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First I would like to say to all the beautiful...

First I would like to say to all the beautiful women out there you are already beautiful and worthy. never let anyone make you feel bad for restoring your body. you can restore an old car and everybody thinks that's super cool but restore an old body and everybody has an opinion. it is our time for you and I to do for ourselves and to be comfortable in our own skin never let anybody make you feel bad for this. okay so I had my second consultation with my PS yesterday and I am more excited now than ever his office is warm clean and inviting and I never have to wait more than 5 10 minutes for my appointments I am already recommending him this office is amazing. He makes me feel comfortable showing him my saggy belly and tiny boobs, .. (oh and did I mention he is incredibly handsome professional and very confident and I love that.) Iam having a modified corset TT and a BA all in the same day. Here are some before pics. Thanks in advance for any feedback.. . Love, hugs and prayers to all of you!! I will post more pics later.

YAY 8 weeks to go!!

I am exactly 8 weeks out till my big day. I am NOT scared or nervous at all! Just completely STOKED for it! I know its gonna be hard during recovery, but I AM IN!!! I feel like I need a lot more things though :o/ and I also need to loose AT LEAST another 15 to 20 lbs before...looks like I may be doubling my workouts for the next 7 weeks. I am still waiting on my lift chair..I PRAY I GET IT IN cousin is getting me one from his friend that owns them, so I'm really praying I get one as I KNOW I will need one. Don't have any new pics yet but maybe I will post some IF I loose that extra 15-20 lbs before surgery day! LOVE AND HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!! Please feel free to leave me any advise on what I should have at home by now...... thank yo so so so MUCH!

Pre-op appt scheduled Feb 4th

Hi everyone!! Praying everyone one of you are blessed abundantly!! Pre-op appt is set and I've lost a few extra lbs but not as much as I want all... Gotta kick up my workouts and quit being lazy with the boyfriend. (well I do get a workout with him.. But not the same... Lmao) Anyway here are some new Pre-op pics to NOT enjoy...! ! ! Love and hugs to all of you!! BE BLESSED

UUUUGH bloaty Mc bloat bloat

I am eating 7 times a day as my food coach is wanting me to but MAN, I am NOT feeling it today! I seriously feel like Imma have a baby, that's how bloated I feel. I have been eating the same food (4 oz chicken breast, 2.5 oz of black rice, and 1.5 oz of avacodo, 150 ozs of water a day..OH 5 egg whites and 1/3 cup of old fashion oats with 1 tbs of flax seed in the morning and same thing in the evening after my workout only NO flax.) going on 3 months now..have not had a problem till now...I wonder why...or what's going on. OH and had my CBC done and found out I'm Iron deficient and anemic.....hmmm could it be because of no red meat??? UUUUGH..anyway, I feel CRAZY BLOATED AND TIRED right now.....anyone have experience with being anemic, and if so, can if affect surgery and recovery????? PLEASE help.


So I'm sure most of you had a spinal done for your surgery. I am supposed to have the same OR I can opt for a breathing tube. I'm really on the fence with this one because, for one I have the beginning stages of degenerative disk disease (not sure if that will make a difference or not) ... and had two spinals for my c-sections which left me with some (very little) back complications. On the other hand, I have NO idea about the breathing tube option...(and I'm a singer...will that mess with vocal cords does anyone know?? I would hate that if it ruined my voice as far as singing) and my PS says his patients have a better time in recovery with the spinal....??? I'm so confused as to what I should choose. He is giving me the option though....HELP!

Leonisa compression garment woihoo

Got my compression garment at Leonisa and let me tell you.. .. QUALITY PRODUCT!!

It'gettin REAL

Well another 7lbs down and I'm 7lbs from my pre-surgery goal weight. I have packed on some muscle but not nearly as much as I'd Iike, being I want to be as small as I can to get the most of this skin OFF as possible , then after recovery I can get stacked and ready for an arm and thigh tuck. I figure, if I'm gonna live another 15 or 20yrs, why not look as good and feel as good in my skin as possible, even go for my dreams of competing and someday be in a magazine. One article is all I need. .. I.think I'll try out for the "transformation category" in theWBFF

OOO 1week away to the flat side!

