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Ok here goes nothing.I found this site by...

ok here goes nothing.I found this site by accident(thank God) and ever since I am determined to get a TT but NOW I want a BBL too.the thing is that I am saving every penny to do this as many do,and it seems my best bet is to go to DR to do this. Is it safe to go alone? will I be ok? plz give honest feedback. I have no immediate family and my hubby wll be taking care of my twins.....

OH back story. I am 42, overweight but losing safely and have a wonderful husband. I had twins 9 years ago, almost 10 and as soon as they were out I wanted a TT, well I found a doctor, I thought, one that was certified etc. well I didnt get the results I wanted because I found out that he only did a partial and did it wrong. SO now I will fix this. I also need a breast lift and after seeing the beautiful results, want a it a mommy makeover. I have to wait until next year because I just started this job and will not have accrued enough vacation until January 2014...PLEASE give honest answers about travel to the DR alone. I hear stories and imagine worse...I am naive and to all of your ladies!!! yall feel like friends! oh is it possible to post pictures from a cell phone??

OK well after some deep breaths I scheduled an...

OK well after some deep breaths I scheduled an consultation!! I will let you ladies know how it goes. Its for 4/22 @ 11:15. I didnt realize how hard it would be to make just a consultation....its amazing how low self-esteem can mess up your confidence!!

Ok so I had a consult with one doctor not face to...

ok so I had a consult with one doctor not face to face, just over email with the staff regarding getting an idea of cost...well just for my breast lift and implants.13,000...I didnt even get to the TT questions...
I will do more consults...I will not base it on cost of course, but I will explore all options but that was a blow to my ego...

I went to my final consult. I say its my final...

I went to my final consult. I say its my final because I loved him and his office. I decided on Dr Kadi in Denton Texas. His office rocked. I decided on the TT with breast lift with implants. I would love to do it sooner but I won't have enough time saved at work. He also recommended an overnight stay in the hospital. I'm super excited.

Ok I realize that my procedure is 9+months away...

Ok I realize that my procedure is 9+months away BUT still so excited!!!! and right now I have my hubbys full support!! love everyone here and you all keep me motivated!!!!

Well I know that I am not scheduled until next...

Well I know that I am not scheduled until next January but I cannot wait. I had 2 people ask me yesterday if I am pregnant. So depressed.

Husband making this hard, I am working so much OT...

husband making this hard, I am working so much OT for this procedure as to not be a detrement to our family finances and he keeps finding ways to make me feel guilty. I am so mad and so frustrated with him. Men just dont get it and I am in tears stressing about this now.....

OK I posted pics. Might as well document my weight...

OK I posted pics. Might as well document my weight loss while I am waiting for mm. Thank all of you brave women for giving me courage to do this.

Ok so not a huge update BUT I gave away my size...

ok so not a huge update BUT I gave away my size 14's. I WILL NOT go there again!!! I just had to share!

OK so I share my tiny victories...well I struggle...

OK so I share my tiny victories...well I struggle with eating healthier as I do not like many veggies.well I especially hate tomatoes... So since I am living a new lifestyle I drank a V8 juice!! And I am proud. 1 serving of veggies! Yay me!!

time moves ever so slowly!!

well 8 months away!! lol...BUT I will use that time to lose lose lose....I am giving my self a goal of 5 lbs a month. and that would be 40 by January so I CAN DO THIS WITH ALL OF YALLS AMAZING HELP! the inspiration from realself is awesome and will get me thru this waiting game. well wishes to all the mommy makeovers and tummy tucks today and this week!!

lowest weight in a year

well at my weekly weigh-in friday I was at 174. that is the lowest in over a year. also yesterday my hubby and I sat down and went over the cost of this and played with a couple of dates for the surgery...we are looking at january 30th or february 6th...I had such a moment of relief when he showed interest and support for this...

well wishes to all of may/june tummy-tuckers!

