Looking for Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the Uk to Fix Inverted V and Protruding Bones - United Kingdom, GB

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I am looking for a surgeon in the UK who...

I am looking for a surgeon in the UK who specalises in revision rhinoplasy after a disasterous primary rhinoplasty carried out about 6 months ago ( i was left with two humps, flat roof, bone edges protruding, inverted v deformity). I am planning on getting it done at the end of this year, and i am considering Lucian ion as a possibility among others. I have been told by local rhinoplasty surgeons that i will need rasping and spreader grafts done under open surgery so they can be stitched in. I don't think any bones will need breaking and the tip does not need to be changed (yet). Does anyone know any good rhinoplasty surgeons in the Uk? I am willing to travel as far as i have to and spend as much money as i have too to get this fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

On the Hunt for Revision Surgeons!

I am on the search for surgeons to do my revision very soon! I would really appreciate anyone whos gone through a revision to message me or reccomend me anyone you think would be able to fix my problems (or anyone who you think i should stay away from!) These are the things i need fixing in my revision:1) open roof. My nasal bones are incredibly wide and i can feel huge gaps between them. Thesurgeons i have seen are quite shocked at just how wide they are for an otherwise very small tip and face!! These will require breakages again and some sort of fascia or graft over the top to disguise the transition from bone to cartilage. 2) inverted v deformity (worse on one side) and the collapsing on inspiration. It looks very pinched below the nasal bones (not helped by the fact that they are very wide and open!) and i get collapsing on breathing in (worse on the side that the inverted v is worse on) but this does happen ever so slightly on the other side too. The other surgeons i've seen have said i have had too much cartilage taken away in this area and on one side near the tip. 3) columella scar, this has a twist in it as it wasn't sewn correctly. 4) deviated septum although this may not be needed as i can breath and its not visible. I will not be having this unless it is extremely necessary for my breathing.I have seem rajan uppal and sultan hassan, and will be seeing lucian ion this week. I am a bit concerned because so far both mr uppal and sultan hassan have given me completely different methods of fixing my nose. I know every surgeon is different on the methods they use, but mr hassan wants to add lots of grafts whereas mr uppal wants to add none. I am certain that i need grafts because of the collapsing i get when breathing and the v like shadow, so i am a but confused as to what mr uppal wants to do. I really liked him as a person so will be booking another consultation with both to discuss this further and hopefully clear up what they meant! I beleive that because of the ever so slightly deviated septum, pushing the bone completely together could make it look ever so slightly angled to one side unless there is a graft in it to push out the one side thats collapsed in in the middle too much. I can see where too much of the tip was taken in (this was unnoticeable until a few weeks ago!) so i assume this will get worse without grafts. Lucian ion doesn't seem to have many reviews (most seem to be reviews of consultations which is frustrating!) but i'm guessing its because he's not active on this site like alot of the others. Anyone had experience with him? Is he skilled at revision? If anyone knows of any surgeons other than these three that are experts at revision, or you'v had experience with any of these, please comment or message me! I am so desperate. My life is on hold until i get this mess fixed. If anyone wants any info on these surgeons and what i think they were like, message me and i'm happy to help! Likewise if you just need someone to talk to, i'm here to help :)

Seeing lucian ion and sultan hassan again and julian de silva in september

I am booked in for a second consultation with lucian ion in september, and i am also seeing julian de silva that month too as he has lots of good reviews on here. I am seriously considering mr ion though, but i need a more thourough consultation to be sure! Will update when i see them both and let you know my thoughts.
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