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Hello RS World. Im considering doing some type of...

Hello RS World. Im considering doing some type of surgery to get my body in a better state and live a more healthier and promising life. I was inspired by this from a co-worker that went to DR and got the works done on her body. She literally went from flab to fab and I'm hoping to achieve the same results. I haven't had a chance to ask her questions I'm waiting on her contact info from another co-worker. In the interim I'm going to continue doing research and reading reviews on here.

Almonte Responds

So after two weeks of sending an email to Dr.Almonte her assistant Lesley finally responded to me. At this point I only sent photos and I'm waiting for a response. Last night I had a dream that I went to DR and I was on a road driving to Dr.Almonte's office. When I reached a major road, it was flooded. So a lady turned to me and smiled saying "oh no bueno" I said "si, no bueno" she started talking to me in spanish and i said "oh no mani, no habla espanol, only pequito". Then I thought to myself well ill have to get my surgery elsewhere. Then Dr.Almonte tapped me on my shoulder and said Gianne? I recognize you from the photos. I said oh wow I can get my surgery done and she said sure my office is right here not over there with the flood. Then Lesley came out and I went into a blue room. Then I woke up. I looked at the dream interpertation and it basically said my worries over a certain matter will soon be swept away and I have a desire to wipe everything clean and make a fresh new start. This is so true because the body pics I just posted of myself deserves a fresh new start. I never had a chance to be truly happy with it.


Ok so I'm seeing other member post on the news feed saying the meds that are given in the Dr. are not that strong and many have suggest to bring your own. How do u get your doctor to prescribe you painkillers especially ones like Vicodin? Would a US doctor be willing to prescribe you meds for a operation thats happening over sea? Can anyone answer this?

Lesley Respond

OMG!!!! So I finally got a quote for my surgery! thank you guys for the whatsapp info very helpful!!! I got quoted for everything I wanted except for my thighs and breast. I can't do my breast within the same surgery, the doc. suggest to save it for a round 2 of surgery. SIGN FROM GOD! That I need to cool my ass down, my breast aren't that bad. Im going to email her about the thighs though, maybe she overlooked it. Like how I'm gonna wear a bathing suit with a flat tummy, toned arms and jelly thighs lol.

I told my mom

Ive been contemplating this whole while about how I'm going to break the news to my mom about getting surgery in DR......I was thinking of taking her to her favorite restaurant and letting her drink a few rounds of wine b4 I break the news to her. Instead I ended up telling her today during a car ride home. At first she was shocked, then she asked me if I'm sure this is the route I want to take. I told her yeah and she said ok looks like we have a trip to book. I honestly thought she was gonna scream on me and tell me everyday of my waking life of what a big mistake I was making. But she took the news quite well. ......The only thing now is she keeps saying do your research and make sure you tell your father ......I'm just so glad I got that off my chest, I feel soooo much more better now.

Im just waiting to get my pp & approval from work

In the mean time i was playing with the plastic surgery app. here is a pic of me when i went out on a date. othen i sculpt my body with the app (lol my legs look weird). When i was done i said this is how i should have looked on my date!!!!!! i hope almonte can make me look like this or even better

SX DATE 10/15/14 37 days and counting

ok so far I submitted my passport application and expedited it, I should have it by the end of this month. I also got a few things that I gathered from real self reviews and my co-worker who went to Yili (she was very informative about her experience). I also have my co-worker and mom coming down with me for support. I had other people who volunteered and I appreciate their kind gesture. I also had a chance to speak to one of my cousins who is very opinionated about what I'm about to do. I simply told her out of respect not for her opinion. I have my dad to tell next and hopefully he is okay with it and approves

Supplies (Most of them )

ok so here is a pic of the supplies I bought so far. I still got a few more things to buy. I will comprise a list and put what its use is for.I also post these slides from 1-7 from someones website on RS that was real helpful along with someone else's post on how they went about taking their vitamins. I bought an organizer that was intended for a weeks supply but many of these pills require you to take them 3-4 x's a day. I also included garcinia cam. pills to curb my appetite, I'm trying to loose 20lbs b 4 sx. I hope this is helpful.

