Vaser Lipo on Upper, Lower Abs & Sides/Flanks - South Yorkshire, UK

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Hi, I am new to this forum, but I read lots of...

Hi, I am new to this forum, but I read lots of reviews before going ahead with my procedure and it helped me to make my decision so I hope my review helps someone else. I am 41 slim 126lbs size 10 uk, 5ft 2.5, go to the gym, eat healthily and am of good health. After two children I had loose skin on my upper abs and an overhang on my lower abs which I hated and really struggled to get rid of. I decided to have vaser lipo on my upper and lower abs.


I had the surgery at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 16th July, the procedure took around an hour and a half and I have to say I didn't feel any pain, maybe odd twinges (on a scale of 1 to 10 maybe a 3.5) but nothing unbearable at all. My surgeon commented that I must have a high pain thresh hold, not sure?? But if definitely was not painful at all. After the surgery I was put straight into my compression garment and probably the worst bit is the leaking. It was running down my legs! I went home at around 7:30 pm and just lay down watching tv. I had been taking arnica 30 for 5 days and some prescribed antibiotics since the day before but on a whole I felt fine. I slept ok a bit restless - mainly due to the garment being wet with blood and other fluid leaking from the incisions. The next day I got up felt fine, just a bit stiff, after some breakfast and getting kids off to school I decided to take the garment off (really needed to wash it) and have a shower. It is a bit scary taking it off as you don't know what to expect, but it needed to come off. I did feel a bit light headed when I took it of and I needed to go and sit down for 10 mins. I got in the shower and gave the area some massage (as advised by the surgeon) to encourage more draining of fluid. I took some after pics and I could see a huge difference. My sides don't bulge and my to march is much flatter. I hardly leaked the next day and again I felt well.


I went back to work on Thursday and just took it easy, I didn't take any pain killers as I didn't need them. I bought another garment as its not practical to only have one. I noticed that the bruising started to come out about 3-4 days post surgery, but it was just bruising. I think on a whole you have to be patient with this procedure as some days I felt that it started to look worse, it changes every day. I have had some lumpiness and every other day I have massaged the area which seems to be beneficial. I started a course of endermologie as recommended by the surgeon, which is actually more painful than the surgery ! But I am determined to do whatever it takes to get the best results.

7 weeks PO

I am now 7weeks post op and only wearing my garment at night (hooray), I have been on holiday so didn't wear my garment 24/7, I actually found that it started to look better without it so really only wore it at night last week as well.

I still have a bit of maybe swelling on one side but it is very slight I am due to see my consultant mid September so will discuss this with him, but on a whole I am really happy with the results and can see that every week that passes it looks better :))).
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