and hopefully if I stay clear of the antibiotics all will be fine...

One weird thing...its hard to pee....you have to like concentrate quite hard. Also, got the boyfriend to type out my previous post as it was hard to type!!!

100% you need someone to help you out...to take off your pants, feed you water and food. Hopefully this will decrease over the next day or so.

I am SOOOOOOOO happy can't believe how amazing they look. To all you girls who have gotten this done I have so much respect - you are all very brave xxx

3 days post op

Well I think I'm past the worst of it. The first day and night was hands down the most difficult for me. I feel like I've "woken up" now and feel soooo much better. Can use my hands move them up and down, unscrew things etc. Although I am trying my best to avoid all of this and just rest.

The swelling has gone down a tiny bit but the middle is still swollen.

Today I went for my checkup and she literally removed the strips, replaced them and said I could wear the Genie bra in that I brought in (this is another sports bra but softer).

Things I have noticed:
Shooting sparks in the boobies (predominantly the right one).
Right boob is higher and healing more slowly than the left (it is also more painful/sore)

Had a shower today but had to get the boyfriend to help!

Will upload some pics so you can see (note: right one is more swollen this will change when it heals).

4 days post op

Greetings everyone!

I feel fantastic today! The swelling has gone down a lot. The only negative is my lower back/butt hurts from sleeping upright & I still have bloating. But I could care less...I have boobies!

They are looking like the perfect size for me. Just need the swelling to go down a liiiitttllee bit more & I will be happy!

I am still taking pictures each day but I've decided to post some before/afters on Monday (at the one week mark) so that you can see the difference (and hopefully swelling will have gone down a lot). I will take some in the pre op non padded bra I wore and T-shirt.

It does hurt in the mornings...I guess this is "Morning Boob". However, I am so excited to see the progress (as they look more and more natural each day) that I don't really care and I know this is not going to last. Eye on the prize people!!

Things I have noticed:
-One boob does heal faster than the other and this freaks me out slightly...(I know it will right itself but...it is weird....)
-As advised by my nurse I am taking one pain pill at 2pm and one at 8pm (I have been doing this since post op day 2) and the pain is just "annoying" now
-hurts to laugh!!...and I laugh often...hope this goes away soon!
-heat pads on the lower back are a life saver!

Love this site!

That is all :-D xx

5 days post op

Hello all,

Nothing new to report...apart from "the band" I have to wear...trying to figure out how to HIDE this under work clothes....fairly difficult hahaha. If I find clothes that suitably disguise the band will upload the most successful ones :).

Love to you all xx

post op day 6....

Only update is that I am fairly self sufficient now. Was able to have a shower by myself and the only thing that really tires me is walking up stairs which I have to do to get to my flat.

Bloating is still there and fairly annoying at this stage.

Did not have morning boob this morning (*happy dance*).

I have a before/after comparison photo for everyone - enjoy!! XX

1 week post op!!

Today is one week! Cannot believe I made it! For me, I feel adequately recovered to the point where I am able to go to work. I originally had thought post op day 3 or 4 would have been fine …but there is no way!

Things I’ve noticed:
· I’m quite a fit person and walking for 5 mins or more just drains me completely;
· At work I get tired very easily (pain meds at around 2pm are a must); and
· Morning boob seems to have disappeared (fingers & toes crossed!!).

I find the following things difficult:
· Carrying my handbag on my shoulder is very difficult (it isn’t even big);
· Opening doors puts pressure on my whole body and is hard to do (I have to do this to enter and exit work & the bathroom);
· Walking up/down stairs completely winds me very easily and makes my heart race!

Again, I am functional and I can do everything now without a lot of pain/strain. I’m going to behave myself for another month (try not to drink alcohol and watch my salt intake) to help the healing process.

Hiding “the band”:
It can be done!

Key clothing items:
· Black singlet top (cotton) that reaches up to the collar bone
· Blazer/jacket
· Dress with a high neck

……..Anything dark for the top as it is hard to disguise with lighter colours. Again, I am taking pictures each day but want to post ones that look significantly different so you can see the progress xx

Post Op Day 8

Swelling has gone down immensley in the middle! That is all I have to update you all on.

Dreaded band is doing my head in...when I get to take it off I may do a lil victory dance, stomp on it, cut it up and then have a bonfire....

Post Op Day 11

I feel completely normal now. Aside from the fact that I cannot push or pull things and get winded when I walk up/down stairs I am feeling so much better. I will continue to post progress photos for you all :) let me know what you think!!

