41 Year Old with Terrible Under Eye Bags- Tulsa, OK

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I'm going in this Friday for a lower eye lift. The...

I'm going in this Friday for a lower eye lift. The fat bags have doubled in the last 6 months.
I was hoping for a full lower and upper but the Dr. Advised against it for now. I'll post a before and sometime next week an after :)
I was pleasantly shocked at the price. After 6 consultations around town here in Tulsa, the average cost is only 2,400. I had the mommy makeover 3 years ago which was 15,000. Middle America seems to be a less expensive place for surgery. I have priced CA and FL doctors as well which were close to double for the eye surgery and about 30% more for the mommy makeover.

Before and post one day surgery

This was far more painful than I thought. The swelling really is bad regardless of the ice packs every twenty minutes. My eyeballs itch terribly as well but I, of course, can not touch.

4 days post op

The swelling has doubled. The pain is nearly gone. The stitches are starting to itch and bother me.

5 days post op

Almost all of the stitches out today. Spoke with Dr. Garber and he mentioned how bad my fat pockets actually were once he got in there. He said he was shocked. I called my mom to tell her what he had said. Her reply was "oh yes, I had an eye lift when I was your age as well! Must be hereditary!" Ugh! Nice, mom! Would have been maybe something to know a few years ago! I couldn't figure out why my eye bags were so bad!

6 days post

The bruising has almost gone. It's finally yellowing. My side stitches have it been taken out..... I believe he said 5 more days.
I'm still a touch puffy and I'm scared to put on any make up. I went to work today and yesterday. Feel fine. Just a lot people asking questions ????

4 months later-Completely healed

I get compliments everyday about the difference and how young my eyes look!
I still can not run my eyes ( like the sleepy eye rub) The sockets are painful if touched rough. No pain otherwise, I also have zero scars now!

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