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I have 2 wonderful boys, one 2.5 and one 16 months...

I have 2 wonderful boys, one 2.5 and one 16 months. I haven't nursed since my youngest was around 10 months old when I had to go back to work full time. So once the milk dried up I was left with flat, small, sagging breasts. We are so done having kids, our hands are full as is, and my husband and I feel our family is complete. Now is the time to work on me! I am in the process of losing weight and have about 15 more pounds to go until my goal weight, so that's almost done. Now to fix the boobs. This augmentation is my treat to myself and something I have wanted since shorty after I had my first child. My boobs were always a decent B cup that have deflated to a very small B, borderline A. I am 5'7", 169 pounds, and I have a large frame. I am worried that I will not get large enough implants but at my consultation April 14 we decided on moderate profile silicone 350cc and 400cc. (My breasts are different sizes.) I was thinking, should I get an extra 25-50cc so I don't end up with any regrets I went too small for my frame? I would rather be on the bigger side than the smaller side, but I prefer to not look incredibly fake either. I go in for my pre-op appointment on May 19 and my surgery is scheduled June 3 2016. I will discuss this all with my doctor then but I am looking for opinions about your ladies surgeries by women similar to my age and size. I am so freaking excited for this procedure though I will have so much confidence back! I hate walking around topless with my husband because I feel embarrassed. I shouldn't be but I can't help it, its my own insecurity my husband thinks I look great. I put on a sports bra this morning and my boobs literally disappeared! I need this. I will try and post a pic soon, a before pic and some wish boob ones too.

Can't stop googling BA pics...

It's almost become an obsession to find the best pictures to show my doc what I am wanting! During my consult I was convinced I wanted very natural shaped implants, moderate profile, maybe 350cc at the most making me about a C cup. Thank goodness I scheduled my surgery for about 2 months out so I had time to think and do more research!! Now I know exactly what I want, I want big boobs!! Lol, not too big, but definitely around a DD, so I'm thinking roughly 450cc... maybe even high profile. I have until may 19, which is my pre-op appt, to make my decision. I have screen shot some wish boobs and included them... I have the funds all set up, the appt made, and the time off of work! I am getting more and more anxious/excited!

Before pictures

I am so embarassed I posted these put hope they'll be useful for my journey. I am so lopsided and my torso is out of shape to add to it. I did start nutrisystem today I hope to lose 20 pounds. I've done it once before after my first pregnancy and i can again! I'd like to lose 10 pounds in about 5 weeks, should be doable. I'm 169ish now and dream to be 150 with my 5'7" thick frame.

Less than 1 month away...

So I have lost almost 7 pounds since i began my diet, i feel great! I ordered a few new bras, some scar treatments, and a few other little things i will need post surgery. I am still committed to the 450cc moderate profile silicone implants, possibly high profile, still debating and waiting for my pre-op appt to discuss with my doctor. I am getting antsy though, i just want this done and over with so i can start enjoying having breasts again, not loose empty skin bags lol. Less than 4 weeks away...


I am sooooo excited! I have my appt in 2 hours! I am scrambling to look at more before and after pics to help me decide the right size and shape. I am also researching even more doctors before I pay for the full surgery today but even after a few hours of research I am even more confident in the doctor I chose! I have 2 weeks to lose the other 6 pounds I was trying to lose before surgery, which I doubt will happen since I am going about it the healthy way, but I did lose some weight so thats good! I am having much more anxiety lately about going back to work after 2 weeks... first of all I don't want my coworkers to notice because I fear judgement. But I am not letting that hold me back from getting the breasts I want either but I am sure this has crossed most of our minds here as well. Always, I better get in the shower and get ready for the big pre op day, yay!! Only 2 weeks until the big day!

Everything Finalized!!

Its all paid for, size is set, and prescriptions are being filled! I can't believe its really happening! We decided on 500cc moderate mentor silicone implants for the left breast and anywhere between 425cc to 475cc for the right. My breasts are noticeably different sizes. He said surgery day he decide by comparison in OR. Getting more and more anxious...

Is 500cc going to be too small????

The longer it takes for my surgery to get there, the more boob greed I get! We finalized at my post op at 500cc on my smaller side and anywhere from 425cc-475cc on the larger side. Now I am feeling like this is too small for my 5'7" frame. I weigh 164 right now and want my results to be definitely noticeable to me, on the larger side, but not too in your face. I really am considering moving up to 550cc or 600cc on the smaller side and whatever is needed to look even on the larger side. Any women roughly my height and weight that are done with their surgery who can offer advice? 8 more days until the big day!!! Help!!

Week long anxiety! Less than 24hrs!

