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I found this site about a month ago after being...

I found this site about a month ago after being bored and googling "Butt implants". I'm so happy I've found it because I finally found there a whole secret society I didn't know existed. LoL I had BA about 7 yrs ago and though that's an quite popular procedure, It took me over 4 yrs of research to finally dp it. (I probably didn't need to take that long but I didn't want to choose the wrong surgeon and ended up with a breast under my arm Lol) Since this is elective surgery I wouldn't forgive myself for choosing the wrong surgeon and getting the wrong results.
But back to my butt, So after getting my BA I started thinking about Butt implants and it has always been in my mind though just somewhat of a passing thought. I never felt i had a sad butt because I've always been comfortable with what I have (though since finding this site i've felt terribly inadequate lol) I just always wanted it a bit more "enhanced" I recall mentioning it to my X who was against the idea. Anyway... fast forward to today...I don't intend to spend 4 yrs researching. Actually if I could become sufficiently confident with a surgeon I think will give me the results I want (without going to the emergency room or seeking additional medical care being as part of the recovery process) I'm almost prepared to book a surgery date asap. After stalking this site I keep thinking it would be ideal to do it in the winter (I'm on the east coast /DC area) when there is less activities and the snow gives me an excuse to stay in for the 6-8 weeks downtime.
I'm 5' 3" and currently about 130 lbs. All my life I weighted 99 lbs lol Yup Then I would exercise to gain muscles which kinda works but the did tome my arms. Now the weight I've gained goes to my upper body. Actually I gained weight this summer (went up to my highest 141 lbs) going out and eating like a horse and though I loved the Butt I gained it wasn't proportionate to my upper body so I didn't even enjoy it.. then my arms.. omgooodness I would have hacked them off if I didn't need them. They got soooo huge so hated my body so now I'm back down to a look that doesn't make me cringe when I look in the mirror. Arms are still disproportionately bigger but it's not that bad comparing and I still hate them.

So after reading a few reviews and recalling my summer weight gain (which was totally new to me- never would have imagine I could get to that weight) I'm beginning to think Bbl might just work for me but i am still sold on the permanence of but implant. Another issue with the weight gain is that it went to my face, chin and neck- the horror !! lol No area of my upper body was spared !!

That said, I'm looking to do lipo of the Arms! chin, and my entire upper body. Every crevice the fat can be found on my upper body I want it gone... and have it injected in my hips (i'm somewhat narrow) for the hourglass shape and butt area to give the implant the most natural look possible.

I have seen some names on here for Butt implants and another set of names for BBL but I am still looking to find a surgeon who can do both extraordinarily well. So I'm hoping a vet of this site or via experience could help point me in the right direction or give suggestions. Will try and update pics of the "triangle" soon lol


Thought I'd add some current pics. I am loving to improve my shape and get a bigger Butt. Here's my current body and some wish pictures.

rs cropped wish pics.

Just realized rs cropped the wish pics so all isn't shown. Oh well. Will redo individually which I get some time.

that should have read....

I'm 'looking' to improve my shape... pardon this and any other typos identified :-)

Wish picks

more wish

Article On Shapewear ......

..... that might explain some of the symptoms I read about on some vets blog. I just read this article that thought I would share. The things we do for beauty !!! Unfortunately I will still be doing what I have to do !!! he he he!

Article cont'd.... oooppps here's the link

Spanx And Other Shapewear Are Literally Squeezing Your Organs


Please share what weight gain tactic...

Please share what weight gain tactic worked for you. I'm preparing to gain wait but only giving myself 30 days to gain 20 lbs. I know about ensure and the like but was wondering if there anything else out there that I could add to my arsenal. I am trying to not let fast food me the primary method but I know I will end up eating some amount of unhealthy foods but hoping to keep it to a minimum.

Weight Gain Stresses and such...

Never thought gaining weight would have been this hard.... but I should have because I 've been skinny all my life. I have decided to only do a BBL and No implant but to get the maximum projected ASS I desire, I need to gain about 20 lbs. I would like to go into surgery at atleast 150 lbs Last yrs summer weight gain was a bit deceptive I guess because I wasn't even trying so I assumed it will be easy to gain it back. Maybe it's because I am trying to gain in a short period of time?!....

I didn't want to gain the weight and not be able to fit my clothes for months before because I told myself I am not going to buy anymore clothing til I do this surgery. ( hahhaaa guess that's also a way to keep me motivated to get this surgery over with) Sooooooo I think I will be able to get some time recovery in Mid June to July so now I am on this weight gaining struggle.

I have received quotes for from Drs both in the US and DR. I have am leaning toward going to DR because with such a short time it's hard to get a early date and my situation is so fluid I wouldn't know exactly when I can do it til like 2 weeks or so before. Plus DR results are comparable to the short list of Drs here that I have on my list short list.

I am doing this a bit unconventionally because I don't even think I will select the doc til I am actually in the county - again from my short list of top 3 (maybe 4) choices there. I have read many stories of girls who send deposits and set dates only to end up choosing a totally different doc to do their surgery so I think I should be okay choosing once I get there.

My biggest obstacle right now is my weight gain it's in my mind all the time. I'd be driving somewhere and thinking "I should be munching on something... but I don't feel like it !!!" lol. I know if I just need to eat more but it's hard to thing about eating when I'm conducting biz all day. Maybe it's just me. Add to that I am avoiding everyone til this after this surgery so I don't going out eating and such which would help. ughh!! I have told no one and will not. I'll figure out my after recovery when I get back dwl (I know i know lol) I will be moving and wouldn't be settled before the sx. I am choosing to prioritize this sx because I don't know when I will be able to have anymore downtime before the winter and I want to do it asap. So I have a few options for recovery but we will see.

Been taking a multiviamin and a prenatal since I found this site dwl (Ikr) because I knew I would have just been a matter of time before I get this done.

I prob wouldn't buy any supplies til I book my flight. (LoL yea I know... I'm not a planner and a real fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl....NOT good for situations like these.) But I have read tons have reviews, have made a list, so I have an idea what I'll be taking or need to get. One thing I did the other day almost in a panic was to check the expiration on my passport lol... I knew I will need to renew it soon but it's not til next year... so the one sure thing I have so far this is my passport smh ...

I have the normal concerns about DR but i'm an Island girl so I think I will be ok though I don't speak the language.. just have to prepared for that too. **fingers crossed**

Anywhooo I'm rambling... congrats to the new big booty queens and to those almost there and those preparing. Good Luck.

Me as of 4/14


Anyone cancelling their surgey with Dr Salama in July??

I'm having a hard time gaining weight so I was thinking about just going with a doc I know can do a good job on small girls and then gain weight later and hopefully my results will still be what I want. Salama he is book through nxt year. I'm not sure who in DR can do a great job with my current weight. If there is anyone needing to cancel their sx in July with Salama inbox me pls.

I will continue to try gain weight but I need a plan B. I need this sx out of the way at least by end of July.

Review deleted

Just tried updating and adding pix and it all got delete ...don't have the patience today so with try another day.

Pix, butts and DR

The last time I tried updating it didnt post. I'm having one of those days so I thought I would get on here and looks at asses to clear my mind lol.

Btw.. I 've gotten messages from people telling me dates they are canceling or looking to change w/DrSalama but when I respond they go silent. smh

So it looks like I am DR bound. Thinking either Duran or Cabral at this point. My weight gain isn't coming along as fast as I want. I'm about 135 now depending on the day. Tempted to throw the scale in the garbage lol. I was hoping to be 150 going into sx but at this point i'll even settle for 145... but i"m not giving up. Bought 4 packs of ensure plus yesterday and had 2 already today.

So I have been taking pic to compare. I hardly take pix so now I have been snapping photos here and there so I can assess after sx. I narrowed my wish pix now termed "must have pix". Most are rs girls who are about by height and weight pre sx and have the results I want. I've add some recent pix of me.

My concern for DR now is finding a recovery house. My first choice is to get a hotel and a private person to take me around, post of care, doc, etc but haven't found a review with such contacts yet. I will keep looking and if not will do a recovery house. I will be doing my arms so I will definitely need help the first couple days after.

Camera Butt tricks ...

Had to come on and share this ( running late but can't help it) So I'm here about to get a shower walking around naked and caught myself in the mirror... well all looks the same to me but I decided to snap A Pic 1st pic here. and omg... initially I assumed I had hit the button or clear and what I'm seeing is a wish pic I had saved.... oh no... check my phone.. that's the pic I just took... i got so excited then glanced in the mirror and that was not the same ass staring back at me.... maybe this is what they call 'bottom butt?'. So it had me wondering about pix I see here..... thing that makes you go hmmmmm. Oh well... I'm loving this pix.... its all me... even if taken from an angle... lol. after sx this is what I want looking back at me when how near far no matter what side I look from.
I dont want a juicy camera butt...or an awesome in clothes butt..I want to a fabulously big juicy naked butt that look fats and extremely fluffy from every and any angle IN PERSON..... lol Well I will be staring at this pix all day.... it's making me feel good even if I don't see the same thing when I look in the mirror lol Now I'm so eager to get this done!

Weight gain progress

So persistence has paid off. I am up about 10lbs in a few weeks. I was somewhere between obsessing and freaking out about it but then I just stopped worrying about it and just commit to keeping at it and it's working. I'm up to 138-140 lbs depending on the day. I was about 128 lbs when I started. Using ensure plus drinking about 3-4per day. I also drink smoothies that I make i used a protein powder, whole milk ( which is now affecting my sinus so I changed to almond milk which unfortunately has less calories) add ice cream, tons of peanut butter (i don't like peanut butter) avocado, sometimes i'll add chocolate chip cookies, and even granola bars. Another thing I did was I found some individual Marie Calenders frozen meals that are 500+ calories. (I have found 3 different ones do far.) Decided to try these instead of eating excessive amounts of fast food - which I still do, just less compared to what I thought I would need to. I really don't know if this substitution is an healthier choice but I am sticking with it. I don't even enjoy the meals I just buy them because of the amount of calories they have. Some has way less than 500 calories so you will have to check the nutrition info to see which has the 500 calories or more.

So doc has advised that we should be at our ideal weight for surgery and I think my ideal weight for the large ass I want when it's all said and done would be 140lbs so my thinking why do I want to gain more? Well i'm going to exchange common sense for hopes of a massive ass at this point so..... 10 more lbs it will be. I can loose weight after if needed lol

So I was at the pool today and felt like a perv. I kept staring the females backsides and body shapes without abandon and only catching myself when its too late lol Didn't feel too good about that but guess it comes with 'ass hopes' lol

8 lbs to go....

I'm not 143 lbs. I now have cellulite on my butt and stretch marks....It seems i'm getting cellulite on my thighs too ugh!!! I am concerned about my bulging gut. Will it retract and look like it did before?? They say be careful what you ask for. I wanted to gain weight and here it is.... I don't know if i'm built genetically for all this weight. I have now started exclusively used the coco butter in the tub-the one that melts when you rub it on your body... I am now slathering it only belly and butt. I'm using it on my legs too where I see the cellulite. I am wondering how did other girls like me deal with this issue... For now I am hoping the coco butter will help some of these effect. At this rate I'm gonna be told I need a tummy tuck! That would just be too hilarious knowing where my body is coming from. I am wondering if I should continue try gaining the 8 lbs or just quit and see what can be done with what I currently have....

I so thought I was a bad ass and had no probs going to DR then all off a sudden yesterday I read some stories and it get me concerned for the 1st time. Of course I had read similar stories before and why it had such an effect on me now i'm not sure. Now I don't feel so bad ass anymore lol The fact is I am going this alone and I have to take that into consideration. ***sigh***

Congrats to all the ladies who recently arrived in Big Butt Land!!


that should have read -----I am NOW 143 lbs...

From Jogging down to a Brisk Walk to the finish line!

Oh man. I seem to be killing myself for the new ass. So I reached my weight goal a few weeks ago. yaay! Now i'm jogging toward the finish line getting ready to get labs to make sure i'm all's well.... all these food I've been eating to gain all this weigh had been agitating my sinus buy I wasn't paying to any mind ie.. didn't adjust my eating because I was set on gaining this weight. Well now... I now only have the sinus infection but also am ear infection. uggggghhhhhh!!!! Yup all that sugar and dairy and read meat did it.....***long sigh***
Sooooooooooooo I have to take care of this. My main concern is that the meds will affect my lab results. Man... this thing had been dragging out all year and now that I was picturing my new body before the beginning of September-this. Well I am still approaching that finish line, I might be down to a brisk walk but I am still moving towards it. I am still trying to see how I am make sure that come September I am IN RECOVERY! Will have a chat with the doc on Monday.

