Out with the Saline, in with the Gel. 5', 123 Lbs - Tyler, TX

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I had my breast implant replacement and pocket...

I had my breast implant replacement and pocket revision yesterday. 450cc saline changed out to 575cc moderate smooth round gel. Pain has not been even half as bad as the original surgery. So far, loving the look. I am in hopes they don't drop much because I like where they are sitting now. Because it's a revision I have to use extra support with an upward pull (so the pocket revision can settle).

Good bye ace wrap

The post op ace wrap lasted me 3 days. For me it was too wide so it kept wrinkling and causing skin irritations. So yesterday I switched to a post surgical bra I got on Amazon. Ah, so comfortable. And supportive. See pic. Not sure what the surgeon will say on Tuesday but I'm supporting the new girls so hopefully I'm good.

Late depression?

Today I'm exactly 1 week out. I had pocket revision so the bottoms of my breasts are sore. The left one is more so than the right. Especially today. Tylenol doesn't even touch it. My surgeon recommended keeping the girls lifted so the pocket revisions would have a chance to build some scar tissue. I think (at least in my head) that my left one is trying to drop which is NOT what we want yet. Needless to say I have a little bit of anxiety. Called the nurse and she recommended I go back to the ace wrap to lift the implants. Also going on Advil. Took about an hour but I'm starting to feel relief.

Rethinking recovery times

Well it has been 2 weeks since surgery. On one hand that seems so long ago. On the other, the discomfort still reminds me it has not been long. I had surgery on a Thursday and went back to an office job the following Tuesday. Exhausted and sore. By the end of the day I felt more swollen and extremely sore. Enough to medicate with something stronger than Tylenol. Now, 2 weeks later I am feeling better. But just now. I can now make it all day on Advil. I'm still taking something a little stronger at bedtime to help me sleep comfortably and that usually holds me until 5am.
Still not noticing a change from day 1 to week 2 but they have me wearing a very tight bra to lift up versus push down.
What do you think? Honesty appreciated.

Has it ONLY been 3 weeks?

Getting better every day. I'm down to 3-6 Advil a day. Still having to slightly medicate at night. It seems like the sides of my new implants get tight the longer the evening goes. This week I went to an outing and forgot Advil. By the end of the night I had flu like chills and skin sensitivity. I was sure I was getting sick. Got back to hotel and took a very hot bath (kept incisions about the water) and took Advil and the discomfort went away. So I'm thinking now that was my body saying I did too much. As much as I still ache, I can't wait to get back to exercise. Getting flabbier by the day. Senseless chatter. I know. So here's some real stuff. Still have minor discomfort at 3 weeks. Still wearing 2 bras during day and one at night for added support (and comfort). Not massaging yet. Steri strips fell off today. Next check up is on Monday.

Turned the corner but with mixed feelings

Well I've made it to week4. I had another follow up with surgeon this week. Weeks ago when I ran out of my one and only fill in pain pills I switched to Tylenol, which did not help at all. I called the office and his nurse said I could switch to Advil. So, I've been taking 3 Advil 3 times a day for weeks. This week my doctor thought that it may be too much. So he gave me another Rx for prescription pain medication. Wow what a difference that has made. I have taken 1.5 pills every night before bed and finally have gotten almost a full nights sleep. I feel like I have finally turned the corner. He also has now let me start moving my implants. I'm to push them up 10 times twice daily. Still wearing 2 bras to keep them off the bottom pocket work. But it actually feels good. Emotionally: I like the cleavage or closeness I have. My mixed feelings are in the size. Should I have gone bigger? They look the same as my ore op to me. Am I just not seeing the changes?

Turned the corner!

Wow what a difference a week can make. Since last md visit I have done something. The pain meds he prescribed said take 1-2; so I've been taking 1 and a half almost every night. That has really helped me sleep more soundly. In return, the nipple sensitivity is almost gone and muscle pain where he did pocket work is also almost gone. A true testament of how important rest is to heal.
I'm still wearing 2 support bras at all times. Still doing the implant movements upward. As much as I didn't want my implants to drop, it appears they have. But evenly. So that's a good thing. Feeling better about the results. Still haven't totally stopped thinking about "the next revision". Lol. Seriously. Next revision will be a little bigger and add an internal bra to keep the girls lifted up higher. But feeling better right now. ????

You can't stop the healing process

Had a 6 week follow up this week. Wow what a difference a few weeks make in this journey. 2 weeks ago I was still uncomfortable and unsure of my results. This week- I swing more towards the I'm happy stage and less towards the I should've gone bigger stage. Anyways, this week physically I feel like me again. No discomfort at all. It's as if I never had surgery. But, because my original implants had bottomed out and he did pocket work on the revision, no physical activity for ANOTHER 6 weeks. ????. I think this may be worse. Feeling great but not being able to get back into a workout routine. He wants zero bounce and feels like any activity may cause bounce. I feel like I have dropped too much but he says they look perfect. Maybe it's in my head. Would sure like some critical input from you girls....

Is it possible to look fuller?

I'm 10 weeks out now. Still playing it very safe. Still wearing 2 sports bras day and night. Doing the implant lift exercises once a day. Still not exercising...at all. Per doctors orders. So. As you can imagine I'm going nuts. We always want what we can't have right? Follow up and hopeful release to get moving in 2 weeks.
Question for the masses: I think I might look a tad fuller at 10 weeks versus 6 weeks. Maybe because of the implant lifts every day. What do you think? Are my eyes seeing what they want to see?
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Saar did a great job. He listened to my wishes and explained my options. We were able to meet in the middle and come to a great choice for me.

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