47 Yrs Old - No Kids. Early Meno and Weight Loss. Full Tt W MR. Tunbridge Wells UK

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After much indecision I've decided to do a review....

After much indecision I've decided to do a review. I'm only 3 days away from full TT with muscle repair. I know a lot of ladies do this after having kids but sadly that didn't happen for me so I thought maybe this would help anyone who's been through the same life changes. My weight fluctuated a bit in life and after trying for kids discovered I'd started a really early menopause and well despite all my hard work, exercise, healthy eating once that hit my skin situation got worse. So here I am.. starting this journey. Hoping this forum keeps me sane. Thanks to those who already answered my many random questions lol.. :-) will post some photos tomorrow

47 yrs old. Full TT with MR Tunbridge Wells UK

After much indecision I've decided to do a review. I'm only 3 days away from full TT with muscle repair. I know a lot of ladies do this after having kids but as that didn't happen for me I thought maybe this would help anyone who's been through the same life changes. My weight fluctuated a bit in life and then the early sweats lol - fabulous early menopause. So despite all my hard work, exercise, healthy eating once that hit my skin situation got worse. So here I am.. starting this journey. Hoping this forum keeps me sane. Thanks to those who already answered my many random questions lol.. :-) will post some photos tomorrow

Surgery date 26 October.. Two days to go!

Nervous now but just want to get this show on the road as they say! Prepping like the apocalypse is coming. I'm doing tons of cleaning and laundry so everything ready. Made some good wholesome meals and got box of stuff set aside so everything to hand. Have the husband around for initial time at home so grateful for that. Hope everyone else is doing well :-)

Ok photos.. this has been tough

Right so when I'm in clothes everyone always says you're so small and you've lost so much weight. I'm a size 10 and petite height with a good bust!. But it's always been tucked in - all the skin and apron. Cried when the surgeon took photos and told me to relax as I realised I constantly suck my stomach in! I run loads and lost another 1.5 stone these last few months doing it healthily. I'm going to find it hard not being so active. Years of holding my breath. So here goes for my before pics sucked in and let out!

Tomorrow is surgery day..

So it's the day tomorrow and to say I'm nervous doesn't quite cover it! I'm expecting this to be really bad, not quite sure how bad but right now in my head it's like the worst but then again I'm not sure what the worst is! I'm rambling, it's getting closer to the evening and then I start thinking it's making it closer to the morning. Leaving here early as I have a way to go to the hospital. Wondering how I will get any rest at all tonight... I think I've cleaned the house 5 times so that won't leave me anything to do in the middle of the night lol. Keep me in your thoughts please ladies. Hope you all doing well who are already through this :-)

I'm at the hospital.. i

Ps has been to see me. Such a lovely man. All marked up now waiting for anaesthetist and nurse then hopefully down at 12 noon. Trying not to shake at the prospect of what's to come and focus on a new me...

I made it!

Well I did it! I made it through surgery. I guess that makes me on the flatside? Always a good first point lol. Was much later going down than thought due to a long procedure before me so by time I got to theatre was shaking but the anaesthetist and team were amazing and so reassuring. Work up in recovery with such a lovely man chatting and caring for me. Finding it hard to sleep right now which I find surprising. Will update more tomorrow with my timeline. Thanks to you lovely ladies who sent words of support and good thoughts x

Swollen... ouch first day post op!

Day one post op been a bit rough as mons so swollen today and tender to touch like wow. Huge lack of sleep too. Really expected to just be sleeping constant but rusts not happened I drift off then wide awake club! . Getting to bathroom slowly and had light shower and belly button redressed. Felt like a slow marathon lol. Binder had to be removed and cannot get on new garment as hurting incision at mo. Have ordered next size up I guess that's best idea? Pain bearable if keep up meds which didn't happen at lunch I was forgotten. Ouch! Sitting is hard as butt hurts but they've given me a ring. Belly button grosses me out so glad it's being covered as you can see. Kind of felt I would be flatter but am I expecting too much 24 hours after? Incision looks very neat. So strange the tight feeling and not being straight. What a journey ladies....:-)

first night home ...

