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I'm 22 and Mum to 3 kiddies, 2 boys age 7 & 1 and...

I'm 22 and Mum to 3 kiddies, 2 boys age 7 & 1 and a girl age 3, recently married and feeling complete with my family, I have always considered surgery, most recently was a BA but was told that I'd need a BL as well, this was before my last baby, I decided to wait as I knew I wanted more babies and so now he has arrived and I know we won't be having more, we have decided its time for me to shine!
I live in the UK and will be going for my 2nd consultation with Adrian Richards from Aurora Clinic on 6th December, this will be to establish exactly what I'm having done and when etc..
I would like a full TT with lipo on hips and a BA with BL. Not sure on sizes yet, I breastfed all 3 of my children and the last one till 9 months which means I stopped feeding around 5 months ago, my breasts are still the same, droopy and empty. They just have no life in them! My nipples are ok though but still a bit droopy hence why the lift is needed, at my largest I was an E cup, when feeding, so not sure what my surgeon will suggest size wise, will see what he says! Ideally I'd like to fill a D bra, which I currently wear but I do not fill them at all, yay for no breast tissue! My skin is the size of an D/E though!
I'm very happy with my surgeon, I have been to 3 different consultations so far and I have definitely picked the best of what I think!
My husband is 100% behind me, he understands my reasons and knows how much I want this, we haven't told immediate family yet, will wait until after the 6th if everything goes to plan!

Can't wait to be booked in and start my journey, love reading all the posts on here what a fab site to get first hand experience!

I will upload my photo's later too, my before ones.

Will be back to update after the 6th! Wish me luck xox

A little bit more about my pregnancies

I was meant to say in my first write up that I have severe muscle separation from my pregnancies, my muscles were a 4 finger gap with my first baby, I had physio etc but it was never the same again, you can see the classic 'tunnel' where the muscles have split on my tummy :(

I have constant back ache, I find it hard doing 'normal' day to day activities because of the ache, its ridiculous I feel 62 not 22! So as well as cosmetic I think the TT is more medical now..

All my babies were 8lb - 9.4lb so not small ones, all natural, infact with my recent baby I was measuring 6 weeks ahead through my pregnancy, my bump was huge and stretched and very uncomfortable, I had to wear a massive support band just to walk around as it was that un bearable!

Needless to say that in itself made up my mind on future babies! I'm very blessed to have the 3 healthy munchkins I do, especially at the age I am.
Which is even more of a reason why I want this surgery so bad, to feel youthful how I'm meant too! Not just a Mum of 3, but a 22 year old Mum of 3 who can manage it physically!

I will upload a couple of before photo's tomorrow and then hopefully I can update with my surgery date!! :o) x

Its official, all booked in!

My consultation 10 days ago went amazing, all my questions were answered and the official plan for surgery was made.

On 17th Jan 2014 I am booked in for a full tummy tuck with lipo to hips, breast implants with a nipple lift.
I have my pre op & sizing app on 7th Jan 2014 to confirm implant size, I do know that I'm having sub muscular and round implants!
The nipple lift is not as extreme as a full uplift, I was lucky that I still have a good amount of breast tissue which can be saved, scars will be underneath (transverse) and lollipop but a shorter lollipop than a full uplift.
Tummy tuck is hip to hip scar, I am taking in bikini bottoms to help them get the scar inside that, I will be having full muscle repair and as normal all above belly button removed.

Very excited for my sizing app, I shall update again when everything has been confirmed!


I've had my pre op!

So I had my pre op on Tues, it went really well, I had my sizing app before that as well which also was fab!
I tried a few different implants on and showed the nurse my boob inspiration photo's to give her a good idea of what look I'm after.

I have decided to go for 520cc round high profile silicone (Allergan natrelle) behind the muscle implants, which given my breast tissue I already have this should give me a full E cup, but of course I won't know for sure until I can go get measured.
Really happy with my choice I think they will look awesome if I do say so myself!

