Swapping Saline for Silicone 545cc/595cc - Tucson, AZ

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Original surgery was October of 2010. I was a...

Original surgery was October of 2010. I was a small B cup before BA and had 350ish cc's saline implants placed under the muscle. Mind you I am a larger girl, 5'6 and 155lbs, I am still wearing padded push up bras to get the look I want to achieve in clothes.
So I am swapping out the smaller salines for Sientra smooth round HP gummy bears, the larger boob will be getting 545cc and the smaller one 595.
I am currently schedule for 10/04/2013, less than a week away, eeeek! I am hoping to get a better balanced look for my frame and not have to wear the padded bras anymore.

Pre-op appt today

I had my pre-op today:) I got all my pre-op instructions and scripts for the surgery. I also made a stop at Wally World (walmart) to get some soft cotton sports bras to hold me over until I go bra shopping for the new girls. Only thing left on my to-do list is to fill scripts and pick up some silicone strips or scar guard for the infra mammary incision and count down the days.

Tomorrow is the Big Day

It's just about here already, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Haha
Tomorrow, around this time I will be getting ready to go into surgery. (My stomach just jumped a little at that thought.) To help relax myself somewhat today I'll be going to get a mani-pedi and then maybe do an hour of yoga. I'll be eating super light and clean today, don't want to end up with bubble gut from nerves and poor food choices tomorrow morning, fruits, veggies and green tea for me. Oh lots and lots of water of course.
Also on the schedule some light cleaning and changing of bed linens. I've been nesting pretty much all week so I don't have too much to do. I will try and update tomorrow if I can but I'm pretty sure I'ma be pretty zonked out. But I will post ASAP
Please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow!! And the next time you beauties hear from me I should have a beautiful new set of boooooobies! :D

Made it over

Surgery went well and I am surprised at how well I am feeling. Honestly I was not expecting to feel so great the day of surgery but I do. I look fantastic...no bruising, not very much swelling, implants are settling into the pockets very nice already and the size is perfect. I don't look huge at all which was desired, just a bit fuller with some beautiful upper pole fullness. I had to pick a 50cc difference between the two implants because that's how they are manufactured but I think that corrected my asymmetry even more and now look more symmetric than I previously was.
So I am extremely satisfied, big smile on this girl!

So far so good

So today is day 3/4? post op....the day of surgery I felt great, the day after I was pretty sore and every day since has been better and better. I'd say the only real discomfort I have is after waking up but as I get moving I start to feel better. I have been halving the Percocet the last couple days and only take them a couple times a day, usually morning and night and sometimes mid day depending on how I'm feeling. Probably won't need anymore after today.
Still loving the size, I think it balances my broad shoulders and wide hips very well. I won't be too sad if some of this is swelling as it wasn't my goal to have large breast, just to be more proportionate.

More pics

1 wk post op

I am feeling great physically, wish I could get back into my old work out routine and I wish I didnt have to rely on others to reach and carry heavy things for me still. My right side is still tender but I have not needed anything for pain the last few days. I have yet to see my incisions, those steri strips are on good so I'm not even going to try and sneak a peek.
I am however feeling extra thick. I was sure that by now the 5lbs I gained from swelling and anesthesia would've been long gone, but it's not. I hate not being able to work out :( and am probably experiencing some blues at this point.
But on the positive I still LOVE my boobs. No boob greed or anything, still really satisfied with my size choice. Shall I bore you ladies with more pics? Maybe I'll wait til the steri strips are off......

Pics at 1 wk

Not a whole lot of changing. They were never way up at my collar bones from the get go so I'm wondering what the drop and fluff result will be? For a larger sized implant I think they still look pretty natural.

