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I had decided after 4 pregnancy that I wanted to...

I had decided after 4 pregnancy that I wanted to get a breast lift, plus me taking steroids for asthma just increased the size of my breast even more. I started at a B cup at 20 yes old after my children were born I was a 40D after years if taking steroids I ended up a 40DDD. To say I was getting tired if the back problems, sagging breast, my breast slapping me in the face during sex was just too much to continue to endure. My breast were extremely large and uncomfortable many factors contributed to my breast size then. Pictures include before photo's, & post op photo's. I am still healing and still swollen and I still have my stitches in. The pain pump and drains were removed 1 week after surgery. No more back pain
No more bruising since I had my breast lift. I'm extremely happy and so is my spouse.


It's been 3 weeks today
My breast appear to look better each week
I put a mixture of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Cortisone Cream on me morning & night for scarring. There is still swelling in my left breast my Dr says but should continue to go away and my stitches were removed on October 1, 13. I do drive with a small pillow in my lap to combat the bumps and humps of the road. And now I'm sleeping on my side and continue to sleep on my back. As far as sex goes I was told no rough sex, gentle to moderate level only and I was told to wear a bra while engaging in that activity. Because you do not want your breast giggling everywhere. :) lol. I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks and months and the improvements. I will update with pictures later this week I must say I DO NOT wear underwire bras yet. I wear a zip up Yesmina medical bra that gives me a lot of comfortable or a regular sports bra.
Happy journey to you all as well

1 month Post Op

I has been 1 month today that I had my reduction and lift I am amazed at how I am healing and how good my scar regimen is working. I use a combination of NewGel+ Sheets and a scar pen treatment from Sephora

Runway Model I Wish

Hello everyone in the realself community I just wanted to update you on my breast reduction and lift surgery. I have to have another surgery this month. Unfortunately my breast dropped 6 months after my surgery. Talking about having a fire works attitude and cry session after. It appears that my breast got bigger thats why they dropped I was the cup size I wanted after my first surgery 40D, well now my breast are back up there at 40DD. I lost a little bit of weight but hadn't gained enough to make my breast enlarge again. I had a pre-op appointment on June 3,14 and my Dr confirmed my breast had gotten bigger and that he should of put anchors in me to hold me up more. So I decided to have the procedure performed again but this time I wanted Saline bags put in. My Dr didnt charge me to perform the surgery again, but I had to pay for the Saline bags, etc. So here I am shelling out more money. The first go around was very painful, I am sure I will have some discomfort this time as well. But there is always Beauty after the pain. I am praying and staying positive that I will have a better outcome on this 2nd surgery. I will post before and after pictures

Highly Disappointed

6 month after I got my breast with No breast implants. My husband noticed my breast had dropped a sufficient amount. We looked in the mirror and sure and behold they had. I cried because I didnt want to spend lots of money to have them redone. I immediately contacted my Dr, I went in a he confirmed that they were dropped as well, plus my breast had grew. I didnt understand because I had lost weight not gained any. My Dr said that he should of should Anchors to keep my breast up, we spoke in depth about the revision. I was really excited but did not anticipate that the pain would be worse than before. I told my Dr that I wanted saline put in me 450cc.
June 20,14 I had the revision done.
I really thought with the lift and saline bags behind my breast muscle would leave me looking like Pamela Anderson.
My breast look Flat to me compared to my first surgey. Im asking the RealSelfTalk members to give me their honest believes. Please look at my photo's. First picture up was performed Sept 2013 and the 2nd picture is the second surgery.

please excuse grammar error's

Excuse grammar error's


2nd photo of surgery that I just had done on June 20,14

Surgery Gone Wrong Dr made a BIG Mistake

I had surgery on 6/20/14. This was my 2nd surgery perfomed by Dr Arch Miller. My first surgery was performed on 9/2013. Which was a breast lift, but he didnt put in Anchors. 4 months later my breast dropped. It was not due to me gaining weight either. I went back to the Dr in May 2014 and the Dr stated he would but in Anchors and do another lift but this time a Augmentation with Saline bags. The Surgery was supposed to take 4 hours, while my husband was in the visiting room he asked repeated what was wrong and was everyone. And the nurse said the Dr will be out shortly. 6 hours later the Dr and said everything had went fine. But we found out immediately that was a lie. I had skin missing off my left breast, and hemotoma within 24hrs after the surgery. I started having chest the 3rd day and my husband ended up taking me to the emergency room 2 times. My left breast was and is currently still bleeding. INFECTION has set up and now I have Skin Necrosis. But day 1 after surgery my Dr. Dr Arch Miller told me I was ok everything looked ok. 8 days after surgery I called again and he states thats the way my breast is supposed to look. I stated no I dont think so. I knew something was gravely wrong. I am still sick n in constant pain. Now I am at the beginning of a Malpractice suit. And the ER Dr found me a new Plastic Surgeon to fix this mess. I am n pain this has caused me a extreme amout of mental and emotional problems, and money. Also it has affected my marriage. At this moment I want the dead skin, infection and pain to go away. I dont not feel like Dr Miller cares or accepts responsibility for what he did to me.

Still Healing But Concerned

At this point im very concerned about how my breast look. I left the care of the Dr who performed the surgery. After surgery he never once accepted responsibility for how my left breast looked and never admitted I had a problem going on. After trips to the ER I was given a new plastic surgeon who hss been great. He removed the dead skin and I am going to need a skin graft. Pictures are graphic be warned. Im on valiums now to because this has been overwhelming.
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

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