The strap does get me down! (not just physically ahahaha............*sigh!*) but it is a small price to pay for the boobies!

I also do not have any sensation from the nipple down. I'm trying not to worry about this (it is currently numb). Above - they are completely normal! ..When is a normal time period for the sensitivity to start making its way back!?

boobie blues

I had a bit of a breakdown last night.

I am so down - and this morning actually.

Must be because I am off my meds but man this sucks!!

Past the boobie blues

I am now post op day 16!! Such a big milestone for me. I am past the boobie blues now but man that sucks! I am loving the twins. Could not be happier! Never had any negative thoughts about them but just felt really down. Was so unlike me. I feel like my old self now!

Things I have noticed:
Can push my chest out and it doesn't hurt
Do not need any meds and have been off these for 6 days now
It doesn't hurt to laugh or sneeze anymore - woop woop
I can sleep lying down but man does it feel strange to not be able to lie on my side
Have started getting itchy....guess I'm healing so that makes sense
No sensation from the nipple down (still)
Pinging in nipples has gone away (for now?...)
Checked out my incisions...they look like they have SO long to go! Mine dissolve in 3 months apparently.
Strap is still being worn...I have taken this off more frequently though - one hour here and there. Just so hard to breathe with it on!
Boobs have strunk so much!! I really can't believe it (looking at the photos)
Nothing gets in the way of my day to day life apart from the PURE ENERGY. It is sucked out of my by the end of the day!

I've attached a comparison pic for all of you so you can see the progress! Ignore the red line in the day 16 pic I was trying on some old sports bras!! I can see the progress mostly from day 2 - wowzaaaaa!!! Swelling has gone down so much!.

Happy 3 weeks to me!

Photos attached for you all. 1 week until I have my post-op appointment with the surgeon.

Will update you further then :)

After consultation

Everything went very well. Boobies are looking FAB. The best news I recieved NO MORE STRAP.


I can begin massages ("just move them around"), silicone sheets are not really needed as my scars look really good. However, I might wait a little bit longer, see how these are healing (as he said if they are "bumpy" then look into it). Apparently they now begin to get softer and that's what I can really look forward to for now.

after 6 weeks - bra shopping. However, will see how much they have dropped and access things then (but Victorias Secret is calling).

He said that anything I begin now...just do it slowly; exercise, swimming, etc.

Next update will (hopefully) be in 2 weeks when I get a bra (*fingers & toes crossed*). Alternatively, will update you with anything relevant as I go along! X

Happy 1 Month to me!

Yay! Only 2 weeks to go until bra shopping. I HAVE purchased some non wired non padded bras though. Sports bras get so annoying day and night! Cannot wait to rock up to Victorias Secret. For now a 32D fits me but obviously I still have a lot of dropping to go.

Things I've noticed:
1) Nipples are very sensitive and anything rubbing against them (i.e. clothes) kind of hurts

2) Rubbing the incisions (as instructed by my surgeon)...when I first pressed down and along the incision there was this "popping" sensation once or twice. I googled this and apparently it is very normal - just the scar tissue breaking up. Actually, the bumps that I had yesterday have now pretty much disappeared after this. It did freak me out though! Has anyone else had this??

Happy healing to everyone. My next post will be in 2 weeks for bra fitting so you can see how the 300cc has worked out for me. :)

best decision.

After getting through the recovery process my life changed for the better. Gone was the insecurities about my body. Gone was the worry about getting into a bikini and going to the beach. I felt sexy, alive. I still do. I have absolutely no regrets about my boobs. Noone has guessed that I got them done. They look and feel like my own now. I would say that it takes one year for them to fully soften and become your own. Well, that is just my experience. I now love my body unconditionally.

I took the approach of telling noone about my boobs. I think this has worked out for the better. I told 2 close friends and my partner. It is my body. Now that noone has knowledge about it they cant judge me at all. I've removed that possibility. I preferred to do this, it was my choice.

Is it painful? For the first month or two - yes. The first 10 days are the worst. Do you have sensation in your boobs? Yes, incredibly I not only have sensation but there is an increase in sensitivity which I actually prefer! Did you get the right size? Yes - getting the bigger size was best for me. I have the perfect size for my body, in my opinion. I wouldn't go up or down now but simply stay the same. Does this affect exercise? I was lifting weights, running and back at the gym after 6 weeks. Because I love my body more I am happy being fit and there are no limits on doing weights etc. That is a load of bollocks haha.

Anything else? Message me. I am happy to answer any questions. My surgeon was incredible and I would highly recommend him.
London Plastic Surgeon

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