ready to give up

I am having a moment today...maybe I am pmsing, not sure. I had a partial hysterectomy for cerival cancer a few year ago, have my ovaries still so I still have hormone changes but I am sick and tired of the weight loss struggles...I am ready to go to a quack of a diet doctor and do it that way. today has been hell. this whole week in fact and if I cannot lose the weight I cannot do the MM. today just suck...sorry for being negative but I feel so disappointed that I cannot lose faster or work out more or eat less or whatever it is...I am venting....I hope everyone out there is, just a sucky day for me....

sometimes things just suck!

hi all you wonderful ladies! I am so excited for the happy healing that all of you are having!!! I must tell you my life has been rough. My hubby and I almost separated last week. nothing was making sense for us, everything was going wrong. constant fighting...we will celebrate our 17 year anniversary on 6.28 and I honestly didnt think we would get there..but things are looking up this week...and we both agree we are in this for life so we will get thru this..its just sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees!! not much on the weight loss front..still saving and I must say, the time is flying by!! love to you all!!!

finally decided.

Well my hubby and I got serious about a date for my MM....we set a tentative date of February 6th....It seems like forever away but that is the best for him, the kids and myself...
so thats all for now. nothing really exciting in my life. enjoying reading all of your journeys! so keep me going, please keep sharing! hugs to you all out there..

Jenny Craig it is!

well I took the plunge and signed up with jenny, there was a special and I did it. hubby supported, mostly, lol, he wasnt happy about the cost of food BUT when I explained that its all of my meals and snacks..then he was ok. so my first weigh in is next thursday, I will post a pic tomorrow morning so i have a visual record. I appreciate all you ladies here encouraging have no idea how much a kind word or a "you can do it" helps!!

jenny craig

OK I am about to finish my first week of JC. I am doing 5 days of their meals and 2 of my own. I weigh in for the first time on monday!! I am hoping for some loss. I feel soo good and I feel lighter but not sure how the scale will reflect this. I have been doing my step aerobics and walking and weights now just a waiting/losing game until feburary 6...Ladies it feels so very far away!!! :(

jenny craig works

OK my first weigh in I lost 5.7 pounds!! I am well on my way. That's all I have.

slow week

Only lost 2 ounces last week but hey no gain. Finally starting working out again so that will increase the pounds lost. Keep up all y'alls posts it helps time go by!

having a pity party

Yep, having a pity party. It seems that every time I have a substantial amount of money saved, something comes up. car repairs, glasses for the twins...etc...we all know how life I know I am not the only one. Just feel like this will NEVER happen....ok, thats it, just feeling down. I am done griping. Happy healing and (((hugs))) to everyone that is going under for their transformation!!! you go girls!!! xoxoxoxoxo

5% down!

As of my weigh in yesterday I have lost 5%!!! I never thought that would ever happen but I just realized if we all believed in ourselves as much as God does, then we would realize that through him all things are possible. I am at 171.2. I have 28 more pounds to go and I KNOW I can do that before my surgery goal date of 2/6/2014. Thank you out there that give me constant encouragement. It really helps. this place, realself, is amazing. its the pat on the backs we need, or the extra push, or the its ok to have a bad day! love to you all!!!! and thank you again! (((hugs)))

feeling down

I am feeling so sorry for myself. Everytime I havE money Saved something comes up. Jenny is costing 90 a week but I am losing. I am afraid This will never happen. I am a firm believer that things happen when they are supposed too. Anyway this place we can all vent and I adore all of you mmakeovers and tummy tuckers. So just asking for prayers and shoulders. Happy healing to all of you!!!

stayed overnight in a hospital...good times

OK...well I had a fun stay(not) at a hospital....apparently I was malnourished..well my system was shutting down. I swore I was eating but after I got out of the hospital I went to my freezer to count my jenny craig meals (i buy a week at a time) and I had 5 days of I was NOT eating...I was NOT hungry. My BP dropped to 80/40, I was severly dehydrated and my potassium low low low...they thought stroke at first(couldnt move my left side, nor speak) but all of my tests for that came back great! so lesson learned. make myself eat when its time...even if I am not hungry. and my hubby promised if we cannot save the money ourselves we will get a loan!!! so that made me smile...I want to thank all of you that post such uplifting words. it helps me smile!!! xoxoxoxoxo to all that are recovering!