That was rough. Back pain is kicking me all over. My mons area is so swollen too. But oh my word my back please tell me this all gets better. Sitting on a pad but no relief. Got real burning sensation on the side I'm more swollen. It's been a long night. Getting 2 hours max sleep here and there. Was this an average for others?

6 days PO.. long post alert. Where did 6 days go?

Can't believe I'm 6 days in feels like only yday I did this. Been highs and perhaps some lows. The worst being constipation yday. Oh my word that thing all you tt ladies talk about is so real. Agony yday. On tons of fybogel now. Also had the "why did I do this to myself". Think it lack of exercise and not eating as much. I just get so full. Well today that muscle repair is kicking my butt (or should that be stomach). Can feel it all over tum. Mega crunch class is me today. Do you all get that is that niemal! I'm grateful though that I can't as far as know see any issues so hoping that continues. On the upside I did some toast, walked the stairs down and up, washed and dressed myself, and dare I say I feel more upright today??? That back hunch pain well I gotta say that's worse than the actual surgery pain!! How mad is that? Hubby and I clashed yday lol. We both been trying to have patience of a saint. Me with his housekeeping abilities lol and him with my demands (albeit they are very few and always done nicely ha ha. He's lucky I didn't buy a bell! Had a little pity party cry. Sleeping pill helped that. So tomorrow my first post op inspection. Belly buttons gross me even without stitches i have "issues" with them lol so fingers crossed for me there's no infection anywhere and I'm heading for a pretty button and safe incision. Hope everyone on a good road of healing. I'll post some photos hopefully tomorrow - even with the bruising and mess it's different to me already. Off to get me some more fibre and water. I've started making faces with my food at breakfast. Clearly getting cabin fever.... :-)

Day 7.. BM victory!

Can't believe I'm day 7. First post op went well yesterday. Bb stitches out and they said that's healing well so fingers crossed that continues all round. The lack of BM was getting bad but it's started moving now. Feel a bit nauseous today though and so many pains in muscle area. Anyone else feel this? Is it coming to life in there? I really do not sleep well in this damn position. My whole body cries out for side sleeping!! It's binder wash day and going to wash my hair. Well attempt to lol!

I can't imagine being upright. So looking forward to no hunch as Halloween is over and this look and feeling isn't cutting it anymore! I feel I've not been able to take photos as I'm so swollen and hunched but I really should for the progress right? How's everyone doing?

Day 9.. I took a walk...

So I'm day 9 I guess if you don't count surgery day. Last night felt rubbish I just sleep in 2 hour slots before needing the loo. Whole MR was sore and stiff and tight. Don't get me started on the hunch! Had a pity party at 4 am then decided today maybe moving a little more but gently may help.

Soooo I got up at 8 and headed to kitchen for a smoothie with added prune juice and flax seed because I tell you constipation is not happening again on my watch! Came slowly back up and showered without help and cleaned my BB which grosses me out (see previous post on my squeamish bb issues lol) Dried my essentials with the hair dryer and got myself dressed. Even rubbed some lotion in my frankly dried out legs and arms. Along with the hunch did I turn 80 without realising!? Then I decided to walk outside along the short path to the river. Felt good to breathe fresh autumn air. It was tough on the hunch. Think I need a name for it.. lower back started to ache bad so held on to a rail for a bit then shuffled back. Strangely tum felt better for moving them after sitting a while it's back to the sting and stiff! Stood there thinking only couple weeks ago I used to head out the gate for my daily 5-10k runs now I can just about walk up here.

Headed back to the safety zone (the recliner) and flopped. Husband who has been great (after our shaky start to this post op recovery - again see previous posts about my difficulty with his style of housekeeping!) has been fab and served some great eggs and toast and juice. He did the washing and my binder and makes sure I got all I need.

Then it happened. BM Again and was easy hurrah. Trumpet fanfare! And that's where I'm at. I dread the nights with the sleep position but I'm hoping my turning point day is coming soon when I start feeling more me. Grateful every day to be doing ok so far. Hope you ladies healing well. Managed take a quick snap and have posted a side by side photo to see the difference -needed to remind myself of why I'm going through this. Will look forward to my changing shape :-)

It's day 11.. one step forward 2 steps back isn't it?!