I have to laugh because I remember drinking the ensure and they were agitating me so much I couldn't stop coughing and saying to myself...damn your gonna kill yourself for this ass and shaking my head. Ladies don't do things like these please lol

Anywhooooo... so jogging up to the finish line I have (had? maybe still working on it lol) become more obsessed if that's possible. I am measuring my ass so much PRE OP you would think I already had surgery lol my waist is um 32 (ouch) and butt is 39.5/ 40 so it seem the butt does fluctuate slightly normally.
I have my mind set on being 25/26 inch waist and 45 around my hips after sx. It's crazy - I stand in the mirror trying to portion out the fat saying how much will be usable fat and how much of that will go where and how much will be left after absorption. Haha Totally unscientific!! But it's help me to convince myself its achievable lol. Crazy , yes I know lol. Fingers crossed and tons of Prayers!!

Now.... how on earth will I maintain this weight until and after surgery since I have to stop eating those foods ????? Can you say a rock and a hard place ? smh



Sorry for the typos and auto corrects! I promise I know proper grammar and can spell lol


1 day post Enjoy!

Butt by Duran



Seem swelling is getting worse

Day 2... uneventful #2 !! Yaay!

So I'm here swollen bored and walking around tired to lay on my stomach So I figured i'd share a bit. I'm mega swollen arms legs face. My vj protudes way more than my swollen stomach. 1st I only have a drain above my butt. Wasnt expecting that so day of and day 1 has been a bloody mess. Fastward today I woke up decided I needed to get these bloody clothes off and determined to get drained. (Duran said no massage til Monday. I was surprised she said that) Needed to get my anti embolism sock washed but wanted to know if it was ok to take them off so I went down to Dra Durans office well more like wabbled. I got dressed on my own surpising my too me about 5 min to get my dress over my head and pull on my cardigan to had my bloody sleeves. She wasn't there the girls said she went to get food and would be right back. So I waited about 5 min decided I would cone back. There were no patients in the office either. So went back to my room deciding to take the trip up to the spa to get a draining massage. Shortly after getting back to my room breakfast arrrived. I started thinking ( dont know why lol) 'What if I feel like having a bowel movement when getting drain?' I had eaten about 2/3 prunes when I woke up. I began eating the breakfast and which included a bowl of fruits which was great(the fruits) I decided I wasnt gettjng a massage until I had a bowel movement. Ate the fruits and my stomach felt different. I begin to thing 'wow I might go soon'. I start taking off my cardigan and dress... got slightly freaked out because it was taking long to come off than to go on. So about 10 min later it was off. I started thinking. I knew peeing with the faha on is no problem but I dont know how this thing is set up for #2. Decided I need up figured it all out to see if I would need to take it off. I felt around lol foe the first time I felt the skin of my butt....I felt juicy lol. So thankfully I figured I didnt need to take it off. So I stomach felt different and a slight feeling I might get the urge to go but I wasn't planning on forcing myself. So I decided to stand over the toilet ( I have never sat to used a public bathroom. Hate it) Afterabout a minute lol by legs were hurting so I decided to make an exception... really didnt have a choice anywaylol I told 2 toilet over and lined the sat and slowly sat positioning myself so no pressure is on my butt. Within 3 minutes it was a done deal!! Effortless and NOT messy. I remain seated for another2/3 minutes went again and I was ready to take on yhe massage lol Lucky me! I had put mirilax (powdered fiber)in my drink for two days before I left for DR. I took some with me but didnt use any. I ate about 6/8 prunes since here so maybe it all helped. Going to take a break. My hand is swelling more. Will continue later





Holy Relief!!

So this is my 4th attempt. Between the poor wifi and real self deleting the review. Not redoing right now so just added some pics. Like my shape and omg I found a sitting positiin with no pressure on yhe butt. I might sleep like this tonight. lol

I see my Butt

In 2nd stage faja since yesterday. So had to take the faja off to use the bathroom and looked had my but. ILike! Like! ILike! Cant say much now bc I have to go put it back on before it becomes mission impossible.

Monday Morning Inspiration!!


Loosing my mind from the itches !!!

I started itching at day 6/7 but very minor. However, for the past few nights I have been loosing my mind. It starts as soon as it gets dark and nothing helps. Benedryl, allegra, loosening the cg nothing. I feel like I would roll around in some thorns just to get relief. I read about the itching but couldn't imagine it could be this bad. So for the last 2 nights I have slept without the cg because it's the only way I get a bit of relief. I go to get early to avoid it but wake up in the middle of the night and only fall asleep like after 4am from exhaustion. I need to wear this cg but I will have to give it up if it doesn't get better soon. I'm loosing my mind!! HELP!! I even dreamed I went shopping for anti itch products and nothing helped lol I tell you If you want someone to loose their mind this is the way to go. It's more than the skin itching it's like my insides are itching.

morning after no cg pics


Fishing for Hips .....

I still haven't been wearing my cg consistently because of the unbearable itching. Thanks to everyone for you kind recommendations. My back itches the most/worst and because it did lipo on my arms it's quite a challenge reaching it. Anyway here are some comparison pics my waist is a 28 from a 31 or 32 (don't remember exactly it posted above.) So I am optimistic when I can finally wear the cg garment consistently I can get it to a 25. I still have not gotten any professional massages yet. I think I will just order a massager and see how it goes. I massage my tummy when I can while just sitting... Well walking lol around the house. Sometimes just touching my skin it gets tingly and I get so scared it will bring on the itches lol. Luckily I have not had any problem with fluid build up. I had cut the butt out of my stage 2. A fajate de prada garment and today I cut it into a vest lol I need compression on my back bc I can feel the swelling on back especially right by the back of my arm. I really want to start be able to wear a cg consistently.... itching itching please go away...

So my beloved hips I had a few days out is all but gone which I am very disappointed about. I want more hips!! Do hips fluff ??? hahha Let hope lol.

So I will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I was comparing pics took just for this purpose. I like what I see. I butt is coming up a few inches shorter than expected but it still looks kind of big and nice. So far it only 1.5 inches bigger. Lets see what Christmas brings. I love that I don't feel like a line backer.. It's like Dra Duran lipo'd my shoulders lol anymore. No but I told her I didn't like seeing my back from the front lol she said she didn't like that look either and she was right lol she fixed the dickens out of it lol Happy me!

Fishing for Hips !

....hoping for fluffing hips lol

DR Journey Part 1

Here's a bit of my DR experience.  I'll try to be as detailed as possible and hope it helps someone in the preparation stages of their sx.

Flight to DR was Monday Sept 8, 6:05am.  I had quotes but didn't make a confirmed appointment so I decided that I would have nothing to eat after 12am on Sunday in preparation in the event the doc could get me in on Monday when I arrived.  (I had seen on the news a doc discussing the possible complications of surgery brought on from Joan River's dead where she pointed out that just having a table spoon of water hours before sx could result in complications so this was fresh in my mind).  When I got to DR my driver was there waiting. I had found him on a travel site on the web a day or 2 earlier.  I had text him to get a feel for whom I'll be dealing with.  Funny thing is though he speaks very good English I was communication with him in Spanish using the translator app.  When I got to DR I greeted him in English he started cracking up saying he thought I was Latina lol. He ask me how did I learn to speak Spanish so good Hhaha I told him I don't speak any Spanish and we laughed the whole thing.  I told him where I was going he said he knew it and off we went.   We talked all the way as if we've know each other for a while.  He was pointing out historical landmarks and explaining their significance which I enjoyed.  We got to cipla and I paid him he took out my luggage and walk me to the elevator.   


I headed to the 5th fl.  Somehow I picture the place more open and busier. but it was like i'm the only one roaming the halls.  Got to Dr Cabrals office and he wasn't there and was going to be out for the next 2 wks.  They tried getting me to go with another doc who they said Dr Cabral recommend.  For a fraction minute I though "well Dr Cabral know the dramatic results his patient wants so maybe i'll be cool with this doc" But I quickly told her I'm not using a doc I hadn't research or heard of..  Smiled thanked them and me and my carryon rolly headed to the elevator.  Now I had to go find Dra Duran.  Found the office and cautiously opened the door expecting the find a standing room only crowded office.  I was confused my the emptiness lol.  Again I flashed a smile and explained I was hoping to get a consult with Dra Duran.  The indifferent rep was sitting on the couch.  We were the only ones in the office and she was  watching tv and texting.  She told me the doc is in surgery plus she doesn't do consults on the afternoon.  I asked if she was Elizabeth and she said Yes. I explained I got a quote but didn't have an appointment and wanted to know the best time to get a consult. "Well I don't know, she doesn't do consults in the afternoon".  "ok what time is she expected out of surgery.  I'm fine with waiting for her no matter what time it will be"  "No you can't see her today"  I'm thinking hmmm, so there is a potential client for your boss and you are making no effort to get the 'potential' client business.  She must me quite busy.  At this point I invited myself to sit on the couch with her lol  I was clearly disrupting her.  I was annoyed by her indifference and wondered what she was there for.  At this point it was probably about 5 min and she made 0 effort  or gave any advice on how to get to speak with the doc even if it's another day.  I had to be prodding and twisting info out of her and even then she was no use.  Asked her what time the doc will be in tomorrow.  "Well he girl will the here early 7 or 7:30" Now I didn't ask about 'the girl' whoever that was, I ask about the doc.  At this point I accepted the fact that I wouldn't be getting any help from her to advance this process.  Asked if the doc had a full schedule the nxt day, she half reached for a note book and said yes.  Decided my task there was done for the day and started thinking about my next move.  Borrowed her phone to call back the driver with he intent to get to a hotel close by.  She willingly dialed the number for me, I spoke to the driver then decided staying a cipla for the night would make it more convenient to get to dra durans office early in the morning.  Besides I had planned ( well about 95% sure) I would complete my recovery there.  

I was quoted a rate for cipla so I had that stuck in my mind.  When I went to the admin office to ask for the rate I was quoted a higher rate.  No dice lol.  The process to negotiate with reps who speak NO English began hahaha.  Its too much to put in the already long update but i'll just say it took about 4 hours before we came to a meeting of the minds but between that time they had provided me with a room and dinner lol. So I had taken a nap but was hesitant to eat the food because I knew once I ate the meal there was not negotiating lol.  I was tired but they wore down before I did lol. Throughout I was pleasant even when they were frustrated and was acting in ways I would have just taking my business and walked were I home.  I was on a mission and being there for the night would greatly aid in that mission.  

It was now late and I hadn't eaten all day. Again I was concerned about eating too late in the evening in case I was able to have surgery the next day.  It was after 8pm so I decided I would eat no later than 8:30pm and proceeded to see what was for dinner.  By now it was cold lol didn't look or tasted tasty but I was sooo hungry.  I was a weird combination of food but I ate most of it.  I don't recall if I get anything to drink with the meal but I want to think I did.  I sleep very well that night maybe because I was tired .  I was not anxious about how things would turn out at all.  I decided it would be get up at 6am get ready and head downstairs to Duran's office.  Btw, he room was like a typical 3 star hotel room.  It had a full size bed 2 night tables with 2 lamps a chest with drawers where they had the flat screen tv.  A full size wardrobe where you could hang clothes. A small fridge.  The bathroom left much to be desired.  It had an ackward layout, there was a wall in the bathroom where I kept hitting my butt into after surgery lol.




I woke up and glanced at the time on the cable box. It was between 6:15-6:20.  I thought to myself that I had a few more minutes before I had to get up.  I fell asleep be next think I know I was glancing at the cable box again and it was 6:15am.  Clearly I hadn't set my alarm as I had thought.  I immediately jumped up and started getting ready.  I was relieved that all I had to do was take the elevator down to get to the office.  No need to wait for a driver or be in traffic.  I again prepared so that I here was an opening and I could have surgery I was ready.  I got my money together locked my luggage, hid the key in my hair hahaha... yes I was getting ready and didn't know who would end up with my belonging during sx so I wanted to make sure it was secure.  All only cash I had in my pocket book heading down to see Dra Duran was the cost for sx, meds, and a about an extra $200 just in case.  All the other cash I had was hidden in different places among my belongings in my luggage.  So I didn't put on any makeup and got myself really fresh  put on a  loose maxi dress all ready for the canndula lol.


