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Hi all I have read some amazing story's and can't...

Hi all I have read some amazing story's and can't wait for my tummy tuck!!
I have posted on here because everyone (I think ) is getting board of me talking about it at home and you guys will hopefully know what I'm going through, I'm
Obsessed with pictures you tube any thing that remotely has to do with tummy tucks!
I have put a date up but that isn't the actual date I'm hoping for October half term which is 26th but just waiting for his dates which I won't get until end of august.
I have been to see the surgeon and he said he will be doing lipo on my flanks and top of my tummy and stitching up my muscles and then the TT he is also going to fix a hernia that he found, so if any one is similar would love to here about your consultation.
I have posted some pics to show u what I'm like but will defo be posting my journey to.
Many thank x

Pics what I thought I had posted!

Got my date!!

Yayyy finally got my date so excited!! It's 19th October and can't wait. Looking forward to being on the flat side! ????
Hope everyone is doing great!
Off on holiday in morning so might not be on for couple of weeks but will try! X

Just realising

Hi all I have been on and looked at people's posts which have been incredible and have commented and replied but only just got the hang of this RS lol and realising that you post on your wall with a title and updates! #braindead

Well still counting the days and can't wait!
Also asked mommypet on recovery time as i have planned to go back to work after 2 weeks I'm a nail tech and she gave me some good answers and advice but does anyone else have any advise please many thanks x

silly question??

Hi All, I have been so wrapped up with my date and counting down the time, i haven't a clue what to take in for my 2 day stay in hospital, any advice other that a pair of pjs! x

Flat side :-)

Hi guys made it to the flat side and feel great and it's only day 1 will post pics when I get sorted but just resting at the moment so will defo keep u posted!!
All I can say is wow fantastic!! ;-) xx

Day 2

Hi all I'm feeling great my surgeon said you don't need to be in pain take the drugs so I am and all is great!
Ive been up and down to the loo it's a little uncomfortable but manageable I'm even contemplating saving for an uplift on me boobs as I have lost all the meat of them and are like spaniel ears lol and I will defiantly have mr masshadi.
Having my drains out tomorrow and going home to rest up for 2 whole weeks I've been sending my daughter pictures if all my meals so she can take note lol she texts back u wish then ok with a kiss bless her.
My hernia which wasn't a hernia turned out to be a sist / abscess mr masshadi cut it all out which I have pics of and he has sent it off for biopsy I do have pics of my tummy open what he showed me on his camera and I took pics of them but don't no if u want to see them lol I have a few pics but nothing exciting as I haven't taken compression garment off yet x
I will post a few that I have x

Day 3 on day 4 lol

Hi all came home yesterday 2hour drive which was fine came home in pjs with pillow over my lap!
Was so scared to see my doggy because he misses me so much when I've gone shopping for a hour lol he went crazy but on the lead but I was scared but all good I think he sensed something is wrong!
Got up yesterday felt sick it was from the oral morphine omg that wasn't nice but had a injection that fixed that then was all good came home with drains in so will have to go to clinic at some point dreading that :-( but other wise doing great!
Suzanne I need you to do my nails lol I'm defo going to get my hubby to get all what I need in and do a couple at a time desperate! Sad I know! Xx but all good guys x

Happy happy

Hi all hope you all recovering good!!
Had a 7hr round trip yesterday to
Have my drains pulled and all
I can is wow Maria (Dr/nurse) done a fantastic job she said we will take it slow so she cleaned up the drain and the only bit that hurt was the stitch in the drain holding it in but when I say hurt it's not like giving birth!
She told me to take a breath and I did then started to blow out she said keep it there and out but I said to her the next one can you tell Me what to do before u do it and she said there both out WHAT OUT yayyyyyy could not believe it was great!! Xx

Blisters!! Yuk

Hi guys was wondering if any of you had allergic reaction to dressing I have and ended up was massive blister yuk I have little blisters all around the dressing but my friend says it look a little like heat rash too I have been to my local Drs today to have my dressing all changed as my nurse from transform wants me to drive to London which is 2hr drive away and have dressing changed when they promised me they would have a nurse at Milton Keynes which is 1/2 hour away but now they haven't!! other than that everything is great xx happy healing xx


Day 11

Well it's day 11 and I feel fantastic
And I went today to get my dressing changed after a lot of palava! My blister is healing nicely and my scare is brilliant (I will post pics) I'm so happy I traveled 5hr round trip thanks to my niece.
My nurse is more than happy with everything it's just a shame I had to get heat rash from the nylon CG so I just have my binder on which is great xx happy healing and good luck Suzanne :-) xx

2wks and 3days!

