Laser Liposuction, Brazilian Buttlift, Fat Injections + Lipoma Removal :) - Turkey

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Hey guys, Im new to realself and ready to start...

Hey guys, Im new to realself and ready to start sharing my story with everyone! Im from the UK and aged 22 I have had loads of issues with weightloss and still continuing which is very depressing - lost over 20 kg a few years back but with a poor lifestyle gained it back and worse than ever! I developed a few large lipomas on my body which are very ugly!! I have been searching ways to motivate me for the past year to lose weight and look good as dieting has flopped - I tend to lose a few pounds but get discouraged due to my size and appearance so cannot connect with the gym / dieting healthy lifestyle so need that little bit of gas!!

I have decided to go abroad to Turkey on Monday 4th for my surgery as I cannot trust anywhere else and it is very expensive everywhere else!! Will be meeting my surgeon on Monday yet trust him already hoping for the best outcome! It is my first every surgery so really scared and worried about every single moment!

my procedure will consist of :

laserliposuction - on the upper/lower abdomen, flanks, love handles, back, arms and the lipomas,

Brazilian Buttlift - haven't decided on how many cc's as I do not want something very large 600cc on each cheek maybe , will decided together with my surgeon!

Fat injection - on lips (cannot wait for this one lolz really want a nice plump!) im only in my 20's so wont need it anywhere else

I will share every moment of my experience as I know how frustrating it is when seeking for reviews that best match your criteria and circumstances..

I hope everyone gets the results they have been dreaming about, Wish me luck everyone!

Pre op - Backside

Backside before the procedure - Hate it so much!

surgery postponed!

Hey guys, just a quick update - my surgery is cancelled. My doctor said I need to lose some weight prior to the surgery for more safe and effective results. Abit upset but I know its the best option for now..

In regards to the surgeon, Doctor Ercan karacaoglu is amazing! Really good communication with me and my sister, he listened to everything we had to say and treated us so kindly! You could tell he is very professional as he provided us with realistic expectations linked to our individual needs! He treated me with respect and thought about my health and wellbeing 100% !! Such a caring plastic surgeon really love him!

Now.. I will reschedule for a few months later when I have shifted a few pounds to fall into the safe BMI range and have my procedures done!

Will keep updating!


Cant shift any pounds these days... Litrelly trying everything but assuming I have PCos as gp's arent very helpful providing me with 'assumptions'.. Really want a tt done asap but willing to go for laser lipo during the pound shifting process as the less fat you have, the better outcomes and results of the tummy tuck!

Any suggestions/tips?

sister update

As most of you know, I will be having my surgery after summer when Im at my ideal weight. However many of you wanted to see my sisters results. She had laser lipo on full abdominal area, full back including love handles and flanks. Her reults are fantastic however please note she was also not at her ideal weight so requires the same procedure again to have more better results. most photos are 4 months post op!

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