Got to the office again opened the door cautiously expecting it to be full overflowing with patients and prospective patients as I have often read about the doc offices in DR.  NADA there was this girl at the podium aka reception desk lol There was no other patients there.  Bust a shiny smile and told her I was hoping to have a consult with Dra Duran.  She spoke very little English but I guess she picked up on the word consult lol.  She immediately picked up the phone said somethings I didn't pick up any of the words lol. Within seconds she hung up and smiled and like motioned to me like pointing with her palms open toward a door.  I immediately became confused, haha the doc isn't supposed to be here yet so why is she sending me behind a door? lol I asked um go in there ? She smile and said yes.  "Is she here?!?" haha I don't know if I was feeling scared or excited haha She said yes and finally walked over to open the door for me because at that moment I tell you I must have frozen lol.  So I looked in accessing the room as I slowwwwly walked in haha.  The doc was on he phone and had some papers in front of her in he desk..  I sat and waited in one of the 2 chairs across from her still scanning the room. I thought "Well wow this is THE Dra Augustina Hilario Duran they talk about."  Then my eyes went to look at her hands lol I thought "those are the hands: lol Yea I was all in my head haha.  She got off the phone and greeted me.  We said some pleasantries she pulled out this information gathering sheet and started asking questions.  We got to the question  of how much I weighed.   I said" um 150" then laughed and said " Well um maybe a little less since I haven't eaten much in 2 days"  She smiled, then she asked why I hadn't eaten.  I explained about not eating after a certain time on Sunday in preparation for possible surgery on Monday and that I wasn't able to meet with her and again had to prepare for the even of having sx today.  I guess I was speaking too fast because she stopped writing and said, "I want to understand this could you explain again what happened.  So I repeated now speaking slower.  She interrupted my when I got to the part about not being able to see her the day before. She ask (all in her best English lol) "You where her yesterday"  "Yes" "What time" "Maybe about 2" "And what happened?" "Oh Elizabeth said you were in surgery and you didn't do consults in he afternoons".  She began looking annoyed and shock her head.  "So she didn't have you do labs nothing?" I then immediately saw this as my chance to offer some business/customer service/best practices that might help when dealing with us foreigners but almost immediately I haulted and said nothing and just smiled.  The thing is I am sure Dra Duran has heard before about the difficulties reaching her and I am sure she must have heard about Elizabeth indifference and attitude from other very outspoken clients.  I know nothing I said would make a difference so no need talking just to talk.  She got on her cell phone, she was talking fast and you could hear the annoyance in. her voice. Then I heard my full name hahaha I was thinking oh no.... now Elizabeth is going to think I told on her lol. For a second I felt a little bad but it past quickly lol. Dra Duran like now was turned side ways kind of away from me. She was moving her neck like when you are putting someone in check lol She paused a lot as if listening to the other side of the story.  She was facing me now and you could tell she was upset and not really buying whatever she was hearing she now hurried off the phone and shook her head.   She then said " I don't know.  Look at today, not busy. It's hard you know."  Then she said maybe she didn't realize I had given you a quote. I assured her I told her. She shook her head and said she don't know what to do (about making things better in the office) I said "Hold a meeting" She said sounding a bit frustrated "I have meeting all the time"  She said some other things which was't totally clear to me all I got from it was the impression that there's some sort of politics in the building that hampers ability to do what she would like.  Again not quite clear to me. We continued and she said she first want me to meet with the cardiologist.


Went into the next room, the cardiologist was already there getting her things together while talking to the doc who was still in the office.  She didn't seem to speak much English. She had me get on the examining table and exposed my chest, continue conversing with the doc.  I think she took my pressure.  She started putting something on my foot like a heavy bracelet. She would put one one then go to the door to talk to dra Duran. Put the other one on and back to the doorway talking to Duran Duran.  I began to get annoyed.  Why'd she have me come lay on the table if she wasn't ready because she clearly wasn't.  She would ask me a question then she was back to the doorway talking to the Duran lol smh.  I had to gather  myself because I was getting agitated with her. I told myself let me stay calm and let her do whatever she was doing at her pace.  I closed my eyes, talked myself into a nice spot on the beach in a hammock, a fruity drink complete with a slice of pineapple and an umbrella lol.  I needed to make sure I was calm and not affect the tests lol. She went back and fort. She now was more in the room asking me questions while she adjusted the contraptions on my chest.  She said "no dolor" then "no pain". Then don't move or be still don't remember but whatever she said I knew not to move.  Then it was over fixed my dress and went back to sit in Durans office.


Dra Duran then motioned me into a smaller examination room and tell me to take off my clothes.  She comes in and said, you have a butt, you body is nice.  I then started to freak out (inside lol) As flattering as that was I didn't want to hear that.I want her to see there is a lot to fix lol. I was facing her looking in a mirror.  She grab onto the fat on my abdomen and said while laughing oh no you no lose weight and we both laughed lol.  I told her I wanted a small waist putting two finger together touching lol trying to show her how small. She told me my body will tell her what she can do while she in the operating room. I really wanted to hear "  ok no problem I can do that"  lol She tells me to turnaround and she was now looking at my butt touching it and saying I have some butt. All of a sudden I turned on the complains haha... I said, " Oh no it's small, even here, (touching the upper part of my butt) I hate that part, it's flat.  I want it all much bigger"  She tell me my skin is tight.  I tell her I want her to put in ass much fat as she can fit in.  I told her I want my chin done. She looked and tell me there will be loose skin. I told her I really want to get it done and that it got fat like that when I gained weight and that it wasn't like that before.  I tried telling her it wouldn't sag.  She then mentions that a bad scar might be left.  Hmm.  I decided to abandon trying to convince her.  I am sure she has done many chin lipo before and I just felt she didn't want to do it for whatever reason.  Didn't want to push it and be sorry and I was very disappointed. Very.  Pointed out my back fat  and arms.  She has been marking as we go along.  She started o tell me I didn't need my arms done.  I turned on the complaining again lol she then touched, pinched them  then immediately marked them lol SCORE! lol We were done and I was back in the waiting area not sure what comes next. I had selected 4 very specific wish picture I intended on showing her but I didn't end up showing her any.  Don't know how lol It came to my after we were all done and I was back in the waiting area lol. smh


So the girl (not Elizabeth) motioned me to come with her.  At this point there were 2 follow up patients there to see the doc.  We left the office, she tells me her name (And I don't remember it lol) and I try to ask where are we going. (my confirmation you can say she doesn't speak English) she didn't understand lol so I just walked with her.  We got to the lab where they take the lab test.  There was no other patients.  The lab tech didn't speak English either.  We are now in the room to take blood. They talked as the tech labeled the tubes.  She only wrote my 1st name and I was looking now that the girl from Duran's office with concern hoping she would ask if i'm ok lol. She said nothing so I turned my gaze the tech with an even more concerned look...nothing lol I wanted to tell her to write my last name. I kept wondering "what if there is another patient with my name?"  She started got the needle ready and I realize she's not wearing any gloves.  I looked up at her but she was still busy chatting with the girl. I thought, "maybe I should interrupt her. Tell her to put on a glove and get a different needle."  I was having these internal convos lol.  She then pulled two gloves out of her coat pocket and put them on.   I thought "Well you should have done that before, change the needle now- tell her to change the needle and add your last name to the label" lol She picked up the needle and I felt faint lol... I HATE injections she was done before I knew it and I still hadn't say anything smh.  I said a prayer and left lol. Back up to the office to wait again not knowing what's next.  I was just going with the flow not anxious not excited.  (continued later) Sorry for any typos or auto correct because I'm posting without proofing.

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I initially woke up 5:15am -5:20am

DR Experience Part 2

Continuing from Oct 1 update.


