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I did it bc I had a stomach full of stretchmarks...

I did it bc I had a stomach full of stretchmarks and at such a young age I just wanted for once go to the beach and enjoy myself! not be so insecure.

Week 1: really no pain just a lot of discomfort...

week 1: really no pain just a lot of discomfort and not being able to manage on my own. Terrified when I have to lay in bed, my BF has to make sure he lays me down very very slow otherwise I freak out. That really is my major complain. By day 3 I was off all pain meds.
week 2: back to work! drains removed HURRAH HURRAH did not hurt just freaked me out a bit seeing that tube come out (so long!) uff sitting for 8+hrs not the best feeling as when I get up I stiff up a lot and walking like a grandma in fact everyone at work is calling me granny. it is a challenge especially commuting on the subway but it is totally doable, you just have to listen to your body and make sure you don't push yourself too hard. Taking breaks in between work putting up my feet and resting my body. My mind is seriously slow though I am like in sick mode don't want to do anything in the office. At night so happy to be in bed, my body relaxed, showered and feeling all good again. At exactly 2 weeks I went out to a bar and all of a sudden my hips were moving on they're own! Yes, you read right! I danced! not crazy dancing but I danced! felt good next day no setbacks. The only discomfort is the tightness of the tummy and slowly making my body walk super straight.
week 3: I am thrilled! the tape came off and I can see how thin the line is!!! still some scabbing around the area but I will let it fall off on its own. MEDERMA + cocoa butter day and night. VERY IMP to keep your body hydrated at all times! I want to do everything in my power to heal that line and make it look as faint as possible. Following my Docs instructions to the T. He's the best. I reach out to him almost everyday I know I am a bit neurotic but he answers all my ?s. and that makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. and to wrap up week 3 I attended a gala and had to play dress up and that said for the 1st time my binder came OFF! I wore a beautiful gown and my 4" heels and I promise you everyone was raving of how amazing I looked. In fact my BF did not want to come to the party but once he saw me all done up he jumped in the shower and got ready in 5mins and came to the party with me. I drank and I danced, had the best time! Even forgot about the surgery bc it did not HURT or bother me AT ALL!!! next day I was really lazy since wanted to recover from the night before and now just a bit sore but think it was from doing laundry the next day going up and down the stairs (SO MAD bc I did not want to do laundry). but nothing dramatic to be concerned about. To sum up my 3 weeks post-op I have a bit of discomfort from sitting down for long periods of times but takes me 10 secs for my body to spring back up no longer walk hunchback swollen but nothing dramatic and feeling really good. Just counting the days when I am at 100%. will continue updating and feel free to ask me ?s. pics to follow.

I am officially 2 mos 1 week post op and couldn't...

I am officially 2 mos 1 week post op and couldn't be happier!! I am coming along GREAT - the trick to a TT is follow your surgeons to a T can't stress that enough!! I am binder free and can move around like nothing ever happened! treating my scar with mederman 2xs a day and as you can see from my latest pic I can cover my scar with certain undies... in fact my 2mos PO pic is my new bathing suit! I am still swollen but feel so flat already and everyone keeps telling me how great I look. I wear a lot of skirts to work with camisoles tucked in and my tummy is super flat. I am really looking forward to hit the 3mo mark and see less swelling but so far so good!!!

Today, 4/13/12, it has been officially 3mos since...

Today, 4/13/12, it has been officially 3mos since my TT!!!!! Can I tell you how thrilled I am. I am as excited as a bee. To sum it up:
: 0 stretchmarks
: not feeling any pain
: can sleep however I want - on tummy to my side - on my back
: I am really flat - minor swelling but only depending of my salt intake or if I do too much on that day but again very minor swelling
: tummy already gaining sensation and no longer stiff like a board
: fit into all my clothes but might need new ones because I just keep getting tinier by the sec
: found a bathing suit that covers my line completely - SO THRILLED!!!!
NOTE: on my 3mos pic you will see I have a tape on the sides of my scar, that is because I recently went to the Doctor for a 2nd surgery (OK call me CRAZY but he's a genius) and got liposuction on my back, flanks, inner thighs, and that fat was all injected right on my butt!! BOOM and let me tell you what a beautiful but he gave me! SO back to the scar - the tape is on because he revised the line as he had to close the holes where the drainage was placed. Wasn't a big hole or anything of concern, it could've healed on it's own but me wanting everything to look close to perfection I opted for him to stitch it up and he did and revised the line while he was at it and it looks even tinier than before. CANNOT wait to post pics without the tape but have to keep it on for now. The 2nd surgery was performed on 4/4/12. Feel free to ask me ?s but overall I have been healing very nice but now healing from Brazilian Butt Lift but have a few more weeks of being swollen then I will for sure be BEACH READY!!! I am really HAPPY. Dr. Shafer, I can honestly say, you have changed my life and have given me back my confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well HELLO everyone!! what a journey! I will say...

well HELLO everyone!! what a journey! I will say this a million times - considering a tummy tuck don't think twice just do it! do it! do it! My gosh I am still stunned at my results... it just keeps getting better and better BUT a friendly FYI: get ready to go through swell hell!! it is a mental process more so than a recovery one I kid you not. One morning you wake up nice and flat then the next you look like you swallowed an entire basketball team. But in all reality it was not a hard recovery. I am thrilled at my results! I am 6mos post op - back at the gym full time - WHOA my 1st set of abs felt so foreign to me like I could not do it but it was all in my head! wearing normal clothes - barely every swell - now it is all about treating my scar - right now I am switching between silicone sheets and Mederma. I am posting some pics so you see results. Been to the beach all summer fit into all bathing suits of my liking but always using sunscreen to cover my scar. Hit me up if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer!!!

Most recent pics from my TT

Hi TT lovers. It's been almost 3yrs since my TT (Jan 2014 will hit 3yr mark). Thought to update a few pics. And got a few other things done along the way... Feel free to inquire!

Tummy Tuck almost 3yrs aftermath

Just uploading a few pics! I also got my boobs and booty done by same doc! I love Dr. Shafer love love love

Boobs! Butt!

Here are a few more pics of my other two procedures.

2+ yrs TT and butt update

Jan 20, 2012 is when it all happened. Now look where I'm at. Yes, I workout and eat clean. No, a tummy tuck won't give you that ab definition - you have to earn it but while it does give you a flat belly you can still get abs by working out and eating clean and voila. I think my progress is one of the best by far especially that I look so natural. And let's not ignore that booty. It's so bubbly!

Picture update

New York Plastic Surgeon

OK I am giving this Doc 5 stars! I know u see 5 stars and u think no way, no one is perfect right? well in plastic surgery world this Doc is the best. A magician! Talented! I went in for a tummy tuck on 1/20/12 and couldn't be more pleased. My results have been amazing. Sure went through the pain and soreness but now I am at week 2 and I am jumping up and down from joy from how the line looks and how he has been there every step of the way during my recovery. No question is to silly or too urgent this Doc will always answer! I am 33, a 17YR old son, and had a lot of stretchmarks. Conclusion: 0 stretchmarks (thanks Doc!) maybe like 1 left on the hip side but hey I'd take that over the bunch I had on my stomach. And at week 2 I am healing nicely but what amazes me the most is the LINE the LINE the LINE - it is as thin as can be and again 0 stretchmarks!! I am very happy w Dr. Shafer. I can honestly say he did an amazing job!

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