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New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have to say that for the last 10 years I was a desperate self conscious young woman due to a botched rhinoplasty. I was 17 yrs old when I got my first rhinoplasty and my case was what we could call ''regular''. I had a fat tip, a bump and a drastic deviated septum. I had my surgery in my hometown, Montreal, with a well-known plastic surgeon. He was not a facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Rizk who only specializes in the neck up procedures. I was young, my parents and myself trusted the doctor, and I was eager to change my appearance. I could not take it anymore, I had to somehow change the shape of my nose. Unfortunately, when the cast was removed from my face I was not thrilled, I was pleased that my nose did look ''better'' (no more bump, and the septum seemed straight), but I inherently knew that it was not the nose I paid for. A year after my first rhinoplasty, I had to go back to my surgeon so he could perform a nostril reduction since a year before he told me that there was a chance my nostrils would not be as small as they should be. Obviously, I accepted my situation because I did not want to be ungrateful to my parents. They really supported me and I decided to give it time before jumping to a negative conclusion. Short story long, I never ever stopped thinking about that botched and poorly executed surgery. My nose was droopy, I had a noticeable asymmetry nostrils wise, my breathing was terrible, and my septum was still deviated resulting in having a fat tip and a very unattractive front view of my nose. Whenever I smiled, my fat tip would collapse and would give me a very harsh masculine look. I know that my big fat skin nose was undermining my looks. It is with great pleasure that I am now writing black on white, 10 years later, that I had a diametrically opposed experience with Dr Rizk, and his wonderful staff. Let me begin with the consultation day. I was expecting a fast forwarded consultation with Dr. Rizk due to his reputation, I even thought for some reason that he would find my case inoperable. I was more than surprised, and thrilled, to see that he took at least 20 minutes to discuss my case and the potential outcome of my revision rhinoplasty. He was warm, polite, and was absolutely sincere when he spoke about what he could do to improve my looks, as well as my breathing. Actually, he was honest from the beginning and told me right away that breathing could not necessarily improve due to my previous rhinoplasty. He did not give me false expectations and I swear, he was absolutely caring, and he saw that I was self conscious, but he did not take advantage of my vulnerability but rather told me that he was going to work and do everything medically and aesthetically speaking to make my nose pretty and fix it internally to improve my breathing. You can tell that Dr. Rizk knows what he is talking about. He exactly pinpoints the issues and gives you the solutions. He was thoroughly explaining the revision rhinoplasty process by addressing both the outcome and the surgical procedure itself. I really feel that I had a connection with Dr. Rizk, I was so pleased during and after my consultation. I had my surgery the following morning. After the surgery, I had no pain at all, I did not take any pain killers, just the prescribed antibiotic and other pills to prevent swelling. My nose was swollen of course, but was decreasing in volume day after day. The work Dr. Rizk has done was extremely meticulous hence the lack of major swelling, pain , and bleeding. I removed my cast today, and believe me everybody in the officie was happy for me including Dr. Rizk who was proud of the outcome! If your doctor has that victory look on his face, it is certainly because he knows that he did a GREAT job! Dr. Rizk went through everything he did during the surgery, and explained the techniques he used to completely reshape my nose. He cleaned my nose and gave me a steroid shot to prevent excess scar tissue. I have a cute little nose although it is still swollen. I just have to be patient now to see the final result. Since it is a revision rhinoplasty, it will take a maximum of a year and a half to be fully recovered. Finally, I have to say that Dr. Rizk's staff is amazing!!! I want to take the time to thank Dila, his office manager, who helped me in this step by step process, Tatiana his head nurse (very resourceful and sweet), Dr. Scolnick the anesthesiologist (funny and nice), and Rose Marie the nurse who was in the operating room with me (sweet and caring), and all the other members of this professional and generous team. My mom was with me the whole time. I could tell she felt safe and trusted Dr. Rizk just like I did. Thank you Dr. Rizk, I will forever be grateful. I value your work, you are a knowledgeable physician and an undeniable gifted artist. So long! Sabrina...

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