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Hello I am 29 'today', 5ft4 and weigh 112. I have...

Hello I am 29 'today', 5ft4 and weigh 112. I have had 3 children and breast fed them all for a least 6months each. I have been left with wrinkly skin around my belly button, split abdominal muscles and empty C cup boobies. I eat healthy, stay slim ish, exercise and I don't smoke or drink. But no matter what I do my problem areas didn't improve. So my amazing husband offered for me to have them fixed, after all it wasn't him that ruined his body giving birth to 3 children :-). I found a great local plastic Sergeant Dr Guy Sterne, who was local to me. He was amazing. 

I had been to several well known uk clinics before,one telling me I need lipo, I'm UK SIZE 8! Dr guy didn't even mention lipo and said that I certainly didn't a breast lift, that implants would give the result I wanted. He made me feel so relaxed. I hate my husband seeing me naked yet I felt at ease when stripping off in front of Dr Guy. I have gone for 375cc round implants and having them above the muscle. That will hopeful give me the full perky look I am after. I am having a full tummy tuck, with abdominal repair and have opted to have the scar very low. This means I might have to have a slight vertical scar too, but that really doesn't bother me, a line across you think tummy tuck a vertical visible line, I personally wouldn't think that. 

My Operation is in less than two weeks, on the 17th of may and I'm bricking it. My biggest worry is not the pain but the scar popping open, if that happens I think I might freak out a bit. I am not having drains as my doctor uses the glue down method, which I'm very happy about. This means I will only be in hospital over night ( if all goes well). I am extremely nervous about coming out of it looking worse and I am trying to do everything I can to make sure I'm healthy and fit for surgery. If anyone has any advice about preparing for surgery, how to sleep after, anything I might need in aid of recovery..... Any to help, I would appreciate it. Many thanks Racheal

Thank you Jeannie, I have brought a few extra...

Thank you Jeannie, I have brought a few extra pillows. Not being able to sleep flat must be a pain! 10 days now to my TT and Augmentation. I hope your feeling well butterfly. Are you walking around the house now. My youngest is 2 and she is very much a mummy's girl, are you up to playing with your daughter yet? I have my pre op checks on the 10th. I'm so excited now. My husband is the one worrying :-). The best part of my recovery is seeing my husband do all the work. We both have full time jobs and he does do things around the house, but a 10th of what I do. 'I hope the kids don't eat pizza every night'. My oldest daughter is 12 and is an amazing cook, so I might just pay her to be the house chef for a few weeks. Still stressing about what could go wrong but I think that natural, isn't it?

Hi, just added some 9days before TT pics. Sorry...

Hi, just added some 9days before TT pics. Sorry about the belt marks but had a dress on :-). I will start with the belly.
Belly... As you can see my belly is flattish and I don't really have any over hanging skin or any visible stretch marks. What I do have is wrinkling around the belly button and rolls when I sit. To fix this I'm having a full tummy tuck as wrinkles above belly button. The belly button will be cut for this. I have opted for a very low scar so I can wear a bikini this means I will have a slight vertical scar as well as the horizontal scar. This is due to a high belly button and the potential lack of excess skin. My abdominals will also be stitched together as I have a 3cm split.
Boobs.... I am a 32c, although in the picture the bra is 32D. I will be having 375cc round implants placed above the muscle to fill my breasts and give them a perky youthful look. My breasts have a slight gap and they go towards my sides. Dr Guy will be giving me a smaller cleavage and brining my boobs forwards.

What I asked to achieve from Dr Guy.... I asked to have full perky breast that I could wear backless tops without having to wear a bra. To wear a bikini with confidence and to not look like I've had a bunch of kids...

8 days today and I woke up with the flu. Any one...

8 days today and I woke up with the flu. Any one know how to get rid of a flu fast. My throat hurts really bad too, the last thing I want is to have coughing fits after the TT.:-(

Had my pre op exam today, all it was was a cotton...

Had my pre op exam today, all it was was a cotton bud up my nose and to the sides of my groin. I was expecting lots of paper work and blood tests, but nothing like that. The nurse was so nice, like real nice! I am use to people saying, why you putting yourself down, it's only to get compliments or your so up yourself. When I look at my self I don't see how they can say that, I hate the way I look. I hate seeing myself naked let alone my husband seeing me. I feel like a young person trapped in a grannies body. But this nurse was so understanding and caring and genuinely seemed excited for me... I had my first child when I was 16 and from then on I hated the way I looked, just for one part of my adult life I want to like myself....

