4 Kids, 20 Yrs of Marriage, Turning 40 and Get a Tummy Tuck and Boob Job - Tualatin, OR

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I wanted to do this for 18 years-since my first...

I wanted to do this for 18 years-since my first child was born and I realized that "pooch" hanging over my pubs was not going away once the baby came out. I hated that pooch. Hating that pooch made me hate my body and forget how incredible it was. That pooch made for a less that spectacular sex life. It made for an inconvenience in finding cute clothes I could feel good in. I had gained and lost weight over the last 20 years and still the pooch was there. Then nursing 4 babies my boobs were no longer sexy. Honey wanted me to wear sexy lingerie but that seemed stupid since the breasts didnt fit into the triangles on the sexy nighties. *ugh*

My sister had the tummy tuck and breast lift and lipo and implants. I didnt think she needed it but looking at her now she looks amazing. I wanted to look amazing too. So I go in for the mtg with the surgeon and 3 weeks later I am scheduled to get the proceedure done. Honey worried about the cost. I got 1/2 of it financed paid the other 1/2 in cash.

The first 3 days were terrible. The pain meds made me sick and throwing up is the scariest and most painful thing! So the first 3 days I wondered why I did this. What was I thinking?? Breast tubes come out-OUCH and gross feeling. Like worms are being pulled out. Gross.

For the first time since I had my 18 yr old son I can stand in front of Honey without shame :) as he applies all my creams and ointments.

Tubes out of the pubic region are very sensative and inconvenient.
I can't believe how every single day I feel a little better.
At 10 days the tummy drain tubes come out-wow that hurt. Burned liked fire and felt so GROSS-like worms being pulled out of my guts-so gross and the fire burning inside was ouch. I screamed and cussed... but it faded in minutes and then I felt silly for being so scared.

Here I am at 15 days post op.

I drove to the school and delivered Valentine's to my 4 kids :) I went small grocery shopping and then was exhausted and needed a nap when I got home. I was sore last night because of walking a lot.
Every single day I am better and I can't believe how much smaller I am.
Besty came over and was amazed at how much smaller I am. I dropped off treats to my oldest and he hugged me (gently) and said how small I am :) THAT makes it worth every single pain and discomfort.
Boobs are finally dropping and not as hard. Swelling should start going down in a few weeks.
Totally worth it!
Cant wait to go shopping!

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks post op for tummy tuck and...

tomorrow marks 4 weeks post op for tummy tuck and breast reduction/implants. I am amazed at how quickly I have been healing! The last few days I can bend over and pick things up off the floor without any problems. My incisions are healing very nicely-only still have sores/scabs at the tension spots under my breats and a couple spots on my hips. Otherwise everything is healing nicely. My back is less and less sore from the lipo.
I have been surprised at how long my pubic area has been sore :/ no sex till that doesnt hurt anymore. Much to his dismay LOL I asked my PS at my last appt a few days ago if he "did anything there" and he said yep. I read on here that that is normal. And he agreed. Said that it wouldn't look good if he left that alone but made everything else smaller so it is normal to make the mons smaller too. (good to know)
I am still sitting reclined in bed-I don't like the feeling of pressure on my incisions areas when I lay on my side *shrug* so I lay on my back still proped up with pillows for bed.
LOVE my new body. LOVE my flat tummy :) LOVE that I don't have to wear a bra.
And for all the people telling me they are "jealous" and "wish they could do it" then just make it a priority. It's not just for the rich and famous. I am not rich. I saved up and now it's done.

Here we are 5 wks post op. Honey likes shopping...

Here we are 5 wks post op. Honey likes shopping with me :) and finding cute things for me to wear.
I love love love how I look!
My "new boobs" are still tender. I am feeling better every day and able to do so much with each passing week. I took care of a 7 mo old and 2 yr old this week. I was sore and tired by bed time but did it!
Almost all my incisions are healed. Only th tension spots where 2 incisions meet are slow to heal. I massage the scars each night while in bed watching tv. Noyiced about 4 days ago a wierd popping under th breast along th scar... Like bubble wrap. I even had Honey feel along th scar and he felt it~i think it creeped him out by th look on his face! LOL but upon research it seemed that its the scar and once i feel th pop it seemed flatter. I have not felt any more popping today.
Tummy scar is getting flatter and flatter. I dont like th puckering on my sides but PS says that will flatten in time.
Had sex for the first time a few days ago. It was tenative and slow and careful. Have tried a couple times and each time is less stressful. Its very distracting to be so careful and he cant enjoy th breasts like usual as they are still tender.
I have also noticed "slivers" along my tummy scar~where th sutures are trying to come out. And little pustule spots with a sliver of suture under it. PS says disolving should be done by 5 months.
My tummy gets pretty swollen abd tender if i do too much walking and lifting during th day. Salty foods also add to th swelling.
So there we are. :)
Good luck to everyone and speedy healing! Xxoo

I am 6 weeks post op. I just got back from a week...