I was given all info on recovery for tummy and boobs, so far it all seems good. I think its different in the UK as I won't be having any drains that I'm aware of after I've woken up, and my tummy will be uncovered until the following day where the binder will be put on, but the main thing is that I will have a catheter in for 24 hours so I can't leave my bed and have to stay in the 'jackknife' position, which I'm sure will become annoying!
Day 1 I have the catheter out and then have to get up and move around as much as I can, then after my 2nd night stay I will be going home where it will be bed rest for me and light walking everyday to get myself moving.

I'm quite prepared for the recovery I just hope I can cope with it all ok, but I guess you never know until you're going through it!

My admission is for 12.30pm next Friday, with an aim for surgery around 3pm. Its 5 hours from being put to sleep to waking up and then it will be a drowsy night ahead to sleep off the anesthetic.

Next week will involve me getting the house prepped for husband and kiddies, making some more meals to freeze for them, cleaning & getting my bag packed!

Very very excited now I can't wait to be in recovery now :o)

Today's the day

Around an hour till I leave for the hospital, then hopefully once I'm all checked in and settled the surgeon and nurse will be in to see me etc, aiming for 3pm surgery time hopefully!

Very excited very nervous but I can't wait!

I know everything will be ok, I just need to wait and see how I feel after to determine how my recovery will go.

Woohoo bring on the next chapter in my life!

I have some more before pics I can upload as well


More before pics

Day 3 post op!

Hi everyone,

So I'm day 3 post op, I'm at home in bed and feeling really refreshed after a good nights sleep in my own bed!

So 3 days ago I went into theatre at 2pm I was awake by 7pm and very drowsy, a couple of hours later I was sick, a lot of water! But only the once and I had an on/off night of sleep and restlessness etc I had regular painkillers which is of course helped, I am in the UK and so had booked in for a 2 night stay, the nurses were great and their help was fab.

Day 1 was a mix of emotions, I had a friend come see me for a few hours which really gave me a boost. I also had a catheter in for 24 hours so I couldn't leave my bed, which was actually quite nice! In the morning of day 1 I tried to stand up, I couldn't even get my feet to the floor I felt so faint & dizzy, I had to lay back down. I was so disappointed in myself, but a few hours later with the help of my friend too I managed to stand up AND walk to the bathroom and back again, then back into bed! I was so pleased with that little independence, so around 6pm on day 1 I had my catheter removed, I then stayed in bed till 9pm when I got out of bed again and went for my first wee post catheter, it was fine! Again I was so pleased to be out of bed myself!

I then had a better night sleep, around 6 hours on/off which was fine, still with the regular painkillers etc.
Day 2 arrives, my discharge day! My ps nurse came to see me in the morning, I saw my whole new body!
My boobs are awesome, they went for 485cc in the end and I have scars round my nipple and down a little way from my nipple, they are so firm to touch and perky! I can see them settling in nicely over time.
My tummy had the binder on by now as well, so we took that off and also the cover on my belly button, she had warned me before that in surgery they saw I had so much scar tissue in my belly button, so they've had to make it quite small but it looks great! She cleaned it and popped some ointment in then re dressed it, this is something I have to do everyday until Friday at my 1 week post op app.
My tummy looked so good, I am very impressed with everything so far!
Have to leave the bra on till Friday now, no showers or anything! Gross but worth it.

My husband and mother in law came to pick me up early afternoon, the journey home was ok, about an hour, then when home I had my Dad at home with his partner and my father in law too, my 3 kiddies were running riot as well, I went straight upstairs (like an old lady!) and got myself comfy in bed.

Of course my family rushed around after me, made a lovely roast dinner and it was a lovely relaxing afternoon at home, so glad to be back!
My husband is so sweet, he has set the room up for me with 10 pillows to rest on a side table with all foods and drinks and a radio etc, jugs of water! He's even put a chair in the shower ready for my first one.
Seeing my kids has given me a big boost. I've missed them so much!

