Rhinoplasty by Dr Yakup Avsar Turkey - Istanbul

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Ever since a young age I wanted to get a nose job...

Ever since a young age I wanted to get a nose job but was so afraid with the procedure as years went by my nose started to look bigger I have been called names from family how big my nose is and how its to big for my face. I have been so insucure with my looks if im driving and someone stops next to me I get so uncomfortable thinking they looking at my nose I usaully put my hand near my nose so no one can see my side profile. I done alot research abd found out how dr yakup avsar created his owm top technology by not breaking the nose with a hammer instead his designed his own tools where he works with closed rhino and cuts from inside which leeaves you with no swelling after op and you can breath straight after with no tampons in your nose so this has gave me courage to finally go wity the procedure. I still cant belive im finally getting it done as I had very depressed years about my nosee. I will update again after op with photos please feeel free to messege me with any questions.

nose shape i love

Hi ladys Ok so I have been looking though lots of noses that I wish to have for my results but really not sure if any of them will suit me can anyone help me out please im going to upload the noses that im literally obbsessed with. When I meet my surgent I want to show him a few diff pics of diff people to see what he thinks will suit my face more and to give him ideas of the nose I would love to have..

48 days.. left..trying out sunglasses for the first time

So I just uploaded a pic of me wearing sunglasses just to show you girls how long my nose looks on my small head:( its so depressing I love sunglasses for summer but never ever wear them out as from side profile my nose hump sticks out so hopefully my surgent can achieve a cute nose for me so I can finally wear sunglasses in summer! I know I sound so ridiculous but this shows how unconcious iam about my nose and its the biggest reason why I want a nosejob so badly. I have no confidence at all and hope this will change very soon..

prepared 9 days pre op

So I have 9 days for surgery super exicted but one thing I havent quit smoking and I hard iit can cause complication thats my only worries fingers crossed cant wait to update post of photos and hear you guys thoughts

17 day post op

Hey guys sorry for not updating my forum I have been in a very emotional roller coaster so finally had my op the 2nd 3rd day was living hell for me very swolllon bruised due to my sensitive skin my surgent said it was a hard operation as my hump was very tuff to cut through and my nose was really bent to one side which you couldnt tell from looking at my nose in person just when he was operating he relised how bad it was from inside so he done a good job centering my nose right in the middle of my face. So he took the hump down shortened the length of my nose centrered my nose but he didnt do no tip work as he sakd its naturally in good shape. Just cant wait for this swelling on my nose to go down I look like a avatarrr from front profile.

another front profile pic

Front profile still overly swollon:( its full of fluid as I sent this pic to my surgent and he said my tissue has alot of fluid still have to be so patient:(

29 days post op

Swelling is keep going up and down its so frastrating im hating the scar where he cut both side of my nostril to shorten my nose it just makes my nostril hole look ugly but that will go eventually as its not a permanant scar. I feel so numb my top lip area. its so strange how it effects your face and features for a long time but hey patiency is healing I guess:) my nose has changed dramaticly im loving my new nose even though I still have a long wait for at least 70% of the swelling to go down.
Dr Yakup Avşar

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