"Mum of 3, 5' 2", 105lb with 420cc HP overs"

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Ever since I was about 17 I've always dreamt of...

Ever since I was about 17 I've always dreamt of the day my breasts would grow big and voluptuous...but that day never came. I used to chat to my cousin about it and we both said we'd have boob jobs when we were older...then hers grew and mine didn't!
At about 18 I started saving up...think I got to £70 lol..my mum found out and managed to talk me out of it saying love your body for what it is...so I did. However over the years I began to drift back into the big boob dream but I'd push it to one side. I went on to marry and have 2 children. I said to my husband after my second child was born that I wanted my boobs doing...fast forward a year and I had another baby so boobs put on hold. He's always been happy with my small boobs but I eventually managed to convince him in May this year that I've had enough of super padded bras and chicken fillets! So we chatted and to my surprise he said to for it!

I got a new job to bring in a bit more money and began checking out surgeons. I met with 2 I didn't gel with, one who was quite abrupt and the other who said I cold only have 300cc....really wanted 350cc! I eventually found Dr Richards and met with him and his lovely nurse Sinead and I was immediately put at rest. Booked a sizing appointment for a month after and it was the best day ever! I took all my boob dream pics and prayed they would say I could do 350cc...low and behold I'm having 420cc HP over the muscle nagor! Yey...booked surgery for 21st December and cannot wait! I also tried 390cc moderate but like the projection of the HP more.

Wish boobies!

Sizers in!

So during my sizing appointment I showed Sinead my wish boobs and she said she was going to try the 280cc on me as I'm petite but she knew immediately I wouldn't be happy lol...tried them and nope so small...we eventually tried on the 390cc moderates and liked them however I asked if I could go any larger and she said not in a moderate but I could in a high profile....we tried the 420cc and both loved the look. She was even surprises because I'm petite but said they fit my body really well. I do also want big boobs so the fact that they will be a good size doesn't worry me. I didn't ask if I could go any bigger...should I try 450cc? Not sure.....I've got final sizing in November lol....it's gonna drag!

Before pics...sooo deflated!

This is me now...ok so I don't mind the shape of my boobs too much but they are so small and flat! Can't wait to have a curvy profile!

32b bra....even that's gaping!

So this is a padded 32b pra...super padded...it gapes, even when I out my chicken fillets in (not got them in in this pic)

Padded to perfection lol!

Interesting pic lol..this is the bra I normally wear out and about...super padded...a friend commented how she wished she had boob a like mine...wow little does she know, but come December they will be there yey!!!

Hmmm will I have underboob?!

Hi everyone...not much of an update, more a question....do you think I'll get aa boob crease with my implants? Not really got one now but would love to have one!?

Final sizing with Aggie today!

So Sinead wanted a second opinion on size and we were gonna wait til November but I wpsaid I'd only worry that I would t get what I wanted so I had an appointment today :) here I am with the 420cc in what do you think? Ordering in 460cc To see but 99% sure it will be 420 :) excited!!

420cc sizer pics

23 weeks to go :(

I just calculated that's how long I have until my boob job.....know it's gonna take forever it's sooooo far away! Felling almost as deflated as my chest lmao!

Another super padded bra!

Here I am in another super padded bra...I'm hoping to not let many people know so do I look convincing of big boobs til I have them done??

A laugh for Friday anyone!?

So I thought I'd share my complete joy with you all! Since I decided to book my BA I have been wearing super padded bras as I'd quite like to keep if from most people, in fact only my husband and 2 close friends know and I'd like to keep it that way. I found a super bra and with the fillets in too it gives me great shape until December. However there was a problem, I kept feeling like they were moving and whenever I get hot the rubbery fillets kind of sweat and slide....yuk!! So I decided to cut a pocket in my bra and sew them in lol!!!! It works an absolute treat and they don't move....plus I can now wear vests without fear of the fillets poking out under my armpits!

I have washed it too and it's absolutely fine....hilarious what we do isn't it but I'm so much more secure to wear it now a d come December when I don't need a bra it will be a wonderful memento of where I've come from. I'll add a few pics so you can see the bar and also the difference it makes to my shape to hopefully fool everyone ;)

Husband panicking!!? Anyone been there ?

So I'm venting a bit sorry....husband has been supportive of my op so far and when I show him my wish boobs etc he's all up for it and well yes you know....as men get etc....then when his manly thoughts have gone he's all like....hmmm are you sure they won't be too big I'm just worried your boobs will be to big etc....it really rials me that he is all up for it then starts to doubt it. I have shown him pics of me with my padded bra and me with my sizers in (as attached) and he's so critic saying my sizer boobs are far bigger....is he being picky? He did say that he's a little anxious about the male attention etc but anyway feeling pretty sad here tonight when I was so excited :( anyone else had a doubtful partner?

