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I am Mom 3 kids~2 are grown and on their own, the...

I am Mom 3 kids~2 are grown and on their own, the baby almost a teenager now :o) I have wanted this for years, I went for a consultation to another surgeon a few years ago and just was not comfortable through the visit, so I just dropped it for a while. It's been a few years since then and started to revisit the possibility of following through but just didn't want to go through the pain of finding a Dr...I know 2 people that have gone to Dr. Gorin and they have been begging me to get an appt. set to see him. I am glad I did. I have a few emotions about going through with my procedure, I am excited to find my belly button again!...this is the most exciting part of this whole procedure for me! haha!...although, my stretchy marks and baggy skin are a lovely reminder of my pregnancies, and do I love them for that, but I am now ready to let them go so I can have a nice mexico trip with my husband and possibly slip into a bit more sexy?
My goals through this are to keep up my exercising and eating healthy. I have kept up a pretty good exercising program with my jogging and eating healthy for years! I am not a small frame, I have and love my curves and do my best with my exercise outside of working full time, my piano lessons and my son in sports, all this time with focus on the positive results I felt throughout my whole body not the negative, with the parts of my body that couldn't change, after all "healthy" is more than skin deep. :o)

Okay, well I just returned from my vacation, and...

Okay, well I just returned from my vacation, and now I am off to my pre op today. I can't think of any questions at this point, so I haven't written anything down, I am sure as the conversations happen in the office I will think of a few, and my daughter is coming with me, so for all the questions I probably should have and don't, she's got handled! I feel very calm about today so with a little over 2 weeks to go I feel pretty darn ready for this!

Okay, PreOp went good. Went over the meds for...

Okay, PreOp went good. Went over the meds for after the procedure, also meds to STOP taking before the procedure (very important stuff people!) compression garments...yuck! I mean, I live in flip flops, so squeezing into anything isn't something I look forward to...haha! Picked up my necessities, antibacterial wash, extra first aid pads (they are sending plenty home i am sure but just in case i did pick some up) a new bathrobe :o) (i know not a necessity but hey I needed one anyhow) I also dropped off my prescriptions. I did have a slight issue with them, my network Dr. would not approve them, he said that it was against "policy" although my gal friend just had a procedure and has the same insurance and her Dr. did approved hers...so it is at their discretion obviously...so be prepared to pay out of pocket for your meds. I am not sure what the cost is for the meds yet and I will post that later this week, I am assuming about 300$. So far out of pocket expense has been about 100$ but keep in mind I have purchased a few extras, like the bathrobe...and candles and undies and...well you get the idea :o)
I have 2 weeks to get all my work done at work and here at home which includes new carpet and vinyl for the kitchen...it will be a busy week this week, hopefully next week will be more relaxing. I have scheduled 2 full weeks off for recovery and my Mommy and my daughter will be taking care of me :o)
I did have second thoughts show up and bounce around my head a few times, but I know I am ready, and have thought about this for a few years now and I know the feelings are mostly from the scenario of going through "the trouble" of it all...and the other feelings, well those are just the "unknowns"...nothing I can do about that, unless someone out there has a crystal ball for me :o)

Well, Anxiety has set in. I am nervous and I'm not...

Well, Anxiety has set in. I am nervous and I'm not kidding! In my last post I said I would mention the cost of my meds, since the cost was all out of pocket for me. I have 5 prescriptions and together it came to $390.00...soooo I am set. I am as ready as I will ever be, just keeping focus on the mexico trip my husband has promised me next spring....
My 11 yr old son asked to stay home from school, he says he won't be able to focus, so of couse I won't make him go to school. He will be with Grandpa :o)
I have been going over the medication directions and noting on a daily calendar so it's easy to see what i need to be doing or taking thorughout the days and nights for the next 7-10 days.
My Mother moves in tomorrow night for 3 or 4 nights to take care of me and my 2 older kids have both moved back home, so I have a full house! This oughta be fun! I love my family :o)

7 days into my recovery, I woke this morning and...

7 days into my recovery, I woke this morning and stretched...from top to bottom, gently of course, and it felt sooooo good! There was a huge flock of geese flying over as I stretched, all honking their way south and me looking out the window at them wishing I could follow and sit in the California sun for the rest of my recovery. I usually love the fall season here in the great Pacific NW, especially a foggy, damp visit to the coast to visit my Grandmother...but for some reason this year, it came to soon.
Well, so far I watched a full season of "Once Upon a Time", and now, ending my second season of "Lost"...Yay Netflix! Haha! And I won't be missing any current episodes of "Once Upon a Time" I'm addicted! set the recorder last night.
My Daughter, 23, walks in each morning by 9am all dressed in her uniform and badge, administers my shot, and then is off to protect the world...she works at the Dept. of Homeland Security. My baby girl...proud mama here. She thought for sure there was no way she could give me a shot, no way!...but has admitted since that it's really nothing, no big deal at all so it turns out...or maybe she sees it as paybacks for all the times I grounded her! Haha!
My Mother drives over and stays part of the day with me, she has survived 2 aortic aneurisms, and a 3rd one is being monitored, sitting in her like a time bomb as I sit and type my story. My Mother has been by my side rooting me on, making sure I have no regrets, "life is too short" she says, but, way, way in the the back of my mind I can't help but wonder if she thinks i'm coo coo for this "elective surgery" thing...None the less, I knew what ever I had to get through for the next few weeks was nothing compared to what she has survived, multiple times.
My surgery consisted of a full tummy tuck and lipo around my back and waste. I really couldn't have just a tummy tuck, I needed some assistance with the backside also. I sneezed this morning, and it hurt like hell, I hug a pillow when I feel the urge to cough, but try to control the cough so that it is not to send me into a blackout from the pain that I had from my sneeze...
I finished the antibiotics and only needed pain meds for the first 3 days really. I am not standing up straight yet, and my back aches still, so I am working on that.
Since day 4 I have been doing small exercises in bed...tighten and release my buttocks, thighs, any sort of leg movement I could do with repetition, without pain. I do arm punches out in front of me and up above my head. I stand at my dresser as I hold on to it I very carefully do leg lifts, not to high, not putting any stress on my abdomen or back.
Yet, even as I type I am not sure if it was all worth it. Yet. In all honesty, I don't feel regret, nor depressed, and any frustration I have had has been out of impairment of being able to function or sleep comfortably. In all my research I read that a very high percentage of people do not regret having a tummy tuck and are happy! So, in the end I do hope that I will feel the same. For now I have no memory of the day of my surgery, except pulling in the driveway afterwards...the next couple of days were mostly sleeping and being helped up to go for short walks and I do remember the visit from my Dr. By day 4 and 5 I was uncomfortable, and my body was tingly and numb. Sleeping was miserable, and I had several pillow pets, yes, pillow pets stuffed in my side and under my legs just enough to find the most comfort possible...each position of my body had some animal face popping out from it! It was pretty funny. So here I am, feeling much better keeping focus on my recovery...and each time I slip into my new bathrobe, the one with the butterflies I bought before my surgery, I can't help but think of my new body too. Oh, and the trip to mexico that my husband promised me!
No matter what, I am still me, and no matter what my skin looks like now or before, I love this life, I am thankful for my family and the many people that surround me in it. Until next time~

My visit to this provider was based on the results of 2 people I know that went to him. He is friendly, comfortable, and showed an interest in who I am. I was happy to hear him share with me what would benefit my body, honesty is not something you can buy and I felt he was honest with me in all his advice.

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