Been Searching for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon for over 6 Years. Need Advice on a Surgeon.Please Help!!! Getting Married - UK

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Hi Real selfers. So I have been on this website...

Hi Real selfers.
So I have been on this website for over a year now. But have never posted anything as I have been researching for surgeons, and have kinda been a bit scared. My search for an 'ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon' has been going on for over 10 years now. 6 years ago I went to the US and had consultations with two surgeons who said that that they specialised in ethnic rhinoplasty in chevy chase. I was not sure about my expectations, so went to these consultations and was quite clueless. The computer morphs that they produced were not very flattering. So i just left it and returned to the UK. 6 years later and a child later. I am still thinking about getting a rhinoplasty done. To be honest it has even become a bit a bit of an obsession. I research and look at reviews constantly, in the hope of finding the perfect surgeon. I think now is finally the time for me to take the leap and just get this done already. I am not happy with my nose, an I feel that it affects me as a person, especially my confidence. So instead of stalling and just thinking about it. I think I should just finally get it done. Also I am getting married in 2017 and I feel that there is no way that I can get married and have pictures for the rest of my life with this nose.
I sent an email to DR Boahene in the US. And he was very quick in responding and said that he could give me good results, should I go with him, as he specialises in ethnic rhinoplasty. My problem areas are my bulbous tip, and my alar bases. Also my nose spreads when I smile.
From researching on this site and other sites like 'make me heal' it seems that surgeons in the US are more specialised to perform ethnic rhinoplasty. The problem that I am now experiencing is that I would not realistically be able to go to the US as I have a child and work commitments, etc.
I am now desperately searching for a surgeon in Europe. The only surgeons that I have seen ok reviews on that have done ethnic rhioplasty is Dr Lucian Ion and Dr Oelbrandt.
If anyone has any ideas, or advice on surgeons that have performed their surgeries I would be very grateful. I would like a surgeon who has experience in performing rhinoplasty on ethnic patients, or patients with thick skin.

Many thanks
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