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Here goes nothing. I am looking to get 350cc under...

Here goes nothing. I am looking to get 350cc under the muscle moderate profile on 1/16/14. I currently weigh 115 pounds. When explaining sizes, styles answering questions he looked me and my husband straight in the eyes, not at my boobs while I was sitting shirtless on the table. It made me feel very comfortable. My Pre-Opp is Jan 3rd at 3:00pm.

Today's Update - More about me!

A few more things I forgot to mention. I am currently 31, almost 32. I've wanted this procedure since as long as I can remember. A few months ago, before I booked my consult, I mentioned to a group of friends that I was going to get it done. As a lot of ladies on here said, it wasn't a good experience. Everyone was a Debbie downer. So I have decided to only tell my best friend and that is all. She was totally supportive. So is my husband and has been there every step of the way. My main concern is that my "day job" is very conservative, all business! And no one that I work with daily knows that I am getting this done. I am a bit worried they will know I wasn't truly "sick" which is the only way I can take off of work. Oh well. I just want to in the evening when I get home put on a nice dress or shirt and not feel completely flat. NYE I actually thought about putting on 2 strapless bras as my dress was not flattering at all in that area.

On another note, my husband and I are planning on trying to start having a family this summer. I asked Dr. F. what his thought were about me waiting. He said it could take years to conceive, you never know, and in the mean time you keep putting it off. He also said many of his patience in the same phase as me end up pregnant the first year post-opp. He said, the boobs couldn't have hurt those chances... he is right.

For ladies who have been thinking about this as long as I have. I think you just need to do it. Start with your consult and then book your surgery. Do your research beforehand to narrow your doctors down to one or two. Then you can't keep pushing off your surgery because of more consults.

One thing, there is something to say about a well "worn" office. If you look around and notice furnishings are not updated in the lobby or something else along those lines, it means your doctor is not charging you more to pay for those expensive lobby items. To redo an office furnishings can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and someone has to pay for it... more than likely it is going to be increased client costs. As long as your doctors procedures are current and their medical equipment is up to date, that is where the doctor should be spending their money. Dr. F. has been doing BA since 1989. He also does reconstructive surgery at the hospital for breast cancer patients and I really liked that. This is his own practice.

BAD BOOBS Collection! I will be taking this to pre-opp tomorrow! Eeek

Pre-Opp Done! Check! Eeeeekkk!

Wow I can not believe even after my first post you ladies already are there to support. I guess no one understands this journey as much as you do! Today was my pre-opp. Yay! Needless to say I am not nervous at all. I think because I have been too busy to think about it. The doctor was right in line with everything that I wanted. It was like he read my brain. Weird! We are going with 350 silicone mod profile. I typically wear a 32A (b) if VS. After he held up the implant to my breast he explained the more CCs I go with a Mod profile, the wider the implants are, which can make for more side boob. (we originally started at 325, not much of a difference but for a small rib cage it can be). He said anything above 375 he would want to go High Mod or High Profile so I would not get side boob. I appreciated the advice! During pre-opp they took those awful before pictures. After I saw them I thought "why didn't I do this sooner." After all I am in my early 30's and ready to have a family. May have had more fun in my 20's. Oh well, lesson learned.

One thing I can not stress enough is how much I HATE NEEDLES. If get blood taken or a shot, and I am passed out on the floor, nauseous, dizzy for almost an hour. It is terrible! I think I attribute it to when I was little the doctors use to strap us to the table to give us our shots. I'm pretty sure it scarred me for life. So I was very adamant today about knowing step by step what would happen up until surgery. The nurse informed me they didn't do the IV until I was laying on the table just minutes before surgery. I saw a lot of ladies on here get there IV then have to wait hours or get the IV then fill out all the paperwork, pre-opp meeting etc. I think I would die of a heart attack sitting there with the needle in my arm. I asked her to make the time I get the needle to the time I am knocked out as short as possible. It is the MAIN reason why I have waited so long for this procedure.
I have started stocking up on the necessities for pre and post opp which I will post soon.

So it's totally official. I paid my outstanding balance today!

I'm attaching the pics of my "yes I want these." The first pic is the one the doctor is really going by! YAY!