I have to say I am NOT nervous in any way shape or form I get to sleep well every night and I have good days I am very grateful for this.can not wait to be on the flat side. I have full confidence in my PJs and no he will do an excellent job. I am going to post a few more before pictures. Can't wait to fill out this new dress better!

Almost there...

4 more days and I'm on the FLAT SIDE! I'm so excited and not worried at all. I just got over my "cycle" so I don't have to worry about that..(whew)! My sister and a few friends are going to be there for me and take care of me. I am feeling VERY blessed and loved. I thank God for the people in my life and for this opportunity. I have been speaking to my body like Chicklett taught me to..(what an amazing woman she is! SO grateful for her, and this sight as well!)
I have everything I need, have purchased EVERYTHING and my cousin came through on a chair that lifts! YAY! I will not have to struggle getting up and down at all...I mean this thing lifts you all the way up with no need to sit straight up or use your core or back to get up ...AT ALL!! ITS CRAZY COOL! My oldest son hooked me up with #2 1" x 22" silicone strips for my incisions..that was 100$s bless his heart! My youngest son hooked me up with a TON of cool movies for me to watch while I'm healing! YAY BEST KIDS EVER!! They also took me out for 2 DAYS for my birthday and we had a blast go cart racing, bowling with all the friends and family...AND lunch and dinner...I truly do have the best two boys one mama could have!
I have a bed set up on my living room as well for whoever is going to be with me for the first 3 weeks...I'm wondering will I need to be/sleep in that recliner for that long?? How long till I can sleep in my bed again...oh how I will miss my beautiful California KING! (all to I guess it's different for everyone as far as recovery and how far you come along. I pray I'm one of the fast one's LORD!! I just keep counting my blessings and looking into my future at my goals and how I want to be a blessing to others, praising my body and preparing my body for this it a good pep-talk and praise! Love to all of you and love and hugs!

Less then 24 hours...

Here we go, I think this will be the last I post anything until after surgery! Thank you to all my girls on here who have responded and encouraged me ...and for teaching me so much. Love and hugs to you all! God bless you all ABUNDANTLY! I will get on here as soon as I can post-op! :o)

3 days post op

This is very painful and I'm crazy dizzy and feel awful from the air inside me. That hurts SO bad! I have been walking and waking up constantly ..I have two drain tubes and those are painful too but tolerable. I feel way to high off these Oxy's to write too much and I am hurting some.. Thank o ufor everyone who is supproting me

Day 2 post op and 1 week post op

Hi pretties!
Well its been 1 week post op and I'll go over all the things I'm feeling and have experienced so far. :o)

So I am posting some pics of day 2 and then pics from yesterday (one week post op) ...both after a shower. The pain has been manageable, however I ran out of pain meds and that was NOT about PAIN..I could feel every stitch made inside and out! My PS changed my pain meds to something a little stronger and I have not had any issues with the terrible pain since. Some of the worst pain I have been experiencing has been bloating (lots of air inside my intestines super sharp pains, not being able to have a bowel movement ...uuuugh) and MY BACK ..MY WORD MY BACK HURTS!!! It hurts so bad that it itches under my skin..if that makes any sense to anyone...OH and my butt hurts SO BAD from sitting so long.(my butt looks flat now...ew!! lol Gonna have to double the glute workout after healing is all done. I believe my body is in shock from just sitting and laying so much when before I was active i lifting weights and cardio FAITHFULLY 6 to 7 days a week. I feel very gelatinous ...uuuugh! One of the worst things to feel hands down. As far at the incision's they are not too painfull at all!! Dr. Gorin did an AMAZING JOB!! I JUST LOVE HIM! Nice fine lines and low incisions on the bottom. (as you can see my abdominal incision is really straight and I'm sure hardly gonna be noticable later on down the road!) My swelling has increased since day one and two...I look fatter in the one week postop pics then I did in the day two ones. I'm sure all of this swelling will get better too! The drain tubes are a pain in the A$$..but very needed and helpful, so I will NOT complain about them...I might be getting them removed on Mon. We will see.

