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Hi everyone! I am 27 years old and a mommy to a...

Hi everyone! I am 27 years old and a mommy to a wonderful 5 year old. I am 5'5" and currently weigh 152 lbs. After having my baby I went from 135lbs to 203! My body went through alot of changes to say the least.

I am a canvas of stretch marks and extra skin. I lost over 50 lbs and I'm ready to get my body back! I am scheduled on April 6th for a full tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks, back, and inner thighs. I am very nervous and really want to run from this but I know I need to do this for my inner self. I have a lot of self conscious issues since my body changed and I feel it's affecting a lot of relationships in my life. Happiness begins within yourself right? So far I had my consult, and bloodwork. I won't be seeing the doctor until Friday when I get my surgery.

I have to bring TED thigh high hose, baggy sweat pants, button down shirts, and a front clasp bra. I am a little confused about the bra.... but nonetheless I bought one... I also bought a wedge pillow. I am a bit nervous to post my before pictures but, all the pictures that everyone have contributed on this site have really helped me a lot so I feel that I should submit mine to possibly help others. The before pictures I posted were taken in January when I was about 171 lbs? I am now 154 lbs but my body shape and fat deposits haven't changed a bit.... No matter how much I lose the fat around my flanks and thighs just won't budge.

I look so misproportioned and it gets worse every pound I lose. Well, I will find out on Wednesday what time I go in and I will be updating this hopefully on Friday! Wish me luck, I am really nervous and scared!!! To anyone scheduled soon good luck!!! And let me know how you are progressing. I would love to share info! What has anyone used for the scarring? Does anyone have recommendations? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I have been nesting like crazy! I swear it is...

I have been nesting like crazy! I swear it is worse than when I was pregnant. I feel like everything needs to be organized, meals need made and froze, etc. I feel like I'm going NUTS! It is probably my nerves. Either way all this cleaning and cooking is keeping my mind off of it for now. I get my surgery time tomorrow. Ahhhhh It's becoming so real now!

Hi everyone! I'm on day 6 here. It is hard to...

Hi everyone! I'm on day 6 here. It is hard to believe that almost a week ago I was nervous, scared and feeling guilty about the operation. Much has changed. Here is a quick rundown so far:

Friday (day of surgery) - We arrived at the beautiful surgical center at 6am. The friendly receptionist registered me in and within 15 - 20 minutes my nurse came down to get me in the waiting area where I said goodbye to my husband. I was taken to a bathroom to undress and place my belongings in a locker. I was then seated in a chair and my IV drip was started with fluids and an antibiotic. Anesthesia came in to ask questions and give me an anti-nausea patch behind my left ear. I then was walked into the operating room, sat on the table. They pulled my TED hose down to my ankles to place some monitors on my calves. I was asked to lay down on the table, and then I was OUT COLD.

I woke up in the post op room. I was in TERRIBLE pain. And my eyes and mouth were extremely dry from the nausea patch. I couldn't open my eyes for more than a few seconds without it being painful. I asked for some water and eye drops, which did about nothing.... It was scary not being able to open your eyes and be in such intense pain. I began having a small anxiety attack The nurse said she would give me something intravenously to calm me. Well, I don't know if she did, or maybe forgot but, if she did it DIDN'T WORK. Ok, whatever, I just breathed in, breathed out. I can get though this I thought. I was still crying because the pain was so intense. They said they couldn't give me anything else for pain, I'm not sure why..... *crying* About an hour and a half later my overnight nurse came to pick me up. I couldn't see at this point because they put an eye patch over my eye. About 5 minutes after she arrived I was whisked out to the van that transported me to the hotel. So, I unfortunately never got any more pain meds and had to suffer every bump, turn, stop, the van took to get to the hotel. My hands were over my face the whole way from the post op room to the hotel room. I didn't even peak, I couldn't. I was in so much excruciating pain.

At the hotel the kind nurse helped me onto a bed. I finally got to see my husband at this point and was trying not to cry because every sob hurt my abdomen muscles so bad. He looked terrified. The nurse insisted I took a klonopin and two Vicodin for the pain. I didn't want two Vicodin. I am afraid of painkillers and don't like the feeling of being "high" on them. I took one Vicodin and one klonopin and about twenty minutes later my pain was down to a 5. She insisted I took the other so I did, and sure enough, 20 more minutes later I was fine. Barely any pain, comfortable and able to finally talk to my husband. I sent him home because he didn't get much sleep the night before or the whole day and he wasn't allowed to stay with me overnight. I didn't want him to fall asleep at the wheel, so I felt I was in great hands and he didn't need to torture himself any longer.