My list
1. Baby Wipes (to clean skin since u can't bathe 4 a while)
2. Fem wipes (" " vagina " ")
3. Neosporin (soothes painful cuts scrapes & burns)
4. Vitamin C 500MG (recommend by doc)
5. Iron 130mg, I got Hema Plex, you can get n e brand (recommended by doc)
6. Bioflavonoid (super antioxidant, reduces inflamtion & infection, fights viruses and prevents chronic issues)
7. B100 complex (converts calories into energy, plays a role in formation of red blood cells & functions of nervous system)
8. Zinc 30mg (for slow wound healing)
9. Bio Oil for stitch marks and scars
10. Overnight Pads (for the leaks that will come from tt incision and back if u get lipo there)
11. Bacitracin (prevents skin infections cause by scrapes, burns & cuts. Its an antibiotic)
12. Ensure (meal replacement)
13. Arnica tablets and gel- (Pain and swelling associated with bruising/ Pill: muscle n joint pain)
14. Gold Bond anti itching cream (stops the itch)
15. Cotton (for my belly button)
16. Q-tips
17. Towel and slippers (i got bright colors to keep me happy)
18. Cough Drops ( for tt patients u can have server coughs that can pop ur stitch, this will suppress that)
19. Firming Lotion (to tighten n tone the skin)
20. Durolax( stool softener, those pills and perks( pain meds) will cause constipation

missing photos 4 above photos

work out routine

So ive slimmed down in the past before within a month so I'm gonna use my old tricks b4 sx. I use the wraps and defining gel to slim down my tummy and other areas of my body. I also wear a corset when I'm at work to help me contour my belly and flatten it. I take the pills to help curb my appetite. It works for me. P.S I recommend that you drink half your body weight in water, this will help slim you down and curb appetite! I drink 120oz a day! I took up kickboxing for a workout and maybe a zumba class at my church. And if i can't make it to the gym ill do turbo fire. I plan to work out 4-5x's a day

Preparation 19 DAYS AWAY

OK so I got my results from my physical and my hemo was a 12.1 which is GREATTT! I'm hoping by the day of surgery its a 13 so I can get more fat taken out. I got my passport expedited because I thought I would not have it in time smh I should have just done it the regular way. But its whatever because now that I have it, I'll b traveling with this new body. I also wanted a speedy and cozy recovery while I'm at home so I re-vamped my room. I added a new light fixture, wall paper and new bed sheets. as far as the weight loss I'm not gonna lie I haven't been focusing on working out. instead I've been trying to make and save money for the month I'm gonna be out of work. Can ya blame me lol. but once the surgery is done, I go back to my normal schedule and the doctor clears me to start working out ill b in that gym. I'm still in shock that I'm gonna be in the DR doing this surgery. Im just trying to prepare mentally, pray and keep positive thoughts.

nervous, scared, excited, all of the above!

I'm a nervous wreck right now. Idk what kind of miracle can happen with my hemo going from a 12.1 to a 13 but god works in mysterious ways. I'm also nervous about my period. I'm taking b.c to alter it but I'm feeling cramps and all just like its about to come. I pray it don't. Now that its getting closer to the date I can't picture how I'm gonna look like. I keep thinking in my head I'm not goona see a major change but I'm trying to keep positive. I have sleepless nights, I get nauseous in the night. I HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS. Im just so happy that everyone, family and friends are being supportive of me. I pray that I get the results that I want and have a safe recovery.

Murphys Law- Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

SOOOOOO my surgery date is three days away. Ive been praying that my period would not come with this birth control. I would say around thursday I was seeing blood but I thought I was spotting. It was fairly light and Ive been "spotting" a few days ago. Friday I had major cramps and blood. But the blood was very light ( didn't even show on my panty liner only when I wiped) and dark. When I woke up saturday morning it was a full flow. I threw the pack of b/c in the trash and was like wow what a waste of time. It did the opposite of what it was suppose to do, it came earlier instead of later. Wednesday Should be day 7 of my cycle (i usually go 6days) hopefully it will be done by then but my next concern is my hemo. levels. UUURRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Ill text Lesley and ask how should I proceed.


Hello Rs world I'm now back home and can update you guys on my journey. If anyone commented previously and I wasn't able to respond,my apologies for the wifi service was truly horrible in my location. Will update as soon as I can

