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I had 3 children by age 26. My 3rd was 10lbs and I...

I had 3 children by age 26. My 3rd was 10lbs and I reached a weight of 215lbs during my pregnancy. After I had him I stayed at 185lbs for a while and then decided I needed to lose weight so I started running. I worked my runs up about 1/4 a mile per week until I was running 4 miles without any problem. I then signed up for a half marathon and used a running website for my 10 week training plan. By the time I ran the race a little over 2 yrs from the birth of my 3rd I had reached my goal weight of 139lbs. I have been running ever since. I have actually gained weight since then but just ran my 7th race 2 weeks ago in Tulsa. Even at my goal weight I could not get rid of my nasty stretched out belly. So I signed up for my tummy tuck and made a goal to save the money to do it. I didn't reach my goal weight before surgery but still felt like I needed to go ahead at 155pounds and do it. Today is day 5 post op. I am moving around good and am happy with my results. I knew my stretch marks would still be on my belly since they were so high but now they are all below my new belly button. Only problems I have had w recovery is not being able to urinate easily (pretty sure I have a bladder infection). So excited to see my results over the next few months. The doctor took off 8 pounds during surgery which surprised both of us. Today I weigh 160 being swollen and have to keep reminding myself it will be less in a few weeks. My goal weight is still 139 and I hope this will inspire me to get the last of it off. Oh and my doctor does the technique without drainage bulbs and I have been very happy about that.

A week after surgery realized I was retaining 1.6...

A week after surgery realized I was retaining 1.6 liters of urine. Had to get catheterized for 3 days and bladder started working again.

I am 5 weeks PO now and still swollen..Standing straight most of the day and havent resumed exercise although the holidays hurt my diet a bit. Cant wait to run again. Still want to lose 15-20 more pounds and then will be where I want. I havent wanted to shop for any new clothes yet because I am not happy with my weight and swelling. Overall very happy with the surgery.

7 Week post op update-new pics-smaller BB. Belly...

7 Week post op update-new pics-smaller BB.
Belly button is smaller but dr said will be fine. Started running last week. Still swelling in the evenings. Bough a new running shirt and pants- so excited to have no flapping while running :)

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