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Hello everyone, I guess its time to join in and...

Hello everyone, I guess its time to join in and tell my story. I don't have much just yet since my surgery isn't until Nov 22, but I can tell you a bit about me. I'm a 51 yr old mom of 3, all delivered by c section. Of course that was years ago, they are 27, 24, 18. I was always thin when I was younger. As I had kids and was a stay at home mom the weight crept up on me over the years. I always knew I was too heavy, but never really did anything about it. On May 9 of 2012 I went to doc for physical, of course he did a blood check. My weight was 228, my cholesterol was 254, triglycerides were off the chart and I was a smoker. He told me what I needed to do, as if I didn't know, but coming from him made a difference. It was a wakeup call for me. I threw out the smokes, cut out the pop and fast food, ate healthy and started doing ZUMBA 2 nights a week, which killed me in the beginning. The weight started coming off, I was feeling so much more energetic and starting to feel really good about my accomplishments. I decided I needed more exercise so I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. The best thing I ever did. He was awesome, I loved how he worked with me, he was my world for awhile. Things were going so well, I felt on top of the world. A year later, May 2012, I returned to the doctor, cholesterol dropped down to 194, triglycerides were at a good level, still hadn't smoked and I was down 40 pounds! My doctor was so happy and so was I . Then my trainer made a career change. I was lost. I depended on him so much. He would be the one I'd call when I was feeling fat and needed support or when I dropped another pound and wanted to share the news with him. Unfortunately, him leaving devastated me and I allowed myself to give up on the gym for awhile. Still attended my ZUMBA classes, but 2 nights a week is not enough. Well, now Im down to one night a week of ZUMBA due to the studio I went to doesn't offer it anymore. Go figure. Is this some sort of punishment from a past mistake? Oh well, I guess nothing is forever. I've always wanted a tummy tuck, I used to tell my trainer one day I'm getting one! My stomach just never went away with the rest of me and I hated it, still do. Anyway, I am back at the gym, have found another trainer, she is great but I think because I have this surgery coming up, my heart is just not into training right now. I think because I know that in less than 3 weeks I wont be able to workout for awhile, so I'm waiting until I am ready to get back at it and then this girl is going hard!!! I just really hope that I will be happy with the outcome of the tummy tuck. The ps I chose is highly rated, so I don't doubt his work, I guess Im having a hard time imagining a flat tummy and worried that I will never have one - and out $8200. Not ready to post pics just yet, sorry girls. I know, I love looking at everyone's pics, just not mine ...lol. But I will, I promise. Tuesday is my pre op, so Im anxious to see my doc and get some questions answered. I apologize, I said I didn't have much to say, but I got on a roll and couldn't stop. So happy to find this site and see that other women are going thru the same thing. Good night ...

Pre op was today!!!!

Getting so excited. Today was pre op, only 17 days to go. This is all I can think about. I spend hours and hours reading these posts and looking at pictures or videos of other tummy tucks. What in the heck am I going to do when this is all over???

Getting Closer .... Super Excited!!!

11 days to go. I'm keeping myself busy so it comes quicker. Got family coming to visit for the weekend, then have things that need to get finished at work and still have to buy some items on the list. I tend to procrastinate, so next Thursday night I will be very busy!!!

5 Days ... Can't believe this is the week!!!

Can't believe I'm almost on the Flat Side!!! Today started getting things together, still have more to do. Family flew back to Texas today, it was nice having something to keep my mind busy this weekend. Have a few busy days at work this week and then its time. Friday Nov 22 I have to be there at 10:30 am - woo hoo!!!

3 DAYS. 3 DAYS. 3 DAYS!!!

Tonight I will post pictures, I promise!

I'm 5 weeks post op and don't regret it one tiny bit!!!

Best thing I've ever done for myself. Never experienced any pain and I'm 5 week post op today. The whole surgery experience went great. Never had any pain, never any nausea, drain tubes never bothered me (they were in for 12 days). I can honestly say it was a very easy experience for me. The only issue I'm dealing with right now is I have a yeast infection in my belly button, so my doctor is treating me with an antifungal med and monistat cream. I can handle a little infection. Its kind of funny to me...after all that was done as far as incision, muscle tightening, drain tubes hanging out of me for 12 days, my only problem is my belly button! Been out shopping and for the first time ever was able to purchase a fitted dress, I bought 3 of them! Still very swollen, just as they said I would be. Looking forward to seeing end result. I love, love, love the tight belly and being able to look down and see my female area without lifting my fat! My scar is smoothing out and looks great. I put bio oil on it a couple times a day. Getting ready to get back into my gym routine. I need to take it slow, but am really missing it. I really miss ZUMBA classes too, but doctor says 10 weeks before I can resume that class. So for now its walks on the treadmill at an incline and light weights, no core at all. Next Dr apt, Jan 20, I should be released to do more. Still trying to get pics posted. Good luck to all you other tummy tuckers :)

Finally pics!

