29 Yr Old, 3 Children. Breastfeeding Left Me with Saggy Breasts. Uplift with 300cc Implant - United Kingdom

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Hi all! So this site has helped me so much over...

Hi all!

So this site has helped me so much over the last year, I thought I should share my experience to.

I'm 29 years old, happily married with 3 children. Breast feeding and pregnancy has taken its toll on my body and breasts. Going from a D to an F cup and back and forth.
I feel like I have old lady boobs and have to be careful what I wear as I feel self conscious of them.
After reading many review I decided to go to see Dr Adrian Richards at aurora clinics.
Our first meeting was in London where I met him and Sinead.
After telling him what I wanted he confirmed I would need an uplift and 300cc implant to give fullness back. Our meeting was brief but he was very pleasant and I trust he knows what he is doing. Sinead spent a longer time with me explaining everything, she really is lovely!

This is such a huge decision for me, having never had an op, having three children and of course the money. I feel a bit selfish!

Anyway it's taken me a year to make the decision I've been to see Sinead for several sizing appointments and now I'm all booked in!!! Ahhhh!!! Super nervous, and excited!

It's the day!!!!! Eeekkkk

So I'm sitting waiting in my room, freaking out a bit no going to lie!!! All the irrational thoughts flying around! I'm due to go down between 10:30/11am. It's 9 now so a few hours of agonising wait. I've seen Adrian he was lovely, very reassuring and he's done all my drawings. I'm leaving it to him to decide what will be best 300 or 330cc round moderate under the muscle. See you on the other side!!!

All done, 6 hours post op

All done!! I'm alive....lol!! I was asleep within seconds of being on the bed, it was not the scary experience I had imagined. I was having a lovely dream when I was woken up in recovery, but was relieved to be on the other side. I felt very tired an a little sicky but the nurse gace me gas....which I won't lie...is discussing!!!!...but she said that it would stop me feeling sick or being sick. She was right the nausea past immediately. I woke so thirsty I couldn't wait to drink. My op was at 11:30 ish and I think I was in recovery about 2 back in my room by 3pm. My husband looked very pleased to see me. Pain- so I can't say I've been in pain as such. More like heaviness, pressure and achy. I had under the muscle so I'm told that's why. It feels like I have a very tight band around my chest, weirdly it's more Uncomfy around my back. When I take a deep breath I feel it more. No breathing for me...ha ha!!! I slowly eat some lunch and drank a lot, slowly over the course of an hour. The nurses have been amazing, so lovely. Adrian came to see me and said he was happy with everything. He put in the 300cc, I was so worried about them being huge as I had quite a lot of breast tissue already. He will see me again in the morning. From what I can see they look great. Tight and high. I have no feeling in my left nipple a little in my right. I think this is all totally normal. I had a little dose but not been too sleepy, my blood pressure is a little low- but I do have low blood pressure normally. I just have to be very slow and careful when getting up to use the toilet. It's 8pm now and I've just eaten a jacket potato and been topped up on painkillers and something for the swelling. Feeling good. So happy it's done, felt very irrational/selfish/nervous this morning. Now I can't really believe it's been done! Hope all this is helpful as this site has been a god send to me. I will add a pic of my veiw so far. Xxxx

PO day 2

Just a quick update, as I'm feeling really sleepy today.
I didn't sleep well at the hospital only got about 3/4 hours. I just couldn't relax...I'm not a back sleeper so found it hard to relax.
Got home just after mid day yesterday, I was glad to be home and had a sleep in the afternoon.
I slept well last night, getting about 8 hours which is good.
I did wake up about 2am with tummy ache I felt like I was going to have a upset tummy...but it was a lot of air(sorry if it's too much info!).
I felt achy this morning and even tighter across my chest. I can move my arms a lot more today.
I'm just worried that they feel HUGE! I know it's probably the swelling and I shouldn't freak out but it's hard not to feel irrational.

I've been asleep a lot today...I think I'm catching up a bit, and am feeling some slight tingly...almost stinging pains every now and then. But nothing to uncomfortable. Still taking paracetamol and my anitibiotics.


9 days post op

Hey all,
So 9 days wow that's flown by. I am so thrilled with my results so far, Adrian has done an amazing job. I love my new boobies!!! It's already made a huge difference to how I feel about myself, I look youthful again.
After a year of researching, debating and visiting the clinic I can say (so far- don't want to jinx anything) I so glad I made this decision.

I've had no pain just discomfort. The first two days following surgery I sleep on and off all day and most of the night. I stopped taking paracetamol on day four, and finished my course of antibiotics. Mobility in my arms has become easier by the day, your body really does tell you if your moving too much.
My husband has been fantastic and the children were hardly home between school/clubs and parties for the first week, which was brilliant because I could totally relax and the house stayed clean and tidy!!!

I've found sleeping on my back really uncomfortable, even though I have so many pillows. I found it best to prop myself up and put a pillow just under my bum/top of my legs as I was fidgeting all night due to my legs feeling numb and achy.
I've only had minor bruising around the nipple area which has almost faded. My boobs are getting softer by the day, they are dropping nicely and don't feel so right now. I can even squeeze them together a bit now.
My left side is more swollen but this was my slightly bigger side anyway. But I'm told this is normal and will even out in time.
I cannot wait to see my nipples and scars although you I'm petrified at the same time. I just hope everything is healing nicely under there.
Surely I would be feeling some pain if not?

I had a phone call from Sinead yesterday to check how everything was going. We decided as long as everything was fine and I was happy not to do a 4 hour round trip 1 week post op and do a phone check up instead.
I would say it was very brief and I was a little disappointed as I thought we were doing a Skype call so she could look at my boobs and reassure me all was ok. But she was an hour late calling so I felt it was very rushed. Although Sinead was lovely as always and I don't have any concerns. I will see her in person next week.
She said I can shower now as long as I dry the tapes property. Although I am going to wait, I'm so nervous of anything going wrong or infection. I'm going to continue with shallow baths/ flannel washing and my hubby washing my hair. Just to be safe.
I can also buy some new soft comfy non wired bras- as my surgical one is digging in a little on my incision and she said the main thing is that I'm comfortable. That they are not so hot on all surgical bras anymore and they just want comfort and protection for the new boobies.

Wow, sorry that was long!! I think I got everything.
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