So it's day 3 now?! Last night was the best so far, I had a full 7 hours sleep and it felt so good! I am so comfortable this morning it feels great. Amazing what sleep can do for you!
I had an eve on the sofa last night watching a film with hubby, that was the best!

About to get up for the first time today, my back was killing last night so hopefully it's ok today.

So all in all I'm doing ok. Yes it's painful yes it's uncomfortable but my experience so far has been positive, us women are tough without knowing it, be prepared and I think we can conquer anything!
Will update again soon.

Oh and post op wind is not fun! Never had so much has before haha ew! Oh and I opened my bowels yesterday on day 2 as well, it was fine!

Take care everyone x

Day 6 post op

Day 6 post op,

Still going strong! Pretty much the same as before, achey and sore but its fine and I'm progressing more everyday, walking a bit more free and standing a little more straight everyday as well! I rest pretty much all day but I do make an effort to go downstairs at meal times etc, updated a few pics, very swollen and bruised still, I have my 1 week post op app tomorrow and I get the tape off my stitches for the first time, I get to see my scars properly and learn how to clean and re dress them, then for the next 5 weeks I have to change the tape every other day, wear the stockings, binder & bra for 23 hours day and just generally take it easy!
Quite nervous but excited about tomorrow, I just don't know what to expect!


11 days post op

So its day 11 post op today!

Every day just keeps getting better I swear, standing a little more straight every day as well which is heaven! My poor poor back..
Saw my ps nurse Aggie today, she is amazing and so reassuring!
When I first saw my boob scars I was a little put off by my left scar, its got the curve to it near the top, see? The right is perfect!
So I mentioned this today and she said they will leave it 3 months to heal well, then if I'm still not happy with it they will give me a local anesthetic, simply cut the curved bit away and re stitch it to the straight part, she said it would take 10 mins or so!
So I'm happy there are options, but I was told the curve has possibly formed due to severe swelling from my boob, that one is a lot bigger than my right! Poor bugger.
Everything else is healing perfectly, I love my tummy scar its so neat & low, still very swollen and bruised all over my tummy/hips but I know I have a few weeks of that yet.
Aggie gave my belly button a good clean today as well and that looks great, I have been told when I get to week 3 post, I can use a little bio oil to massage into my belly button which will help get the best results, not sure if that's because of my severe scar tissue I had in my belly button but I will definitely be doing this, I have been advised of a chap stick type tube to get as well, which after week 5 I can rub on all my scars every day to help minimise them etc..
My next app is for 6 weeks post so a few weeks yet, am feeling very happy and recovery is going great, my Husband has decided to take next week off work as well, making that 3 weeks in total, just to help out with the kids really, more time to relax and take it easy, but I will be doing more walking! I need to get my back straight so that's my aim by the end of this week!

I've got loads more pics to put up but here are a few of my scars, day 7 & 10 post. X

Day 15 post op

Just a few more pics for you guys, 15 days post op today and its going great, nearly standing up straight sooo close! Can't wait to have my back 'back' hahaha poor back!
Sleeping less upright as well, sleeping around 8 hours a night which is amazing, it really is going well, I just can't wait for the swelling to go down, I feel like a heffa and bigger than before which is not nice! X

4 weeks post op today!!

So its now officially 4 weeks since op, I'm feeling great (haha well maybe not so great, I haven't been feeling amazing - damn British weather I have a cough/cold and just feeling sorry for myself!) but its Valentines Day and me and my amazing hubby are off out to celebrate our first one being married :) cute!

Op wise everything is fab.. will upload some pics on another post as they're on my phone, tummy has settled nicely, still very firm & swollen though and my stretchies are still raised and bumpy but I'm applying bio oil everyday and massaging my belly button too, to help it sink in!
I've got my pro sil scar tube ready to use on week 5, its like a big prick stick that you apply everyday to the big scars, but when I show you the pics you'll see even without it my scars are healing so well!