Belly Button Healing

I have a yeast infection in my belly button, doctor has prescribed medicine for it and so its not getting worse. Can't really say it's getting better though either. It looks the same. He said they take awhile to heal and so now I just wait. Everything else is healing just fine. I feel great. Looking forward to getting back on a set schedule at the gym. The infection was a little set back because its very tender, but I will give it the rest of the week to heal and then I need to work on the rest of my body. I can't afford a tuck all over! Hope you all are doing well whether you're recovering or still deciding. Happy New Year!

An EmOtioNaL wreck right now!

I'm 8 weeks post op and cant seem to stop crying today...ugh! I'm swelling more than ever it seems and I guess I figured things would get better day by day when in fact I think they are getting worse. I feel fine, but I feel fat. I miss the gym, I miss my Zumba classes. I'm not eating as healthy as I should be. I'm so worried about gaining my weight back. I know I sound pitiful. I guess I just need to vent and who better to vent to but others that have maybe experienced the same things. My doctor said I can get on the treadmill at the gym and walk at an incline, but no zumba or weights or anything that engages my abs until I reach the 10 week mark. Two more weeks to go and hopefully I can get back on track. Once I am I know everything will come together again. One thing I have learned about myself is that when I am on a good workout schedule and I am feeling good about myself, its a lot easier for me to make good food choices. I'm also a lot happier inside. I'm probably more pleasant to be around at home too .... This week has just been a tough one for me. Hope my next post is more uplifting ~ sorry girls. I would love to hear from others that are going or have gone through this. I want to hear that 4 months from now my results will be better than they are now and I hope to be able to help others get thru this stage of healing someday. Hope you all are doing well

9 Weeks out and feeling GREAT!!!

It's been 9 week since my tummy tuck and I feel so good. I'm feeling back to my regular self again, but with a flat tummy :) . I never really had any issues at all with the surgery except a minor belly button infection, but I could still tell that I wasn't moving as fast or bending as easily or tiring faster than usual. For me 9 weeks was the magic number. I'm just moving and able to do everything I could before surgery. So for those of you who have recently had this done and feel like you will never be back to your normal self, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sure some experience this sooner than I did and some later since we all heal differently. Plus, because of my belly button infection, I think that set me back a bit. It was pretty sore and slowed me down. But, it's on the mend and I don't even think about it anymore, except when I pack it daily with gauze and some cream the doctor gave me. So, I just wanted to share with all of you recent tummy tuckers that a day will come when you realize you are feeling great! Good luck to all of you ....

3 Months Post Op and Loving My New Tummy <3

Well, its been 3 months since my tummy tuck procedure. I am now back to my Zumba classes and back to the gym working with a personal trainer once again. I have no pain or soreness while training, I feel great! Tummy still a bit swollen and after working out swells even more, but I know in time that will go away. Looking forward to seeing the final result. So happy I had this procedure done. I love my new tummy and its not even 100% yet. So now my goal is to work on the rest of my body at the gym to match my flat tummy and new cute belly button! Summer isn't too far away and I'm hoping to wear a bikini for the first time in many, many years!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gorin is wonderful. I am so happy I chose him for my tummy tuck out of the 3 doctors I met with. He is always available when I have a question for him. I can email or text him and he answers me as soon as he can. Believe me, I've had a lot of questions for him! I live a few hours away from his office, so the day after my surgery he came to my hotel room to check on me. His work is so good, look at his before and after pics on his website. My incision is very low and straight, no dog ears, I did not experience any pain at all, it really has been a very easy experience for me. Not one complaint. His staff is very kind and caring. He has his own surgical suite and surgical team, they made me feel so comfortable, what great people. I can't wait to save up for another procedure, lol! I 100% recommend Dr. Gorin for your cosmetic surgery. You will not be sorry, just read all his reviews on this site as well as other sites, everyone has great things to say about him. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'd be more than happy to answer them if I can.

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