Dra Fatima Almonte 9/17/2014 and I Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well I am finally beginning my journey here on RS....

Well I am finally beginning my journey here on RS. I have been one of the background lurkers so to speak for the past year and a half now and I am finally ready to proceed with my surgery. I would love to have a tummy tuck with a BBL and liposuction but I know the only way to get all 3 procedures was to travel to the DR. My current measurements are 228 lbs, approx. 5'8 height, and of course most of that weight is right in the belly. Ugh. I'm tired of purchasing girdles and body garments that do nothing but camouflage the problem for the time being, im ready for a permanent change. And I would love to put on a nice maxi dress in the summer and not loose tops to hide this baby pouch. :(
So after doing tons of research on dozens of doctors, viewing testimonials, reading the good, bad and ugly, I made the decision that im doing this. So my first step was I wanted to secure financing. Got approved through my credit union and got the check in the mail (Yay). Now here's the problem>>>I CANT GET A FREAKING APPT FOR ANY DOCTORS ON MY LIST!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! I thought this would be the least of my worries. SMH So I wanted Duran in the Dominican Republic. She's booked til November and i'm not going during Thanksgiving and missing time with the fam. So then I found Dr. Ortegas work and fell in love. Get this, THEY WONT RETURN MY EMAIL OR CALL ME BACK. Again....WTF?? So I found another clinic he works at in Miami and tried to go through them as well, WHAT A JOKE. Again, NO RESPONSE. I am extremely aggravated at this point. What does a girl have to do to get an appt???!!!
Anywho, now i'm looking at Dr. Almonte out of the Dominican Republic as well. I was trying not to travel outside the states, but it seems like I cant catch a break here in the US. If anyone knows the best way to contact Dr. Almonte feel free to send a sista the information.

Sept 17th Dr. Almonte it is!!!

Yep finally!!! I can't believe I have finally put down a deposit to secure my date. I chose Dr Almonte because of the timeliness in which her assistant responded to my messages. I know there are more popular docs in the Dominican Republic and I'm not sure why when you have to chase them down to take your money. Smh Anyway I'm not nervous yet, maybe when I get my flight booked. I'm getting my passport done this Saturday. I also need to invest in more vitamins to make sure my hemo is straight when I get there. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment.

Wheres the support?

Am I the only one who has absolutely no support from family and friends in doing this surgery. I previously mentioned it to my boyfriend and he said 'well where you plan on living when you get back'. Say what ninja? Oh he tripping for real. Guess its much easier for him not to worry about me getting too much attention with this slab of stomach fat hanging over my jeans. SMH I swear men are so scared of a little competition but let a phat ass walk by and he staring and looking im sure when im not around (he know better when im there lol). My mother will have a fit if she knew, i casually mentioned it to her as well and she almost spazzed. Plus she's been dealing with some health issues of her own and im not trying to add any stress to her. I told one of my friends and her response was 'you are going to die'. Really bitch? is that your best response. SMH so yeah, im on my own I guess. As far as everyone knows I will be going on a vacay with a friend to celebrate her divorce. Not completely false, she is getting divorced. :)

Time is winding down!!!

Well I ordered my passport two weeks ago and of course like a dummy I'm checking the status everyday knowing darn well it will be at least 4 weeks before I see any progress lol. I've been taking floradix liquid iron and blood builders twice a day. And I'm now looking to book my flight, these dam plane tickets ain't cheap. My flight to DR is 239 it's the flight from DR that's pricey. I took off two weeks from work and OMG the questions!!! People are so dam nosey--at least at my job they are. My supervisor loudly asked where are you going?! I wanted to reply does it matter I have over a 100 hours of vacation just approve the dam time already. Ugh. So I said I was cruising to the caribbean. I know one thing, I'm a grown ass woman spending my own money to do something I want to do, I'm getting real tired of hiding and lying about something that shouldn't be a big deal. Anyway, I know I need to add some wish pics, I will do that today when I get home on my laptop. Enjoy your day everyone!!

Wish pics as promised

Nothing new to report. It seems like the time has began to slow down. I have never been so ready to see the month of September in my life. Ironically, my boyfriend has and ex/baby mother named September and just the mention of the month used to make me roll my dam eyes!!! Yeah that bish was cray cray smh and lmao. I casually tried to bring up my surgery again and even showed him some of Almontes best dolls. He agreed that Almonte was a dam good doctor. But then he said I don't know why y'all want to do that especially if your man or husband is telling you he's happy with the way you are. I said negro look, you say that but I bet when you go out you not lookin at the chick with her gut hanging in a spandex dress, gimme a break. I don't get these men I really don't. In the end it's not how YOU feel about my body but how I FEEL about my body. So I guess I will try this convo again with him at another time.

The 16th is fast approaching!!!