So my BA moved up to 7am tomorrow morning! It was at 9am, which I liked, cause my boys would be awake and I could say goodbye to their sweet little faces. Now I have to sneak off before they get up which is hard. I'm so nervous about being put under. My husband is taking me tomorrow which is reassuring cause he doesn't get all worked up like I do. My mom is watching the kiddos so they will be so stoked to see her there when they wake up. Why am I so nervous?!? I was worried about going too big, then too small, and now too big again. I'm not changing sizes last minute but I do wonder what the hell they're going to look like! Such mixed emotions right now. I keep wondering, is all the pain and anxiety worth a better set of boobs? I hope so!! Anyone else going tomorrow and having these thoughts too??

Feeling better now.

Just got a call from my anesthesiologist and she made me feel so much better! This is the main thing I'm nervous about, being put under. But she sounds so comforting and calm so I am already a little more at ease! We went over the day tomorrow and it sounds quick. 13 more hours!

Last update pre op!!

So nervous, 40 min away!! See you all on the other side, the boobies side!!


My tatas look AMAZING!!! Like exactly what I wanted to a T!! Coluldnt be happier with my results. I'll post pics tomorrow :)

Love them!!

I cannot say enough good things about today! Had my surgery at 8am, checked in at 7am, and these are my beauties! They're originally slightly different sizes, 25cc is evening them out, one is more swollen than the other. But nipples will even out as I heal. I am stoked, had to post today since I'm feeling so dang good!

Day 2 post op, feeling so much better!

Thought I'd update with a pic. Still loving the results! Hope all of you June gals are healing well :)

Woops here's the pic

3 days post op, feeling much better!

Day 4, not much change

One week post op

Had my one week post op appt today. The nurse said they looked great and showed me some massages to do for 5 min twice daily. Feels weird to massage them! Still haven't seen the stitches, they're covered with some crazy sticky surgical tape. Will have to keep it on for another few weeks. They remove it in 3 weeks at my next appt when they'll probably remove the stitches too. I'm only allowed to wear a light support sports bra for the next 3 weeks too, literally nothing cute. Looks like I stole my grandma's night time bra lol!! Also having issues with my nipples permanently being hard... so much of this experience reminds me of my breastfeeding days! Pain is about completely gone but it's still kind of uncomfortable to lay down. Also still tender around the incision. Hope you all are healing wonderfully and are happy with your breasts! What a crazy experience!


Besides the pains I get from over doing it, I am happy with my BA. Sometimes I admit, especially when I am swollen or hurting still, I think why the hell did I put myself through this?? But then I look in the mirror and can't help but smile! I was measured as a 34DD at one store, but I was only there to buy light cotton sports bras since that's still all I can wear. I Did manage to find a cute hot pink one!! We went to the coast this last weekend and this is where I did too much, it was hard not to. But back at home now and taking it easy. I still have about a week off of work so I plan on being kind to myself before the real chaos returns. After keeping up with all you ladies who have posted pics of your scars already it makes me wonder... why do I still have this freaking tape on?! I seem to be the only one at this point in recovery who hasn't seen their incision. I scar terribly so this is a big stressor for me. Hope it's not a Frankenstein scar like all my other ones!! But I did buy some creams and silicone tape for when I am able to see my scars. Hey do any of you know when they take the stithe out? I forgot to ask, I thought they said 4 weeks but I csnt remember. Hope you all are doing well and healing right!

Weight gain??

Anyone else gain weight after surgery? I've been taking it easy compared to my normal schedule of 12,000 to 15,000 steps a day, finding it hard to eat well being with my husband 24/7, and starting to feel overall kinda gross. I have gained 6 pounds in 11 days!! Some is bloat, swelling, boobs, and constipation but I know my diet and lack of movement isn't helping either. Any tips for me? Starting today I am getting back on nutrisystem 100% since I can't work out yet. Also taking the kiddos for a nice walk. Guess I need some help with motivation! Any advice welcome!

About 2 weeks side by side comparison

Uploaded a side by side of my post op day one to day 13. Nicely dropping!!

One boob feeling "looser"?

So I've noticed my right side, with the slightly smaller implant, feels slightly looser than my left. When I, for example, fold laundry and one side contracts from movement one side I feel noticeably that the implant is there yet the other I don't notice much. Anyone else noticing that too??

Feeling great!

Finally feeling pretty normal with my new additions! They are healing nicely (I think, still haven't seen incisions) and are sensitive but pain free! Can't wait to wear cute bras. Kinda wishing I'd gone a little bigger, I think I may end up a large C or small D. But they may still have some fluffing to do as well! Go back to work tomorrow, hope it doesn't cause too much soreness and swelling after 10 hours. Hope everyone is feeling well!

I have only had one appt with Dr. Connall but I really felt he spent a great time focusing on me and what I want. He listened well, spent tons of time answering my questions, and his staff was friendly as well. He is very experienced and has nothing but wonderful reviews. I am confident he will do an amazing job on my breast augmentation! **now that I am done with my procedure I have to say this is the best doctor in my area hands down! My breasts are perfect. I am so so happy with my results!!! Thank you Dr. Connall and staff, you're the best!!**

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