As far as my home care team... That is my youngest son, my sweetest Jackie (she's like a daughter to me) and my oldest son. My oldest sister bailed on me and made things very hard on all of us as she was scheduled to be here for one week and she bailed on us. She is very selfish and made me cry from her attitude on day two..I dont know whats wrong with her, but I guess its better if she is not here if she is going to stress out over everything. Also, I found out one of my friends passed away, so this week has been a challange..but I'm still happy and positive and SO grateful for my kids and those who are helping me! OH I keep praising my body and thanking it for all its amazing works and its going fast! Also, I keep counting my blessings every day..I am so blessed and forever grateful!

Well I hope my pics are helping someone on here, even if its just one person. Thank you to all of those who are reading and seeing my posts and replying in advance! Happy healing to those who are going through the same and hugs! God bless

Almost two weeks

Well it has been almost two weeks and I am almost 100 percent already! I am up cleaning and cooking with no problems at all! I do believe its because of all the hard work I put in at the gym 6 days a week. Makes ALL the difference in the world and I would suggest to anyone who is looking to have any invasive procedure done to make sure they are as fit as they can be!

So the day after surgery my sister bailed on me and left the house. She was mad over some stupid thing involving the pharmacy and her thinking we did not trust in her to get the job done...(thats the devil working right there, cuz she was WAY off) anyway, I still had Jackie and my son to help me. THEN Jackie got a fever of 103 the 3rd day after my surgery and left her in bed for the remaining days up until today...can you believe it!! She is actually FINALLY going to the dr today...(ummmm a little late for that wouldnt ya think...anyhoozle..) SO that left me with my 20 yr old son who is hugely popular and has a life with all his fans and ya know what that meant...mama was left to finn for herself basically 4 days out of surgery! WELL PRAISE GOD I WAS ABLE TO PULL MYSELF TOGETHER AND DO IT! I thank GOD for the strength not only to take care of myself, get up and make food and somewhat clean, but also to have the SPIRITUAL STRENGTH to not get angry at anyone or the situation AT ALL. I'm so grateful for that most of all! What growth spiritually...something I have always yurned.(is that how you spell for and here I have excersized it to the fullest ....and how freeing and liberating is that!!! lemme tell ya...VERY!!

Well, here are a few more pics of my journey. I will be getting my arms tucked next and LP after that...still have a ways to go but I'm in it!!


OMG...I can't stand this swelling! I look WAY BIGGER now then I did before surgery! uuuugh!! This is discouraging me so much I just hate it! I have not taken any pics today but I will and WOW you will see what I'm talking about!! I guess because my incision is so different then anybody's I have seen on here that no one actually can understand the difference. I cannot wear my compression garment because of this incision going down the center of me abdomen. It makes my BB "moist" and hinders the healing! Also, the incision HURTS BAD if I try to wear one, and then here comes the CRAZY AMOUNT OF SWELLING...OOOOOUUUCH! Oh man I'm getting impatient. My BB looks crazy .. not the fault of my PS (because he is amazing) its just what he had to work with :o( and could NOT get all the stretch marks and extra skin I thought he could.. it is an improvement because I do not have hanging skin, but it looks so ugly right now...uuuuugh! I'm already thinking tattoo over my abdomen for sure! I have really ridged scares under my breasts..they are hard and raised up. OH boy the joy of healing. I pray I will look better soon.

