Disappointing cosmetic outcome and equally dissapointing treatment from surgeon

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Here are the photos of my results after primary...

Here are the photos of my results after primary rhinoplasty. I have previously posted these on another account but deleted that as i want to keep my doctors name annonymous. I have been left with an open roof deformity, inverted v deformity, the sides of my nasal bones protruding out forming humps, a knot in my scar, a deviated septum and a crooked tip (that is not visible on the photos as these photos were taken 4 months ago when it was still very swollen. The tip and the deviation are only recently becoming apparent so when i am feeling brave i will take more photos of it and post them, at the moment though i am to upset to do so). If anyone has any info about any revision specialists in the Uk then please let me know. I am absolutely devastated by the result and i need it fixing with someone who i can trust because i can't go on living like this!

Nostril retraction on top of all my other cosmetic problems.. and an infection!

I have seen numerous revision surgeons for second opinions and consultations about fillers and possible revision surgery, and all of them have commented on what a mess my nose is. Not only do i have an open roof deformity, humps, a wonky front profit, a bumpy side profile, a middle valve collapse, a deviated septum and a knot in my columella, but all these surgeons have noticed that my nostrils are retracting and that the tip seems to be twisting. My surgeon messed me up good and proper! I have been told the tip, nostril retraction and collapse will most likely get worse, and the open roof may start to get dented (where there are gaps between the bones, i can already see this happening). I am so depressed. I have also had inflammation and soreness by the columella for a few months, and i did book an appointment to see my surgeon about this as i was worried. However, when he saw i had posted pictures of my nose on this website, along with a short paragraph explaining how unhappy i was and how disappointed i was with how he was dealing with it, HE CANCELLED MY APPOINTMENT AND REFUSED TO LET ME BACK THROUGH THE DOOR! The inflammation eased off slightly so i tried not to worry, but it turns out it was an infection and because he refused to see me, its been left for a while. Luckily it doesn't seem to have done any lasting damage and will hopefully clear up with treatment. It would have helped if he had been professional and seen me when i noticed the problem and not been petty over some unattractive pictures of my nose on a review site (which he actually told me to post, back then he thought the results were good!), but i'm not surprised he acted like that after how he treated me during aftercare. He was so nice before surgery i can't believe he did a complete 360 on me once i started noticing problems.
Anyway, any tips for protecting your nose from future infections would be great. And any positive stories about revision or HA fillers would lift my spirits a bit.

Signed, severely depressed peacock


It appears that acceptance comes at about 6-10months post op after a bad rhinoplasty. I am 9 nearly 10 months now, and am 4 months away from being able to get this fixed (yippee!). Over the past few months i have started to accept what has happened and embrace myself flaws and all.. even if some of those flaws did come from a horrendous time in my life. I have been through a horrible ordeal, the man i trusted to do my 'life changing' operation failed his duty of care, and left me deformed and thousands of pounds short. I will have spent £15,000 on my nose by the time this is fixed (as long as my second op is my last), and although that seems like a lot, i will spend whatever it takes to set it right. I am lucky that i can even afford to have it fixed. Although i did not get my money back from my botched operation, although i have been left emotionally scarred, physically messed up and unable to completely trust any medical professional ever again.. i survived. And it will be fixed soon enough.
It is extremely unfair that my surgeon sent me threats too keep me from reviewing on this site or mentioning his name (considering he actually told me to use it in the first place, its a bit rich..) and i also find it unfair that i did not get my money back (the man scared me so much i didn't even ask, but i guarantee he wouldn't). I find it unfair that i don't get to have my bad review displayed in amongst all the 'good' reviews (the bad reviews tend to disappear like mine or they stay behind the scenes, this is also unfair). I find it unfair that he left me like this. I find it unfair that he ignored my infection by cancelling my appointment and i find it unfair that he accused all the other surgeons of lying about my issues and called me names at my follow ups. But slowly i am learning to accept that he, in my opinion, is not a very nice man, and that considering none of the 'botches' seem to get their say on here, how was i too know? It wasn't my fault, none of this was my fault. I fell into the trap. I was unlucky enough to meet him on my journey through life. And i will get fixed, get over it and heal eventually. I am beautiful no matter what he did to my face. I am more than just my nose!

If anyone is going through anything similar, please contact me and i will listen and try and help you out as best i can. If you are in the UK, there is a man called Norman Wright based in nottigham (and possibly harley street london although I'm not 100% on this) who runs a PAPPS initative designed for patients going through or coming out of cosmetic surgery. I strongly urge you to contact him and have him help you on your journey if you are struggling.

Infection is back.. wishing my surgeon had seen me when it first started as now i'm in a real tricky situation..

My infection is back AGAIN. Doctors are being funny about prescribing me more than a week worth of antibiotics, despite it not getting rid of it completely, so it always comes back with vengeance. I want this nightmare to end. I am in so much pain and worried it will make revision much more complicated and even possibly eat away at cartilage meaning i have to have more harvested from other places. I am so depressed. I would love to name and shame my doctor as he has great reviews on here (thanks to chasing people like me off) but i am too scared because of legal threats he made. I am hoping my doctor will prescribe more antibiotics on tuesday but its like trying to squeeze blood out of a rock. I am going to ask these other surgeons (Lucian Ion and Julian De Silva) as i fear it could be cartilage or a retained suture irritating the area causing infection. Not sure if its related or whether my surgeon just removed too much cartilage from the infected side, but i'm pretty certain i have a small degree of nostril collapse on the infected side. Only became apparent in the last month along with the infection. I will keep you all updated.

He gets one star for turning up.

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