3rd Rhynoplasty - United Kingdom

So I jist had my 3rd revision. I was so confident...

So I jist had my 3rd revision. I was so confident with my uk surgeon choice. He has lots of experience and was confident with rib and scull grafts. I went to 4 consultations in all.

After my first rhynoplasty my nose was left looking really fake and twisted with a thing drooping tip. The 2nd surgery only twisted my nose to the opposite side!! Both surgeons failed to push up my droopy tip.

I'm now 3 weeks after my 3rd nose surgery and feeling very up and down. I'm obsessing about my noses uneven apperience and trying to remind myself I picked My surgeon because I had faith in him and his work. He did explain I may need a 4th revision with it being my 3rd time and because of my lack if nose. He used cartlidge from my scull and ribs.

I guess I wasn't mentally prepared for how distressing having a crooked swollen nose would be. It was twisted before the surgery but it wasn't as noticeable as it is now. I'm hoping it straightens when the swelling goes down.
I hate my nose atm and it's really effecting my confidence! I don't aBt to leave the house and I feel so ugly! I keep checking it. My nostrils are so uneven. I've side is totally different to the other,

What do you all think about ME asking for a revision? Anyone's nose this uneven and it healed straight?

Thanks ????

2 appointment with my surgeon

When I met with my surgeon 2 weeks after op, he stated that had I came to him with my nose the way it is now he's turn me away. I found that really patronising! My nose looks a mess so that was obviously a lie. It looks massive! 2 hour drive home and crying all the way!

3 1/2 weeks... Crooked and anxious and ugly!

So I'm have a shitty day.. I hate my nose today! My old nose was too small but I didn't feel like this!!! Damn! I just want to fast forward 6months!!!!!! My nose looks like it's made from plastic!!! ????
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