4 more days till my TT yay!. Not feeling to...

4 more days till my TT yay!. Not feeling to nervous, of course the things that can go wrong jump in my head from time to time. My last day of work today. I'm so excited!

No more work now till theTT. Im trying to get...

No more work now till theTT. Im trying to get everything ready for when I get back from hospital. My sister is staying whilst I'm in hospital and a few days after to help my husband with the house and kids. I'm feeling a bit stressed today, worrying that everything is not sorted or I've forgotten to do something. I'm excited about seeing the new me but I'm putting a lot of extra work and stress on my family. I feel a bit guilty as I know they have to pick up my slack and look after me. I'm eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, juices and high fibre foods. Just trying to give my body the best chance it has to heal. 2 more days to TT.

2days post op

Had my surgery 2 days ago, reacted to something that caused me to be sick all night. Next day I had to keep having a catheter as I couldn't wee on my own. Dr guy let me have a look today and talked to me about surgery. He said he managed to stitch me without a vertical scar but as a result, I'm a bit tight. Pain is ok today with meds and so far no drain! He gave me more than what I expected and so far love the results. Journey home has tired me out and the constant wee trips. I will put pics up when I'm feeling a bit more well in myself... So far very happy

Post op day 3

Thank you for all the nice messages xxx
I will be putting pic up later after my shower.
I feel a bit more myself today, not so emotional. Although you expect the pain and your body to look like a train wreck for a while, you don't quite expect all the emotional stuff. For the first two days I felt stressed, tired, panicky and guilty. My sister has been here to help and has been threw a similar experience, so it was nice having her helping and understanding. My husband likes to joke ( a lot ) but has been a massive help. My 12 yr old daughter is the best, water and tea whenever I want it. Knowing what meds I need to lake and when. Rubbing my legs to help with circulation.
The first day I found it hard to look at my cuts, I panicked when I saw them, I'm checking them and liking the progress even after a few days. The most pain I'm getting is from the swelling rather than the cuts and a bit of back ache. Happy with my progress so far, just want to be a bit more mobile. :-)

Feeling good ( touch wood )...

Feeling well today, got a very annoying tickling throat and lungs still feel a bit heavy but feel well in myself. Not taking as many pain meds and even sat outside for 5mins. Also had my first BM today. I was so scared about this as after I had my Gual bladder out I had a horrible time pooing. But this time I took a stool softener ever night and drunk LOTS! of water. I worried a bit about pushing so sat there with my new book and it wasn't traumatic at all. Didn't go loads but really not eating too much at the moment. My cut is looking good drops of blood appears but like a drop or so. My back hurts when I stand for longer than 5 minutes but I think that's my body saying " rest Racheal rest". I hate how my belles feels between BB and cut but other than that very happy. My boobies are less swollen, getting sharp pains ( due to nerve damage healing from op). They are looking great still swollen with a gap and a bit fake but they all look like that at this stage. My breast when the swelling goes down and they drop will droop more natural and the cleavage will come together more.
Is surprising how a few days makes things seem so different. For 3 days after my op I was scared and upset thinking what have I done to myself. Now I'm happy ( still a bit scared ) as things can still go wrong but excited and optimistic and very greatful to Dr Guy Sterne and all the staff for doing an amazing job...

My po pics, sorry for taking so long :-)

6 days po

Feeling good today, only taking few meds when needed. I have a bit of swelling between my BB and cut called my nurse who spoke to Dr Guy who said might be a bit of a seroma and to come in Friday to have it checked out. Not causing any problems tho.
Still can't stand upright but I knew it would take me about 10days because Dr Guy didn't want me to have to have a vertical scar. I'm so grateful for that and I'm feeling less tight every day. Was looking at my pics I took today and my legs look so skinny and I have a waist.
My boobs are looking so full and perky and when I am on my back they stay on my chest! They still look a bit fake but when they drop I'm going to have an amazing pair of boobs.