Still have wonky scar boob! BUT my swelling has gone down so much on boobs, they look more even now, so still waiting for my 6 week post op check which is on the 27th and will discuss my options more then, but where the scar is wonky and it pulled my boob in, that has settled loads now! They are feeling real soft and comfy as well!

Tummy is great, although I'm so ready to be back to normal now, I know I've got to give it time.

My hubby went back to work full time last week, it went well, was tough getting used to the school run again but we seem to have a good routine going, driving everywhere again as well which is nice, just need to shift this cold and I'll be feeling just right, its half term this next week so will be a nice break at home with the kiddies, taking it easy!



Oh and I'm standing up straight fully, even laying on my side in bed, but can't lay flat yet, but who cares!

Some photo's from last week, my 3rd week!

More pics

From today and the past few days!

Nearly week 5 post!

Argh still poorly, damn cold!
Oh well at least it doesn't hurt when I cough.. Yay for new fixed stomach muscles!

Loving my scars this week, even the wonky boob! It's all healing well and feels good, swelling has gone down a fair bit and I can tell from the tape measure!

Another 2lbs off the scales as well so it's going the right way, I realised earlier I see my actual plastic surgeon next week so will get my list of questions together.

Desperate to go get fitted for a bra/bikini ... Is 5 weeks post too early?
I've self measured myself as a 34 E but I want real answers, I also want a real bra haha this surgical bra is out staying it's welcome :p

Starting my pro sil next week to help my big scars, excited about that, still doing my bio oil everyday on my tummy and massaging my belly button.

Feel back to normal basically, everyday life is fine as long as I know my limits..
Looking forward to feeling better though!

Another 5 weeks post

I'm so over this recovery stuff! I'm so over my cough too! I just want to be back to normal completely, I want a normal bra with normal non swollen results!

There's my rant for today!
5 days till I'm at week 6, I'm excited but scared about not wearing the tape.. I have already said to myself I will continue with the tummy binder as it makes me feel comfortable, but hello new bra!

I have also decided I'm joining the gym, can't wait to have some me time and enjoy keeping fit!

Also with my pics I think my swollen boob is really noticeable.. It really bugs me and my scar makes me sad BUT I know it will be fixed, I just hope it looks good ???? trying not to worry!

Nearly week 7!

I've been soo busy these past couple of weeks and no idea why! Guess life is just taking over, but it's all good!

Had my week 6 check up last week, went well, I had my 'after' photos taken and more advice on what to do now, I have been applying prosil twice a day since then onto my big scars, still applying bio oil twice a day as well just onto my tummy and massaging my belly button.

My husband thinks you can see a difference already with my scars, which is amazing!

I am booked in to see Adrian again in 6 weeks times to discuss the wonky scar on my left boob, but the swelling is going down it's just the scar that's the issue, not worried though.

Everything does seem to get better with time, even I am noticing changes which is great!

Ok so I have the binder and leg stockings off now too, no tape either ahhh it's been SO strange not having anything on, taken a few days to get used too and especially showering!
But I'm learning how to wear my clothes to go over my scars comfortably.

I also have been told I can wear an underwired bra but not all day long, so I went to get measured at Bravissimo and wait for it.......

I'm a 32 GG !!!!! Wasn't expecting that at all, but I realise they might still need to settle a bit and so I only got one bra to last me over the next few weeks. I also got a bikini and sports bra.

I joined the gym! Woohoo I have my induction tonight and start next week hopefully, can't wait to get some proper fitness back in my life, although no core exercise for another 6 weeks.

So everything seems to be going well, I'm happy as well which is the main thing!

Got a few more pics to upload but will try and get my proper before/after on as well


8.5 weeks eek!

Going well still! Got loads to upload but for now here is my new wardrobe addition and NO bra on!! Can't wait to wear this out!