Saturday was a good day. I felt you know reasonably ok. Still muscle sore the zings etc but more mobile. Had a friend over, lounged a bit, watched films, made tea, walked about the house. Then wham by Monday felt miserable. Felt frustrated and back to a worse hunch than before! Argh.. patience patience patience that's what I'm trying to drum in my brain.

I'll be honest .. The damn hunch is getting to me.. the binder is annoying my groin. The tape is lifting and itching underneath now.. I went backwards on my sleep hours to less again.. the muscle tightness by my belly button is like I'm never going to be standing upright.. i have a more swollen left side. I just want to whinge!

So always need to counteract this with positives! So I'm only taking ibuprofen today.. good. I showered myself, I washed and dried my hair again on my own, I made some tea. I even squirted bit of fave perfume. A friend came to visit and had to refrain from laughing (that and sneezing yikes don't do it), my bowels are normal again.. bonus. And as far as I can tell the healing is going ok hurrah. How you all doing?

A new day! It's day 13.. or 2 weeks po..

If you count surgery day it's now 2 weeks post op. Things change constantly don't they? So thought I'd check in today and say how it's going so far. Yesterday I pottered about a bit. Then I was muscle sore as so tight by belly button. Then I thought belly button smelt before my shower. Worry set in. Looked at it couldn't see ooze or anything but yes definitely worried me. As day went on wow did i tighten up! Yikes tight as a drum. Ended up taking some ibuprofen and dozed off and on. Got more solid hours though through to 6 am. Thumbs up!

Today I was seeing the nurse for my second post op and tapes off. The thing I've been fearing. My security blanket of not seeing that incision would be gone! She started the removal. What hurt the most - well not the incision but the removal of tape off my now growing pubic hair lol! Ouch! Little bit of skin car off in one spot :-( guess that happens huh? She cleaned me up and massaged my tum. Belly button has no infection just where it's been under covers no fresh air! Felt really really odd the massage but good to be shown how to do it and was told do it twice a day will help to soften things and get more upright. Need desensitise myself to that. She asked what's stopping me being straighter? I said pulling apart. She said it won't just gradually stretch a little more each day to straighten back. After massage guess what - I was straighter! Must be the stretching of the muscle. By time been in car home I was hunched again. Need keep massaging and stretching gently but i know my mad brain keeps saying "nooooo you'll break!"

So I looked at the wound when got home. Couple places little ooze from the skin coming off and looks more bunched at the ends but guessing that flattens once start scar therapy? but so far looks pretty good let's hope stays that way. Can see a stitch hanging out will that drop off? Was told can start scar treatment next week. Not sure how I'll manage touching it - I'm a wimp on myself lol - any tips gratefully received on that!

I've started wearing knickers under binder. Hell I can't take that itching or any rubbing on my incision now. Ordered up some seam free pants after a kind tip as anything that helps is good eh?! Still binder seam sticking in across incision on either side any thoughts. Was reminded I'm only 2 weeks po and to rest when I feel the need. Will photo incision when I'm brave enough as think good idea to note changes to it. I've added a side by side from pre op and this morning. You can see I'm still not upright and I'm more swollen one side bit hey I think that's what they call a progress pic! Hope everyone doing well out there xx

Heading into week 4.. or as I call it itch and swell week!

So here I am heading into week 4 everyone. Had another PO with PS he said I'm healing well. The day after I see him I start this strong swell phase. Up and down up and down. One evening it hurt to breathe as swollen. Hour later it's back down. Hate this phase I'm so worn out by it but I'm moving much more and guessing this attributes to it. I have lots of feeling. Only numb part I have is the patch below my belly button. I can feel every twinge and I'm sure I can feel my pipes a whole lot more than before ha ha. Last night I went to bed and I felt pretty normal hurrah. I was totally upright with minimal tightness and swelling had gone down.

