BBL- Revision- Round 2 - Miami, FL

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Hello ladies I have decided to go back for a...

Hello ladies I have decided to go back for a revision or you can say a 2nd BBL! When I had dr.cortes fix a lump I had I was left a HUGE indention in my ass so I'm upset and not happy at all! I won't even talk anymore about that but what I came here for is what doctor should I go too.. These are my choices:

I need help ladies

Waited long enough- getting de cortes mess fixed FINALLY

Ladies I haven't been on here in a very long time. I had originally scheduled
My revision (fix cortes horrible work) last year then decided to wait because some
Things had come up. But I can't take it
Anymore and how I feel soooo self conscious about my body when I should be proud as happy with it. I don't even like being completely naked in front of my man without hiding my huge indention I was left with. So my new surgery date is in August and I can't wait to show you all this new
Body!! Any ladies have any helpful tips for round 2 which it isn't really round 2 but on my body it will feel that way :)

BBL- Revision- Round 2

I had a bbl done with dr.cortes a few years back (which you can see on my very first review) and he left me messed up! I have indentions on my stomach & a huge indention on my right/butt area. I can't wear anything without it being noticeable :( so I am soooooo ready to get this surgery done and have Salama do his thing on me :) I am counting the days down and can't wait

Recent photos - had a

This is how DR.cortes left me!!! I cannot explain or tell anyone I would never EVER recommend cortes for any Lipo or bbl work! He completely messed me up and I have had ppl look at me not because of my nice shape bc of the huge lump and ugly backside I now have :( it's horrible! I can't even show a back side picture because I literally look like a square now with an indention. So ready to get fixed can't wait

Ab etching.. is it worth the extra couple thousand

Ok so I checked with Nancy today with ab etching because I seen a picture of someone that got it done and it LOOOOOKS GREAT! I wanted to know if anyone else has had it or is it worth the extra couple thousand to have done? I can't wait y'all I am soooo excited August can't come fast enough. I have been waiting for this for a long time!

Indentions that need to be fixed

these indentions on my stomach are horrible and the indention on my hip/butt area is even worse :( ready to get these indentions fixed can't wait to meet Salama and get all fixed up


Pictures didn't load

Old pictures are making me sad

I'm looking through old pictures and I looked great :( I should of never had cortes revise my shit bc now I was left ugly ... I'll be back to this but even better soon... August can't come soon enough

Forgot to load photos!

I am praying I go back to this after salama fixes me back up in August :)

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