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I have wanted this for years and have waited until...

I have wanted this for years and have waited until breastfeeding and body fluctuation is stabilised!
I don't wish to have huge boobies just more volume and a better fit for my frame.
I am petite but with a generous bum , so little boobs aren't flattering!
So excited for my pre- op assessment on Friday and to understand exactly what will be happening in two weeks time!!

Front on deflated boobies !

In a bra, they look ok. But now I don't want to have to use a bra to make them look and feel like happy boobs!!

Its 13 days til my operation and am coming to terms with it, excited and a little nervous.

Pre Op Assessment

Went to the lovely Chiltern hospital today with my Husband , Son and baby daughter.
A lot less to do than I expected - a quick chat with the lovely nurse Julie and a few swabs and samples and we were outta there!
It Has made it all feel real now though... So far I feel no apprehension only excitement as the surgery gets closer.
I am really hoping for a great result but its so hard to set expectations.

Four days to go!!

Nerves are setting in now mainly to do with my kids over the op! Sad that I wont be able to lift them or cuddle properly, but my Husband is taking two weeks off so I can recover and they are occupied.
Im really hoping I have chosen the right size too - two of my friends who went smaller (300cc) regret it and plan to go bigger soon. I have chosen 360cc which is how my boobs look in a padded bra and t-shirt , nothing outrageous!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

Oh I am just so excited!!! I cannot wait to see my new girls!
I did feel a little reticent this morning looking at my little deflated wonky ones after my shower as they have been good to me, fed my babies and played ball in most outfits in their 29 years!

I feel sad to say goodbye but so happy I wont need to balance my clothes with padding any more.

Getting lots of well wishing texts from friends and family now .... All becoming real.

I am here!

Have arrived at the hospital and in my room which is very nice with a little balcony.

Feel calm at the moment but ai am sure that will change! Starving hungry as I wasn't allowed anything after 9pm and its now 7.30am which normally wouldn't bother me but I have too much thinking time!

All done!!

I went down at 8.45am and woke at 10.30am with Adrian my surgeon by my side.
The whole team have been incredible.
I also had a mole removed which sat on my bra line which was a bonus as I often catch it.
The only pain is from that really and all I feel is like the boob ache you get when on a period?
So far I am very happy and excited to meet my new boobs!

Before at 8am and after at 11am

Forgot to post my lovely new tattoos!!!

Totally over the moon

Its 7pm so I am 8 hours post op and sat on my sofa about to eat my dinner.
Pain is at about a 2 out of 10 and am on just paracetamol ( i also have anti inflammatory and antibiotics).

I am so so happy with the immediate result as I know they always look high and swollen directly after. My tummy bloat isn't too bad and I ache a little in my upper arms presumably from being moved when under anaesthetic.

Til tomorrow!!

Morning after

I've woken after seven hours so not a bad night!
Main difficulty is not using my arms as crutches so learning to wiggle off things!
The pain is pretty low and I am just on paracetamol so far no need for Codeine yet.
The kids have been very gentle and sweet so that has helped. One more day and I can shower - ahhh!!

Feeling good and excited to see them progress.

Pics from Day 4

Ouuuuch!! This is a quick update of my progress.
Day 1- Still full of drugs so little pain
Day 2 - Some aching but still reasonably comfortable. Bruising is starting to come out
Day 3 - The day of hell! Tight, burning, aching, prickling, pulling - I give in to Codeine after using just paracetamol. This makes me very tired but more comfortable.
Day 4 - MORNING BOOB!!! Wow thats painful but today is 20% less uncomfortable. Very tired still. A shower feels amazing.
Day 5 - Morning boob again which is like a weird prickly pain on the incision line followed by a heaviness which lasts til my paracetamol kicks in. I give into a Codeine at 1pm and will have another at bed time.
Boobs feel tight and burning much the same as when your milk 'comes in' for breastfeeding.
Hoping tomorrow I will feel more human!

Photos are of Day 2 and Day 4

Day 5 pics

Really happy with the symmetry so far and also the lack of gap between my girls!
Starting to feel them settle a bit which is reassuring.
Bloated still which is equally uncomfortable but a small price to pay for nice boobs!

One week later!

Its been a whole week, a rollercoaster but am now feeling much more comfortable!
The stretchy, burning pain has now completely stopped and have had my first day free of any painkillers!????????

Looking back, days 3&4 were the worst so if you are having this operation make sure those days are taken easily - the first couple of days you will likely treat yourself to bed rest and will have pain relief still in your body so less likely to notice the discomfort.

Today we went to the Zoo and I walked around 4 miles and was able to push my daughter in a buggy (shes 9kg). Two days before we were at Brighton pier which was a little premature as I had a lot of burning and stinging pain and could feel them swelling as I walked. So I'd say just wait the full week!!

But I am so happy with how they are settling in and it has all been well worth it!

Day 9

Still happy with how my new girls are 'bottoming' and 'fluffing'!
No issues with infection and swelling on my tummy and side of boobs is going down each day.

Also found a BARGAIN bra in George a Asda - £6 and fits better/more comfy than my Veronique and Macom. This is the grey but they also do peach which I bought for under white tops until I get the all clear for some sexy ones!

Day 12

Still happy! Life is fully back to normal with my kids and Hubby is back at work.
Can push a buggy as my daughter is so light and walking is now painless.
Driving is easy and no pain meds since day 8.

Not for the squeamish!

Progress on my wounds two weeks later - righty has got on better throughout and stitches have fully dissolved but the left haven't yet. Not painful on my third dressing change (micropore tape) and have loved no drains/bandages etc which I have seen on other BA's.
All in all, I think they are healing well .

End of week 3!

The boobies are now bottoming out, really soft and no pain or sensitivity whatsoever.

Very impressed with the recovery time and how easy it all was.

Cant wait to get some pretty bras now!

Day 18

Forgot to add the pic!

3 weeks later and my clothes have shape!

Finally no padded bras needed! I at last have a curvy top half - bottom half I have a big bum and hips (picture doesn't look it!) so am happy now I am balanced without the facade of clever and uncomfortable underwear!

1 month booby birthday!

Life is good and I now cannot WAIT to exercise and get my figure back.
No pain/discomfort and only a tiny bit of sensitivity to return just under my nipples.

Seeing my PS in two weeks for my six week check and final removal of my dressings.

Happy happy happy!

Boobies at one month

First bra fitting

Seeing Adrian tomorrow for my six week check up and now my boobs have settled I decided to go for a bra fitting.

I guessed I was a 34d - dd as I was a 34b before hand. Got measured in m and s , bravissimo and finally Wonderbra (who were excellent).

Couldn't quite believe my eyes or ears as this was my first proper bra fitting .... I am now a 32 F!!! And wearing a well adjusted , form fitting bra makes all the difference.

Six week check!

Adrian and Sinead were so pleased with my results and I can now use Bio oil on my scars for the next year.

I can now wear my pretty new bras instead of the support bras :)

8 weeks later

Boobs are completely settled and 'fluffy' and have had so many compliments about them looking natural - and so many haven't even noticed which is great as I am shy!

Adrian and his team filled me with so much hope and confidence I didn't feel it necessary to 'shop around' . The nurses were excellent in advising and Adrian has a lovely approach to defining your goals. Very excited for the next step!!

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