My Tummy is Back!!! - Phoenix, AZ

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Had my tummy tuck and breast aug in the beginning...

Had my tummy tuck and breast aug in the beginning of May - I'm about 11 weeks post-op. I had stretch marks, sagging skin, and a small "pooch" - all of which are things that will not respond to exercise. I had one baby at 23, one more at 30, and my last at 31. Let me tell you, your skin does not do well at going back where it should as you age! I didn't have issues with fat or muscle tone, but the doctor removed quite a bit of skin. I now have a hip to hip scar and a "fake" belly button. He tacked my muscle casing back into place, and I now have a "hard" stomach from below my breasts to my pubic bone. For 8 weeks you can't do much, so plan for that. The first week is the worst after major surgery - only because of the drain tubes and the fact that you are "drugged" on painkillers, but honestly with two little ones at home this was my first excuse to get some real sleep in years! I'd say I could do most non-strenuous things I need to do after about 10 days. The reason you can't do much for 8 weeks is because the scar tissue is forming, and that's what is going to hold your muscle casing in place permanently. If you lift more than 10lbs or stretch too far, you can pull out the sutures before the scar tissue forms and basically undo your surgery. Now I am back to full activity and no worse for the wear. And no more "pooch" or muffin-top! My doctor had done surgeries on 5 people at work, and they were all very pleased so I was confident in my choice of doctors without having to "shop around." In fact, I have since had one more co-worker undergo breast aug & lipo with this doctor two weeks ago. Anyone in need of an excellent, experienced doctor I used Dr. {edited} in Phoenix,AZ. Also, I got a "cash discount" for having two procedures done and paying in cash, it amounted to about 10% off. They provide financing at the office, but the finance company also charges the physician a charge, which is why you pay full price if you finance - just something to keep in mind. No, I don't have a lot of money sitting around - I got a home equity loan for other things and just got a "little extra" money on the loan to fix myself up while I was at it. Ding it this way saved me abut $1500. Approximate breakdown of expenses ( I don't have the exact figures so please don't take this to the doctor and yell at him if your estimate is different!)$7,000 for tummy tuck, $5,500 for breast aug, $500 for one night stay at recovery center, $100 ambulance transport from surgery site to recovery center, $100 medication/etc.) Total about $13,000 for everything. Money well spent! (I will write about my breast aug experience in that section.) Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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