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I had tear drop breast implants ( natrelle 510 ...

I had tear drop breast implants ( natrelle 510 MX, 11.6 cm height, 12.5 cm width, 5.6 cm projection) for 9 years ( 2006-2015).

Unfortunatelly, I was unhappy about the size even though, in hindsight, I believe they were proportional as at 5.6 I weighed 110 lbs.

It led to me wearing heavily padded push-up bras, which made the right implant rotate.

I wanted to try an au naturele look therefore I chose to have explantation ( September 28, 2015).

I was debating sizes for quite afew months as following explantation I wasn't happy with a saggy A cup. Unfortunately, I picked the shape, size , and profile that look prepostreous on me, i.e. smooth round Inspira extra high profile Inspira, 525 cc ( May 15, 2016). To avoid the beak/shelf look, my surgeon placed them slightly lower. To no avail.

Inspiras are fuller, and more'high fill' implants, which reduces rippling and makes implants maintain shape. 4 months after reimpplantation, I don't notice the slightest sign of rippling indeed, which is great, the implants have retained exactly the same shape too.

Prior to taking the decision to downsize, I made an effort to put on weight hopeful the look will be more proportional. I took up a 3000-3500 kcal diet on June 13th and put an end to it on August 18 as I suffered too many negative consequences:
skin disease ( dairy, multitude of eggs, plenty of sugar, mainly from fruit but I also had some chocolate, and ice cream as well at times, lots of meat) , which the derm I trust diagnosed on Aug 18th,
very little weight gain ( 6 lbs),
I am now on a vegan diet to detox my body, and not impair the medicine my derm prescribed.
Def no coming back to sugar ( except for safe fruit), and dairy for me . Meat and eggs once in a while.
I had a post op consultation with my surgeon yesterday.
He agreed to downsize, and we arranged for November, or December ( no exact date, he will fit me when it is possible).
I brought up tear drop implants but he strongly deterred me from them as capsule removal would be necessary , which is a no no in my case due to little breast tissue.

To conclude, it has been a rough journey, which has tought me a lot.

It hasn't ended yet and I am looking forward to finding out what's ahead.

I haven't decided on the size but I am thinking of 415 HP. I'd go smaller but I am scared skin won't retract. I am seeing my doctor at the end of October hopeful my skin and digestive system will recover fully , and that we will take best size decision possible.

On a personal note, if I could turn back the time, I wouldn't have trusted the outcomes some women produce. Instead, I would have focused on the ones that don't look retouched.
I'd love to post some photos but the uploading device hasn't been forking for over two months now.
I did pose revision related questions on RS though, and added pictures there so anyone interested in how shaped implants in comparison to round ehp inspira look on me, go ahead.


Current problems:
-the right has bottomed out
-the weight has overburden capillaries and my boobs are often bluish/purplish
- they're too low.

I'm not keen on taking pictures so the one I have on my pad should suffice.

I wish I knew whether 415 cc is light enough to not wind up bottomed out again.


I spoke to my ps on the phone again. He said he couldn't promise there won't be asymmetry after the revision.
I'm disappointed with his attitude. He was assuring me everything will be ok with 525, and that I wouldn't have any skin problems afterwards. I prefer ugly and tough truth than pretty lies. Can't help feeling he intentionally embellished the reality so as to live off me later on too.
I'm considering consulting someone else too.
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