Before Pictures

Sine I know how obsessed I've been looking at breasts 24-7 these days, I decided I probably am not the only one. I guess it amazes me how much everyone's natural look is so different. Main stream media shows amazing breasts on every woman on TV so it's easy to forget how that is not natural. So with that here are befores with the white sports bra I purchased for after I can take off the post Opp bra. Once again I am a 32a. The bra is a 34 to help make up for swelling however it seems tight around my rib cage as is. It is the bra many ladies on here suggested we purchase. I'm saving the receipt just in case.

Bra Update

I purchased the Fruit of the Loom - Fit for Me sports bra made of Nylon and Spandex with the eyelits in the front to get it on and off easy. I purchases 2 @ Walmart for $9.94 each. They also had some colored ones Fruit O.T.L. But not "Fit for Me." I didn't like them as much as the cotton wasn't stretchy.

Victoria Secret! They know How to market

Hey ladies. After reading many many reviews it seems Victoria Secrets marketing plan is to make us feel better about our size. I have noticed when Froot of the Loom says you are an A Cup. VS says we r a B cup. When pretty much any company says your a B cup, VS says your a C cup. It's genius. They make us feel better about our cup size so we keep purchasing their bras. I never thought about it. I'm not going to lie, if after surgery I end up a D cup, I'm purposefully getting a bra from VS so I can say I'm a DD... At least to myself. I think we all need to go in the bra business and increase everyone by 1.5 sizes. Take that VS and your fancy $50 bras!

Operation - Supply List - pun intended

Since I have spent a lot of time looking at breast photos, I also liked when ladies posted supply pics so I Can get the same stuff. Here are some of my supplies.

Supply List #1

1 - Dr. Teal Epsom Salts - Walmart $4.87 (heard from another lady that even sitting in 2 inches of water and some salts can do wonders)
2 - Triple Fiber Pills by Renew Life - Amazon $17 (a lady on here who's had 7 augmentations said to start these 3 days before surgery and continue after to help prevent constipation. Dr. F. also cleared)
3 - Prune Juice by Sunsweet - Walmart $3.98 - also to help prevent constipation
4 - Palmers Shea Butter Formula w/ Vit. E - Walmart $5.28 - I liked this better than their coco butter formula as Shea is better to prevent stretch marks - Going to start using this on my breasts 10 days pre-opp
5 - Dial Soap - Antibacterial Hand Soap - Walmart $1.98 - Suggested to use this to shower the morning of surgery
6 - Straws - Walmart $.98 - for post opp bed table
7 - Tylenol Extra Strength - Walmart $8.95 - Doctor said NO Advil, Aspirin, Only Tylenol help with pain
8 - Pillows - and lots of them - FREE from around my home

More to come...

Moment of Excitement!

So I am having a moment of excitement which seems to be happening more and more as surgery gets closer. Yesterday when shopping for even just sports bras and looking at the "D" size, it felt surreal.... magical, like a dream come true. I can't really seem to concentrate on anything else right now except how excited I am. Even when doing another task it isn't long until my mind wonders to thinking about how I will look after they are done and settled. In an earlier moment of excitement I almost told another one of my friends, but realized it was a moment of excitement so to just breathe! I am happy I didn't. Once again, I think unless you have gone through this or want it done, you really do not understand and people can be very opinionated. So I went onto another task. This is my first full week back to work with all of the holidays in a few weeks. I think it is going to be a slow week, especially with all this nasty weather! Still excited! Watching "Storage Wars" to try and keep my mind occupied.

My baby!

This is my sweetheart and will be my companion after surgery, along with my cats and husband. I gave her a bath today and trimmed her hair. She was so cute I had to take a pic for everyone.

Important Tips! Who knew?

I didn't know the tip about the nail polish. This is from the "mentor implant" website.

If you smoke, it is essential that you reduce or stop smoking before your procedure and for some time afterward. Be sure to discuss this openly with your doctor.
Make sure your physician is aware of any medications, supplements, and herbs you are currently taking. For instance, certain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen can cause bleeding problems during and after the procedure. Carefully follow your physician’s instructions and do not take these medications for a few weeks prior to your procedure.
Eat a healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol a few days prior to your procedure.
Exercise is generally good for your overall health; however, refrain from extremely vigorous exercise the day before your breast augmentation procedure.
Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight the night before the procedure.
The night before your procedure, shower and wash your surgical areas with antimicrobial soap. After your shower do not wear any makeup, moisturizers, oils, creams, or lotions — including deodorant.
Remove nail polish from at least one fingernail and toenail to help the anesthesia person monitor your blood circulation during your procedure.
The morning of your breast augmentation procedure you may brush your teeth, but do not swallow more than a sip of water. If your physician allows you to take any prescribed medication, swallow it with a minimal amount of water.
When you go to your physician's office, wear loose-fitting clothes that open in the front and comfortable flat shoes that slip on.

