Natrelle 550cc Ultra High Profile Silicone. 39 Year Old ~ Mama of 3 ~ 5ft , 100lbs. Portland, OR

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I've always been a very small statured gal all...

I've always been a very small statured gal all around, and there definitely are prejudices against it. Being born small and skinny, people just assume I don't eat, are anorexic, or I'm so lucky to be naturally skinny. Well we all have our insecurities. Mine is that my body looks like a 12 year old and my face doesn't. I walk around with my kids and people have mistaken me for the babysitter! Only did I get curves when I was pregnant. Well not anymore! I plan on empowering myself by changing this. I already work out when I can and now I will be getting the long desired chest I've wanted. I'm starting with breast augmentation. I'm an 32A cup going to a DD. I've chosen Silicone 500cc High Profile implants. I also plan on doing a face procedure down the road to help with my age spots and fine lines. Hoping to look like the me I feel inside.

So hello and here's my 1st post on my journey.

Me now & trying on RICE SIZERS

So I wanted to give RICE sizers a try to see if I look completely ridiculous. You know how we see ourselves? I realized my not so flat stomach needs work! So I'm glad I took these for that reason. The size is 500cc's, but with rice you can reshape, flatten, or make firm and pull apart or push together, so it isn't a true representation, just a general idea.

Here is what I looked like while nursing, I would say a D in size.

These are my milk boobs. Ya they are big, but hard & engorged, leaking milk and vein-y. I had milk ducts in my armpits and in the upper pole area.

Finally some photos' on me right now @ size 32 A

So sad. After nursing my nipples also sag. So I am hoping that they will be nice and round after the BA.

And finally, MY WISH BOOBIES ( - Y - )

Thanks to you gals on RS who let me use your wonderful bodies as my inspiration.

You know when people just look at your boobs and not at your face? Haha

I'm a very visual person especially as an artist and photographer. I feel like especially on here you should be able to see my face when you're typing to me. It makes me feel more personal towards you about my experience. I'm not worried about my privacy at this point.


I didn't post the update of my Pre-Op, because time escaped me. And it was a mess of number sizing decision making. But afterwards I felt confident in my choice,.
Here's the lowdown.
Hubs went with me this time so I could try on 475, 500, and 525. Just to make sure 500's was what looked the best for me. Well they don't go up in 25 increments after 500. (well the brand he uses, and the ones I chose). So the next one up was 550. You couldn't even tell the difference from 500 to 550 ! My husband is a trained observer for his profession and I had a 500 on one side and a 550 on the other before he came in, then asked him what he thought, too big, or how does he feel. Did he noticed anything? He barely guessed he thought one might be a tad bigger but he couldn't tell. That was only when I turned sideways.

I know that when you place them under the muscle you lose some volume and projection so I chose the larger size. 550. Which would ultimately end up looking like 525. For me I would rather do that then pick that then 500's and looking like 475. Which when I tried those on they didn't feel natural to me, which might sound weird? So 550 it is as long as when he does the PRE SIZER they will fit. WHAT A MESS OF #####'s eh!

What did you tell your kids?

I have debated over and over in my head exactly what to say to my little guys.
I have 3 boys, 10, 8, and 2.

We are very honest and open in our family, but this carries a little more mature understanding ya know... do I even try to explain this one so they can grasp it. They know about the birth process, so I think ya no problem, then I think about, how honest kids can be at this age. Once you tell them something they tell the whole world exactly what you've said or done in their own exaggerated description.

Tell me what you said to your little ones or your funny story. Did it come back to embarrass you at a Family Reunion or parent night? I'm getting more scared of that than of my surgery!


Ya, ya, ya. So I got all the usual stuff everyone talks about earlier this week. To have on hand for recovery. Plus a good horror book, to keep my mind alive, while chilling in bed. I mean I can only watch so much TV.

3 Days before I started taking Arnica, 5 meltaway pills 3x a day. Given to me by the PS. It helps with bruising.
3, 2, &1 Days before I wash with anti bacterial soap.
2 &1 Days before I take a stool softener
The night before I am to put a patch behind my ear to help with nausea. Also given by the PS.
And am supposed to take a PepcidAC.

Also, because I like to stay positive and not worry about stuff I can't control, and mainly so I don't freak out......
I got my hair done, did my nails, and had sex. I mean come-on. I don't see myself being able to do those things anytime soon, so why not recover with an even bigger smile on my face while looking somewhat put together?

Love all you ladies, you've been so awesome and supportive over the past month.
I will see you on the flip side. Nightie Night

My surgery went smoothly.

