Lollipop Lift and Implants W/ Longevita - Turkey

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I always knew I didn't like my breast; almost as...

I always knew I didn't like my breast; almost as soon as i started forming them they grew with a natural droop and very obvious stretch marks. As you can see in my photos
By 14 I was a 32 G (bra size). By 19 I had lost over 2 stones and went down to a 32 E.
Although my breast had always been droopy the weight loss made it substantially worse and I decided I wanted a boob job.

I was surfing the net when I found Longevita; they were professional, friendly and quick to respond.
After arranging dates and sending my pictures, I paid a £250 deposit (deposit prices vary dependent on the procedure) and my date was secure.

Although I was in London, Longevita staff were very accessible, Whatsapp numbers, email address and Skype names were all given to me and after arranging a date I was able to Skype my surgeon with all my questions.

Arriving at Longevita

So after making all arrangements and booking flights the day of surgery finally came.

I stayed at the Wyndam Hotel (booked separately) which was no more than 10 mins from the hospital.

The surgery was done at the Florence Nightingale Hospital and on arrival I was greeted by friendly staff and shown to my room.

I was shown to a private room with an ensuite bathroom and shower.
Nothing fancy, but clean enough for me to feel content.

I did all my blood tests, met the anaesthesiologist and the Dr and before I knew it I was on the way to the operating theatre.
I don't remember much other than being surrounded by doctors/nurses and then waking up in my room.
Shivering from the anaesthetics.

The food was awful, but no suprise there - it is hospital food after all.
The staff were really friendly and helpful, despite the language barrier.
I could call the nurses at any time for a pain relief injection.
The injections went into my upper thigh rather than my drip, no idea why.
It did end up bruising my leg and causing a bit of pain after the first 4 times, but it was a small price to pay.

No Pain No Gain!

Day 1
The first day wasn't as bad as i'd anticipated, I remember looking on YouTube at other girls Vlogs and seeing them in tears, but I was fine!
Don't get me wrong, I was uncomfortable but with all the pain killers I could barely feel a thing.
I could even leave the room when I wanted something.

The drive back to the hotel wasn't great, I could feel every bump, every movement.
A hard feeling to explain but awful nonetheless

Day 2 - 5
I hardly did anything for the first few days other than lay in bed and watch The Walking Dead lol

Girlies, you can kiss sleeping on your stomach or side goodbye !
I had to teach myself to sleep on my back and sometimes I'd even sleep in a chair to save myself the stress when I woke up.

Lifting myself from bed in the morning for the first few days was the absolute HARDEST part of my surgery!

It's like the implants would get used to being in an upright position whilst I was on my back and as soon as I sat up it was like someone was dragging them out of me. And because I couldn't use my arms to help me get out of bed I was relying on my abs for support.
I had pain killers and water by my bed every morning because it was easily the most painful part of my day.

If your going abroad for a breast augmentation don't confuse it with a holiday!
There's no point packing your suite case to the brim like I did because you won't even have the energy to change clothes.
Other than breakfast and dinner I was in pyjamas, I could've travelled with a duffle bag instead of a suite case LOL.

Lollipop Incision Scars

When I first decided to have a boob job I was adamant that I would only have a periareolar lift (where they only cut and lift around the nipple) because it would leave little scaring.

However when I spoke to my surgeon he told me there was too much sag and excesses skin on my breast for such a small lift.
He told me that Peri Areolar lifts are intended women with smaller breast and less sagging.

I was heartbroken I almost cancelled my operation, having minimal scaring was of upmost importance to me but he reassured me that within 6 months the scars would be barely visible and a Lolipop Lift was better than compromising the shape and getting a crappie lift for the sake of a scar, I knew what he was saying made sense so I went ahead.

One week post op the scar were very visible, the first time I saw the scars it shocked me. Because I've never had a surgery before this one or stitches, I started thinking the scars would stay the way they were.
But after a few weeks I could already see the difference.

The right side is doing really well (a lot better than it looks in the picture)
The left side is lagging behind but clearing up all the same

Two Months Later - Scar Update

Hey Girlies,

It's been two months since my breast augmentation w/ lollipop lift.
I'm shocked how well my scars are healing.
When Dr Fuat Yuksel told me in 6 months time the scars would be barely visible I didn't believe, but now I can see the proof for myself.

I've been using a silicone based scar gel to help reduce the scars, it's called Kelo Cote and it has truly helped.

My skin is prone to keloid scarring and its something I was quite worried about, luckily I only have a small section of skin under my right breast that slightly rose whilst the rest of my scars healed well.

However the Kelo Cote scar gel is designed to battle Keloid Scars and I've already seen a difference even though I've been using it for less than a month.

I would definitely recommend it to all.


Here is a photo of both breast together, for those who asked about symmetry
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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