9 More Days!

Eeeek! I can not believe how fast today went. Who am I kidding, I thought that next Thursday would take forever to come... it won't! Soon I will talk about it like it was last Thursday. Does anyone know if your doctor would write you a slip for time off work? My surgery is Thursday the 16th and I am taking off the 16th and 17th. My job is closed on Monday due to the holiday but am afraid on day #6 I still will not be doing good. My job requires a note for any days taken over 3. I'm interested in knowing if surgeons would give a note off for recovery.?? Any info would be helpful.

Supply list #2

A few more items that I picked up to help with recovery...

9 - Hylands Arnica 30x - Harris Teeter $4.99 - they are supposed to help with healing of bruising and swelling. Looking in Walmart but couldn't find them.
10 - Lemon Ginger Tea - $2.49 Walmart. ginger is supposed to help with upset stomachs and overall healing
11 - Pineapple also supposed to help with swelling
12 - Hand Lotion
13 - Chap Stick
14 - Body Wipes - Mary Kay offers a nice pack
15 - Garbage Can
16 - Magazines
17 - iPad
18 - Fuzzy Socks

I also purchased a 36 Fruit of the Loom "Fit for Me" Bra just in case the 34 is too tight

Having an emotion!

Ok ladies this week has flown by and I'm having n emotion. This week I've been walking around like a zombie as my company announced some Huge management changes, so much so, that every leader I know above me got demoted. So it just hit me tonight that one week from now I will hopefully be all curled up on those pillows mentioned above in recover.

What I have been doing is going back and forth with is the size that I have chosen. I don't want this surgery for another 15 years so will 350 be fun enough but hideable for my body size? These are my thoughts. The doctor said he didn't want to go bigger than 350. I've looked at at her women on this site with that size and some seem ginormous to me... And others do not!

I've tried Mentors website where you can take a pic and upload it and make adjustments... But it doesn't work right.

The one thing that I'm thinking is that I am moving to Charleston, SC in May as my husband got transferred. So basically I am starting a new life with people who do not know me. So with my new boobs, those people will not know me any different... That makes me happy. Not that I really care what people in my current area think I just don't want to deal with knowing I'm getting talked about. I hate drama!

I picked up my arnica pills tonight and am confused. Can I start taking them 7 days pre Opp? Did anyone have Any complications, more bleeding from them?

5 More Sleeps!

So of course surgery is a few days away and I've been invited to two happy hour gatherings right before. I just need to remember it will all be worth it :) yay

For the past week I've been wearing my 13 year old Victoria Secret gel bra that increases your breast size by 2 cups. It's my favorite bra, of course, as it doesn't make my chest look weird like the newer bombshell VS bras do. It gives the side view of a more tear drop breast and a nice full C cup. It's going to be strange to not have to wear it anymore. I've been wearing it to get other people use to thinking that I have big boobs so after surgery it will just seem normal. My husband asked today if my post opp will look like it does when I wear that bra... I hope that it does.

What I'm really getting excited for is shopping for new bras. There is a sense of pride that I know will be there carrying a "D" bra to the counter rather than an "A." I could see myself getting carried away shopping for new bras. Does anyone know when is a good time after surgery to get fitted? I don't want to shop prematurely, as I am sure that it is hard not too.

Going for my prescriptions tomorrow... Time is flying.

I will post a pic of me in my gel VS bra so I can compare later in my journey. I wish they still made that bra!

Almost Here!

Surgery day is 4 days away. Eeeekkk! I almost wish all of us could line up on tables together and get this surgery all at the same time with everyone else. This is crazy! I'm trying to keep my mind busy and am positive this week will just fly by. I am thinking about going for a massage tomorrow since it will be months until I can lay on my stomach comfortably with someone pushing on my back. Are we all just crazy?

My FAVORITE bra! Pics

Here are the pics of my VS gel bra that is at least 10 years old but I could never give up. I love the way it looks under a shirt and really really hope my new boobs looks like this also. It's not attractive to look at by itself... But I didn't care. Hope I have these results or better!

Super Tired Today!