I spoke too soon. Went out this morning and tight again after an hour like a beach ball. I keep repeating it's temporary it's temporary but it's getting to me I'll be honest. I'm so active pre op this is tough! Had a massive itch. My bod hates being enclosed. Few days worn control pants for hour in evening to give it a breather! My mr is always apparent right now but it eases and I massage every day. Another lesson in desensitising and feeling that new bod!

Started scar therapy which is fun as I'm not that great at touching this line so this is a lesson in desensitising too lol. Not thinking about clothes right now as I feel bigger but when I sit down I'm like woah that apron is gone! If anyone sits reading this, as I did a zillion reviews, and worrying the most like I did about the surgery - well don't. The surgery is the easy part the recovery is the toughie! Be prepared for the long haul and pat yourself on the back for even starting this and be happy at every improvement!

I've posted some photos. Im swollen one side more than the other but have swelling in General on and off. So you can see I'm more bloated right now than immediately post op. Every day things change and hopefully always in a good way. One thing I've learnt in this is that we are all different. We all heal differently and we've all had different levels of procedures for our particular bodies and some will sprint ahead and some will be a little slower. My surgeon has been amazing. His lines look great so far. I'm grateful for each week that passes that I heal. Hope everyone is doing great!

6 weeks post tt - time has flown!!

Well I'm now 6 weeks post op. There have been the ups and downs and changes. It seems after this op that things change day by day week by week. Feeling so much better with movement. A few weeks makes such a huge difference! I hear people say 6 weeks can be a turning point. So grateful to have had no real issues so far in recovery. My MR has got easier and the scar is healing. Been walking as much and as far as I can. Get swollen badly on and off. Some days I've looked pregnant and so tight and others I wake up and I'm like wow that feels good! I never take the good times for granted cos you can guarantee that swell hell will turn round and slap you right on the face ( or rather tum!)

Went out last week first time post op for a real night out. Still wore my binder needed the security yet I hate the thing now really but I'm just wearing it now in times of need or when walking. So want to get back running but that lower abdomen swell sometimes makes me feel heavy there and I can't imagine much running would be comfy! Power walking it is then! Love to hear what you ladies did and your timescale. Tried to do something without binder today for first time and realised how weak in the stomach I felt - woah! Side sleeping mainly again. Muscles feel mad first thing in morning like they slotting into place lol

My one thing at the mo? Worrying it will all go saggy again. I feel poochy in upper abdomen like bloat and saggy. Ps said have to have a bit of skin and couldn't take off any more without compromising wound etc. I think he's been amazing! You can see though from the before photos it's sure changed! I've added a few quick shots of my progress. I'm massaging scar and tum twice a day. Find it helps with that sensitivity you sometimes get with the nerves endings. Tried kelo cote scar gel not sure it's doing much. Belly button has to be massaged to get it softening and flattening out. Guess it's got a way to go yet little button? I love putting on underwear that stays put. No rolling under! Although I'm not in teeny tiny stuff yet. Hope my fellow tt'ers are healing well and loving your bods.

Changes - 7 weeks PO already!

Cannot believe I'm now 7 weeks po. I still worry a little over changes and my belly button shape. Massaging daily and told it will soften out. I'm walking loads more and want to run but dont think I'm 100% ready for pounding pavements. Have had some muscle pain in and off it seems since I've been side sleeping last few weeks.

Incision also has had twinges and omg ingrowing hairs are often freaking me out near the incision! Scars goes light then dark then darker then light. Massage massage massage! I do not like massaging my bb it feels like it's not mine and twinges deep inside. I'm funny about bb even before this so that doesn't help lol. At least it's there and in one piece though ha ha. Do we ever stop wondering what's this and what's that? I put everything down to the long healing process.

Swelling is intermittent now. Can't put it down to anything in particular as even some days I've walked lots it's not always blown right up and on others it has but you can still see my swell and I feel it! I feel saggy some days and others great. When's the final deal folks to say that's how it will be? I've added some photos from yesterday. Check out those small knickers! See before photos they would have been eaten by my apron before and prob wouldn't tell what colour they were ha ha x

Happy Christmas - my present to me!

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