1wk post op

Well it been a week and so far so good. I have a check up with the nurse at 11am today to check my cuts and check to see if I have a seroma or swelling. Appart from the fist day of recovery I think I've had an easyish recovery. At most due to my lovely Dr guy for doing a great job. I wouldn't say that my recovery is completely easy or fast but I can see progress on a daily rate and at most feeling well in myself.
My kids made me laugh this morning. To be honest I haven't worn make up or done my hair since the op. my hair has been lucky to see a brush lol. This morning I went upstairs and straitened my hair and plucked my over growing eyebrows. The kids stood by the door giggling shouting down to their dad that I must be feeling better as its bothering me that I've started looking like a bush. " love my kids ".
Only thing bothering me at the moment is the fact I might have a seroma. I hope not but if I do, then I do.
I hope all my TT girlies are doing well, love you all and have a great day xxx

1 wk check up

Went to my check up. My hospital is so good. I've never waited more than 5mins and get offered a drink. The are all so kind and it is very much a patient first type of place.
I had two nurses, who checked my breasts and said the cuts look great ( I think so too). They told me to not raise my arms and to keep wearing my sports bras. They then checked my TT cut. They first checked the swelling to see if I had a seroma. The nurse said that she didn't think that I did and any fluid that might be there should go on its own. She just told me to keep an eye on it and if it becomes very swollen or sore then to call her. She said that that amount of swelling is normal " relief ". The glue is coming up at the edges and my support knickers keep catching on the glue, so they put tape on the cuts and gave me spare. I am so glad I went with the winfeild hospital, it has a very good reputation and and can see why. I highly recommend it. 1week check up and everything is looking good.
Hope everyone else is healing well :-)

Po day 8

Woke up feeling very bloated with tummy pains, automatically think TT. NOPE! Mother Nature giving me a call. I am almost a week early. I can usually time mine to the day. Put some new pics up of my boobs. Love the shape and the fact they are already dropping a bit. My nipple have always been close to my pits, only my husband is going to see that so it really doesn't bother me. They still don't seem like mine, I'm so use to two deflated flaps of skin and now I have these great boobs. I just hope nothing goes wrong with the healing :-/
Apart from period pains I'm not really feeling any pain from tummy tuck. I just have slight swelling and tightness. Still not overdoing it at the mo, just enjoying the rest :-).
I hope everyone is enjoying a sunny day :-)

Sunny day

Had a roast dinner today. Although it was only a child's size with mostly veg I swelled up. I also sat outside for a few hours reading my book and enjoying the sun. Maybe the both combined brought on the swelling?
Going down now after resting on the sofa. The swelling doesn't hurt it just feels tight and tingly. Sitting outside today I felt totally normal, I was wearing my size 10 shorts ( normally size 8 uk) and felt totally comftable and happy. my 2yr old was running in and out of her play house my husband was sitting next to me reading and the oldest 3 children are away with their grandparents. I love my garden, it's surrounded by blossom bushes and beautiful trees. Being able to just sit outside as helped me so much when I'm feeling a little down.

Standing upright

Woke up this morning completely flat, stood up and was completely straight. It felt like I was never going to do it. My tummy still feels very tight but I'm so glad I can walk without being hunched, it really put me off going out. My overal swelling on my tummy is really starting to go down now although if I still eat the wrong thing or walk to much I still get the 'swell hell'. Been a bit ill the past week as I got a cold and the other day had problems breathing. My doctor told me that the cold had got in to my lungs and would clear on its own. I've never had that happen before, was a bit scary but I suppose with the two ops my body was a bit run down. My breasts are starting to really soften up now and Im really starting to see the new me, I'm very happy!

Post op day 13

Just thought I'd add a few pics I took today.

2wks today!

Had a check up with my PS today, I have to say he is amazing. Any concerns I had were soon put to rest. I had some concerns about my right breast as I had a dimple, felt the implant move when i did and looked a bit weird. He told me that I still had a bit of fluid and swelling and the fluid would go down on its own letting the implant settle. Once it settles the tissue will fix to the implant and the movement will stop. It feels so weird when the implant moves :-/. I also asked about the stretch marks wrinkling by my BB, he told me that they were still raised and that they would go down and that everything should look even better. I'm more than happy with that, I'm a fan of the old fake tan. I even have my own professional compresser, not for that purpose ( I'm an artist), but it does the job, so I can cover them up easy enough.
I think I must be progressing quite well as I walked in all happy and joking and he said so this is your 6 wk check up, I said no 2wk. He laughed and said I shouldn't be so healthy and happy two weeks after major surgery. I think that's down to a great PS, husband and kids. :-) hope everyone is healing well xxx