Today was a very busy and long day. I am thankful that surgery is not tomorrow as I think the morning would be really tough. Only 3 more days! I took a shower tonight and looked down to check that my real one's were still there. Trying to think of what they are going to look like after I am all done... I really hope good! Fingers crossed! Spending an evening with the hubby. Night night!

All Done! I can't believe it.

Wanted to give a quick update. What an amazing office. I walked in at 7:30am, signed paperwork, spoke to the anesthesiologist who said due to my needle anxiety would numb my vein with the smallest needle possible before starting IV. I walked into the surgery room and laid on what I thought looked like an embombing table , kind of freaked me out. Everyone in the room, mostly nurses, were so calm...l helped my anxiety trade doubly. I laid down and the anesthesiologist came over and put the pin size needle in my vain (a dentists Novocain needle hurt worse than this one. )The IV went in, as I stared at the opposite wall. I started to think of my happy place which I go to when I'm nervous, of course it's the beach. Within seconds I was having the most wonderful dream. Then I heard the nurse call my name and then took me to recovery. As I woke up I remember saying to the doctor, " that was it, I should have done this 10 years ago." Lol

In recovery the nurse put a heating blanket on me. The doctor gave me several meds in my IV for nausea, to help me have a BM, more pain meds. It's was like everything I could have needed they took care of it all.

Starting to get sore from typing. Found that relaxing my muscles as much as a can is best. Does anyone know if I should be trying tomorrow to get up? Dreading morning boob but I'm planning on taking meds during the night so hopefully I can get through this!

Day 1 post Opp.

I slept pretty good last night. Today was very painful though getting up to go to the bathroom. I felt tightness, stinging, weight and pressure all at the same time. Thank god for my hubby even just helping me pull my pants down. I heard I wouldn't be able to move my arms but never understood fully what that meant.

A few tips. My heating pad on my back last night was heavenly. Your back muscles get tight so that really helped me sleep. Surgical bra is starting to get uncomfortably tight in the front. I took a dry washcloth and rolled it up to put under my cleavage part of the band for some relief. So far that has helped a lot.

My arm pit muscles are killing me. I think it's more from the deep tissue massage a few days ago. She was rubbing the lower part of my rotator cuffs, which are under your arm. Ouch. Maybe should have done my massage a week ago.

I went with 350cc and can't imagine how ladies with no breast tissue go large. I guess my pain tolerance is low because this is enough.

Love This Resting Time!

So I was just thinking I can't remember the last time I laid in bed for days and did nothing but watch Netflix and read. It is one good reason to do this is the winter as I'm sure if it was nice outside I would be pushing myself more. I'm enjoying the relaxation.

Once again I can't believe I did it. My best friend even said to me today she can't believe I went through with it. Lol

So I've noticed the skin area on my sides under this surgical bra is very sore. I think bc this thing is too tight. But I've read from other boards that the bra needs to be tight so the girls fall straight and not to the side. Is this true?

No BM since 30 min before surgey yesterday. I've taken my fiber pills but only have gas... Nothing else. Starting to get worried. Maybe I need more prune juice.

Feeling a bit tired but going to try and stay awake so I sleep good tonight. Love this forum for us to get out our thoughts!

Post Opp Day #2

Slept really well last night. So much so i didn't have to take meds until this morning. Got up, walked around a bit, hubby made breakfast, then now back to bed. My boobs are feeling a bit achy today. My nipple on my left breast has a slight burning sensation. With a little rubbing it feels better.

This bra though is uncomfortable. Cutting into my skin. I'm going to unbutton it for a few to help relieve them a bit. Thinking of taking a nap soon. Thank goodness for my heating pad. Moving it from one arm pit to the other.

Thank God For Fruit of the Loom

I couldn't take the surgical bra band digging in me anymore. It was causing swelling from cutting off my circulation. I decided to switch into my 36 Fruit of the Loom bra from Walmart... Instant relief! The cotton is so much more comfortable and the band is not digging into my skin. Was able to come down and start watching a movie with my hunnie... Ended up with a dog and cat on my lap. It was nice to be a bit back to normal.

Still no BM so I've decided to try Tylenol tonight. Took 2 pills 2 hrs ago after Milk of Magnesia 4 hrs ago. Heading to bed soon but kind of enjoying time out of bed.