So I have been thru hell but still managed to get a lot accomplished. First off, I was on a great path with my iron supplements and pills. Then I got a sinus infection (and I dont even have allergies) and I was in the worst pain of my life ladies!!!! I feel for anyone who suffers with allergies. I had the worst headache I could've ever had. I ended up calling out of work for the first time in 6 years!!!! So clearly I was definitely sick as a dog. I didnt know your head could put you in so much agony. Needless to say, I didnt give two poops about taking any iron pills or anything else until I could get rid of the pain. After one urgent care visit, one ER visit, I was finally able to get to my regular doctor who diagnosed me with a sinus & ear infection and gave me some medicine. I feel so much better now but im worried about my iron levels and hoping this setback doesnt set my surgery back. :(
Anywho, i'm so glad to be feeling better, now on to happier news: The gov't said I should have my passport by Sept 2nd!!! YES!!! I will definitely be checking my mailbox this weekend for it. Also, I have my flight booked!! another YES!!! I will officially be flying out of here on Sept. 16th, my flight connecting to Santo Domingo is in Atl so if anyone is flying out the same day hit me up. Oh and I ordered my VitaMedica surgical pack. I read the reviews on this stuff and people claim it really helped them heal faster and feel better much quicker than average after their plastic surgeries. So i will begin taking those officially on Sept 4th since my surgery is Sept 17th. Now I gotta order/purchase my supplies. Im really not trying to over pack. And luckily Delta gives one free checked bag (yes again!!). Well, til next time ladies. Oh, Almonte really needs a FB group or something for support and it may be easier for us to all keep tabs on who's going when. Just saying, I was in a Duran group previously and I thought it was neat how you could see everyones journey and so forth. Okay, til the next update.....

My ticket to the world has arrived!!!!

Yes ladies, it's official. I got my passport after 3.5 weeks so in my opinion that money for expediting would be a waste. This passport means that the only thing that can stand in my way of this surgery is ME (and my iron level) lol. So it's fully official. I see what the others mean about the nerves beginning to kick in. I keep telling myself you are about to get yo ass on a plane and go to a country where you don't speak the language and let them operate on you? And my response is always yes, yes I am. This is almost surreal. I guess now it's time to go hard on these iron supplements. Oh and finish up supply shopping. I found a review up here and the lady was saying we don't need a lot of the supplies that people usually mention. I wish I could find it again. If someone runs across it or knows who I'm talking about please let me know.

16 Days!!!!!

This journey can be very emotional. One minute i'm happy the next im second guessing what the hell am I doing and am I making the right decision?? I have a doctors appt this Wednesday to check my iron levels; well, its actually for a physical but i'm only concerned about my iron count lol. I am still in the process of ordering last minute supplies off amazon. I'm really not trying to carry my super large suitcase if I dont have too. I ran across the realself profile of guccibikini and she gave some really good tips on how to basically have tummy tuck surgery on a budget lol. But I thought it was really informative with the tips on buying medications, supplies and etc. Thanks guccibikini.
I actually cashed in some credit card rewards points for an amazon gift card and I figure that should be most of my supplies right there. I feel like these next two weeks will drag by. Oh, I did change my recovery house to Real Recovery Tropical Deluxe. I just loved the view of that place when I saw it on FB. Hopefully it will be as comfy in person as it looks online. I am going to try to really hardcore diet these last two weeks. I think my nerves are really kicking in because I have been 'emotionally' eating all weekend. Ugh, Im so mad at myself, I really dont want to show up to Almonte looking like a baby cow and asking her to 'fix it'. :( So im hoping to drop at least 5 lbs in the next two weeks. I have to realize this is real now. After 1.5 years of planning, researching, reading, googling, and etc, its real. Thats all for now ladies, I need to force myself to get off this site and try to get ahead on this homework for the next few weeks.

I thought this would help anyone:

I read this on my Libra horoscope but i thought any doll that is considering plastic surgery no matter what surgeon you choose could benefit from this. The way i see it is theres always a hater around trying to steal someones joy.

A true friend will support you no matter what you choose to do, even if they don't agree with your choices. You may find that someone is trying to manipulate you into doing something their way, and because this is someone you consider wise and important, you may bend to their way of thinking. You need to stand your ground, though, because you are the one who truly knows what's best. Turn to your loved ones who have your back - even if they don't agree with your decisions they will be there for you no matter what.

Like my grandma would say, "Up jumps the devil"

Well, of course now that my surgery is getting closer it's like anything that can go wrong WILL. My doctors office had to reschedule my appt for next week instead. So much for knowing my iron levels ahead of time. I'm just going to up my doses to be on the safe side. Hell it will be time for me to get on my plane by the time their results get back. Ugh so pissed about that. Then I had an unexpected expense I had to pay for thanks to a family member, and I'm not talking a small amount either I'm talking $1200!!!! This pretty much hinders the spending money I will have in the DR. I thought about rescheduling my surgery but at this point I feel I've come too far. I also feel like if I reschedule I will continue to procrastinate and next summer ill be on real self again with the long face and big ass stomach wishing I would've carried my ass when I had everything booked. I guess this is life, I may just have to be a broke chick with a flat stomach when it's all said and done. Lol gotta laugh to keep from crying right?! Oh and as my time gets closer I will def be posting before and after pics. I know it's very important for those looking to make a decision on surgeons or those of you going to Almonte.