Hi all just thought I'd do a quick update!!
I'm feeling great couldn't actually feel Any better.
Had my dressings changed yesterday and all is left is a strip of tape over scare now, it's doing fab and the nurse said my BB is a little pink so she dressed it with some manuka honey :-) sweet ;-) also have to do the journey again Monday yawnnn.
I'm off to work in 10 mins so will catch up soon take care happy healing xx

4wks & 4days & very happy

Hi all hope everyone is doing good!!
Very busy and back to work and all back to normal.
I'm very happy with what I'm seeing at the moment so will share with you what I see this morning ;-) xx
Happy healing everyone xx

No day is the same!

Thought I'd put this on coz the difference in a couple of days is crazy x

Love mr mashhadi but hate my tummy it even looks sad ????

Hi everyone haven't been on for a while but have been feeling down for the last month or so!
My tummy - I'm more conscious of my tummy now than before because everyone is expecting it to be flat! It is flattish to be fare but I'm not happy with the sad belly button I'm going to post pics to show u all and I would like your views please iam going back in a month to see surgeon but I no he is gonna say early days but I'm sorry this isn't going to go away it's fat!! I feel gutted and ver down about after paying over 7grand :-(
I have taken a picture of tummy and one of me pulling it up slightly which is what I would like xx
I have had a look at mini tummy tucks and a lady has gone in and had a TT and it looks like mine now!

Can I ask all Tummy Tuckers

Can I ask all Tummy Tuckers are your bellys tight / taught / firm?!
Or do u have wobbly tummys??

Done it... a video

Should it be like this??

Explicit - Click to view


Up date on seeing surgeon

Hi ladies,
Well as you al know I been feeling pretty crap the last month or so about my wobbly tummy, today was the day to see my surgeon and although he was stuck in traffic I was not leaving that clinic untill he arrived I even said I will wait till 11pm if I have to, so 2hrs and 15 mins later he arrives I go in we have a chat I show him...
Bingo YES he will do revision yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy as pig in shit! :-)
So have to wait for authorisation which can take 2 wks then soon as that is here they will call me with a date :-) feeling of top of the world and thankyou all so much for the support ladies you are all great xxxxxxxxxx

Revision date

Have a revision date 28th April and counting down the days x

28th April Revision Done

Hi girls sorry I haven't posted sooner I have been lazy!
I had the revision done all is good other than for some reason I get heat rash from this binder I slept last night without it on I'm resting up but have decided if this is not right I don't care I'm not doing it again ! I feel a bit sicki today and have a headache don't know if it's from antibiotics or if that's just how I feel :-( x
I'm having my dressings changed tomoz so hopefully will up date u with some pics he did say the scare was slightly higher to get rid of the lump that was there but we will see quite excited.
Take care all xxxxxx

Forgot to take a pic!

Hi, all is well but I forgot to take a pic I'm going again Tuesday so will get one then x

Revision pics

Hi guys sorry it's taken so long been busy doing nothing if u get what I mean! Lol
Right I had my revision on 28th April all went well it was kinda like child birth, you forget what you go through lol
Mr mashhadi said the scar was higher but he had to because we needed to get rid of the old scar tissue and it would of popped up else where, so I'm posting pics and my first TT was amazing but obviously the lump was there and this time not as pretty but it's how I want to look in clothes that matters and it still sits in my bikini bottoms so thats good!
Hope your all well xxxx

28th May 1 month later

Happy happy happy
Revision results are great and can wear what I want now :-)
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