13 weeks to go......its draggggiiiinnnnnnggg

Ahhhh it's going so slow!

I did eead my update from when it was 23 weeks to go and I've done 10 weeks since then sigh.......I wish it was closer lol! I'm trying to keep myself busy which with 3 kids, a job, a business from home and Christmas coming I hunk I'll manage but I'm finding the wait so long!

Seriously...this is me in a padded bra!?

Like where are my boobs!? Crazy....I a, literally counting the days to get my 420cc overs! I think I will never buy a padded bra again!

Just over 7 weeks to go!

So here I am with just over 7 weeks to go and getting extremely excited, nervous and a tad scared lol. I've got my pre op phone call early December but not really sure what that will involve? Anyone shed some light on it for me?

Also I'm using. Cocoa butter twice a day to help my skin in preparation...hoping I don't get stretch marks, I've not after 3 kids so fingers crossed!

I'm pretty positive I'm going 420hp over the muscle but they are also ordering 460uhp if he thinks the 420hp are too wide...I'm just not sure I think 460uhp would be too big...maybe too narrow too!? I want side boob and the 420 will give me that they said.

Any other tips? Must do's? What to buys? I get. Macon bra after surgery out in me and I'm not sure what else I should buy or vitamins to take, scar cream etc?

Any tips most welcome....and please pray it comes round fast lol x

Sports bra post op?

So after my op I will be supplied with a macom bra which they said I need to wear for the first week. Do you think something like this would be good for afterwards?

Help!!! 420hp or 460ehp?!

So my surgeon is ordering 420HP and 460EHP...pretty certain it will be the 420's and I loved the sizers I tried on nurse said if there's any chance they look a bit too side booby on me he would do 460EHP if I wanted...I've asked for the digital images, not great as I'm leaning back slightly in pic so boobs look further apart than they actually are but can you see any difference....what should I do....arghhhhh I do have wish pics on my profile and I guess I'm a bit concerned the EHP will be a bit stuck on....

Anyone gone over the muscle?

Im due to have 429hp overs and am curious what do your boobs feel like? Are they really hard? Soft?

19 days to go!!!!??

Omg I can't believe I'm nearly there!!!! Just a tad confused I've read lots about people going to hospital for Mrsa tests and bloods...I've got a pre op phone all on Thursday but I've no appointment to do bloods etc!!??? Should I be calling them or will they sort it?

How accurate were your rice sizers?

I decided to try mine in one of the 32dd wireless bras I have bought for post op...these are filled to 420 which is what I'm having...how accurate do you think they are? X

So paranoid about having a cough or cold :(

So as a mum of 3 and I teach primary kids 2 days a week I'm so paranoid about getting ill with 13 days to go! My youngest has a cough and I'm terrified if I get a cough or cold my surgery will be cancelled....I've waited 7 months for the 21st and can't bear the thought that it gets cancelled....any tips on managing my stress or what would happen if I did have a cough etc? I'm eating healthy and getting 8-9 hours sleep a night etc. Lots of water and oranges xx

Eeek this time next week!

I'll be out lol. I've had a very stressful week be anxious, not about the op but about getting ill and it be cancelled! I've had a thickly cough...I've literally drank my body weight in lemon and honey hot water and have stemmed the life out of myself lol but no cold and cough seems to be nothing too bad so it hoping my op will still go ahead ????

getting lots of sleep and rest and trying to keep myself as healthy as possible but so anxious I'll get really ill or something lol

2 days to go.....omg lol

I can believe that after 7 months since my booking, my op is literally just around he corner....feel a mixed bag of emotions....excited, nervous, eeekkkkkk.....my first Saturday night without alcohol in a long time lol feels very strange....bag is packed and I'm gonna get last few early nights to prepare me but my next pics with prob be in theatre eeeekk

I'm here!!

Nurse and surgeon etc...so excited and bloody nervous too lol

Girls are in!

So all went ok, not entirely sure what size went in I will update, felt very calm in theatre and everyone was very reasuring. Last thing I remember is the nurse holding my hand and my head went cold and that was it. Woke up in recovery very shaky and had a bit of a temperature but it seems to have come down now. I've had my soup and roll and lots of tea lol! Slight tightness but no pain at all so all good....hers my first pics!