After waiting in the office for what seems like 15/20 min. the phone rang and "the non/minimal English speaking office asst lol... (sorry! I said I don't remember her name) answered then she was looking at me while talking.  She hung up then tried. to tell me to go get the results.  I somehow figured out that's what she wanted me to. do then left the office, took the stairs one flight down to the lab.  When I got there, there was no one there.  I poked my head into the office area and said "Hola".  No response. I poked my head into the room where they drew the blood -no one. Walked to the door looked around there was no one there except for what I assumed were a cleaning crew (2 ladies) that I had pasted on my way in.  I walked back and stood in the doorway of the office.  There was a paper among a lot of other things on the desk.  There was a step up to enter the office area.  I stepped up took. one step in and said "hola" again. Nothing.  I stood there and was now staring at the paper on the desk.  Tried to see if I saw my name anywhere on it but I was too far away. (besides i'm half blind lol) Took one more step closer squinting looking harder to see if it had my name.  I saw my last name then quickly took too more step to fully inspect it.  I saw my full name and pick up the paper.  I scanned it really quickly not sure how to read what's there.  I forget the 3 letter acronym that was from hemo but I saw it, immediately knew what it was and the number said 13.5. "Yes!!" I thought. Now I felt excited finally lol. This all took about a minute.  I turn around and started to head upstairs with the results.  I opened the door to walk out and there was the lab tech walking in.  I still had the paper in my hand.  lol wooopps! lol I felt like i was caught with my hand in a cookie jar lol I smiled stepping back not sure what she was going to say.  She stepped in with someone else and she said something to me while pointing toward a door that was in the waiting area.  I looked at the door and I think it said X-ray.  Again I figured - assumed really lol what she said stood there while she and the person she came in with sat down in the waiting area.  I wasn't sure if I was to open the door the said x-ray or wait. It was really about 2 steps from me by the exit.  I started toward the door and the lab tech said something and motioned me to sit.  I sat down right by the door.  I now stuck the paper in my bag.  The lab tech didn't say anything regarding it lol guess we had a non verbal understanding. About a minute later the door opened and this guy emerged.  Of course I assumed he came for me so I stood up and we were facing each other.  I said "buenos dia" smiling of course lol.  He replied in kind and started staying something in spanish lol. ( this always happens lol) I said 'no habla espanol' he smile and switch to his best English.  It wasn't good but he was trying.  He closed the door and we are in a very dark room. He walked over to a computer screen and I followed.  He asked my name and stared typing as I responded.  I said my name the way they say it in Spanish and he smiled and repeated it telling me I have a spanish name.  I agreed and he ask my last name.  He wan't getting it so he stepped aside telling me to type it. I did and he motion me to fill out the rest of info on the screen.  I think it asked for dob and 1 more thing but I can't remember.  Now he walk me over to a bed where the machines were. I was trying to follow his lead.  I lingered by the table as I try to figure out his next instruction.  He was motioning my to the bed and I was thinking he wants me to lay down lol but not being sure I hesitate. He came over stood next too me and tapped his hand on the bed. It became a semi awkward moment lol luckily I didn't lay on the bed because he was really telling my to put my bag on the bed.lol He touched the bag then the bed. Got it! lol. Now he tells me to expose my chest.  I had my hair braided and he was telling and helping my get it out of the way before I stand infront of the x-ray machine.  Has he lift up th e hair the key ( remember the hidden luggage key? yes that one lol) was exposed.  I had affixed it to a single braid at the very back by the nape of my neck.  Now he was earnest bringing my attention to it. lol I laughed at the thought that my hiding place at been discovered while explaining to him that I was trying to hide it.  He wasn't getting it. We secured my hair then he said with much excitement. "Ooohh, a secret!"  Me with equal excitement " sí! sí! sí! secret. lol I was like we hit the jackpot of understanding lol. We laughed both at the new understanding and that my 'secret' was discovered.  We were not in front of the screen and well I was and he was closer to the computer.  He instructed how to stand then ask if I had in implant.  I told him yes.  He said I should then face the screen walking over and edging me closer to the screen I think it my boobs touched the screen.  He walked back over to the computer. After what felt like a minute he started saying something.  I looked over and his back was to me and he was doing something on the computer.  I said "Finish?" He said " yes yes" I think my arms were up. I put then down, fixed my dress, picked up my bag and walked over to stand by him at the computer.  He was looking at the x-ray of my chest on the screen.  I asked him if everything was ok and he said "yes yes everything good" I asked him "are you sure?" lol He looked at me smiling and said yes.  I was staring that the screen by then not know how to tell if something was wrong or not.  He then proceeded to explain what I was staring at.  He pointed and in his sweetest accent said " seeeeee, this is you chest, nothing there and down there is you _____ (I think he said the top of my stomach or spleen lol don't remember exactly), and dozzz are your boooobiz lol  pointing to the curved mass at the outer part of my ribs.  We laughed and I as " Ok, gracias,;tengo un buen dia" (lol see this is how I always get myself in trouble- it might have even been gramatically wrong but he got the idea- I was saying " thanks, have a good day".  Then I was kind of bowing my head to him as I was half stepping backwards towards the door lol. Don't even know why I did that lol I finally was back upstairs and handed to results to the girl.  Elizabeth was there now, busy going back and forth from the waiting area to the office.  There was 1 more patient added to the mix.  I sat down and checked the time on my phone.  It was a little after 8:30. Few minutes later 'the girl' lol forgive me - she motioned to me again to follow her out the office.  Like a sheep lol I just got up and followed her again clueless what well are going to do.  I thought to ask her but quickly remembered my earlier failed attempted lol. We arrived at the admin office (the same office where you pay for you stay .  The girl talked to them in spanish then ask me for my ID. I gave her my passport which she handed over to a cashier in the office along with some other paper. ( I assume I was being registered/admitted for the night) That took about 10/15 minutes.  Then we left heading to the elevator and I was back in my ignorance lol just being led.  We stopped and got off on the 4th fl.  This was were my room was and where the other recovery rooms were. As you got off the elevator you are right by a nurse station.  We stopped there. I saw familiar faces.  Now the day before when I was trying to get room rates and a room, I had met this girl who speaks very good English.  She was to one who came to get me and brought me to the room while I thought I was still waiting to be told how much it was for a room. She was being used as a translator at this time.  We small talked then she asked me if I had a nurse for after sx.  I told her a nurse was included in the services the doc was provided.  She said, oh well just incase if you need one I could be your nurse.  I told her ok, then started questioning her to get an understanding for the extent of what she does and to just the ins and outs of the place.  She at one point was used during the rate negotiations.  So back at the nurse station and she was at the counter also.  About 4 nurses were behind the counter.  I walked up and she greeting me as if we were old friends.  She asked me again about having a nurse.  I told her the same thing.  She then said/ask the girl something in spanish. After the exchange she said no you will need to pay for someone.   I explained to her that my quote listed over night nurse as one of the covered items in the quote.  Again she I guess translated that to the girl.  I was now looking at the girl and she looked upset replying and kind of moving her neck lol I'm not thinking "oh no, I don't want to deal with this"  The girl now seemed abrasive and i'm thinking "what exactly was said? It really isn't such a big deal plus why are YOU upset?"  By this time I was asked to come over behind the desk.  They took my pressure, check my height and weight.  A man that was there offered me a chair I told him no, it's ok.  But it wasn't an offer lol I was being told to sit lol so I sat.  A lady who seem like the head nurse and spoke good English had a sheet of paper and she was writing, someone then handed me a phone - someone was on the line for me - it was Elizabeth, telling me the quote doesn't include a nurse and that I will need to pay for one.  I said " ok, but it' s a line item on the list of things included in my quote but ok no problem." She started going on but I had tuned her out I all know she was trying to explain why she know it's not included.  What she said exactly was recorded nowhere lol. I mean I don't care what you tell me I have an email that clearly listed it as a line item but that wasn't a battle I was going to fight so whatever you said ...fine.  Minutes later Elizabeth appeared lol the nurse was asking about allergies.  I glanced at the sheet and asked her how much did I weight lol She looked it over and said 148lbs then got up and told me to come with her.  We walked towards a room closet. to the nurse station and Elizabeth cut her convo and followed us.  The nurse explained he wanted to ask some personal info in private so that why she brought me to the room.  The was an hospital bed, a futon and a chair in the room.  The nurse sat on the chair and I sat on the futon and Elizabeth sat next to me. Now I was thinking " well you really didn't need to bring me here because no one at the desk speaks English lol. She asked about medical and childhood medical history the same info a primary care would ask.  Elizabeth was there confirming some of my no answers lol she would say " really!  never?" The nurse would look at her then look at me for the answer again lol and I 'm thinking, shouldn't you be downstairs making Dr Durans life easier?  Nosey lol. The nurse was now writing towards the bottom of the paper so I sense we were almost done.  Elizabeth start talking about a nurse again and now I realize the reason for her presence.  She ask if I had someone to stay with me and I said no.  She started telling me how long she worked for Dra Duran and the doc never included that in her pricing.  Now she was annoying me.  Was she expecting a fight?? Didn't I tell you ok?? Why are we still talking about it?? But we were because she was here to collect the money.  She felt the need to try convince me how sure she was that it wasn't included.  I wasn't even protesting, again it's not a battle I wanted to fight so whatever I was just listening to her.  Then she said the one night in the quote mean the nurses at the hospital l smh I'm thinking, Elizabeth I'm not fighting why are you still here?  So I asked her " How much is it for a nurse" Clearly that what she was about.  I later regret asking her that.  I should have just told her I will get a nurse on my own and ask that girl that had offer to be my nurse ( ofcourse its a paying gig.  Thats what she does)  So Elizabeth says $100 and I bust out laughing inside.  I have read so many reviews and all noted $50.  Elizabeth was testing me now.  I said nothing.  We were done so I walked out back to the nurse station.  I waited a bit not knowing what I was waiting for.  Elizabeth was at the nurse station too chatting with the girls.  I was the told to follow this nurse (who turned out to be my favorite nurse of the trip)  - like a lamb oblivious to what's really going on lol we walked back to my room.  She had some thing folded in her hand but at the time I was clueless to what was happening.  You would thing that's the one point you will know what's next- I didn't realize. lol She asked me where is my compression sock, I had it in the bag I had with me all morning and I took it out and handed it to her.  (still clueless lol) She placed the items she had in her hand on the bed inspected the packaging then said ok, we need to put it on.  OoOhhh Nooooooooooowww I got it lol  We are heading into surgery lol. So we shimmied my foot into them. Then Elizabeth was back lol this chick got her priorities wrong.  There.is much better ways I could think of how she could commit her time to really making the doc some money..  She said "so we need the money foe the nurse." " I asked her, isn't it $50 for an overnight nurse Elizabeth?"  She tells me its $50 for 12hr.  I didn't believe her.  I felt she was trying tp get over on me.  The nurse was standing there waiting and I wasn't going to let Elizabeth mess with my mojo.  I said to myself while retrieving the money from my bag " I know you are getting over on me but I hope you spend this money well lol" Handed her 2 $50 and  by that the she had known that I wanted to use the girl who had told me she could be my nurse if I wanted one.  And just like that she was gone.  The nurse now tells me to take off my dress and put on the gown. Done.  She then handed me a blue tablet still in it's packet and a small cup with water and told me to take it.  I went into a frenzy lol.  I was thinking about how I have read about girl knocking out soon after taking the blue pill. I didn't know how it would affect me.  So I asked her "so when I take this what's next? She look at me like I was crazy lol  and said "It's ok, you can take it" as if to reassure a mentally challenged person lol I'm not sure she understood me I was probably talking fast but she sensed my hesitation to take it. lol She walked away to do something in the bathroom and I quickly looked around the room to see if everything was secure.  If this pill knocks me out I wouldn't have a chance to secure anything.  I realized I needed to secure my bag.  She had put on the cap when I put on the gown so I can't disrupt it again for my 'secret' to be exposed again lol I decided to 'hide' my bag in a empty unlocked drawer in the room lol (yea I know..lol) My luggage was still locked so I know that was okay.  I had wanted to talk to the doc again to tell her to make my butt as big as possible but who knows now since I am being given the pill. I wondered if I had covered everything and then took the pill.  The nurse came back looking at me suspiciously asking if I took the pill.  She could see the cup was empty.  I told her yes.  She lingered there a minute looking at me as if she didn't believe me and for a minute I thought she was going to try inspect my mouth lol But she didn't.  A guy was now in the room the a gurney.  He sold me to get on.  I tell him I could walk lol Maybe I asked him lol. He said he has to take me.  I was about to tell him again I will walk with him lol after all I find it weird to be laying on a bed I associate with the ill when I am perfectly fine to walk. lol But I didn't. I was trying to hold on to the bit of control I had left lol  So I got on feeling awkward.  Started rolling me out the room. As soon as we were through the door and rolling down the hall I realized I hadn't checked the time so I asked the guy what time it was.  He said "About 3/4 hours" lol I realize he didn't understand what I ask or maybe just misheard.  I was watching the ceiling and we were now waiting for the elevator.  I tried to remember how to ask the time in spanish but I couldn't remember.  We went 1 FL down to the third floor We went through a double door then an immediate right into a room.  I couldn't properly inspect the room because I was on my back.  The gurney stop right next to another bed I concluded what the operating table and told me to get on it.  I thought " Get on it?  Why didn't you let me walk the I would only have to climb onto this bed? Should someone lift me oof this bed onto the next?" Clearly not. lol I put myself up by my arms into a half sitting position and shimmied over onto the next bed.  I immediately had an idea and started looking around.  I need to find out who's the Anesthesiologist. He ( I assumed it would have been a he - i know (smacks myself on the wrist)) would be the one person who will always be in to room so I can tell him to tell the doc what I wanted to tell her lol There was a girl moving around the room, I moved my head trying to look around.  I asked her who's the Anesthesiologist and she said she was.  I said to her" I need to you tell the doc something for me.  She didn't speak good English but she understood.  I recognize her as the girl that I saw earlier walking in and out of the docs office while I was waiting.  I told her " When the doc is putting the fat in by butt tell her I ask you to tell her to remember to make it enormous. Enorme" lol She immediately turned around tilted forward a bit pointing her butt at me and said "like this" lol I laughed and said "Yes! like that!"lol then she turned around swiftly and opened her button down dress to show me her stomach -it was flat and said "Dra Duran" AND I WAS OUT !!! The next time I was conscious I was pn the bed in the room I was in originally.  On the regular full sized bed.  I was never placed on one of those hospital beds  which I had expected.  I didn't wake up and don't recall being conscious at all during the surgery.  I was on my butt and I was very uncomfortable.  I was in and out of sleep.  I was told I was out of surgery about 1pm.  As the evening progressed I got colder and colder.  I had a pillow behind my head and I had a blanket covering.  I white plush type blanket almost like the one I had brought with me.  (I read many reviews about girls not getting pillows or blankets.  Maybe I was given these because I was there the night before.  Idk)  The "over night 'nurse' was there-the one I had requested.  Btw these are just overnight " companions" they are not certified nurses.  They will not provide medical assistance they will only summon a nurse as needed.  So as my teeth begins to shatter more I more I try to get comfortable but could move. Literally.  Tried moving my toes-nothing I touch my leg but could feel it.  Nurses/assistants/helpers were coming in and out of the room..  I had a drip in my are and there were 2 things being administered.  This person kept coming by my bedside they she would go into the bathroom and back then leave the room.  I wasn't sure what that's about lol After  a few times I thought she must be disposing of something in bathroom.  I decided to investigate lol moved the blanket to see what I could see. There was a tube going down the side of the bed and the other part was under the sheet.  "Odd" I thought. lol so I.started feeling under the sheet.  My reach was limited but I felt it.  I moved it a bit to see if I felt anything, what's it connected to.  Nothing. hmmm feeling under then my hand reach a soaked wet area.  I thought oh my goodness, that must be what this tube is for.  Now it's loose and I am peeing on the bed ( that's what I thought lol) The next time the nurse came in I told er I think it's  loose.  She looked down and said it's ok.  I said it not in she felt around and assured me it was ok.  But I felt nothing.  I was completely  numb.  Now why is the bed soaking wet? I kept asking if I could get up. The overnight nurse I will now refer to as night companion said no.  I said I just want to stand a bit.  She said no lol.uuugghh!!! .I was so uncomfortable.  My back hurt.  The lowest part of my back.  I could finally twinkle my toes.  I was slowly getting back feeling in my foot.  Slowly. I tried to pull my knees up so that the sole of my foot was flat on he bed. NADA.  I asked my night  companion if she could help me pull my knees up and she did.  It was just a slight relief.  At some point in the evening after moving around restlessly (my upper body) I realized the wetness was (I thought) blood.  I started asking if I can have the chux changed as I was soaking wet.  I was told to wait.  The night companion had been communication with those coming in and out of the room all this time.  She is very familiar with most of the nurses there.  Finally the army came lol to change the linen on the bed and chux.  I was getting up! Yaaaaaay me ! lol And dinner was served. soup lol  So they tried to help me to sit up. It was a challenge first trying to use these lipo'd arms.  There weren't many options to help me up without hurting me.  The companion came over and assisting my watching lol and giving me instructions " put your hand here.  Try turning. Go on your sides and slowly put your foot down..  Well after a few minutes I was finally in he seated position.  I had NO thought of my butt at this point.  I felt good to not be laying on my back.  The night companion stepped back and now the helpers/nurses were there to help me move.  I was seated at the edge of the bed and the place was BLOODY! i slid closer to the edge of the bed and blood (turns out it was just the fluids from the tube in mu back thaytwas oozing out but I didn't know at the time.) was all over the floor.  I means lots!  They now wanted me to stand so they could move the chux from under me and replace it.  The helper/nurse stood in font of me and offered her hand for me to pull myself up.  Oh boy.  Not again.  These poor lipo's arms..  I shimmied and twisted and tried to figure out how to minimize the pain on my arms.  I took seconds.  I was holding onto her hand, I was up and I was back sitting at the edge of the bed.  Immediately a very very very bad feeling came over me.  I wasn't sure if I was about to vomit or faint.  I was sitting still.  My night companion must have realize the sudden change and called my name.  I heard her but was afraid to answer feeling like if I open my mouth to respond I would vomit on the nurse that was still standing in front of me holding my hand..  She called my name again and I knodded my head to let her knew I can hear her.  The nurse at this point realized something was wrong the immediately reached  for an opened botttle of water that was in the night stand. She poured some in her hand.  It didn't wet the flooor.  She whipped her hand on my face.  Pour some more in her hand and whipped my face again and like a magic wand I felt better.  I was so intrigued, surprised and happy that such a simple act/remedy could work. lol I was feeling like death one minute the next second it was like nothing happened.  I started talking quickly just incase the feeling came back lol i told them I felt faint, sick and was sure it I was going to vomit and that's why I didn't answer.  The nurse asked how I felt and I told her I was fine.  Before I know it she was whipping the water off my face.  I started to stop her but by then she was finished lol. They wanted to have me sit on the chair to change the sheets.  I was afraid the feeling would come over me again.  I heard the night companion telling me "see why I told you no you can't stand?"  I ignored her. I build up the courage have them move me to the chair.  It was brought right to within inches of the bed. They helped me over quickly and I braced myself for the bad feeling again.  It didn't happen I was ok.  I was looking around.  I had put my foot in the blood without realizing it.   I mean full on in the huge puddle. Yuck! The night companion was standing by the bed and was alarmed by the mount of 'blood' on the floor and bed.  She asked me if I knew my hemo level before surgery.  I didn't answer her.  I realize what she was thinking.  Almost immediately my right eye felt weak haha I felt like I couldn't open it haha smh The power of the mind.  (She was thinking I might need a blood transfusion and my brain didn't like that)  They brought me the soup.  The night companion asked me if I needed help.  I wasn't sure.  I wondered why she was asking me.  Shouldn't she just be feeding me lol  I thought that was automatic lol Doesn't she see I can hardly use my arms?  She started to half feed me a spoonful.  It felt awkward.  I tried to  hold the bowl myself.  We finally transitioned it from her hand to mine.  I held it stationary for a while.  I tried to work out in my mind what's the best position to settle this in so that my arms are not pressured. I finally settled it in my lap and I ate moving my arms slowly.  The soup wasn't bad.  The bed was changed.  They made sure to tell me it wouldn't be changed for the rest of the night lol. I was thinking "whatever!" It was time to get ?e back into bed.  The could had blood on to.  Wet blood.  I asked if  I could get another, they said no lol smh.  Nooo problem I tell them I don't want that wet gown on me.  So now my boobs and ass was exposed.  I ask if I can lay down like this.  They said yes.  Can I lay on my stomach? They said yes.  So they helped me onto the bed.  Since I wouldn't be able to move it the morning I didn't want to be stuck only being able to see the headboard.  I told them I wanted to lay with my head at the foot of the bed.  They said ok.  So I was helped into my requested position.  Within 5 minutes it was uncomfortable.  The night companion got help to put a futon into the room for her to sleep.  Yes.. sleep lol. People where still coming and going from my room..  This continued throughout the night.  I was fall asleep for want seem like hours only to check the cable box and it's only 15 minutes lol I hardly slept that night 15 minutes at a time.  My night companion eventually retired to bed sleeping on the futon securely tucked under a blanket.   She snored occasionally. smh.  Every time some one entire the room I looked up.  My neck and the lower part of my back was killing me.  I was laying like a t with my arms out stretched.  Moved my head from one side to the next throughout the night.  That's the only thing I could move. Sometimes I felt like I was going to smother myself in the pillow when I face got stuck while trying to turn my head. lol I thought "this is how newborns feels - helpless".  As they nurses come and go I would question they when there changing anything.  "What's that?, what's it supposed to do?" lol. They must have been sick me off lol but they didn't show it.  I couldn't sleep so we might as well have a conversation lol. Sometimes they changed or added something to whatever was in the drip going through my hands.  Sometimes it hurt badly for like a minute initially then it didn't hurt anymore.   I couldn't wait for morning to come.  The night companion had the tv on thought she was sleeping.  I am not a tc on sleeper so that didn't help.  I thought about asking her to turn it off.  The air was on and was too cool for me. She had turned it on earlier telling me she was hot.  I didn't bother to wake her.  Decided to take 2 for the 'team' lol. It was beginning to be light out.  I was happy about that.  Almost daylight.  Someone came to check my temperature.  Morning was here.  A few minutes to 6 the night companion told me she had to go somewhere for about 20 min but she will be back.  I said ok.  Someone came and drew blood.  It was now after 6am.  I wanted to get up. I was now alone in the room..  The trail of back and forth nurses slowed.  The night companion was back and I asked her  when I can get up.  I asked who's coming to clean me up and when.  She said the doc assistant and soon.  An hour or so pasted. No one came and I asked again.  I kept telling her I feel dirty and want to be cleaned up.  Btw my $100 bought night help for 24 hrs.  So the night companion was going to be with me at least til 1pm.  As I thought about it I began to think maybe Elizabeth didn't get on over on me after all. All the reviews I had read the girls' experience was the overnight nurse leaving as soon as morning came.  