I am 6 weeks post op. I just got back from a week long trip to our Pomeranian Nationals in KY-I was pretty sore and swollen every night after running around and keeping busy. I also went dancing-it was a BLAST-but I was so sore for a couple days.
My breasts are much softer now and my incisions are nearly completely healed :) just a couple tiny spots that have scabs on them. I am now starting to feel tiny "slivers" under the skin where I can feel the stitches underneath. The scars are almost flat :)
Tummy scars are still numb (I am still numb from belly button to stitches and a little on the pubic mons) Belly button looks GREAT and is not red anymore-only slightly pink.
My tummy looks great-I still get swollen every night-swelling is down by morning. I still can only eat small amounts at a time before I get pretty full! which is actually great.
My breasts are still tender but ok. They have dropped a lot. I need to find out if I can start wearing underwires :) they are prettier!
My tummy feels bruised almost all the time :/ but I do a lot as soon as I can. I have dogs and a home to take care of... I go back to work (caring for handicapped people) next week.
I still wear a nand around my middle to help with support.
So there we go :)

Thurs I was 7 weeks post op and I started back to...

Thurs I was 7 weeks post op and I started back to work (caring for handicap people in their home).
I am feeling great! :) my breast tenderness is slight. My tummy from belly button to scar is still numb. Coughing or sneezing is barely noticeable anymore-like I have been doing tons of crunches and my tummy is sore from working out is all that is left. The bruised feeling is nearly gone-just a couple spots left of that feeling.
Only a couple tiny tiny scabs on my breast incisions. and the scars are flat :) tummy scars are almost all flat except for right in front. The side puckering has gone down so much!
I want to start looking at getting underwire bra's for support and because they are prettier. I go to see my PS on Mon for my 8 wk post op :)
I have been losing about 2 lbs a wk with no exercising or change in diet but notice I cannot eat much at a time before I get really full.
I am so glad I did this!
Just packed up all my 12/14 sized clothes to give away... Honey brought home some size 10 jeans and they fit!! :)

Wow I cant believe its been 7 1/2 months!

SO much has happened since my surgery :)
I went to HI for my 20th anniversary and I felt GOOD in a bikini! :D I felt good about my body and wore cute dresses and had fun shopping.
I have a confidence I have not had in years.
I love how my new boobs have settled-scars are so light. My tummy is totally flat and the swelling is gone. My scar there is nearly totally flat and so light.
I actually got a little carried away and gain some weight back from not being mindful of what I was eating since my tummy was flat lol but have started being careful again not to eat too much of the junk.
Started using Plexus Pink Drink *love it!* curbs my sweets cravings and I am now curvy around the middle again.
I am still numb from the belly button to the pubic area and it took about 6 months before my pubic mond wasnt numb. Nice to have feeling there again.
Scars are still numb-prolly need to go get my new belly button ring and belly tattoos while I cant feel it!
My breasts still feel funny when I flex because the muscle is over the implant.
Nothing hurts any more :)

Pre op body

wearing size 14 down from 16, 2 weeks earlier.
weighing 167 down from 176, 2 weeks earlier.

almost 9 mo post op

Still thrilled.
Tummy is flat *love it!*
Boobies are at attention and look great even without a bra!

still losing weight-slow and steady

I had hit a plateau with my weight loss so I tried Plexus Slim and my results are GREAT :) since I had the surgery I still craved the stuff that got me fat to begin with :/ which was negating my progress... a friend lost 3 dress sizes in 3 months so I tried it and I love it. Its a pink drink in the AM before breakfast that balances my blood sugars which takes my craving for carbs and sweets away AND my daily headaches are gone and my insomnia is so much better to handle because I am actually sleepy at night.
I am also taking the Accelerator and that boosts my metabolism and gives me energy thru the day.
In 3 weeks I have lost 7 lbs and over 3 inches :)
All natural and originally formulated to help diabetics balance their blood sugars.
This product compliments my surgery results beautifully :)
Portland Plastic Surgeon

My sister found him and I got to see his work through her. He is amazing. He is patient and kind and funny and down to earth. Jokes around with us which made me more comfortable because I am sarcastic. He was reachable day or night with concerns.

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