3rd revision Rhinoplasty - United Kingdom

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So I jist had my 3rd revision. I was so confident...

So I jist had my 3rd revision. I was so confident with my uk surgeon choice. He has lots of experience and was confident with rib and scull grafts. I went to 4 consultations in all.

After my first rhynoplasty my nose was left looking really fake and twisted with a thing drooping tip. The 2nd surgery only twisted my nose to the opposite side!! Both surgeons failed to push up my droopy tip.

I'm now 3 weeks after my 3rd nose surgery and feeling very up and down. I'm obsessing about my noses uneven apperience and trying to remind myself I picked My surgeon because I had faith in him and his work. He did explain I may need a 4th revision with it being my 3rd time and because of my lack if nose. He used cartlidge from my scull and ribs.

I guess I wasn't mentally prepared for how distressing having a crooked swollen nose would be. It was twisted before the surgery but it wasn't as noticeable as it is now. I'm hoping it straightens when the swelling goes down.
I hate my nose atm and it's really effecting my confidence! I don't aBt to leave the house and I feel so ugly! I keep checking it. My nostrils are so uneven. I've side is totally different to the other,

What do you all think about ME asking for a revision? Anyone's nose this uneven and it healed straight?

Thanks ????

2 appointment with my surgeon

When I met with my surgeon 2 weeks after op, he stated that had I came to him with my nose the way it is now he's turn me away. I found that really patronising! My nose looks a mess so that was obviously a lie. It looks massive! 2 hour drive home and crying all the way!

3 1/2 weeks... Crooked and anxious and ugly!

So I'm have a shitty day.. I hate my nose today! My old nose was too small but I didn't feel like this!!! Damn! I just want to fast forward 6months!!!!!! My nose looks like it's made from plastic!!! ????

Revision Julian Rowe jones

Hi all... quick update..
This is my nose at the 1 moth appointment when I was told my nose was perfect! Wtf! This is my nose now... I have a massive bum and dropy tip... I was told it's perfect and I looked like a pig before! He said if I want a revision it could all go off to the side and he will have to take everything out that he put in (too much of you ask me) and it could all go horribly wrong and I will look even worse and I will look like a pig again! I'm honestly in shock! I'm scared to get a 3rd revision now but I don't want my nose to stay like this ... his wife was actually really angry with me that I wasn't happy with my nose. Will put a before this surgery pic up ... it was too small and I had a droopy too, but it was better than this beak nose!!!

18 months post op

Julian really did ruin my nose, I was so unhappy.. not just with the nose but Julian's and his wife awful attitude. I filled out a questionnaire mrs Rowe - jones handed me, it was about how happy I was with my nose out of 10.. I think I put 3, she was visibly livid and had to walk of out the looking really tight lipped. She is so defensive. It's not my fault her husband messed my nose up and made me look like a witch!! They were both so patronising. He admitted when he seen me 1 month po my nose looked huge, yet at the time he said he would turn me away if I showed up with a nose like that. He said to do a revision he would have to take everything he put in my nose, out? I processed what he said then asked again, you will have to take everything out? he then said no but I could end up looking like a pig again and push his own nose up and to the side. It was horrific. I had to hold back the tears. He also had a big gold book on his table and said he's one of the best surgeons in the world, that's why he's in this book.. it was all so weird? I hinted maybe I will see what other options are offered to me by other surgeons .. he then tapped on the book and said.. are any other uk surgeon in this book.. no? Because I'm the best, if they said they can change our nose they are Liebig and you could end up really deformed..
I'll post some pics I deleted a while ago.. looking at them used to make me cry..
but not now.. we'll I hope not.. I have just had my 4th revision yesterday with a different surgeon.. I will start my new review asap :)


My broke nose, the really swollen 1 month po nose and now.. 18 months po
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