The Day Before Surgery

So I haven't been on a plane in 12 years. I 4got how cool the flying experience is. I went with a companion. So I landed in the DR safely and Yes you have to get this $10 tourist card. There was no lines everything went smoothly. I was greeted by my driver Neper (who is the bomb) with a sign that had my name on it. I stopped and got an empanada. The taste of fresh chicken was wild to me, I'm use to america n over processed food lol. I was immediately taken to the clinic to do my pre-op test. They are really old school over there. When I was doing my ekg the doc was laughing cuz I kept asking him if he was trying to jump start a car. I met Lesley and the doctor that day. They are both very very pretty and professional. UNFORTUNATELY my hemo was a 12.3 smh so all I could do was a tummy tuck. I was so disappointed, in tears and an emotional wreck. I didn't want to do the procedure any more. But lesley and Almonte Calmed me dow. They said: 1. you have a butt so when we snatch ur waist ur butt will stick out more. 2. technically with ur hemo being low we can not turn you over but we can put you to the side and get your back fat. They showed me pics of a woman who had a similar hemo problem as me and her results were amazing. I did travel with a companion and she was sent from heaven. she really helped me as if she was my mom. words can't describe the blessing she was to me. After everything was paid for we went to the mall with the driver and 2 girls I met. Ate food, went sight seeing in the mall lol then came back to the clinic. It was nice to see the presidents house light up in pink for breast cancer awareness.

The Mix Up

So Its the night before surgery and My heaven sent companion did a prayer circle and blessed me and the other girls I met with anointing oils before we did surgery. I was told that I was going to go second around 11am but the doc will wake me up at 6:30am to mark up my body. The next day Dr. Almonte came in at 6am and marked up my body. So I was like ok i could go to sleep now. She was like: yeah take the blue pill it will help you sleep faster. Sticking to the original agreement I thought I could head back to bed. She left and moments later a nurse came in the room yelling : OMG YOU GOTTA GO NOW OR YOU WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR. I was like: NO MAMI IT OK THE DOC. said I could go back to bed. The person who was suppose to go ahead of me came into my room fully clothed and was like nah i think your going first. I was like "OH SHIT" I was wheeled into the OR room( it didn't look as bad as I thought) and the last thing I remembered was them putting the IV in my arm. I woke up to someone hitting my face. As a defense I slapped them and ended up slapping out the air tube in my mouth lol. I just was confused because it didn't feel like I did surgery. As I was being wheeled out on the stretcher to the post-op room Dr.Almonte was right by my side saying: Omg your so beautiful, your gonna love your results". She said your "MUEA SNATCHED ' and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I was then wheeled back into my room where my companion greeted me. We stayed in the clinic for two days. They give you meds and food like clock work, they will wake you up to give you meds. They treated my friend soooo horrible, they refused to give her food. I was so loopy on the meds and I couldn't do much to fight back so I just split my meals with her. When I finally told lesley about the situation they gave her food. The clinic gets an F on that part. That thursday Raquel who is another assistant of Almonte came in with a nurse. They took out my catheter (didn't hurt) and I had a bowl movement (no constipation) then I was stuffed into my garment. SHEEES IT WAS TIGHT. over all I didn't have any pain instead I was stiff and sore as if I did a crazy work out.

The Recovery House

So I was gonna stay at Paridise Recovery house but thank god I didn't. I ended up staying at MY HOME RECOVERY which is a house that DR.ALMONTE built and has staff that she trained. The house was beautiful. The house does have stairs but guess what I was appreciative of that because it helped with my speedy recovery. The staff was so attentive, they really made you feel at home. They gave me great sponge baths in the tub, fed me well, told me jokes, got me anything I wanted and then more. We even had a girls night where the doctor came and allowed us to have sangria. The doctor and her staff is so down to earth Im happy I choose that doctor. When my com anion flew out my mom cam in and they loved her and treated her well. The two girls I met there were amazing also. We hung out and watched All the season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. I wouldn't change that experience for anything. Im happy with the choices I made. The recovery house also had a masseuse that slept there. She was very nice and funny, she made you feel very comfortable. The first few massages are a little ruff but bearable. The more you do it the more better you feel. I recommend that you get this, at least 10.

Going Home

I purchased my stage 2 garment in DR. The doctor also recommended rosa mosquito oil to spray on my wound to speed up its recovery. I went home with my drains because I was still Draining a lot. On the plane ride home I never got up to move around. I flew jet blue with extra room. I just laid my foot out as far as I could and kept moving it from side to side. I set up my bedroom for nothing, my bed was uncomfortable and the couch was more equivalent to the hospital beds in the recovery house. Getting into my stage 2 garment was hell! it took 2 additional ppl to get me into it. I still managed to sleep with it. Surprisingly a week later i was able to wear it on the last hook. So Im happy that I'm shrinking. I finally stopped draining as much and I'm awaiting lesleys response to remove the drain. Lord knows I can't wait to tale it out. And lord knows I can't wait to take a proper shower.


