Fisher Doll To Be March 2016

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Hello everyone, I have been guided to this site...

Hello everyone,

I have been guided to this site through a friend who will also be coming with me to have butt implants and fat transfer at Comfort Zone in Turkey. I have had brief consultation with Dr Mete Aksu few months ago whilst i was in Turkey, however, upon regarding few negative reviews I felt the need to request information from previous patients.

I am aware that anyone is able to make reviews, which could be positive or negative, depending on the experiences people have had with this company.

Could anyone who has had surgery for butt implants, vaser lipo and brazilian butt lift please get in touch with me asap? My friend and I are quite concerned with the poor aftercare provided to patients let alone with the use of breast implants on butts.

Thank you for reading and look forward to all your comments :) x

Dr Duran or Dr Yily?

My friend and I have decided to travel to Dominican Republic for our procedures, however it is proven to be impossible to reach Dr Duran or Yily.

Can any of you PLS assist us on contact details and how much you have been quoted for BBL?

Thank you x

Dr Duran Doll To Be (BBL & Lipo) in Sept 2015...

Hello Ladies,

I have been on this site 24/7 like the majority of you, who has been trying to research the best surgeon for their chosen procedure. After few consultations with few surgeons here in the UK and Turkey, i have decided to go ahead with Dr Duran.

I know she is extremely hard to get hold of, but as i was in no rush to have the procedure done. So after several months of constant calling and emailing, i have finally got hold of her with a quote and a set date for my surgery. (DO NOT GIVE UP TRYING)..

I am currently a size 12/14, with no ASS, hence the reason why i need this enchantment. Weighing at 75kg at 1.65cm. I basically do not have a shape to my body. (i will be having full back lipo, with arms and BBL).

If you have already been to Dominican Rep and have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to put them forward. ie (which recovery house, medication list, additional costs that i need to take into account, food, travel, flights etc. I will be going with my best mate, who will also be having surgery too, with another surgeon.

I really cant wait to have this procedure carried out, despite all the bad press i have been reading about loss of lives and surgeries gone bad :( ...

Will endeavour to keep all you ladies posted. x x

Miami in March BBL with Fisher 2016

Hello ladies,

After many hours of thorough research and thought I've decided to book my BBL with Mr Fisher.

This is solely on the basis is that he has had no deaths, no infections, can speak English, and most importantly where there are rules and regulations are in place- unlike places like Dominican Rep etc.

It took only 1 phone call to get through to Vanity and I've lost count of how much I've called Duran!

I am aware that different surgeons have different limitations, but pls do your research before making life changing decisions.

I will be keeping all you posted, but in the meantime feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just need support.

Comfort zone Turkey

I just had my lipo and BBL Post op had to be the most painful day. Day 2: still swollen but the pain is bearable.

Shower day

My 4th day post op. So far so good but the pain and swelling is the down side.

Had 900cc


Day 6

Arrived back in the UK and went straight to A&E to get my bloods done and get checked up.

Everything came back good. Told to continue taking my antibiotics as instructed and to drink good amounts of water.

Was also given strong pain killers which has helped me get some sleep.

Everyone loves the results so far but I just got to be patient till all my swelling goes down.

Day 8

Bruises and swelling remain but the pain is more manageable with strong pain killers. I'm mobilising regularly throughout the day and elevating my legs when resting.

4 weeks

So far my butt has reduced so much in size and shape.

I had 900cc but I doubt there's half of that left at the moment.

I won't be having a round 2 anytime soon due to the pain but will see how this looks in the next few months as my lipo on my back is still a question mark.

1 month post op

I've lost a lot of volume since surgery. Thinking of round 2 now in DR to get that projection I need.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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