Managed to get in my pjs :)

Swollen and bloated obviously but think they will be good x


Can't wait for these babies to drop n fluff ????????

48 hours post op

Thought I would update today as have noticed a slight change. Yesterday morning I was checked over at hospital as had an overnight stay, Mr Richards likes his clients to stay one night. I slept reasonably well but woke very achey so have started on regular paracetamol, codeine and an anti inflammatory twice a day. My husband picked me up with the children and they were told I'd pulled muscles in my arms at the gym so we're very careful with me although it's really difficult I'm so aware of them jumping nearly me especially my younger two who are only 3 and 4. We went for a bite to eat and then I rested most of the afternoon watching tv in bed. I have been fitted with a macom bra which I have to keep on for 24 hours a day until my follow up appointment on the first one they gave me was too tight so Aggie changed it and it felt so much better but she's given me the other one too as she said it will fit me in a few weeks so that's a bonus...

Last night I slept from 10:30-7 propped up in bed so feel pretty good in myself. Still achiness a lot obviously and rightie feels more under my armpit than leftie but as the nurse said to me "remember they will act like sisters, not twins :)" I love that!

I'm obviously not looking without the bra but can feel more fullness in the lower pole already...I've taken a picture so you can see...both breasts seem a lot less pointy already don't you think? Not had a number 2 yet which I was warned about to tummy still quite bloated in pics X

4 days post op

So I'm still on pain meds...rightie hasn't been too bad but lefty has felt really uncomfortable and tight. I get occasional stabbing pains in the side of the boob which I believe is the nerves knitting back together so it not too worried about that. Plus the discomfort goes completely when I sit down so I think it's the gravity that plays a part. I think they look not too bad so far from the front but side profile is crap at the mo....look so cone like....hope they fill out at the bottom in time...can't believe I'm even writing that I've read so often that they will but just get angsty about it...but 4 days in is nothing right!

This evening the discomfort has eased a bit and I'm much less tired which considering its Christmas Day and I've done loads is pretty good! Q

Dropping from the top..

So I'm feeling like they are definately moving down from my arm pits which is great but still very linty from the side so can't wait for the loser pole to round up but I guess I'm only a week in! Still discomfort but getting easier and starting to get softer but a long way to go yet! Interestingly I've felt not too comfortable in my bra...like it's too tight but it's on the loosest setting so I tried it on the tightest setting and it seems better so maybe the girls needed more support! I've still git yo leave the bra on but I did manage a very sneaky quick peak ;)

7 day check

So I just got back from my one week check..nurse was amazed at how they look for a week, dropping so well. All pain and discomfort has gone now and my insisions are looking amazing, I'll show pics on Friday when I change my strips. They are getting so much softer everyday and I'm starting to feel like they are filling out my tips better from the bottom as they are rounding out. Here's my latest pics

Squashier but still swolled

At 9 days post op I'm happy to be allowed an hour a day bra free however I did freak this morning that they looked massive but they are still very swollen behind my nipples...can't pinch my nipple at all as hard behind...softening nicely at top and sides though. They are always a bit achey when I wake but it eased off when it up and walking. Not quite so pointy now so getting there. I had another dream last night that they fluffed and were by my belly button god I hope they don't lol!! Funny thing happened last night at a party...I've been wearing such huge padded bras now that nobody will likely notice, a friend of mine said my best mate rest fancies he he saw you last week he's a big tit man lol...I thought wicked and that was with my padded bra only lol X a few update pics to to show how they are getting a bit softer each day and how they sit on me so far although I know this will change and I'm dying to get my Christmas bloat away too :( x

Just a quick try

So I'm now 10 days post op and I thought I'd try quickly try on my sports bra I bought for post op workouts when I can go back to the gym. It's a 34dd and think it will be perfect.

Insisions at 10 days

Just a couple of pics as I've changed my tapes. Healing beautifully and I think they will fall in the crease perfectly. The redness is from ten tape coming off ouch lol! I also have a small bruise under my nipple X

In vests with and without bra 11 days post op

Just a few pics to show how they sit on my petite frame so far. Grey top with sports bra underneath, white vest bra less

Nearly 2 weeks

Well I'm nearly 2 weeks post op and doing great. No pain or anything and getting so much softer everyday, my hubby can't believe the difference in how they feel after even a day or so. I have briefly out them in a bra to see shape and I absolutely love them! I feel they are starting to fill out more at the bottom now too. Im feeling major frustration at having to wait another month to go back to the gym :( feel like all the hard work I did will have gone to pot which is so frustrating but then I guess I've got a while before summer clothes! ;)

Incicsions at 14 days

I'm really pleased with how they are coming on, healing very well I think?