its been a while

OK so I have had serious downs.....but its a new year. I lost my job and found out dad died via internet. Long story. But I am back and have decided since I cannot afford both surgies at once. I will do TT first. I have missed all of you! Just been depressed.

new doctor tomorrow

I am going to consult with a new doctor tomorrow, he was highly recommended by a good friend of ours. So praying it goes well!

went to another doctor for a consult

ok, I went yesterday to a friend of a doctor on my hubbys soccer team. well he looked at me and said mini-TT...and he said AFTER I lose 15lbs, so I was happy, I am losing and I will just work harder. then I got the blow....9200$$$$$$ UGH...I really want a great surgeon for my TT but damn that's a lot of money....I was thinking 6000, maybe 7500...but almost 10,000. it just put me in a severe funk and state of depression........sorry to be negative but I am really down.....


ok since the last ps pissed me off regarding the fees....UGH I mean 9200, I could get a full mommy makeover in some places for that amount.......
so any realselfers in the dallas area please give me your suggestions I would be so greatful!!! thank you!!!!

getting ready for more consults.

Not much going on, since being laid off I sulk and look for jobs and stalk realself. We are doing our taxes soon, so that will be the time.....until then happy healing everyone!!!!

just some photos of how i look now.....

weight loss photos I think


weight loss photos i am hoping

photo bomb

Just posted some photos from august...the jenny was working...I finally had some indentions where a waist was trying to form....everyone else shares everything so here I go.......I know they look better than the very first photos I posted.....


you ladies on this site are the best ever for lifting each other up.....when I am down I being religious do pray but I come here and read everyone's stories and they thank you all

Not looking good

My hubby told me this would never happen because I was laid off.......I am more determined now. Screw him.

Consultation scheduled

Going to see Dr Kasden 3/26!!!! Hubby going with.

I ALMOST gave up

I have a consult 3/26 and I was hoping my income tax would be enough to cover the TT but it was only 1700. So I was being pissy and said fine I just won't ever get this done. I was being a baby. But after long thought I decided to keep the consult appt and make my deposit and then save a set amount every month. I am a grown woman I need to act like one.

Picked my doctor. Dr. Kasden

He is the one. It will be in September or late August. Seems like forever away! But HE IS THE BEST!

I scheduled my surgery and down payment paid

My surgery date is 8/21 and I am so excited I may pee my pants! :)

What to do

I was laid off end of December, now it looks like I have a chance to go back to work, which is awesome, but my TT is scheduled 8/21 so now I pray when I get hired I can take the 2 weeks off to do this!!! Bleh

Pushed out a month

Hello fellow TTuckers! I had to push it out a month bc I GOT A JOB!!!!! Woo hoo!!!


Less than 3 months! Y'all are right the time is flying by! Is there anything I need to do at this point???? Any advice???? I love all the feedback here.


OMG what do I need to be doing????? Ladies please help!!!!! Only 11 weeks left

what do i tell people at work!

ok so I started a new job and when I interviewed I did tell them I had a "female" surgery scheduled and I did change it to the best week of the month for my business; but I know I will be out for two weeks. and I know its none of their business but they require a doctors note if I am out for more than 5 business days so what will they say when my note comes from a plastic surgeon????? UGH...but I do have the ability to work from home and after that 5th day and a couple of days of vac I can work from home.....
on a more exciting note.....5 weeks away!!!!! OMG OMG OMG

Do I get divorced!?!?!?

My husband spent my money for my tummy tuck and wants me to reschedule until January. He tells me this one month before I am due in! I am devastated. Please women out there help me. I can't even look at him but I have twins 10 years old. This seems dumb to him but I know y'all get it!


Dr Kasden is the man. I am 27 days out. Still losing weight and ready to go!!! He is patient; he is goofy but good. He LISTENS better than any man I have met. His staff is the best. I love being around his personality. I cannot wait to see me results. I am excited and nervous and thankful for Realself.

The consult rocked my hubby and I both loved him. Will give the stars after the surgery but so far he's a 5/5!!!

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