I had two overnight nurses. One in the afternoon and then her shift was over and another nurse came in to stay overnight. I can't even begin to say how kind, and caring, helpful and sweet these two ladies were. I was only taking one vicodin every four hours at this point and didn't have much pain. I had to pee every 10 minutes from all the IV fluids but that was the most uncomfortable part. I was walking on my own, using the bathroom on my own, brushing my teeth etc. They kept me company and talked to me, made sure I was eating. To sum it up they were angels. They went above and beyond the job. I can't express the gratitude I have for them. I wish they worked in the recovery room. My wonderful caring doctor called to see how I was doing. I was so surprised! How kind. That meant so much to me.

I stayed overnight very comfortably and slept like a baby. The next morning my husband arrived to pick me up. Also, my Doctor came to see me and just took some time to talk to me. How wonderful. He came to the hotel at 7am on a Saturday morning to visit his patient. Now that is above and beyond if you ask me. What a great doctor! I am so glad I picked him, and his staff. I asked how much he lipo'd out of my flank area, he said he lipo'd total about 3lbs. He was so friendly and caring. It cheered me up a lot seeing him. husband picked me up and took me home. I had a one hour drive to get home. The bumps on the road weren't too bad at all this time around. I was no longer wearing the eye patch. I took that off about two hours after arriving at the hotel once I had guzzled down probably a liter of water and TA DA look at that, my eye was fine.

When I got home I layed in bed and got up to use the restroom and every few hours I would get up to walk around a bit. Not much pain at all. I was very lethargic and worn out though, which is normal while your body is healing. Began having horrible nightmares but still was able to sleep.

Day Two- Saturday - Layed in bed mostly, didn't have an appetite. Had to pretty much force myself to eat. I have been taking laxatives since I got home and I haven't had a BM yet, no rumbling in my GI tract. The pain meds make me lose my appetite I guess.... I am very dizzy today. Not much pain at all. Nightmares continue.

Day Three Sunday- Happy Easter! Lied mostly in my bed today, I walked around quite a bit getting myself food, or just to because I couldn't lay in bed anymore... In the evening I decided my pain wasn't strong enough to take the Vicodin and I began taking extra strength Tylenol. I finally had a BM, I thought it was going to be excruciating pain.... It wasn't bad at all!!! I can't believe I had myself so afraid. Nightmares stopped. I guess it was the narcotic that was giving me nightmares.

Day Four Monday- Pain meds stopped. I am in no pain. I only feel pain when getting up, or laying down, when I cough or laugh. I hung out in the bedroom today. It's a bit uncomfortable to sit on my couch in the livingroom because it's low to the ground. I am comfy with my blanket in my bed and spent alot of time dozing and napping. Many naps today. No pain unless getting up or down, coughing or laughing. Very very dizzy. I have a runny nose today and keep coughing, it hurts so bad to cough. I took a zicam, let's pray it works.....

Day Five Tuesday- Pretty much the same as the day before. I did get out of the house and went to my mother in law's. She washed my hair in the sink. (what a sweetheart) :) Today was a good day. no pain... Except for when I choked on a hard boiled egg and coughed a lung out. It hurt so bad I was laying on the floor crying. I thought for sure I pulled my muscles apart. NOPE, they were intact. Thank God!! Still runny nose, little coughing.. more zicam! :) Not as lightheaded today.

Day Six Wednesday - My first post op appointment!!! I haven't seen my belly yet so I was SUPER EXCITED!!! I wore makeup today and did my hair. It felt so good to look back to normal and not look like a pale zombie. I have been very pale the last few days. The appointment went great. At 2:30 I arrived, met with the doctor and they removed my stitches in my belly button and in my lipo sites. Surgical tape was placed on my TT incision and I was given the ok to finally take a shower!! woo hoo!!! Only one drain removed today, but hey it's better than having two!!! I had to run some errands so my husband dove me to Macy's to find spanx, no luck.. those things are horrible with a drain still in... Then we were off to Dicks. I just bought some under Armour shorts for my thighs so I don't have to wear the TED hose, and decided i'll just keep my binder until the drain is removed. Had lunch with my husband and then went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. I swear we walked around that store for like an hour and a half. I just didn't want to go back home. It felt so good to be out and walking!! Then I went to the post office to mail a package. Then I went home, took some pictures of my new belly. I was very very swollen, I guess from all the walking around.... I felt like my belly was going to explode. LOL I slept like a baby... I was too tired to even take that first shower :( Still feel a little runny nose and coughing a bit MORE ZICAM!!! LOL

Today- Thursday - So far so good, I feel back to normal except for the pain in the butt drain. My belly button feels so weird! I have some tinging in the belly which is normal. I noticed one thing. Since this surgery my upper back has not hurt a bit. From day one after the surgery my Doctor said it would be ok for me to walk standing straight up. I had upper back problems every single day for years. and since my muscle repair I haven't had not ONE back pain! I can't wait for my husband to wake up so he can help me get a shower. I don't want to get one alone just in case I fall.