2 wks tomorrow

Incisions are healing. Finally took off the crusty steri strips after a long hot shower. Feel great energy wise, feel like I can run and jump with no pain although I'm still not cleared for that, so I won't, maybe...... Hehe.
I put on a padded, wireless bra that I had from before....my boobs look huge in it but the weird thing is, it's an old bra and it fits my new boobs, hmmmm.
Anyway I feel so much more proportionate... I tried my best to get some shots with my wide hips and broad shoulders in case anyone else my size was stuck on debating what size implant to get. :)
Stay beautiful ladies! Xoxo

1 month post op

Sheesh how the time flies! I am feeling great, no complications. I was released to normal physical activities

Oops my finger hit the update button, ha

Released to normal physical activities at my 3 wk post op appt last week. I'm still not planning on doing any push ups and chest presses yet though (just my deal) I wanna let my chest muscle heal a little bit more.
Incisions look good, I started using my silicone strips last week as well.
So far I think my final cup size will be a very full TRUE D/ Small DD. So my bra size hasn't changed much but I fill the cups much differently (strange I know) but I love my size. They are just enough boob without being too much.

And the nit picking begins....

Let's see, I am just over 8wks post op and I am beginning to pick apart my results....having had surgery before I am aware that this is part of the process...so this is just a lol' vent sesh for me, thanks for listening.
My biggest complaints,
My right boob's pocket is too low almost has a bottoming out appearance.
My left boobs pocket looks to narrow at the bottom giving the crease a V shape and a slight double bubble appearance.
I might have crossed the fine line of youthful full boobs to big girl with fatty boobs, but oh well, I knew that was a possibility.
Anyways I know things are still settling to some degree, keeping my fingers crossed that my concerns work themselves out.
Thanks for letting me vent.

3 month follow up appt today

Had my 3 month check up and I am officially done with the post op visits. I have been watching and waiting to see what this slight appearance of a double bubble was going to continue to do, so I mentioned it at today's appt. Dr Case thinks it's just my old breast folds that will resolve on their own in due time. They don't bother me that much but I do see them. Besides that everything else is still looking pretty good.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Now it's time to shed this holiday weight... Recovering from surgery in Oct, then Thanksgiving, then my birthday and Christmas has led to some weight gain :(

Been feeling a little "not so in love" with my boobs lately...

I guess there is always a trade off in the cosmetic world of surgery. Scars and divots for svelte bodies, asymmetries made a bit better but still not quite there. It really is a gamble of a sort that after the financial investment and research results may never completely reach your expectations. And that's fine by me, I understand that perfection is not a reality...looking better is more than good enough for me.
So my first gamble with my first BA left me with wonderful breast placement but too small of an implant for my large frame. My Second BA has left me with the perfect size but I'm not in love with the new lowered placement and pockets.
So it's left me wondering if anyone ever hits the jackpot and wins it all?
Just my ramblings for the day....haha! Thanks for listening as I don't really share much of my cosmetic world with many others. Glad to have you all :)

6 months out

This will probably be my last update. I am 6 months out, not a lot of changing from last update. I am still in love with the size, not so much with my elongated pockets but it is what it is. They look pretty good and in my opinion they look pretty natural. They feel nice and soft. As for the slight double bubble, it is still there, not very noticeable so I am content. The scars are as good as they get for "me" at this particular stage....I'm sure in time they will be nice thin, white scars.
Would I do it again....in a heart beat! :)

Appt today

So I have a had a slight double bubble in both breast along with some misshapening...my implants look like they've settled too low and my right one in particular causes me a little discomfort when I raise my arm high. Finally going in to see dr case and see what my options are. I always hate these appointments, I feel that nagging patient but I don't want to have to settle. Let me know if you want to see pictures of what I'm referring to and I'll post one. Wish me luck!

10 months PO double bubbles

1yr 2mo post op

Nothing has changed but I thought I'd go ahead and update for the 1 year mark. I still have the double bubbles and days where it drives me crazy and others days it doesn't bother me as much. I still have yet to consult to see what my options are, not sure I am even going to at this particular moment in time. Here are some more pics.... For some reason "mirror view" pics somehow seem to hide the flaws. In my previous post you can see the double bubbles quite well.
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE Dr Case and staff. I had a mommy makeover in 2010 and recently had my saline implants exchanged for silicone, both surgeries with Dr Case. The entire process from consultation to surgery to post care has been an exceptional experience. Tucson is fortunate to have a top notch plastic surgeon in such a small city. My results are good and I say good because most women will never achieve their own quest for perfection but ask the person next to me and I'm sure they will say my results are amazing! :)

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