Unsuccessful Nose Job - Belfast, GB

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I had a rhinoplasty performed by Mr Derek Gordon...

I had a rhinoplasty performed by Mr Derek Gordon at the Ulster Independent Clinic in Belfast. Unfortunately he took way too much off the bridge of my nose and as a result my nose looked too small for my face and the tip of my nose looked really out of proportion and was now much more pronounced and unsightly. The appearance got worse and worse over time and my nose became more crooked. 5 years later I had a second rhinoplasty with Mr James Small at the Fitzwillian clinic in Belfast as he was recommended by someone to me. This was an open rhinoplasty where he made incisions to my nasal tip - if anyone is considering a rhinoplasty I would avoid an open rhinoplasty at all costs as the scar tissue is a nightmare. Initially I was really pleased with the outcome, my nose still didn't suit my face because of the first operation with Mr Gordon but it was a definite improvement. Months later the tip of my nose was very bulbous, uneven and lumpy due to scarring and scar tissue. The scar was still so noticeable. I was advised my Mr Small to keep massaging the area and to wear makeup, make up didnt conceal it I tried every concealer. Approx 1 year later I had a tip revision procedure. Approx 7-10 days later I had a check up and my nose was infected and very sore and swollen. I really think I should have been discharged on an antibiotic and this would have been avoided. I don't know whether the infection has had an impact on the end result but it looks worse now and the scar tissue is very noticeable and really ugly. I am so self conscious and constantly keep my head down although my nose really wasn't pretty to begin with I would give anything to have my original nose back and avoid all the expense and all the operations it's been such a waste of my time, money and energy and has had a massive effect on my mental health. I have had strangers asking me what happened to my nose, I am out a complete fortune and am still paying the debt off and will be pating it for a long time to come.
Mr Derek Gordon/ Mr James Small

Ulster Independent Clinic and Fitzwilliam Clinic

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