Soooo soft love them! 16 days post op

So I'm 16 days post op now and am so happy, they are so soft, so squishy and feel like they have always been there! All pain and aching has subsided and I'm still having hour a day bra less which is nice however the macom bra is so super comfy I'm honestly happy wearing it! I've added a few pics to show progress so far. Think they've still got more dropping into the bottom to do to give some underboob but all good so far I just forget they are there until I look down lol

3 weeks post op...

So recovery is going well,Mao well I forget I have them, completely feel like a part of me now! Still a little shiny around the base and slight tightmess when I left my arms to wash hair but nothing major. My left is slightly bigger, always has been but wasn't enough to warrant a bigger implant but my ocd keeps kicking in but I just need to be realistic p, no two boobs are ever identical right?! Very soft, very squishy X

Squishing as video at 3 weeks

Just to show you how they feel at 3 weeks xx

Sooooo happy with them...nearly 1 month post op

So I'm nearly one month post op and feeling amazing..no pain, no aches, no numbness and hey are getting softer every day. I've been massaging them too and have noticed the increase in underboob coming now and less roundness at the top which is great. I've been given the go ahead to do gentle lower body exercises and walking on the treadmill so I'm going to hit the gym later in my new sports gear ;) I absolutely love them, I can play them up in a ouch up bra or I can wear them natural and they just look lovely and full. My husband speaks worried about the size I had chosen as I am petite but he absolutely loves them like mad lol!!!!

Pics to show proportions to my body

A few pics to show how they are in proportion to my body. The second pic is lying on my side, they really feel so real now and I feel the pic shows how they move when I'm lying down...feel very soft and no different to my boobs pre op just bigger lol X

A few pics in tops...5 weeks post op.

Just a few fun pics at 5 weeks post op. So happy with everything I chose. I'm only petite but I wanted big boobs and feel they are absolutely perfect no regrets re size what so ever! If anybody doubts going big do it :)

Approaching 6 weeks post op...can't wait for new bras

somibe been wearing a really soft bra now on and off and my macom at night and I've noticed that they seem to be dropping faster, whether it's the br or just concidence I don't know but I'm very happy with them. I'm hoping I will have the Ll clear for the gym in Wednesday at my check up as I'm getting a bit flabby lol! All my fears about overs have not happened, they definately are exactly what I wished for X

Scars at 6 weeks

Pretty happy with my scars at this stage. I have to lift my boobs up now to see the scars.

Body proportions

Just a show to show my boobs in proportion to body in lined unpadded bra.

Finally measured

So I had my 6 weeks check and Adrian said everything was fantastic! He took me into the offices to meet some of the Aurora girls that look after the real self bits for him and they were so lovely. I got myself measures and I'm a 32e so finally have some lovely underwear :)

32e bustin out lol

So I tried in a few new bras (it's a new hobby of mine) and loved the colour of this one but hmmmmm boob bulge in a 32e lol I'm not complaining. I'm nearly 3 months in and couldn't be happier, they are so natural and soft and squishy it's like I should always have had them x

Wow nearly three months in

Just a quick update and I will post more pics soon but all is fab I'm now completely back to my normal weights at the gym and they feel 100% part of me now. I'm using bio oil on my scars so will update with pics soon. So glad I went for this size hey are perfect for me X

Squishiness update video

Squishiness at 3 months

Explicit - Click to view

Thought I'd upload a video to show how soft they've gotten in 3 months. I can really squish them together now and they jiggle like real boobs lol! I love how I can play them up with a push up bra or natural braless with a strapless dress etc...really love them x

8 months on....could not be happier!

So here I am 8 months post op and I am sooooo happy! I had the perfect size, they sit perfect and are so squishy! I love being able to go braless and have fantastic shape! My scars well I can't really see them tbh! In love ????

I spent a long time looking around for surgeons and visited a few prior to seeing Adrian. I was very disappointed with other companies and surgeons lack of personality and reassurance etc. When I met the team at Aurora I instantly knew it felt right. Sinead and Aggie were amazing, so understanding and reasuring about all my concerns and questions. I had my sizing appointment and Sinead was so understands about the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted even though the implant seemed large for my frame, she sought second opinions from Aggie and they both reassured me that it would be great. My surgery went fantastically and the hospital staff and room was absolutely fabulous. I have exactly what I wanted and could not be happier. I highly recommend Adrian and the team in every way possible, I have no regrets, no questions unanswered and just feel amazing!

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