9 weeks post op!

A few from just now! Excuse the bio oil on my tummy!

9 weeks post update.

So I hit 9 weeks in half an hour! (Should be asleep really!)

All is going well, scars are good and life seems pretty normal, I still don't think I'm 100% but I know that could take a while! I know my limits that's for sure, joined the gym 2 weeks ago, lost 4lbs already! Loving having some exercise back in my life though, only doing cardio for another 3 weeks then will bring in some weights!

Looking forward to my 12 week post op app to discuss my wonky scar and finally figure out what they can do, it does put me off tbh I know if they can correct it the nipple and scar would look much better! Obviously!

Not worried though, swelling has gone down loads on my boob and tummy, loving wearing normal clothes, my figure feels so much neater in them!
I don't wear my under wired bra everyday, only really for occasions! Can't wait to go get more bras though, will post a pic of my new bikini too as that's lovely!

Still 32 GG!!!!!!

Also going back to tummy I've been hoping my mole would disappear more?! It was cut off but it looks like it's coming back?! No idea what's happening there..

Belly button is healing though, finally!!

So all in all everything's good! X


A little before/after shots, 9 weeks post on the after shots!

I can't believe how much has changed, I have NO regrets at all and have to pinch myself still to believe its real, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

12 weeks post op ahhh!!

So yesterday was my 12th week post op, can't believe it!

Life is great atm... I have my 3 month check on Thurs with Mr Richards and Aggie. It went great, it was to discuss the wonky scar on my left boob.

So end of May I'm booked in for a revision consultation, then following that on 26th June I am booked in for revision surgery which includes.
The wonky scar being made straight! Like the right scar, the mole in the middle of my tummy is being re removed and I'm having a little dog ear sorted on my left hip, just having the scar re adjusted to show the results even more.

So I'm happy! I am confident everything will be perfect and I trust the team, just want to get it done now and be in that recovery (which won't be as severe or long!)

Gym is going well, have lost 1lb so far ha ha but that's good for me, am feeling positive about everything really. Will upload some pics from yesterday!


6 months post TT & BA/BL

So its been nearly 6 months post my op, its gone so fast!

I had revision 2.5 weeks ago now to correct a little over hang on the left side of my tummy tuck scar, also to remove a mole and then to help straighten my left breast uplift scar.

The op went very well and was a very easy 1 night stay in hospital, took me around 4 days to feel back to normal, but am taking it easy still and wearing my support bra etc.
Back to changing my tape every 4th day and generally just taking care of everything, overall my scars are doing well I will post some photo's as well! I do think my scars have widened a little though and on my belly button especially it seems to look a little blistered but is healing in patches?! I am using kelo-cote gel? Which I think is helping, I will continue to use it for a good few months to make sure it has every chance of working though. I am also looking into getting the gel strips, but again I will try that if I see no big improvements!

My journey is going great still, I feel completely normal in myself, life is going well since my op! I am really enjoying the freedom of being able to wear whatever I want!
My confidence has shot up as well, its just amazing.

Will add some recent pics throughout the past couple of months x

9 months post op........

Adding a few recent pics for you all, still going strong, still loving my results! Some days I do feel like I'm a post op patient, which I guess is never a bad thing to be reminded! Just have to take it easy, sleeping on my front again which is heaven!
I've been doing a lot weight exercises too over the past 2 months and I can feel my stomach especially toning up, which is AMAZING as I've never experienced stomach muscles be ha ha, exercise is going well and definitely keeping me trim.

Very pleased with my experience at Aurora Clinic so far, from my pre op appointments to surgery date and now my post surgery appointments, my surgeon Adrian is very professional, I have been very impressed with the service so far and don't have a bad word to say, the team I have met have been amazing as well, especially Aggie she is a real tribute to Aurora Clinic and has made my experience of plastic surgery that little bit better! I highly recommend Aurora Clinic to anyone who is researching them!

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