Im a lil hard headed but my co-worker who went b4 me told me I would not need all that I had on my list and she was SOOO RIGHT! 1. you just need a lot of tank tops, like 5 but the recovery house does do your laundry. 2. Maybe one or two dresses to go outside. but your not gonna go anywhere your gonna be in the clinic and recovery house majority of the time. Even when your lounging around your just gonna want to be in your FAJA and your tank top. 3. You don't really need much panties because you want your kitty to breath and its easier to use the restroom without it. 4. Don't need a lot of wipe, I only used it when I took a crap to stay clean. Other than that they give you a sponge bath in the tub. 5. Its ok to let them sponge bathe you with their water everywhere except your incision site and your vagina. Do get a case of water (the recovery house had plenty) but its great to have your own. You also need it to brush your teeth. The recovery house had plenty of water bottles on deck for you to drink. 6. all you need to know is the conversion rate which was 43 pesos to $1 and divide it by their total i.e 2,000 pesos divided by 43 pesos give you the US dollar amount. 7. Majority of the staff spoke english its not that serious to learn spanish. 8.They have plenty of gauze bring your own antibacterial. 9. pay attention to how they change your dressing on your scar and your garment (FAJA) because you will be doing this on your own when you get home. 10. If you go home with your drain ask for a syringe because you will have to unclog your drain on your own. (the doc will show you how its done). 11. Bring your vitamins that you usually take but they give you their own meds to take. 12. Bring your normal toiletries like soap and a rag and slipper.13. Your foot will swell a few days after surgery so keep your feet up. 14. Make sure you EAT, its important that you nurture your body with protein and vitamin rich food. 15. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS and speak up when your uncomfortable. All the other stuff I mentioned on my previous list, if i didn't mention it above, then you don't really need it on your trip. pack light you'll than me later.

Full Body Pics 18 days post op n very swollen.

I said I wasn't going to post any full body pics because my outlook on my transformation flip flops, somedays I love it some days I'm like why did I do this. But thank god for my family they have been a great support system. I don't think you would ever be mentally prepared for surgery because you don't know what to expect but I do believe you need a strong support system. If I wasn't for my family telling me encouraging words and assuring me I'll look better once the swelling goes down this recovery process could have easily been depressing. THINGS THAT AIDED IN MY FLIP FLOP FEELINGS. 1. I weighed myself on a scale a few weeks after the procedure. It didn't move. I figured 6 liters of fat should have tipped the scale just a little. MY FAMILY'S SOLUTION- get weighed at the doctor for your official weight relax. 2. I tried on my work clothes. My pants fit the same as expected but it wouldn't buckle even with the garment on but my shirt is mighty loose around my mid-section. MY FAMILY'S SOLUTION- your still swollen hun. doc. says 6 weeks you'll be smaller. 6months optimal results. U were turned down for the other procedures so dieting and working out will complete the results your looking for. SEEE MY EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER. and as far as my BUTT I think I left it in the DR lol. from the side its ok but the back view looks like pancakes to me MY FAMILY SOLUTION girlllll get ya life and squat lol.

This Monday ill be 2 Months post op here are some pics

Wow I can't believe its been about 2 months since I've went to the Dr and had Dr. Almonte change my life. If I was not working I would go back. But it is what it is. With that said its officially gym time. Im excited to go and sculpt my body more. Thanks to the wonderful work of almonte.

Some Pics Of me in the Night Life

Here is some more pics of me. Im gonna try to post as many pics as possible in regards to my transformation. So last night I was really Feeling myself lol. It felt soooooooooooooooo good to put on a dress and not worry about covering my stomach. And it felt sooooooooo good to be able to wear a tight fitting dress period. I always knew I was beautiful inside and out prior to surgery but now that my curves are 10x's refined my exterior beauty is protruding even more. It was an amazing feeling to walk in the party and have all eyes on me, I knew they were on me because everyone that I passes complimented me. Even the girls were being very social with me. I use to go to social events and hide out, avoid taking photos and hardly dance because I didn't want people to take notice to my exterior flaws. because of that I missed out on a lot of events and moments. But that just goes to show that you should live your life and enjoy it to the fullest no matter what, don't let the opinions of others define you just be you.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Almonte was phenomenal. She is the equivalent to the doctors you would find in the US. She is not money hungry and would turn certain parts of your surgery down for safety reasons but she would try and get you as close to your wish pic as possible.. She will make you feel very special and she pays close attention to your wants and needs. She will pop up on you at your recovery house more than once to make sure you are recovering according to plan. She is very soft spoken elegant and smart. I highly recommend her.

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