So we were there.  Me whining about needing to be cleaned up and she telling me how much I was talking when I got out of surgery.  I don't recall any of it.  She said I kept asking if Elizabeth paid her and she would say yes and moments later I would ask her the same question.  She also said I asked her "Que hora ea?"  hahaha that was too funny because that's exactly what I was trying to remember to ask the guy who was taking me down to the operating room and couldn't. remember lol. It means "what time is it" smh.  The miracle of the mind.   So they eventually came to clean me up.  An army of 2. The primary one was stern.  She asked for my wipes. I had since retrieved the key from the hair when they had me seated on the chair to clean the bed.  I had it now on my wrist.  I stretched my hand our to the night companion for her to take it off to unlock my luggage to get the wipes. The 2 ladies helped me up and over to the chair. They unwrapped my arms then my stomach.  Earlier the night companion had gotten all excited seeing my but and asked for my phone to take a pic to show me.  Now I was standing and they where whipping me off and she was standing around wide eyed asking " You see you butt? You see you butt?"  I ignored her.  These two ladies were hurting me.  they weren't rough but they weren't being as gentle as I think they should have been either lol.  So that's when I found out I had an open tube sticking out my butt.   They got me in the garment.  put on the arm cg and they where gone lol.  My back was now killing me. I was happy I didn't have to lay down.  Walking around felt good.  I kept asking about meds.  She said the doc will come with the prescription. I was went.  Soon.  She did,'t know.  I ate breakfast.  walked around the room and knelt by the bed occasionally with my knew in my slippers.  It was soft cushy and comfortable to kneel in.  We chatted casually between me asking when the doc is coming.  I was wondering why I wasn't peeing more often since they took the catheter out.  It seemed like I should want to pee often but I hadn't peed since they removed it.  The doc finally walked on the door.  I was kneeling by the bed.  She said "what position is this?" lol I quickly got myself in a standing position.  She had the prescription and was explaining them.  The night companion was there too as she was going to be the one to fill them for me.  The doc then turn to me and said "You know you were on the table saying " Es enorme? Es enorme"  I busted out laughing.  I recall none of it.  The thought I was lucid enough to be asking her if it was enormous was hilarious to me.  Then she said she had to go ( she was in her scrubs) because they were waiting for her in the operating room but the had to just tell me this before she go.  She saidd " You know, when I was evening out your hips  and I was almost finished you said to me ' If there is any fat left over put in my lips' "  hahahaaa She said this while  using her fore finger to outline the top and bottom of her hips.  I don't know if I was gesturing like that too. lol I busted out laughing and had to find something to hold onto.  Laughing hurt.  The thing is, that's what I had planned to tell her during the consult but decided not to because I wanted her to focus on my butt.  So I couldn't contain myself when she said that. smh. We laughed and she hurried out. I was still laughing long after she left.  The night companion went and got my meds.  She said they where $230 even though I decided I didn't need therefore didn't get 2 of the meds.  I told myself I was taken.  That just sounded to high but I gave her the money anyway.  I also asked her to get me some gatorade,pineapple and 2 gallons of water. She came back with half of my request and pesos as change.  She started to give me the change but I was annoyed that she didn't buy all I asked and realizing it was pesos I just told her to keep it.  She didn't hesitate and stuck it back in her wallet lol It was now after 3pm and she was ready to go.  She left and I was alone for the rest of the journey.  My finger are tired.  TBC Later.  Again forgive typos, auto correct or grammar because i'm posting without proofing :-)

Part 3 Cipla recovery

Revovery At Cipla


So the rest of my recovery and stay went well and I am happy about that.  I did almost everything on my own.  I got help taking my garment and off for the first 2 days then I tried doing it myself and was successful.  Took forever because I was trying to be gentle on the arms but got it done.  I got in and out of bed on my own since the day after surgery.  As mentioned above, I bought meds in DR I didn't bring my own and for me they worked fine at alleviate the aches EXCEPT I think they started giving my the worst headaches around day 4/5.  The headaches I have to say was possibly the worse part of recovery.  It the kind of headache you get during a hangover.  Pain at the base of your head and crown of my head.  It made me irritable and grumpy.  Those days were the only time I would try and sleep a lot as an escape. So I wasn't really achy just sore at the lipo areas.  I