Post Opp Day #3

I can't believe its day 3 already. Tomorrow is my first post Opp appointment. Only took Tylenol last night and today so far. Wasn't liking the constipation from the meds. On that note I broke down and did an enema. It worked immediately thank goodness. Have my best friend coming over today and didn't want to stink her out from the crazy gas. Lol.

I've finally taken pics standing up. In my mind they look huge which I know most of it is swelling. But still wow! It makes me excited for a bathing suit. I can def notice now my writing arm side is ridding higher however I noticed across the bottom it is lower. I don't know if that has to do with the incision as one breast it seems more off to the side and the other directly underneath. It could do with the swelling I guess as far as where I see the incision.

Took the bandages off and put on more Vaseline around my nipples and Shea lotion around the rest. Today is nice because I can move my arms with little soreness. Looking forward to a shower later today.

That's all for now, back to sleep. Another nap is calling my name .

Buy An Enema pre Opp and Gatorade

Yes it's gross. But I'm so thankful I had one tucked downstairs. After no BM for several days, not wanting to eat, feeling nauseous this morning.... Something had to be done. And since I was able to move my arms freely today I could do it myself.

Of course I then needed to hydrate and at this point water wasn't doing it for me anymore... Hubby picked up Gatorade and I feel so much better.

My best friend is coming over to watch a movie so I'm signing off for now. Hugs!

Post Opp Day #4

Had my 1st post Opp appointment today. PS said they look great and were soft. I take that as a good sign. I asked him about the scar, if he recommended any specific cream. He said there is a new non retail prescription recently on the market that combines the best of all cream on the market that may be covered by my insurance. He said to give him a copy of my insurance card and the cream company will actually contact my insurance to negotiate a FREE prescription. He said if my insurance doesn't accept the negotiation then the company will still send me a free sample. We can then talk about what he recommends for me to buy at the store.

That was awesome news. The company is trying to get this cream on the market and my PS said it has the best results of any product he has seen. Tomorrow I'm going to email him and get the name of the cream for you ladies to inquire about.

On another note he took the bandages off today and I am very happy with the way he sewed me back up. It looks like a clean cut sewn perfectly together. Yay.
I was worried ask as I noticed some ladies on here had a lot of "puckering" around their skin from the stitches that looked like a hot mess... Very sloppy PS work. Thank goodness not in my case!

Let's talk about energy. I've felt sooooo exhausted. So I decided this afternoon it is time for a banana and spinach smoothie with some ice and a bit of milk. Doesn't sound good but you actually barely taste the spinach.

As far as tomorrow, my area of the country I is sporting 5-7 inches of snow. The bad part of that is part of my responsibility at work is to shovel. Ugh! My hubby has volunteered to help. I am hoping it is late enough in the afternoon that the company shuts us down before I would have to shovel.

Post Opp Day 5! I'm a bruiser lol

Since we were expecting a dumping of snow I took the day off. Didn't want to chance anything and I am happy that I did. It's been snowing for 3 hrs and will continue all day which means I would have been shoveling all day. Not good for the new girls.

I noticed yesterday my bra was causing one of my sides stitches to be very swollen and sore, thanks to taking pics for this post. So I tucked wash clothes on each side under my bra to give some relief over night. Today is much better.

My pics... I bruise soooo easy so I'm actually shocked they do not look worse then they are. For the underside I feel like my boobs looks huge and same from the front... But top looking down not as much. Interesting how the different angles look.

Softness today on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say is an 8. Feeling a lot nicer then even yesterday. My husband had a nice time last night massaging them for me lol. To make him a part of this I told him that is his daily task for a while... No complaining from him. Lol. Men.

Oh, it tried on my favorite bathing suite top and to my delight it fits! Yay! The only difference is the " stuffing" as all natural now. Yay. I'm thinking about how to get to the beach for a vaca... And fast!

Neosporin. Why all the controversy?

My doctor told me Neosporin is ok to use on the cut until my scar cream comes in. I told my best friend and she told me to be cautious. I guess there is a lot of controversy out around this product. Anyone in the medical field can tell me why?

Vaseline. Doctor told me I can use this but suggested Neosporin. Something to think about is every time you or someone else dips their finger in the container you are transferring bacteria which can end up on ur wound and cause infection. Good to note! Vaseline should come out with a squeeze tube!

I have heard there is controversy over Neosporin but can't find anything online. I did read that because it sits in the cut it creates a breeding ground for bacteria so using nothing is better then something but that would be true for Vaseline also... However I Aldo did read to not let your wound air dry without something on it to help heal. Im so confused.