After my BA I had to wear a 34E because of initial swelling. But it became loose and I think because of the loss of compression my right breast swelled. From yesterday evening I started to wear my 32DD sports bra and the swelling has gone down a bit. Maybe because my breast were less than perky before they need the extra support whilst healing. I'm trying to find summer tops that hide the sports bra, they are so big with fat straps and show with most if my tops (frustrating). Also these support knicker give me a double butt and are making me self conscious that someone will notice. I'm a thong girl! I like dainty underwear...
I still have 4WKS of these undies and its anoying. I'm a very arty person and I express myself with my clothes. I feel so restricted.

Doing well

Ok well my sterile strip starting coming away so I had to peel it off to put fresh on. I think because I'm still numb it wasn't too bad. My cut is now flat and all the puckering has gone and I even have a few mm where the scab has gone :-). Also my bb scab is starting to come away. I have no tape on it but I keep thinking to when my babies umbilical cord fell off in there nappy and think it will just do that in my binder. I'm feeling more myself and noticing that my energy levels are getting a lot better. My breasts seem to be improving I seem to of noticed the implant moving less today ( or I'm getting use to it). I'm doing more now and the swelling seems to not be too bad. Some women say they get massive amounts, mine is a smallish amount above the cut. Maybe it's that I'm not overdoing it. Hope everyone is ok :-)

Swelling seems a bit better

Swelling seems a bit better this morning. My lower belly doesn't seem to stick out as much. Saying this my trousers that were to big for me pre op still don't fit so I still have a lot of swelling. Also I haven't done any exercise in 3wks and although I've been eating very healthy I haven't bee controlling my calories as tight as I usually do. My breasts have dropped now, fully on the left but right still has a bit of swelling. Also the few stretch marks I have between my cut and BB seem to be settling. The part closer to my BB is now flatter and doesn't seem to wrinkle as much. All you girlies out there that see these faults and fret, even tho your PS says they will improve in time, trust them cause in my case it seems to be true. Xxx


I'm having a horrible day, the swelling this morning is back I can still feel my right implant move and its getting me down. I miss cuddling up on the sofa with my kids and baby and I miss being intimate with my husband. I feel like I'm missing out on everything! I feel like I'm getting fat cause I'm not exercising and I've had some issues with eating in the past and finding it hard to motivate myself to eat. I'm sure I will be fine when the swelling goes down, it's just upsetting me at the moment. My husband is being amazing and paid for all this, how can I tell him I'm feeling a bit down after he's been so amazing. My sister has her own problems and my parents are dead I feel like I am alone in this.

Feeling great!

We all went out yesterday and it was exactly what I needed. My husband brought me this little summer dress with short sleeves and a new more attractive bra like sports bra and surprised me with it at the bottom of my bed. It feels like I'm wearing a very supportive non wired bra, it's great! Also I can start to see my tummy muscles a bit yay, the swelling must be going down...

4wks po today

Wow I can believe how fast it's gone.
I'm feeling much better in myself now, swelling still a big issue. The swelling isn't as bad but I still get it a lot. My scab is starting to come away at my BB and cut, think its taking a while due to the amount of glue. I had to be re glue po1 as two parts were bleeding.
My puckering has just about gone and my few stretch marks have settled a lot! I just came back from town to do a bit of shopping and I feel great but swollen. I'm still not exercising so feel very flabby at the moment and can't waite to hit the gym. I still feel very tender and lifting is still a big no no. I can see massive improvements and as the swelling and healing continues to get better the appearance get even better.
My breasts are dropping great, I can still easily pass the pencil test lol. They are lovely and soft and feel like young firm boobs. I still feel the right move a bit, but the skin is very thin there. I opted for over muscles tho to give a natural movement to them. It is getting better so fingers crossed I will stop feeling it. My favourite thing about my MM is my belly bottom although it is stil scabby it's the perfect shape, size and place. I love it!

More swelling pics wk4

Great buy!

Picked up compression support waist strap from poundland uk for £1. To put over my support knickers when swelling gets bad. It fells so comfy and gives great additional support. Can't believe something this good is only £1. Wish I'd found it sooner its a must have!