One of my fears doing this sx was the nausea because I had it after my BA caused my the pain meds.  In an effort to avoid it I would eat some crackers I brought as snacks. I ate about 4/5 crackers just so something was in my stomach and I never got nauseated at all.  Besides the bad feeling I had mentioned hrs after sx I never felt like that again and didn't experience any fainting.  Well prob day 2 it was I was getting something from the fridge and felt as slight feeling as if I could started feeling that bad feeling again.  It was very slight but I wasn't giving it a chance to mature so I grabbed a bottle of water poured some in my hand and whiped my face and wah lah. What feeling? lol  They cleaned the room and bathroom everyday and changed the sheets upon request or if blood get on them.  I didn"t have any fevers and I didn't need a blood transfusion.  Also, I didn't loose my appetite after surgery.  I got 3 meals each day and boy it was like an series of surviver lpl.  I told myself I would eat whatever was provided as long as it't something I eat.  I did try even when some of it tasted like rubber.  I swear they probably thought I liked or enjoyed the food because I always. ate it.  I told myself it's only for a couple if days so suck it up.  Eating is an important part of the recovery so I would literally wash the food down with juice.  I ate as if I was taking meds - it might not taste good but it's necessary.   I could have ordered food from the outside I just didn't bother to.  The food did get better toward the end of the journey.  On the weekend (Sat/Sun) they came and asked me what I wanted for lunch and dinner and I got exactly was I asked for EXCEPT lol it was the 1st time I didn't eat the good.  To was tooooo salt! I was so disappoined.  I snacked on snacks I had.  Dra Duran or Hilaro as everyone calls her had told me when I saw her the day after sx ( wednesday) to wait until Monday to get massages.  I was surprised she said that.  She said she would remove the back drain the Monday.  I had 2 follow ups with her and my drain was actually removed 3 days post op.  When she said she was going too take it out I said in alarm "Are you sure" lol Yes me questioning the wisdom of the doc lol.  I ask her what if I got a seroma (I am terrified of getting a seroma and needing to get it drained with a needle) She said she's more concerned with an infection than a seroma but at the time in my mind they were equally bad lol.  Day 2 I had tried getting a massage at the spa at cipla ( despite the doc's recommedations) and failed.  Actually I was looking more to get drained than getting a massage but they when they asked me how long ago I had sx and I told them, they said no.  It was too soon and said I should come back on Monday.  I eventually found a few nurses that drained me few times while I was there.  As a matter of fact I got drain the same day I tried getting a massage at the spa.  I had asked a nurse to help me remove my garment and when she was done she started squeezing my arm and they start draining then she did the rest.  I had a small incident where the nurse that drained me the 1st time tried to get over on me.  She told me she wasn't working the following day so I asked her how much she would charge me just to come in and drain me(this was before I realized there were others who knew how to- mistake) First it seem she was surprise I asked, she put her had to her head as if to be thinking.  Then she said "No worry, its ok."  Then later my 'former' night companion came by and we small talk a bit.  As she was leaving she said She said it's $100. Now the only money negotiations she knew about was when I was negotiating for the room.  So I said to her "$100? No I already paid for my say. We figured it out"  She said "No, ________(the name of the nurse) said $100 for yesterday(the 1st day she drained me as part of her duties when no money convo took place) today and tomorrow."  Now i'm thinking, whose trying to get over on me here?  Well they surely had the conversation else she wouldn't have known that we talked about that.  So I said "Well she just told me it'ts ok.  I asked her how much would she charge to come here on her day off to drain me - why would she now want me to pay her for yesterday her workday?"  She then said oooooooohhhh ok now I get it and left.  (I assume to tell the nurse what I said)  So at that point I was annoyed.  The nurse came back to my room as she had started changing the sheets and was back with the sheets to put on the bed.  She complete the rest of her task in silence.  I said nothing to her and didn't know if she would come the nxt day and I really didn't care at hat point.  Well she came.  Drained me and when she was leaving I gave her $30. She said "It $40" lol I was surprised.  I said $40 for today and $40 for tomorrow.  She said yes.  So I said ok and was nudging her out the room.  I wasn't going in my bag to get more money because I hadn't want her seeing me with money. (I had separated that $30 to give her prior to her coming) I told myself I would pay her when she came back.  The next day this nurse who helped my into my gown the day of sx came to ask how I was doing.  Told her I was fine.  My arms were still draining so my arm sleeves were soiled.  So started checking them and before you know it she was draining them.  So seeing she could also drain me I tried telling her to call the other nurse to tell her not to come.  She wan't getting why I was telling the other nurse not to come to work lol.  She ended up not calling her.  She had given my her number but I knew it would be a challenge communicating via the phone so I didn't call her.  I was uncomfortable about it at first but as I thought about how she was trying to get over on me I was like..whatever.  So the nurse drained my arms and said she would be back to drain my back.   Now the other nurse shows up lol. I tell her I don't need her and tried explaining I asked the nurse to call her etc etc.  she left visibly annoyed/upset.  Sometime later the nurse that was draining my arm I will call nurse M and call the other nurse A.  So nurse M came looking concerned asking if I want nurse A to help me. I was surprised I thought she had already left.  Its had been almost 45 min and it was her day off.  I told her no.  She tells me it's ok if I want her to help. I told her "No you were helping me before and I like you helping me."  She smiled and said ok she was doing something but she will be back.  I assumed nurse A hadn't left and had sent nurse M to ask me that.  Nurse A then seem to have gone on a mission to become the "patient's pet" lol She showed up every morning to check on me. Gave me my heperin shot (I would try to avoid them but she would insist) lol, asked if took my meds, if I ate etc.  I went back and forth about whether I am reading her right but I truly think she was being self serving.  I do appreciate her efforts and help but I just couldn't shake the feeling she was working to gain back the "potential" money she missed out on.  She rallied around me up until my last day even asking for my number offering to call me to remind me to take the 1 heperin shot 1 that was left for me to take. I did give her the additional $10.  Nurse M was a Jem and I found like 2 other nurses there that could drain me.  I offered nurse M a tip for all the help she gave me while there and in the end she made me feel bad for offering her as if I was doing something wrong/bad.  lol She profusely refused to take it.  She had a look on her face as if say why are you bribing me??? ( This was the last time I was going to see her.)  We hugged and I almost wanted to cry lol.  There were many other helpful nurses there.  Staying at cipla for recovery is not for everyone but if you are one who knows how to make lemonde with lemons, go with the flow or make the best of imperfect situation then you will be fine.  Luckily I didn't have many lemons. There were times when I had to offer nurses gloves because the would clean a wound and was about to use use the same glove to handle clean gauze.  I would just walk/wabble over to my luggage pull out 2 glove and tell them to take those off.  1st they look at me crazy then I smile and them to put these on lol and they did and kept it moving.  The thing is girls, these nurses/ helpers never see the effects of their lax/ poor hygiene standards.  You may follow up with you doc if you get an infection but for them it's business as usual oblivious to the effects what they did or didn't do- so it is up to you to pay attention, be alert and let them do the right thing.  Just be polite.  


I wanted to spend 2 days at an all inclusive resort before leaving but decided not to because I wanted to take as much of the heperin shot as possible knowing there is 1 I would miss. (there is no way I can inject myself lol not happening lol I'm too chicken)


So heading home I got a letter asking for the attendants to allow me to be mobile and it also said I was cleared to fly. I didn't use it as my flight was overbooked and a lot of frequent very bad turbulence so I sat all the way on my donut.  I made sure I selected an isle seat though because I just didn't want to bother others in the event I felt I just had to stand.  I requested wheelchair assistance which I only used on the second leg of my trip.  I forgot until I saw a lady in wheelchair while going through their security lol btw lol when I was going through security this lady felt my garment so I pulled up my dress and expose the garment... she then figured  had surgery and asked me a question and I said "Si" knoding lol I don't even know what she asked.  She then waived me through then she walked me over to a wheelchair for me to sit which I did.  After a few seconds i'm thinking why am I sitting in the chair?  lol It's probably someone's chair waiting to come through lol. So I jumped up went to grab my crossbag and I was on my way.  When I reached home I was still in DR mode a customs officer asked me a question and I said "Si" hahahaa the guy pushing the wheelchair looked over at. me while the officer had a brief stare which was when I realized and started laughing and said "yes".  smh. Goodluck to all you girl and leave where ever you  choose to do your sx please remember that having the right frame of mind is half of having a successful recovery.  Will do an update about what I brought to DR. Adios ! lol Oh and b4 I forget my driver was awesome! We mannered, speaks English and reliable.  I will post his card here.

1 month post op

It been 1 month since my sx.  I 1st drove at week 3 and it was uncomfortable at first.  It still is but i've gotten used to it.  I am yet to find a graceful way to exit the vehicle so that my but still doesn't touch the seat.  Each time it's as if someone pushed me out and there is a slight tumble.  Haha (Yes I'm that serious about it)  I drive an suv and i'm a shorty so that makes it worse lol.  I meant to exchange with my sis and use her car but I didn't want to add to the existing suspicion lol.  She came by my house a few days after I came back and  I am looking a bit ratchety,arm garment on, wife beaters on under the garment and I had on a maxi dress on but pull down to my waist.  I was looking weird lol and my butt under the dress even weirder.  So first thing out her mouth is 'what's wrong with you' lol So hear me.. "what's wrong with me???? Nothings wrong with me."  My attempt to make her think it's all in her head.  The 'it's YOU not ME feeling haha. I know I failed because she just stood there looking at me as I walk away.  I know she's thinking "somethings offf why's your ass looking like that?!!"   Then when she left my niece who's 5 said. "Why are you dressed like that?" I said Like what? She  said "why are you wearing  a hurt suit" hahaha... I wanted to laugh so bad.  Asked what's a hurt suit my nephew who's a bit older jumps in and said"Its what ppl wear when they get hurt-like in an accident. Haha By then they were distracted and no longer waiting for an answer lol


So yes, I feel like a clumsy penguin when I am exiting my vehicle.  I use a donut thing which has to be inflated.  It's firm and lift you completely off the seat so I put it under my thighs and a cusion by my back.  I adjust my seat down so my head isn't touching the roof.  I still find sometime I have to brace myself with one arm. (Maybe it's not a need and just me being paranoid)   I have never rested, pivoted, transitioned on my hips.  The 1st day I saw that I had hips I was committed to making sure they were not compromised bc I read ppl loosing hip or them being uneven so I told myself if these babies go it wasn't going to because I was trying to be comfortable.  I slept and still sleep directly on my pelvic bone ( NO fun) and push myself up from that position onto my knees without leaning on my hips.  Well my hips went down a lot.  The left side of my but is slightly depressed still.  I see a slight dent when I am naked it's not so evident when I have clothes on.  I am disappointed that it's all gone.  Overall the sides on my but are a bit fuller.  I have a buldge on both side of my butt near my hips.  I saw it the 1st time I inspected my butt and it's still there.  Its  a bit tender but in my effort to save every ouce of fat I didn't try massaging it away haha.  I dont know what happened because it's on both sides.  Maybe she forgot to finish? Hmmm It actually doesn't really bother me.  My butt looks plumpER than before.  Techically it's bigger but to me it just looks very minimally bigger.  Well it's only about 1 inch bigger than pre-op.  I have to say I had greater expectations. Like at LEAST 3 inches bigger but we will see what happens between now and christmas.  I don't think I can hope for "fluffing" hips.  I want my hips back !!!   I would be content with them being filled in even if no more is added.  I just dont like this the indentation look after seeing the fully curved. A profile view of my butt looks good and an angled kind of diagonal view looks even better but looking at it straight from the back :x. Um not so impressive.  I was hoping it would have a plumper look from the back.  Again I'll wait to see what Santa brings.  I have an ODD line going across the middle of my thighs.  It's like a superficial burn like something rubbed or pressed on it for too long.. It starts at the side of one thigh goes across the front across the other thigh and over to the side where it stops.  I keep thinking what on earth could have caused this?!!  It's gradually fading but it's very puzzling to me.  Besides the bruises from upper arm lipo I only have 1 set of bruise still waiting to fade.  They are at the sides of my foot right below the side of my knees on both sides of my foot. (No I didnt get my thighs lipo) They are at the same exact spot on both foot. odd again lol.


My butt never felt like bricks as I had heard it being described by some vets. It was just tight, very tight and first to the touch but you could still poke it.  At week 3 or so I realized when I walked it feels like I am engaging my butt muscles where it didnt feel like that pre op - unless I had been working my glutes.   

I bought another garment from virtual sensuality in a Small.  Its a panty type garment with sleeves. Its hard to get over my butt but it's slightly loose around the waist.  Decided to keep it because a smaller size would be too tight on my butt.  So far I don't like it.  Wore it for 1 night or most of 1 night and the arm part is annoying.  They use regular thread instead of elastic thread to stitch the end of the sleeve so its very tight yet the actually arm part is too big toward the upper part of the arm  like right near the arm pit like more than an inch too big..  I like that it covers my whole back and has very firm compression but now wish I hadn't puchased the one with sleeves.  Now I will have to play seemstress to make it work.  I will add foams to make it fit snug in the waist and alter it as needed.  


My sides and lowerback are still very very sensitive and kind of pinches if I lean too much on either side.  I seem to get more swollen when it gets colder and my stomach gets harder.  Still havent done any massages.  Can anyone recommend a good massager???  


