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Hello! I first want to say that I love this site...

Hello! I first want to say that I love this site and have fully stalked it. Could not show more appreciation for everyone sharing their story! Here is mine.......
Ok, not sure where to start but I have been heavy all my life. When I got pregnant with my first child I weighed 230. After my second child, and almost two combined years of breastfeeding I am desperate for hope. Over the last 5 years of being a mom I have grown significantly insecure. I have busted my ass and lost 80 pounds from working out and come in at 150-160 pending the scale and the day I guess. I struggle day to day with my body. I can't wear anything without my spanx because the amount of skin and stuff that just spills over the sides :( Bra shopping puts me in tears because they just pool up in a skin puddle :( I don't even take off my bra or shirt during sex with my husband.......... SO I have the money to fix them and damnit I am going to do it! No more crying during bra shopping or half dressed sex for this lady!
I have went through 4 consultations and have chosen Dr. Gorin. Just meet him and you will no why, no explanation necessary :)
P.S. Uploading pics momentarily.


Well this is obviously why I am having surgery. I kick my ass everyday at the gym and still look fat or pregnant. And my poor boobs! Let's just say that I cry when I go bra shopping cuz they don't make bras for deflated tata's......
I hope Dr Gorin can make me look normal again!

My date is getting closer.....

I think I am kind of nervous. I keep picturing all the after pictures I see on here with drain bags and big owie looking incisions and wonder if I really want to go through all this pain! Geeeesh I could use a cigarette right now..... Oh wait, can't do that either! Garr....

Oh boy......

I am nervous because I live 3 hours from my doctor, I am nervous about the pain, I am nervous about gaining weight during recovery, I am nervous about leaving my coworkers to do my job, I am nervous about complications, geez I get nervous when I think about how I am going to go to the bathroom after surgery....... Is this normal???

sad boobs....

I cannot wait until I can buy cute bras and actually wear them. This is a terribly sad picture of my boobs in a cute bra. I obviously cannot wear cute bras. My poor Ta ta's have gone from DD to C to DD to B with pregnancies and weight loss. Now they are sad, empty little guys...... But not for long!!! Ya know, I was thinking of only getting 300 cc implants because I don't want to be big, just want normal boobs again. But when I google 300cc they look big on people with smaller frames, I don't think I fit that category...... Right now I stuff these puppies in a (different bra) size 36 B. I would be very happy with full C cups, I hope 300 cc will achieve that.........
Anyhow, I also wanted opinions on the anchor or fleur de lis tummy tuck. Anybody have one? My PS thought it might be a good idea because I was overweight for so long and guess that my skin is just that stretched out. I have googled it to no extent and there just isn't very much information......
My surgery is the 18th of next month so I should probably have this figured out already! EEEEEkkkk!

one week from today.......

And I will be done with surgery right now! One more week to go! I am super excited, nervous about implant size. I don't want to be huge, but want the full nice boobies to be proportionate.... Yay me! Pre op Friday!

3 days! Holy crap.....size indecisiveness!

Well I am not super prepared like a lot of you ladies with supplies and stuff. I think I get nervous when I think too much about it so I am ignoring the thought to avoid anxiety. Reminds me of when I went skydiving lol I pushed the anxiety down till I actually jumped. But I did but a button down pajama shirt :) lol
So I am becoming indecisive about implant size and would love opinions!! Currently a 36b. Don't want to be real huge, just want nice full breasts. Ps and I initially decided 300-320cc but I notice most ladies get bigger. I am not small framed either, 5'7 and 160 pounds. Thoughts? Opinions?? Running out of time!

Last night in this body...

Good bye great belly who carried my babies! Goodbye great boobies that fed my babies! You are getting a makeover! Full on reconstruction. Last night in this body and I don't want to be ungrateful as it has surely done its job! But I will not miss it! I can't wait to meet my new boobies whose nipples don't point to the ground! And my new belly that doesn't require a spanx with everything cuz all the jaloppy skin! Woohoo! Here are some goodbye pictures up close and personal so I don't forget :).
Tomorrow at 8am! Here's to it!!!!

I made it!

Can barely keep my eyes open so this will be short. Thanks for support ladies! Definitely need it now! Look at how much belly they took! I am simply in shock and so excited at the same time!


Totally out of it. Here is post op 1day no bandages.

6 days post

I am so uncomfortable it isn't funny. In fact I think I could cry if I thought about it for more than a few seconds. Sitting down my hips hurt, standing my back hurts.....ARG! I tried a new sleeping position and pulled something in my belly and I literally felt it snap. PS says its fine but it is extra hurt to what progress I have already made. It is beyond frustrating to be stuck in this chair and not be able to stretch and get comfortable and my hips and back are killing me and I am super frustrated :( Oh and I can't wait till my swelling goes down and my boobs don't look so Frankenstein .........

9 days post

Thanks to a fellow member on here I decided to try sleeping in my bed last night and it was amazing!!!! It was very much easier than last time I tried where I popped something in my belly and I slept SOOOO GOOD! So good I woke up in such a great mood and wanted to venture to town for the first time. I walked ok around the first store leaning on the basket, taking it easy. The second store, about 5 minutes in, I had the biggest wave of nausea hit me. I had to virtually run to to the car. I still feel kind of sick to my stomach and that was at least a half an hour ago.
On a positive note, I feel like, now that I am trying, I am almost walking up straight. I am a little nervous to pull too much on it. How did it work for everyone else? Did it come natural? Did you pull on it to stretch it?
Also, a little piece of advice because it seems to come up in everyone else posts...... I have had no problems pooping (I have kids so that is such a common word, sorry if I offend :). I started taking milk of mag two days before surgery, not the morning of or day after. I had success two days after surgery and have pooped almost daily! I do not, however take it daily now, more like every few days. Yay me I guess..... Thought I would share since others sometimes struggle.
One more question for others farther along than me, my boobs almost look like they have some lumps--see picture--when does that go away? Is that swelling?

8 day pic

Late update

Hello, sorry I have been gone and not updated. I think I had a lot of self reflecting to do. I had done a lot of damage to my body by being overweight for so long and I think I expected surgery to be kind of an eraser and start over. Well, it's not really like that. Also, I think some criticism of my outcome from some close friends really hurt. I want to be happy, and it took some time for me to accept this is as good as it gets. Not that I'm not pleased, I very much am, I am still in shock at my before pictures, it's just hard getting over ones own critiques and loving yourself. Btw, my scars are pretty gnarly but I am terrible at putting cream on nightly. Also it took about 6 months till I could actually workout, like break a sweat kick my ass workout, which I have missed sooooo much! Oh and I still have swelling! You can tell in the picture. I think it's worse when I workout.

One year later!

Long damn journey. Lots of healing. Lots of learning to love myself. Lots of swelling!!! But I am happy. Here is my 1 year later pic!!!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gorin is friendly, prompt and knowledgeable. I feel as though his goal is to ensure patient comfort. Details on the rest is yet to come!!!

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