Eeeee all done! 410cc July18th happy as can be - Tualatin, OR

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Hey everyone! I have been reviewing this site for...

Hey everyone! I have been reviewing this site for awhile now and thanks to my wonderfully supportive boyfriend I have decided to finally get my boobs done and I would like to share my experience. I am going to turn 23 before my surgery, I am 5'6 and 118 lbs. I have always been a 32A sometimes able to use a 32B cup. I have been teased ever since middle school and even today it happens so I am deeply self conscious about my breast. I have researched many doctors and found Dr. Connall in Portland. It's a little drive from where I live but with my boyfriends help we are going to make it work! If anyone knows anything about him that they could share I would love that! My consultation is May 30th and projected surgery date is July 9th. I am so excited for this life changing decision I can't wait! I'll add photos soon :)

Wish boobs

I know these sizes vary but I am still undecided! I don't want to go too big for my frame but I want to be happy with the size.

Ok here it goes....

Here's a few pics of my little guys. Suuuuper self conscious and I've never posted nudies ever. But I am doing it because of the positive reviews I have seen on this site and want to be able to help someone as we'll :)

Consultations oh my!

So I have my consultation with Dr. Connall on May 30th at 2pm. I work at a restaurant so I felt as though I should let my boss in on my procedure so she would understand why I need so much time off. Lucky for me I have been there long enough and she is super understanding that it shouldn't be a problem :) well her and I were talking and she suggested that I have a consult with more than one dr. Just in case. And after looking at alot of you ladies and how many consultations most of you had I think it would be wise to do. This website gave Dr. Ronald Demars great reviews so I called them and was able to land a consultation on May 29th at 1030! I was really worried because I can get the time off but my bf wants to take me and it's hard for him to get work off but he said to go ahead and do it :) I am so excited it's coming up!!! My bf and I have talked and decided to aim for the surgery being July 16th since he will have drill the weekend before. The consultation at Dr. Connalls is going to be $100 and at Dr. Demars it will be $75. Idk how you ladies went to so many consultations their spendy lil suckers. I'll try to be better at updating this site!

Tomorrow is consultation day!

So tomorrow is my consult with Dr Demars and I'm pretty nervous.... I have my sports bra they told me to bring but it's lightly padded for obvious reasons. Should I buy one at Walmart? I don't know what size to buy heeeelllpp :/


So I was very pleased with both consultations but the funny thing is my boyfriend and I both got a very good vibe from Dr. Demars. He and his staff we very kind and helpful and he answered almost every question I had before I could ask them. Since I have been stalking this site for so long I saw so many lovely ladies with similar stats mine are 5'6 120 slender torso. Some went with 500ccs so I brought it up and both drs said absolutely not. The thing that discouraged me from dr. Connall is that I felt like I told him what I wanted but he was going to end up doing what he wants in the end. Dr Demars said the highest I should go is 400cc and during surgery he will have 5 different sizes to try to determine which size I want and which he thinks looks best. I truly believe that he understands my wants and can achieve what I am hoping for! We did get as far to say that I will he moderate profile with sientra coheasive gel silicone under the breast incision.


This is from Dr Connalls office my torso with 350cc high profile. Idk but to me it looks a lil small :/


Well I learned how to make home made ricers but I wanted to test out 375cc and I didn't have enough rice at home :( so I opted for oatmeal lol here's a few before and afters with me wearing a none padded bra.

1 month away!!!!

I am so excited I told my close friends and they are all excited for me :) so Dr Demars has sizers ranging from 350-475 to try on during surgery which I am stoked about! Here are some more wish pics from some other real self girls

1week away!!!!

Officially a week away from my surgery im so excited! I have been trying not to go too crazy thinking about it. Imprinted up some wish pics for my dr as he requested hopefully I can be similar to these!


I don't know how to change my doctor on this site hmmm

How do I change my doctor on my page?


See you on the other side!

On my way to my surgery see you all in boobyland!!!! :))))

I did it! 410 cc feeling great!

Hi ladies! Well had surgery at 645 this morning everything went amazing I was knocked out at the initial anastetic I didn't even make it into the operating room to count down lol I woke up feeling cold and uncomfortable but the sweet nurse came in and gave me more blankets. My bf had work so my mom came with me which is nice. I showed Dr Demars my wish pics and he said it's definitely attainable for me :D anywho so I went with 410cc sientra gel silicone moderate profile and I'm happy as a clam! :)

Before pics

All marked up

More pics after!

I bought the pain pump which was put on during surgery after the implants so I woke up with it on. It basicaly gives me 5 ml of liquid pain reliever every hour. I think it's working wonderfully so far!
It's funny because after surgery my mom and I were super hungry so we stopped at carls junior and I downed a burger basically inhaled it hahaha. Then we arrived to my friends house where we are staying and I passed out but when I woke up I felt great and was in little pain just sore but after walking around I had to lay back down for a bit. Sorry for the long entries I'm just so happy right now!!!

Ugh day 2

Well I wasn't able to sleep at all last night I could not get comfortable and the pain was getting pretty bad. I had to keep taking my medicine to help. I think I know what "morning boob" is now talk about ouch! They feel hard and uncomfortable. I tried going to the bathroom to take off the stap for just a second of relieve but curiousity got the better of me and I undid my bra to take a peep. They look pretty weird but I am happy so far. I started feeling sick as if I would pass out so I hurried back to bed to button the bra up and put the strap back on. I won't be posting a picture of the girl yet I'm just a cautious person and I don't want to rush taking the bandages off.

Day 3

Well today wasn't as bad I slept pretty good last night and have mainly been sleeping all day today which is nice :) here are a few photos

Heading home

So it's day 4 and my mom and I are driving back home from Portland. I slept pretty good last night but when I woke up I felt feverish and sick to my stomach. We had to run over to Dr Demars office for him to check them out before I left town. I couldn't even sit up while he was looking at them I just wanted to curl up in a ball and make the pain go away :( we are driving now and I'm feeling a little better but definitely a rough day

Updating helps

Well I find updating you ladies to be helpful and posting progress photos gives me a better understanding of how good I'm doing :) the boobies aren't hurting as much, the main problem at this point is definitely the constipation ugh! Other than that loving the size and the progress yay :D

Trying things on

Day 6 and the new addition is slowly but surely getting better. The new boobs still feel foreign to my body but the pain has gone way down thank goodness. I have tried not to take any pain meds today so far so good :) I tried on a few things so here are progress pics!

10 days

Well 10 days in and despite my fear they have gotten better and better! Definitely feeling like a part of my body now :) to be honest one of the hardest things for me was the whole constipation, I'm not even kidding i was not able to go for awhile and it got so painful but thank goodness I'm better now! I haven't been able to see my bf because I'm with my parents but be loooovves the pics. I can sleep on my side pretty good now too. The advice I would give is that it gets much much better don't worry :) I feel like I am healing pretty quickly it's great but I don't want to ruin anything so definitely following orders!
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