I am so happy. I rate everyone 10+. Everything was so amazing, personal, and over the top. I am very fortunate to have Dr. Lazzaro as my surgeon, and I was extremely extremely satisfied with everything. The surgery center (which is an old mansion, estate) was so calming, and I felt like I was at home the whole time. I never felt like a number. I felt like a person.

I would recommend EVERYONE to go there. I may need a thigh lift if my skin dosen't tighten up... ( I had extra skin on my thighs too after weight loss) and if I do I know I will absolutely return!! No doubt in my mind. My results are fabulous already and I I'm only on day 6. I can't even imagine how the final results will turn out.

I am going to tell Dr. Lazzaro about the great experience. I am also going to get the wonderful overnight nurses a thank you card and a small gift of appreciation.

I will keep updating, I still have more post op's ahead of me and two lymphatic massages that the Doctor prescribed for me at their spa. (I'm really excited about that!! LOL)

I will keep posting photos!

Thanks for all the prayers and kind words and support through all of this ladies. And if you are reading this thinking about getting a TT. GO FOR IT! I don't feel selfish, or guilty anymore, I feel like myself again. I am no longer stuck in a body I don't recognize. I am FREE!!!! It's a wonderful feeling! DO IT! GO FOR IT! The anxiety and fear will subside as soon as you wake up from surgery.

Like I said, I will keep everyone updated and let you know if anything changes or if my experiences with the practice changes. Which I totally doubt. I think they will continue to be very kind until the end. :)

I forgot to add in: I don't have much pain at...

I forgot to add in:

I don't have much pain at all in my lipo areas, also not much bruising. I did have bruising in my pubic area and that hurt, but about day 3 it subsided. I have been taking Arica montana tablets, Bromelain tablets and I have been using a muscle therapy gel with Arnica in it. I think I drank a whole 24 case of water bottles in 3 days. I drink tons and tons of water. I only drink water. Nothing else. I have been eating no processed foods.. well except for lunch with the husband on Wednesday when I ate a boca burger. And one lean cuisine that I was craving. Other than that flax, wheat germ, protein shakes and bars. Fruit salads, regular salads with spinach and romaine and leaf lettuce, yogurt etc.

GET THE ARNICA AND BROMELAIN! Well worth the small amount of money I paid at the vitamin shoppe!

Losing losing losing...... thank god.... I was...

losing losing losing...... thank god.... I was worried about gaining weight during recovery because I can't exercise. However, I am doing just fine. I am losing still.

Really need some update photos because I look nothing like I did 6 days post op.....

Not much pain, but still swelling off and on. The only time I have pain is when I push myself too much. Or sneeze..... ughhhhhh yea.... OUCH

All is good, updates to follow.......

Newer pics are up! Today I am 17 days post op....

Newer pics are up! Today I am 17 days post op. Today was the first day I felt completely back to normal... besides not being able to work out...

My weight day of surgery- 152 Weight after...

My weight day of surgery- 152
Weight after surgery- 148

Current weight 17days post op- 144

Goal weight- 135

Looking to start sculpting and toning more than losing weight.

Well I'm in my 5th week. I feel back to normal....

well I'm in my 5th week. I feel back to normal. About a week ago I did fall and had an accident. The top of my abdomen was extremely swollen. I was worried a stitch had popped but I figured I would give it some time to see if the swelling would resolve before I became frantic. About 4-5 days later the swelling was down alot. It did set me back though.

However, now it's not swollen anymore and I feel perfectly fine. I am swelling a bit but I stopped taking the arnica tablets. I bought more and started taking them again.

At this point, I am very cautious and afraid to pull or push anything so I avoid it still. I have taken the binder off a few times to see how it felt and it was more of an unusual feeling more than anything. It wasn't painful, and I didn't fell like everything was unsupported like I did a few weeks ago when it was off. But it is more comfortable to wear it while walking.

I haven't used my wedge for about two weeks, and I have been sleeping on my stomach for about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks. I can't sleep on my back it drives me INSANE!

I had my two lymphatic massages, which helped tremendously with the swelling!!!

All in all, everything feels completely back to normal. My scar isn't as raised as it was a few weeks ago but it is red still, which i'm sure is to be expected. Some parts of my scar are thick and other parts are fine line thin... I'm not sure why....

I did start scar therapy once I was allowed to remove my steri strips at week 4. I have already noticed a tremendous difference in the appearance of my scar. I'm using scar guard right now, but i'm going to also incorporate vitamin E massages and silicone strips too. I plan on purchasing them this friday.

My next appointment with the Dr. is next Wednesday.

6 week post op photos posted. I have been using...

6 week post op photos posted. I have been using scarguard, scar away patches and roll on silicone massaging pen. So far so good!

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