My arms:

They are still bruised but it's fading and very lumpy on the underside of both arms.  My right arms seems bigger than the left but it also gets more swollen than the left also.  At this point it doesn't bother me because I hear they take longer to heal so I am going to do my part and be patient.  I wear my arm garment 98% of the time.  I plan to keep wearing them consistently until next spring.  I bought another arm garment  in XS also from virtual sensuality that covers my back and breast.  Sigh.. the end of the sleeve is not as restrictive as the one one the garment but its made of the same firm material as the garment (the one on the garment have a smoother material for the sleeves)  so when I bend my arms it like its pinching me - I cant win!  I am stuck with them so I will make it work.  If I have to buy another arm garment I will buy 1 that goes down all they way under my breast- so the back part fits lower down on my back and kind of goes around the upper part of my waist too.  I was going to get this one but thought it would be too much now I wish I had.  I didnt measure my arms pre op so I really am just eye balling the progress.  I will know if there are any improvements is size though. Even an 1/2 inch would make me satisfied.


My insicions have pretty much healed but about 3 stiches sticking out.  I waited for about 2 more weeks for wound to heal some more and hoping they would fall off by themselves. They didn't so  I pulled 2 out which was harder for me than I expected.  I then clean them with the alcohol swap then put neosporin on and by the next day they were dry and healing smoothly.  I have 1 left which seem to be a fat injection site under my butt.  It's a bit more irritating because my underwear rubs on it and its uncomfortable so I have to build up some courage to extract that one very soon.  Its uncomfortable to the touch also so I suspect it might not be fully healed inside. The one under the other butt has healed for a while but its has a slight bulge as if the stitches is just under the skin.  I wonder if it will disolve?? Hilaro said they were disolvable stitches.  All my incision sites are healing flat so far and relatively small which I am happy about because I have gotten raises scars just from insect bites.  I am also very please with the placement. Now I am happy I didn't have any drains in the front because I would have those scars.

That's all I can think of now.



New RS Format = Epic Fail

This new realself format is really not appropriate for this kind of review / story telling blog. I am all for change an upgrades but this one = Fail! I hope they change it back if enough of us share out opinion about it lol @realself community managers

6weeks Post Op

I'm on my 6th week. About week 5 I looked in mirror and my body just looked off. Checking more I realized my thighs just looked fatter than I remembered. I immediate start searching my phone to look for pre op pictures to see if its just me. I didn't find any to make a clear comparison. I went back to the mirror to inspect more. I was thinking, boy my thighs did get chubby with the weight gain but I don't recall it looking THIS chubby. I started poking it to see if it hurt lol It didnt. Then I looked closely at my knees and for sure they were chubby. I wondered if it might be swelling but thought my upper body should be noticeably swollen also (more then normal) for my thighs to be this swollen. Then I checked my ankles - they looked normal. Decided to put on my compression stockings hoping its swelling and not weight gain lol. Wore it for a little over a week and it seem my thighs and knees are back to normal. I will continue wearing it on and off for the nxt month. And I now realize that mystery mark across my thighs are from the compression stocking. lol

Well so the side off my Butt has gone down more ;((((. so my hips looks even narrowER. They are not as narrow as pre op because I really had no hips before but they are nothing like I had a few days after surgery. I miss my swelling !! I am so very disappointed about this. I have never read any review where anyone had hip that became fuller months down the road so I am trying to accept the fact that that's how they will be. What makes me even more bummed out about my view from the front is that my waist has gotten smaller to 26.5 and it hasn't even helped to enhance the view. So that further confirms how much the sides of my butt has gone down. I am really not obsessed with having a pencil waist but it seem that's the only way to try and salvage these disappearing hips. Then my missing shoulders are reappearing lol smh ;(((((( So not happy about that. ##Whyhipsmakeawoman!
My Butt lost another half inch since I first started measuring at week 2. I guess that's a good thing. Now I feel so relieved I didn't measure sooner. lol
I measure directly under my bust (not around my booiz lol), the smallest part of my waist and 2 parts of my Butt- the middle & the lower part which is the most projected part.

So my measurements are 30-26.5-40/41 = 1 inch of projection gained. So in my mind my ass is missing all off 3 inches from the 20 lbs of fat I brought into the OR. lol. I would be less disappointed if my swollen hips had stuck around. I look in the mirror and think - How in the hell did you go all these years thinking you're sexy with no hips lol. I mean I didn't even realize my hips were missing til I joined this site lol smh. Now I feel like an ass is nothing without proper hips lol.

I feel like i'm been a debbie downer but these's are my feelings and thoughts.

My hands, well mostly my right had still get swollen overnight. And the little finger on the right hand hurt in the mornings. Initially I was assuming maybe I just slept on it somehow but it"s too consistent to be the case going on 3 weeks every morning.

I still have not slept/layed on my hips or butt or sat directly on my butt. Sit only to drive and still use my donut. I was thinking the swelling in my knees and thighs were from constant standing and kneeling but ikd. I don't sit at home #paranoid haha. Luckily heart burn hasn't really been a problem from me. I don't lay down for at least 20 minutes ( I started at 30 but couldn't stick with it lol) after I eat. Itching has gotten better but it's still bad. Had to make an hasty exit from store the other day because I couldn't stop scratching myself. Drove home like I stole my car to take the cg off haha. I try to wear it for as long as the itching permits. I mostly wear my stage 1 after taking in the sides and cutting a number of small holes in
the butt and hips. My virtual sensuality cg didnt help much, was a waste of money. I want to buy a salome cincher or vest. Can anyone who's used either of these let me know how far down on the hips they go for a 5ft 3 shorty. Pls and thanks!

Show and tell

I'm going to make her look fabulous no matter what! lol

6+ weeks

I have been covering up since sx. Thinking I should test drive the shape today... maybe haha

After massage


2 months + and FINALLY sitting...

Yes, reluctantly started sitting last week. I have a house guest for a few weeks and I started feeling bad that we couldn't sit and chat or watch tv without me laying on my stomach and he was questioning my "back injury story" (which I stuck to btw lol) He'd try to "help" by fixing the pillows or cusion for my back then question why did I still need to put something under my thighs to sit lol. Then the last time saw me I was 128 or so, so he's like " Oh my your ass has gotten fat" Me: Really? Pls!! I gained a little weight so probably that's what you're see. He: hmm well your ass is the only place that got fat....what have you been doing? You must have a special formula that every girl would want." I laughed it off but not sure where his smart ass was going I flipped it on him haha... I'm like: The real question is why are you staring at my Ass? What's that all about?? Stop it because you're making me uncomfortable hahha -NOT (I know he like me lol but I intended to make him feel like a creep for looking at my ass haha so he wouldn't mention it again lol) He still points it out even though I try to cover up. Had on some sweats and he's like. Really... do you see your ass or you just trying to be modest? haha I finally had to throw the waist training explanation in lol down to showing him my Salome vest when it got delivered. He was like, you going to have to send this back because that wouldn't fit. So have to explain the whole waist training bit. Haha I think that has put the kabash on it now lol. He's a cool dude but now I fear he's gonna try to explore the possibilities of which I have no real interest. I am anxious for his vacation to be over so he'll return home so I can continue my recovery in seclusion lol.

I still sit on my donut when driving though.
I haven't and wouldn't be wearing any jeans for a few months. Tried on some old dress pants -with the most room of all my dress pants and they couldn't fit so I was happy about that. I am actually scared to try on my old pants because I would get so dissatisfied if they fit so I tried the 2 biggest ones. lol

So I would like my laterals filled in more and more fat to the middle/upper middle part of my butt.
The pockets of fat on both side can be seen through unpatterned leggings - it bulged. Again it doesn't bother me but reminds me what's missing lol. I don't even know where I would get fat from to just fill out the laterals more because I don't see any and I will not gain anymore weight intentionally. Yet I wouldn't be totally satisfied it its fuller. ugghhhh!!! I am eager for the lipo areas to heal so I can assess the upper body fat. So far it doesn't seem like there's any excess. There is a crease/roll on my sides which I notice when I look back but not sure if its from swelling or what. I doesn't feels meaty like before so I hope it's not loose / saggy skin. My lipo areas are improving but I think I feel this lava like hotness I have read about from fluid buildup- But I don't notice any fluid. When it's really cold if I use my hands to press down on the lower part of my back or my sides I get this hot lava feeling. It's weird and uncomfortable but it's only when I am not wearing compression so I know I am still healing. I also still get stiff in the mornings more so now than I did in the early stages of recovery. It's really a very minor discomfort.

I keep forgetting to take proper pics of my arms for a review. My arms are still discolored and lumpy on the underside of my arms though it's improving. I can feel the areas on my arm where the fat was taken from. I still wear my arm garment quite often. Do much so the inner parts of my elbow is discolored from the irritation of the garment. That can't be avoided because if I used a garment that stop above the elbow then it would ride up which wouldn't be good. They are down 1/2 inch since I started measuring PO. So they're at 10.5 now. Still big I think but I am pleased with that minor improvement and hoping for a bit more.

So my Salome vest is a killer.... literally!! I ordered a medium and it took me about 5 min to get it an. It fit snug, had me walking upright and my boobs under my chin lol BUT in the waist, though not loose i had to try hard but was finally able to stretch to material. Soooo I decided I would exchange for a small.... I know CRAZY! I didn't want to end up buying 2 and the S will be my only size. I get it on but the boning in the back digs into my back. It's uncomfortable right under my bust but I will break it in. The straps are removable but no point wear without it. I like that it covers my upper back. For a taller person it might not cover all the was up. I like the adjustable strap as it allows me to adjust the vest making it shorter on my torso. I haven't worn it out yet though just around the house. My waist is a 24.5 with it on.

3 month PO

Pardon the typos & auto corrects ad you read.  

 3 mths PO.  Yaaaay!  I am feeling fine.   I wear my 1st stage garment on and off now more off because I don't. think there is anymore benefit because its the lingerie material kinds.   Now I only wear a Faja de Prada vest 3xs. style 11173 and my salome 313 vest waist cincher  (not together, I alternate them)  They are now fitting looser but I dont plan to go to smaller sizes.  We will see.  I am grateful my recovery though challenging was smooth.  I had no infections, no blood clots, no nausea, no severe heart burn, fluid buildup  and many of the other things that happen to others and could have happen during this recovery.  Worse part of recovery was the itches omg omg omg it's been torture.  No exaggeration.  I am still covering up for the most part mainly and now coat weather helps a lot.  I am sitting full time at home.  I still use my donut when driving because my seat is quite firm.  I will eventually stop at this point it's just a mental thing I know.  I do realize my legs especially my left leg get really numb quickly where ir didn't b4.  My butt felt normal when sitting.  I don't sit directly on it if its a hard surface I put the pressure on my thighs.  My torso is still about 2 well maybe 1.5 shades darker than it used to be.  Measurements are the same. I am now 141.5 lbs. and still 5'3" lol. I saw a friend I was wearing leggings a long loose cardigan that covers my butt without giving it any definition.  He looked at me slowly walking closer and said "But you put on some weight lol" Don't know if it was the fat face and double chin or the matronly look I was sporting with the over sized cardigan. Then he said "Yes you gained weight even your butt is bigger" now while is saying this he is poking out his butt for emphasis.  LoL I bust out laughing.  The visual was hilarious Haha...  I laughed it off telling him I can't believe he his calling me fat and hasten my departure lol.  He kept text and apologizing haha He thought I took it the wrong way why I left so quickly haha (mission accomplished lol) but that's not the case I hadn't planned to stick around for much chit chat - I went to dropped something off and didn't plan to hang around and he just made it easier. Haha... Now he wants to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, tea lol to make it up to me he says lol.  Sooooo I have pleased with the improvement. I haven't tried on my old jeans and haven't purchase any new ones.  I used to be a size 4 @ 130 lbs and I found a pair of skinny jeans at Burlington.  It had broad elastic at the waist but it wasn't the strong elastic it felt flimsy and loose but OMG it had my ass looking HUGE.  It was a size 10...yes 10 and I know for sure a 1inch increase couldnt propel me 3 size bigger so clearly it runs small plus It wasn't was tight as I usually wear my jeans because I am still trying to protect this ass lol I can't remember the brand. I bought it then returned it 2 days later it was just too bulk in the waist.  It wasnt refined.  I was going to try the size 8 but didnt have the time.


Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy at 3 mths my hips are flat like before, not  round and shapely as I expected.  My right side projection looks nice, the left looks like before, from the back my butt looks square ( because my laterals are flat) not round and bubbly. I look nice in clothes but I want to feel awesome naked. ( I feel okay now naked.  I'm not cringing at the sight of my body at all- never did.) I like what I see.  I want to be in love with what I see!! lol  In jumpsuits and most clothes my butt have the apple shape with the projection all the way at the bottom.  I would love it to be more projected in the middle.  This make me regret not showing Hilario my wish pictures.  I don't know if it would have made a difference but I keep wishing I had remembered uugghh!  Soooooo  I'm going to get these areas corrected.  This will be more of a filler/revision BUT I don't want to gain weight again ugghhh! AND it seem like my upper body has very little fat.  I do not want to lipo my thighs at all.  I need them to balance out my skinny calves. I already lipo's my arms (oh that reminds me to review them too) So what's a girl to do.  When you're still looking at wish pics after surgery lol you know you're not satisfied.  I will wait out the next 3 months and see what happens but if no changes I am pretty sure I will be shopping again for hips that STAYS.  My priority will be to graft fat to my laterals, not directly to the hip area.  I have wide shoulders so I need some hips to minimize them or at least even them out making me look smaller up top.  ONLY hinderence will be lack of donor fat. Plus I neeeeed chin lipo.  Hilario didn't want to do it so it's unlikely she will be the one to do these tweeks  that I need, but I'm keeping all options on the table. (come to think if it I havn't sent her any pics.  I might send to hear what she says) .  If no changes and all goes well AND I can find some fat I want to get this over with by latest April 2015. Fingers crossed.


So the arms.  I am still wearing my arm garment now maybe 70% of the time. It'sa challenge because i try to keep it as tight as possible to help improve the final results but the downside it the great discomfort to the inner part of the elbow.  It had left my inner elbow darker then before from the constant friction of the tight garment on the skin when is irritated EVERYTIME I have to bend my elbow - which is A LOT - all day! The under part of my arms still looks discolored and still a bit lumpy but much less than before.  I have not been massaging them often so that could have something to do with that. If I flex my right arm it looks 'kind of' like i've been toning them up.  The right doesnt looks or feels similar. I can see and feel where the fat was taken from.  At THIS point I don't regret doing them and do like that they don't look chubby anymore despite them not looking perfect.  I am hoping they get much better over time. Key is to keep wearing the garment and I think massages.  A FAQ here. is if it makes sense to get arms done.  This is my answer to that question.  For me, it's the only option. A summer of weight gain taught me that its hard to slim down my arms with out loosing weight.  Toning only make my arms to me look bigger ( not fatter) because the muscle got bigger and I didnt like that either. The one thing I didn't try because I didnt know about it before finding this site, is the wrap and I don't know how lasting the results are.  Wrap as in the wraps people do for their abdomen.   So I say try all your options and if all fails then Yes- lipo arms.  You have to be absolutly committed to the discomfort of the tight arm garment on the inner elbow else you might not see any changes and get discouraged and disappointed in the results.  You will also need to alter or buy smaller sizes as times goes on just as you do for the body compression garments.  I say wear the garment for 6 mths at least.  I hope this helps   (:  Pics to follow if not attached!

The Polar Bear Plunge !

Is it too late to sign up for the Polar Bear Plunge ? Sign me up!!! Trying on some old bathing suits....these size smalls bottoms are way too small. Looking at these pics make me seem addicted for wanted to fix anything smh... I am officially late for my appointment omg.. i'm outta here ... toodles!!

Uugghhhhhh !!

Real self stop messingbwith me and post the _ _ _ _ pics !!

What I packed and How I packed

I have been meaning to write this review so here it is.  I am a serial over packer so I had to make an effort not to over pack.  So I used a carry on size luggage though I checked it bc I had my SSS tonic plus I didn't mind the extra 15 min or so it would take to retrieve it from baggage claim.... I was there for 11 days- 10 days including the day of surgery. So my supplies were used for 9 days. Lets see... I brought

1 pack of white sleeveless tees (8 in a pack (6 plus 2 bonus))
4 maxi dresses including the one 1 wore to DR (wore 3)
1 loose fitting pant and 1 tee shirt
1 sandal (which i wore there)
1 slip in flip flop (a slipper without the thong) wore this 100% of the time and wore it home
1 T shirt sleepwear
1 stretchy loose shorts
All the above were things I already had.

 Compression stocking (TED hospital grade)

1 pack of gauze
1 roll of tape (buy the paper kind not the plastic)
About 25 alchol swab packets
1 pack gloves (8 pairs)
Arnica cream
1 pack wipes refills (4 sets of refills) 240 individual wipes.  Used a little more than 2/3
2 bottle of disinfectant wipes
miralax (didnt use)
metamucil (fiber to help constipation - didn't use)
1 pack of poise type pads (32 or 37 in the pack)-didn't repack as noted below
blanket  (didnt use)
SSS tonic - liquid iron
otc pain killers
vitamins (only brought 1 a day and prenatal)
Snacks (crackers, nuts, fruit cups etc)
A mix of tampons and pads - just incase but I didn't use ( some girls report getting their period off schedule after sx and I didn't know which I would feel most comfortable using given the situation)
1 inflatable donut wheel- boopy pillow substitute (I didn't want to sit on my ass no matter how soft and cushy that pillow was suppose to be)


1 female urinal would be great (I was fine without it)
Pls buy Chux (11-20 should be enough)
Oh and something for itching - maybe liquid benadryl though nothing seemed to work for me.

So that was it...I bought water and gatarade  there.  I couldn't drink Ensure so I didn't buy any. Even though some of the things I didn't use if I had to do it again I would still pack those thing because it was by chance I didn't need to use them. ONLY thing I would not take is the T Shirt sleepwear.

I bought chux to take with me but they couldn't fit bc I choose to carry a blanket and I refuse to use a bigger  luggage or carry anything else beside my crossbag with me. (because knowing myself I would find a way to full it up lol).  I wanted to bring a pillow but there was no room and as it turned out I was lucky to have gotten 1.

     What. helped also was to repacking all the supplies into zip lock bags.  I measured out the metamucil assumed about 5 serving and put it in a zip lock bag.  I did the same for the Miralax, gloves, alchol swaps (was original 100 in the pack but I only packed 25 in a zip lock bag. etc You will not be using it all while there so just take what you will need plus placing them in zip lock bags frees up precious space.  You could also use space saver bags for you clothes etc -I didn't

Hope this helps.  Also please buy the correct compression stocking AND wear them correctly AND wear them home. It's not only to help the swelling but also prevents blood clots especially if you have to fly to get you new Ass.   I was in recovery alone and I live alone and didn't need anything else - oh i could have used a grabber and maybe a proper chair for sitting BUT I survived without just fine.  If I remember anything else I will share another time and feel free to ask questions.

In a dress

Playing dress up .... love !!!

Curvy Jeans are our Real Friend

Girls look for jeans that has curvy in the name or description. ie curvy slim, curvy boot cut, curvy straight. They will be the closest to your desired fit without having to go custom. Levis curvy line is their 529 jeans. Tried and they fit awesome. They have one line called Curve ID which I haven't tried yet. Most major jean company will have a curvy line. Check them out !!

My torso is about a shade darker than pre-op. Any vet who experience discolored torso after sx can advise if I should wait for it to resolve itself or should I start trying to resolve myself? What did you do to get the normal complexion back? At almost 4mths PO now I am getting concerned.

Oh I forgot
I also had brought 1 bath towel and 3 hand towels and probiotic tables.

more supplies

oh lol and 1 dial antibacterial soap.

**real self mgmt** ... pls work on adding an EDIT feature to you next great system update !!! uuhhhhhggggg!

4 mths


4 mths

4 mths pics

5 mths 37(all the way around my boobs) 26.4 -41.5

5 mths yaaay me !! Measurement consistent which I am happy about.Just a few pics taken today. I am growing to love my results more everyday. It's true what they say..... wait wait wait lol. BUT you ass will still play peek-a-boo on you haha. Not sure if anyone else experienced this but about 5 to 8 weeks post op I started getting these very painful pimples on my lower back right where there was very aggressive lipo. It was painful to the touch. They would come like 1 or 2 at a time and goes away after 3-5 days. later. It was so painful even touching them was painful but that lipo area was still painful anyway. I guess I wasn't drinking enough water idk. They are all gone now but they've left scaring which i'll have to deal with at some point. Good luck to all and feel free to ask question.



Fishing for Hips - 7 mths PO

Nothing has changed , still fishing for hips :-(. Butt looks bigger but measures the same. Will be looking for a more comfortable vest to wear on an ongoing basis. The skin discoloration is improving though much slower than i'd like.

The Hips and Hilario Duran's Review

So by special request here are pictures of my hips that I'd like to improve with fuller laterals. I've included a pic of my newly discovered triangle above my butt haha I didnt use a triangle board bc I didnt care if I had one or not. But there it is all thanks to Hilario! I have a curve at the top of both cheeks -you know during the markup they mark out the top of your cheeks... well Hilario did an awesome job that from some angles I have those curve at the top of my butt and the triangle along my back :-D

Ok... so my final thoughts on my BBL with Hilario.

- I love my butt and back lipo.
-I can now see how much she tried to carve my waist because I have a wide rib cage so all in all she did well there.

-I wish my butt was bigger- its only 1.5 inches bigger after gaining 20 or so for this sx.
- My arm lipo was ok. I have the deep groves I can feel and SEE when my arms are outstretched which I dont like. I DO NOT regret doing them still.

Welp... my stomach lipo. I have lumps but worse I notice a pocket of fat (about the size of 3 quarters) to one side of my navel. I took a picture and when I saw it my 1st thought was 'a seroma??!!' lol but this was almost 5 month po so I knew it couldn't be but it had the seroma fluid pocket look. I felt it and sure enough it was mushy. It wasn't moving around and bingo I found 50cc to help out these hips hahah. (Yup glass half full)
So yes my stomach speaks for itself.

If you already has nice hips DURAN (Hilario -I like to think we are on morevinformal terms LOL though I can't get her to respond to the pics I sent her for my revision) as I was saying Duran is your PS. If you do not have hips and it's important to you - welp... I'm not so sure -she might be able to but she didn't in my case. Do not assume because you see her past patients that you will look the same. Maybe they already have hips and/or butt so she didn't need to add or add very little. Tell her exactly what you want down to the T. Bring pictures that show as close to what you are hoping to achieve as possible AND SHOW THEM TO HER! LOL (yup I forgot to show her mine as stated in prior updates)

I didn't not see anyone concerned with the lipo on their stomach until AFTER I had my sx I see past patient(s) start commenting on it so I didn't know to address any lipo concerns with her. SOOOOO here it is! if she is your PS of choice that's a topic that should be addressed.

In summary, she is great at giving and making a Butt looks nice and big (though I was expecting more than 1.5 inches).
Her lipo is not the greatest. Be clear about what's important.

Hope this helps!!

Ps.. don't mess it up for others by using and sharing others pictures on other websites without their express consent to YOU! (there's some emojies I'd like to insert here!)


Yesterday was the 1st day I didn't have some cardigan, sweater or coat covering my butt. I really do not like attention and find myself dodging down vacant isle at the store because men were following me lol. I know how men are but omg... they are becoming damn fools I tell you. Before I could just put my gangster face on so they wouldn't bother me but I guess when there's an ass they do not care if they get embarrassed they are approaching you anyway and I was dressed beyond basic. Had about 4 employees offering to help load my items at once. and when they all realize how ridiculous they seem they all started laughing at each other but no one wanted to walk away lol smh. I had to get serious point a finger and said you lets go. It was all cute and I had a good chuckle when I got in my vehicle but my goodness. I'm scared now because it's hot and I can't cover up anymore lol


So one on my X saw me in this dress and is now in full stalker mode smh... :-) Too bad I stop recyling bf. haha

RD2 perhaps 1.5 update

I'm so sick of this ???? my 3rds try updating and lost everything eavh time so I just hope this very short like a telegram hahaha hope this one is sucessful
Did a round 2 or 1.5 in Medellin CO 8 mths ago. Didnt have enough fat so wasnt able to accomplish all but like the improved hips (saddlebags). Shelf from Rd1 got reduced. Exchange old 450cc saline implants for 500cc gummy bear. Fixed my lumpy stomach but wish I also got ab etching. Got veneers. Didnt need to file down own teeth. How everyone hopes, goals and wishes are coming through ????

what i meant was...

Just hope this very short one comes through. Its short like a telegram **** ????

see updates above

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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