Seriously dying. Need bra help!

Well back to work today... And the girls are feeling the pain. I tried not using my chest muscles but open and closing doors throughout the day took its tole.

I really need suggestions. I typically wear a 32 band but have been wearing up to a 36 and the pressure is killing me. These girls are a lot bigger then I anticipated. Can someone suggest a bra I can go purchase this weekend somewhere to wear immediately? Do sports bras even come in cup sizes? At this point the feeling of them squishing into my body is really hurting. I want something that gives support but doesn't squish them into my rib cage. Help!

Post Opp Day 7

Wow. Thank goodness it is Friday. I couldn't take the bra situation anymore. Seems I think all the sports bras were too small that I purchased. The issue is I am measuring a 32 however my cup is currently an E!!!OMG! I know it will go down when they settle but gees. Don't get me wrong it's kind of cool to say I'm an E right now especially since no one a work even seems to notice since my clothing is all layers for the cold.

On another note I was at CVS and purchased the TV advertised Genie bra. So far it is the only one I can wear that isn't totally making the girls feel painfully squished.

Pain! Since going back to work my boobs have been throbbing. I think it's the muscles because I use my arms a lot during the day. I noticed if I really try and relax my arms... It helps! The past tonight's I had to take 1/2 a Hydrocodon because the throbbing was unbearable. The pills helped a ton with sleeping!

Also my stitches. The were getting really irritated and I now think it was the band pressure from the other bras. So I washed them and decided to go with Neosporin instead of Vaseline with bandages. So much better today. Neosporin has bacteria fighting properties that Vaseline doesn't have... And Vaseline can house bacteria from the container.

I can say right now I am feeling the most back to normal that I have since surgery. It's almost hard to believe its only been 8 full days since surgery.

Day 7 more pics

Day 9 Post Opp

Hey ladies. So I think I discovered the secret to normalcy. MASSAGE! My husband has massaged my breasts almost every night for 30-45 min. Of course no complaining! At first I was kidding around about him doing this but I can't believe my progress. The pain is almost entirely gone and they are dropping nicely. Plus since he does it at night I've been able to sleep comfortably.

What I do is sit in front of him on the floor while he is on the couch massaging from behind using Vaseline. I suggest this instead of lotion as it may get in your stitches and the lotion can burn.

Scar Cream!

Ladies the scar cream I told you about above came to me I the mail today at no charge! The name of it is called Fluticasone/Levoce Gel. I'm including a copy of the print out that came in the package. I have not tried it yet but will start shortly. I have had excellent healing ever since I started using Neosporin nightly.

The print out has a phone number so I am sure you can call it to find out how to get your own prescription from your doctor.

Day 13 post Opp

I have completely noticed the days I use my arms the most, the higher my implants are sitting. They are high today where the last picture update shows one was lower.

Day 17 Post Opp

Wow. Time has flown by! I can honestly say ladies that I feel practically back to normal. I really believe my husbands much needed aggressive massages almost every other day have really helped. No pain anymore at all and I can sleep on my side no problem. I am really concentrating on trying not to use my arms as I notice the implants ride high after a busy day.

The hardest part of this is not going out and buying bras. We have Valentines Day dinner plans so I think a few days before I will need to go buy my first bra. I still can't believe that I did it!

1 month post Opp!

Hey ladies. I haven't been on in a while as we've been so busy (that's me and the girls). I am so happy with decision and can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Recovery has been really easy except the first few days. Massaging is the key!

The only issue I running into which isn't a bad thing is finding bras that fit (without the VS price tag)

6 week post Opp

Well the girls are settling nicely. My writing arm side is having a bit harder time as you can see in the picture. My husband also says that's side is not as soft but I can't really tell a difference. I took a yoga class last week And wow was I sore. I can tell my muscles have deteriorated a bit. I did find two fabulous swim suits at Victoria Secret. One is a bandeau top and the other a halter. Love them both! Can't wait for beach season especially becUse we are moving to the beach in May. I am so exited!

I have a friend who had her breasts done by Dr. F. in McLean, VA and loved the results. He is local to where I live, and is a board certified surgeon. Went in for original consult 2 weeks ago. My friend said Dr. F will tell you, based on your body type, the exact size that would make you proportional. I have wide hips and a small waist so want something that looks proportional. Dr. F. was very professional.

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