Sorry I been gone for awhile. I know you have probably read this on many many profiles, but the emotions are crazy. One day im excited, the next im scared, the next im thinking about what I could buy with this money, then the next day im ready for surgery again. I guess when you are doing something out of the ordinary PLUS spending quite a bit of money to do it the emotions are normal.
I started taking my Vitamedica pre surgical pills sometime last week. I will let you ladies know if its worth the $85. I just started packing this evening. Monday will be my last day at work, Tuesday im blowing this joint at 7am promptly (depending on Delta lol). I am starting to feel a little bit guilty because I havent been honest with my boyfriend and mom about the EXACT location im having this surgery done. My mom just finished recovering from a medical problem of her own and I really dont want her worrying about me. My boyfriend, well, I think he's just a dam hater. LOL So I would rather not hear his negative b/s before I leave. My surgical supplies finally arrived from Amazon, I believe im waiting for 2 more items and I hope they get here by Monday now that I think about it. Should I really even bother to get my eyebrows arched and my hair done? I mean, will I be going anywhere special? nah, I doubt it, that could be massage money. LOL Well ladies, I will update again as the time gets closer. Please keep me in your prayers and thanks for the support. Almonte doll coming in 4 days baby!!!!

Leaving for the DR in 6 hours!!!!!!

This is it. It's here. It's really freaking time for me to get on the plane for the DR. Time really flew so all you ladies not going til 2015 don't worry it will be here in the blink of an eye. So I just finished packing. I'm honestly not taking much, just my pain medicine, some basic essentials, loose clothing and my computer and tablet. I deposited my remaining bal at Bank of America on my lunch break because there was no way I was traveling with that kind of money. I am staying at the new Rh called my home recovery. It looks really nice on FB ladies so check them out and of course I will let y'all know the real deal cause looks can always be deceiving but lawd Jesus please let this RH be on point cause this aint the time for foolishness. My flight leaves at 7a and I get to the DR at 1pm. I hope I can do my testing then I plan on hitting up that restaurant Adrian Tropical. I'm a foodie so I just can't see not getting in at least one spot before I'm bedridden. Lol well ladies I need to sleep now. I was feeling scared and thinking about maybe backing out because I had a few folks saying I should really think about this decision. I don't know how to keep letting these people know I have thought about it for almost 2 years now!! I want this for me. I deserve this for me. Steve Harvey said your dreams must be bigger than your fears. My dreams of regaining my confidence, looking bomb.com in a tight dress and wearing a 2pc bikini for be first time EVER is WAYYYYY bigger than my fear right now. Lmao nite ladies I will update when I land.

Finally in the DR and a sista is scared!!!!!

Omg the fear y'all. I am ashamed to admit it but it is what it is at this point I'm scared as hell!!!!! I think I'm a little unnerved by the language barrier then just being here alone. The vets are right the language barrier is definitely real. Its kinda frustrating and I wish I would've had a bilingual travel buddy or just a sx buddy period. We could be calming each others nerves about now. I have to remember the vets before me who did it alone and the reason why I got on a plane to the DR period. God I know I'm not in church every Sunday like I should be but please Lord guide Dr Almonte tomorrow, please bless her assistants and staff and please bless and hold me in your favor for the rest of my journey. Ok dolls I know this is supposed to be more about informing y'all but I had to make this one about me lol. I'm taking plenty of pics and I will be updating again when I get to my laptop.

Helloooo flat side I been waiting to meet you!!!!

Okay ladies still updating from my cell haven't had the energy just yet to even bring out my laptop. I'm straight missing homework assignments and everything right now. Anywho I was the first to go in for surgery. And believe me they came and wheeled me in promptly at 555am. Lol I remember these two chicks preparing a syringe and after that they must have stuck me on the low cuz I was out. Now, I did wake up briefly during surgery. I couldn't feel anything and there must have been something in my throat cuz I couldn't say anything either at this point they knocked me back out and I woke again in recovery with this lady saying breathe mamacita. I'm assuming this is because of the muscle repair so you have to get used to your breathing. If I remember correctly the time was now 1p which means my surgery was about 5 hours. I can honestly say that the pain is minimal. I left my hydrocodone at home but I haven't needed them. The worst part of this is the lipo and soreness which make it uncomfortable as hell for you to even move or get up. I hate feeling dependent on someone for my every move, I'm hoping the soreness subsides soon. Just getting out of bed can be a task and so tiring. The cecip clinic was ok, not your average u.s. hospital with the fancy fixings but they get the job done. The staff was okay. There are doctors there around the clock who check on you and etc. the food, eh, it was food. Nothing exciting. The night before surgery they bought me a ham sandwich but I already had Lesley get me a taxi to take me to this restaurant called Adrian's Tropical that I saw on another review. Let me tell y'all it was well worth the trip. I'm a foodie so I couldn't let the chance to hit a restaurant pass me by knowing I may not feel up to it after surgery. Ladies they has a dish called tropical fried rice with shrimp, delicious. And i swear i had some of the best juice ive ever tasted in my life!!! The cabbie took me and even waited for me to eat and only charged me $9.

Just some quick pics

Sorry ladies this is the best I can do for now til I feel up to par. I'm so swollen but I love what Dr Almonte did.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fatima Almonte

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