My new BB

Wk 5

I'm now 5 wks post op and I'm feeling amazing. In my recovery I'm going with the if it causes pain, don't do it. I'm now able to pick up my 2yr old but still not carrying her around as I want to hive myself the full 6wks. I have almost no scabbing now and the scar is thin and looks great. I still get swelling a small amount but its always there, more so at night. I don't however get that intense swelling anymore "thank god". It felt like I was going to pop open sometimes. I've put on about 5lb but I expected too as I went from very active to nothing but next week when I should be able to hit the gym I'm sure I will loose it. My breast still pass the pencil test and the left scar took me a sec to find as it was so well hidden in the crease line. The right breast scar is red and slightly thicker, but that has been my problem breast. They are both dropped and feel and look like natural breasts. I can still feel the right implant sometimes when I move and I can feel it on the inside right of my breast. It does bother me as I don't want to feel them there. But they look amazing and I love them so if after 6months and I could still feel what I feel I think I would just carry on putting up with it. I am now planning to go away in August to Spain for a beach holiday, I've always hated beach holidays and now I'm excited. I think I have enough time to slim and tone. Although this procedure causes a few weeks of pain and mental exhaustion it is so worth it. I feel like I have my youth back. I'm so happy!

A few changes

I am now 5 1/2 weeks and doing ok. All my scabbing and glue is gone and I can finally see what my scar is going to look like. I'm very happy, I can't believe how different it looks from post op day 1. Both breast scabs have gone and the right scar is looking more like the left now. I still feel the right move and to be honest I'm finding it very anoying. I can feel pressure a the bottom of my breast too, very worried about that. I'm still wearing my sports bra 24/7 and wearing an extra compression to help with the moving. My belly still gets swollen but it is starting to look flatter in the morning. I think although I have a few issues with my breast I am lucky as I do love the look of my MM and its only going to get better. If any one else has had similar breast issues I would like some reassurance :-)

6wks post op

Had my 6wk check up with Dr Guy yesterday. He checked my right breast. The reason I can still feel it move sometimes is.... When it was healing fluid built up around the the scar tissue never had chance to fix to the implant. Chances are I'm always going to feel it. I was more concerned that it was signs of bottoming out, Dr Guy reassured me that it wasn't. In fact I can now wear normal bras "yay". And the implant moving at times is fine with me now that I know it's nothing to worry about. Also, no compression garments, I couldn't be more happy. I went down town yesterday with a bra and no compression nickers on. Although it felt a bit weird, it also felt great. My sister and I did loads of clothes chopping. I even brought a few skimpy tops and some sexy undies. I've also been told I can work out now :-). I'm using my gym equipment at home for the first week to take it easy then after a week off to the gym. Also I've been told I can bath and go swimming, I've missed taking the kids swimming as we usually go every week. I'm just so happy with my results, I never dreamed I could feel this good about myself.
I came into this with realistic expectations hoping for my body to look better but not expecting it to look perfect. I was wrong as my belly and boobs are perfect, I can't stress how good I feel about myself. It all down to my amazing PS who cared enough to give me more than what I wanted.

6wk scar

Skimpy top :-)

Just wanted to say that today I went out in a skimpy top :-). I haven't worn one since I was 16. I'm always trying to cover my belly, but not any more. I felt very awkward as I still keep thinking my belly is ugly. I still go to cover my belly when I get naked infront of my husband. I think it's just a reflex now. But although I thought everyone was looking at me and I kept thinking " what if someone realises I've had a TT", I went out in that skimpy top. I'm probably not going to flash my belly every day, but to just be able to now is amazing and I'm so happy.
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

B4 op....I am very confident in doctor Guy. On meeting him I felt instantly relaxed. He actually talked me out of having a breast lift and explained in detail what would give me the results I was after. On first meet he comes across as a genuine and competent Dr. I look forward to seeing his results.... Post op D2...Great doctor, strives for the best results possible. All the nurses, doctors ect treated me amazingly. He always makes me feel at ease and answers all questions. His results are better than expected and his no drain method is great. He is a very kind, competent, understanding doctor who along with him team reaches the top in care and results. Post op wk6... An amazing transformation, any questions answered quickly. He or a member of staff always there when I needed them. Great receptionist. Fantastic results, fast healing, very thin scar and all down to a PS that is brilliant at what he does. Cannot recommend him more highly or his staff. My results are amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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