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Yay, Im super excited and nervouse fo this whole...

Yay, Im super excited and nervouse fo this whole process!! After breastfeeding my two wonderful kids I am finally ready for full perky boobs again!! I have always been a pretty average 36 B but after pregnancy, nursing and losing 35 lbs I'm a pretty deflated 34 B. My PS is pretty much a boobie artist..lol..and I am going with exactly what he suggests 300-350 mentor moderate plus which I think will e perfect since I'm just looking for a good full C to small D that will look awesome in a sports bra and tank top and won't need a padded bra. Thanks to all you lovely ladies that have posted so much greAt info and pics..I'm a little obsessed right now. ;-)

How long do I need my husband to stay home after my BA????

HI Girls! I'm getting BA May 8th and I need a consensus on how many days realistically I will need my hubby to stay home with me. I have a 3 year old and 18 month old and am a stay at home Mom. I'm most worries about putting my 18 month old in his crib and getting the kids in their car seats. My hubby can only take off 4 days max this time of year, so do i postpone till he can take more time off?? Help!!

4 more days!!! What do I need ladies??!!

Just a couple more days!! Still contemplating size..going between 350 375 and 400. Don't want to feel too big but don't want to wish I went bigger..lol. Im really liking the look of 375cc.
Soooooo..I have my prescriptions, straws, pillows, milk of magnesium ;-) just in case, brallets, 1st season of game of throwns, dinners crockpoting...what am I forgetting?? Any suggestions to make recovery more comfortable? Thanks ladies!!

BA put off again!! :-(

Well my BA was scheduled for May 8th but I ended up getting chest virus a couple days before, so the Dr and anesthesiologist wanted to be safe and put it off for two weeks. In those two weeks I have gotten so excited and comfortable with my sizing decisions and then BOOM..I get hit with a weird virus induced facial paralysis that requires some meds that don't mix well with anesthesia. Good news is that it goes away, and I have a very careful Dr that has my best interest in mind. Sooooo now I must wait again..more time to get excited and change my mind on Size 5 million times..lol. Will update my surgery date when I know. :-)

Booked!!! Let's try this again!!

Well I have recoverd from the Bells Palsy and cleared to go forward with BA..woot woot!! I'm super excited with twinges of HOLY CRAP!! I have really been working on my fitness and have toned up so looking forward to feeling good with the whole package. Really looking forward to actually filling a bra out..yes!!! New BA date is October 7th. Still going between 350, 375, and 400cc. I'm only 5'2 and 127 so just don't want the boobs to look too big. Although I have learned that boob greed is a bigger epidemic..lol. Thank you ladies for all the great advice and sharing your experiences, it's bern so helpful!

Boob day!!! Omg!!!!

Today's the day! My appointment was at 10 but they are ahead of schedule so we are heading in early. Feeling pretty peaceful about it all, prob because I got all the jitters and stress out in the last couple months lol. Size wise I'm going to tell the dr 375 but he gets the final say since he knows what I want and he's the pro. Ok...I'll update when I'm coherent ;-).

Boom..I have boobs!!!

Everything went perfect! No nausea or pain just a bit loopy and pretty sure there was elephant on my chest. My chest mucles feel like I worked them really hard at the gym. My husband and I shared a milkshake on the way home and man did it taste amazing after not eating all morning. The girls are super swollen ,so hard to tell how the size looks. I'm really surprised at how good I feel! When I got home hydrated abd knocked out in the recliner and have been gettkng up to walk around and get the blood flowing. so glad it's finally done with, can't wait to show these babies off in Hawaii in December.

Love them already!

Such an upgrade!

Day 2
Feeling pretty darn good! Keeping up on my meds, resting and taking little walks to keep the blood flowing. Doing everything I can to not get constipated (fingers crossed). Chest is pretty sore but doesn't feel as weird as I exoected..feels like When I would get engorged from breastfeeding.
I love how proportionate I am with boobs now. Very pleased!

1 week fashion show

Feeling fantastic and lovvvvvee my boobs (crazy)! Been off pain killers and muscle relaxers since day 4 and feeling good woth full range if motion. Had my post op appointment yesterday and got cleared to sleep any way I want..yay! I told my dr I'm ready to work out ( knowing it would be a no) he was happy to hear that but no go he said for 4 weeks (sad face).
The nurse gave the run down on massage and gave me an awesome gift bag of nipple covers, lotion, and a really nice bra...such a nice surprise.
When I have more time I will post a full update of my surgery and recovery. It was so helpful for me to read everyone's experiences on here.
In a nut shell: worth every penny!

2 weeks old

I had no idea life with boobs is so much more fun ;-). Love the outcome and they just get better by the day. Not much to update, no issues and they already feel like mine.

Boobs on vacation ????

Well the girls are 2 1/2 months and dropping and fluffing beautifuly. Never felt so sexy, and I think that's my hubby's favorite part. :-)
Had a couple pokey feelings in my incision which I figured where sutures so I called and emailed my PS office the day after thanksgiving since I was heading on vacation the next day. Dr Connall called me from home on his holiday weekend to talk about it and assured me it was normal and the sutures would resolve over time. So impressed that he always calls me himself rather than having one of his nurses call, love that!
I have been working out since 3 weeks at pretty much my regular pace minus most direct chest moves. I still hold back on the chest stuff to be safe, not to mention it feels weird. I found that double sports bras really help for cardio!
Well that's all for now!
Merry Christmas Ladies!!
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