OH forgot to talk about "snoopy boob". Oh boy, talk about looking!! Of coarse my boobs need to drop still but the implants are so high up it makes my boobs look like snoopy's head LOL! Just no fault of the PS. He is SO good and did an amazing job, please to NOT think my talk here has anything bad to say about my PS because he did an amazing job with what he had to work with. I try to massage my boobs, but I'm so "boob sensitive"and always have been, its very hard for me...again...uuuuugh! Any suggestions..?????

Can anyone give me some good advice who had over 6 months of recovery on them...OR anyone who knows how long did it take for all the swelling to TOTALLY LEAVE? I feel like I should take a diuretic or something. Thank you in advance for anyone responding to this...much love!

Not LOVING it :o(

I am one day away from being PO 5 weeks. I'm not LOVING it ...liking ya, and it is an improvement, but I wish I LOVED it! uuuugh! I don't like the "snoopy boob that I still have and when I bend over the "saggy" part of my boob falls and it looks crazy like I have a pointy "cone shaped" boob...(sobbing)...does anybody else have this? Also, I feel they should have been a little bigger to... they are only a C cup ..I wanted at least a D. (again so sad about this, there is not going to be another time I can do this..or at least I don't think so....) My belly looks crazy to me. I know I had some bad skin to work with but I just feel like more could have been done or something...Idk...feeling crappy! :o( I'll post some pics tomorrow..and I will show the "pointy weird boob" thing to..sigh....

almost 6 week post op :o)

Ok I'm feeling better and I'm back at the gym LOVING getting back into my element even though I am NOT lifting heavy at all.. PS say I am not cleared for unrestricted lifting till 7 months which leaves me another 5 and a half months. SO for mow I am training a couple ladies..and that is going GREAT! I am liking my body much better then before and my PS is AMAZING and I recommend him to everyone who is looking for great results and professionalism. I can't wait for him to do my arms!! AND thighs!! I will post some pics. I will say to anyone who is just getting their surgery OR have already gone through it...BE PATIENT! As I was not so will all fall into place later... and you will NOT be able to see the final result for a long while. So I am excersizing my patients as well and I'm happy for all my girls on here who gave it to me straight up...BE PATIENT!! hahahha love and hugs ya'll!

little over 6 weeks po

Hi beauties!! just wanted to post some pics for an update..things are looking better and better, although I have a long way to go ... I still need my thighs tucked and my arms tucked....uuuugh and I'd like to get a VR, (well not the entire VR just a little Anyhoozle...lots of love and hugs to you all...prayer to all of you up for your procedure!!

oops one

forgot this one...pressed the wrong thing oooops

5 month update

Hello beautiful people! Well 5 months got here very quickly and I can not express with words how amazing I feel and look compared to where I was. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and my confidence level has changed my life. I no longer feel inhibited while walking naked by myself.... I know this sounds crazy but that is huge in my life. I can confidently say I would do this over a hundred times again if I had to to get the same result. My PS has made such a difference in my body and my mental being and I am forever grateful to him!

Almost two yrs now

Oh how quickly time flies… I can't believe February it will be two years since I had my tummy tuck and breast Aug! I still absolutely love my body and I am so happy I made the decision to do this! I have went on and also had brachioplasty, scar revision and labiaplasty! I am now on to my thighs and was told by a plastic surgeon that this was the hardest of them all as far as recovery. I'm still in! If there is anybody out there that can tell me more about this procedure I would be so grateful! I will post some pics of my arms.. I am 10 weeks postop and loving it!! JARD RECOVERY THOUGH.... I would never advise anybody to get their arms and their lady parts done at the same time!!! Two of the most sensitive areas on your body being in that much pain is likely to make someone go insane LOL!

Dr Gorin

I cannot say enough wonderful and amazing things about Dr. Gorin and his staff!!! Dr. Gorin has given me so much more than a better looking body and I am forever grateful! I could give him all the gratitude and money in the world and it still would not repay what he has done for me.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

amazing professional warm inviting confident and professional I give him 5 stars along with everyone else that works in there

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