I'm actually feeling pretty fabulous! I really do have a high threshold for pain, its just the tightness and numbness that is pretty annoying to me. The meds I'm taking are pretty light, and I've been drinking like a fish and sleeping a lot. The major pain that showed up today is in my right armpit right there at my rib cage. I hadn't been able to type, pick up anything, even a cup or spoon. I hope it's just either extra swelling , or a pulled muscle. Nothing with the implant itself. Here's a pic right after .and today.

Mad props to all my realself sisters!

It's the end of day 3 for me. The pain is small and bearable, only experiencing some small annoyances. Especially when I compare it to recovering from birthing children without meds. I attribute this to the expertise of Dr. Gorin. He knows what he's doing leaving me feeling like this recovery part is cake and easily worth it. I'm still very bloated and am not hungry because of it. So in that I feel more weak because I haven't chowed down yet. I have taken miralax and eaten raisins but nothing still. And the other thing that is the most annoying is my body itches like crazy! I have a feeling it's all the meds my body is getting rid of. I haven't seen any bruising so far and my armpit area that was hurting the most yesterday has subsided. So on an end note, thank you all for checking in on me, what a blessing to have my own fans! I luv U guys! Will take some pictures tomorrow for you'al. Sweet dreams

How I feel right now!

Hope I brought some laughter to your recovery

Explicit - Click to view


Here's a side view

That last photo with Arnold had a lot of light and was hard to tell the actual swollen size and how square I look. Here is the side view. Good news is they are dropping a teeny bit eah day.

2 weeks Post-op Update

I have so much updating to do. Not really that I'm any different or exciting than any of you ladies. I just have a 2 year old so while recovering and even with hubbies help, I'd had zero time to get on the net. The little things left for me is I'm still so roundish and high up I can't shave my arm pits, do you know what I mean? Stupid fat razor! Of course I'm still numb all around my breasts, nipples, and incisions. My ribs on the bottom and sides aren't visually bruised but still feel like they are, even to the touch. The tightness is just about all gone. My sternum was the most bruised looking but they've dropped and gotten closer already. I do still get a tad tired or my muscles get tight if I over do something. Doing dishes actually hurt me, or darn it, right? Maybe it's the reaching? I'm not on any pain meds now. My last one was on day 10 post-op. The oxy doesn't bother me but I only took it when I needed it, mostly to sleep. The muscle relaxer worked well for my pinched nerve and also to sleep. Don't forget to take your antibiotics the whole time if prescribed! When I had my 1 week appointment, I got the go ahead to do some small breast exercises, steri tape was removed, received scar cream for applying 2 times a day. No exercising or baths of course still. And the go ahead to sleep on my side, but with the sides feeling so bruised it about killed me, so sleeping on my back a little elevated is fine for me. That's about it for now, I will do a day of surgery post next.

Some photos of my progress of 550cc Natrelle Inspira UHP

I apologize for the crappy pics, I must of been on drugs or something? I just want to show you a sort of progressive view of how they change a little everyday.

Progress of scars thus far

My surgeon did an amazing job. I feel the scars are very small considering the size I went. They feel thick on the inside but are softening.

Progress pics with side views

My right side has been a stinker. Much higher and I think it has hurt more than the right. It is strange looking for sure but slowly catching up. Do not worry if this is happening to you. Beauty takes time.

With Boobies Like These.... Who Needs Enemies ?

I mean with online friends like RS ladies, who needs jealous mean girls who just don't understand wanting to be happy? For all my friends who have felt the sad truth of losing friends when getting a BA. HUGS to all of you BRAVE ones, stay strong.

Pics from 23 days Post-Op

My right side is still higher and more firm than the left, which is getting nice and squishy. I am doing the massages daily but still have numbness on both breasts. We are going to Aruba in a couple weeks so I went to Old Navy and Target to try on swimsuits, I was laughing the whole time. Nothing fits! The bottom straps usually free float, if you know what I mean, since they don't really lay with a breast crease that attaches to my torso, does that make sense? I have some tankini's from after giving birth, those are the only thing that fits right now, so unless I find something quick... I will have to just bring those. UGGG, I have boobs for crying out loud, I need a sexy suit to go with them! My legs are looking good, butt okay and tummy is still soft, but working on that. I have posted as replies to some of you on your questions about exercising after having a BA, but I should post here. It has gotten me in shape pretty consistently after kids too. With little kids I don't have time to do ridiculous cardio like I used to so I do Zumba and a Brazilian Butt Workout, and random exercises when I can. But what I'vedone while recovering is after about a week to 2 when I stopped the pain meds. (a good rule anyway) is put 2 lb leg weights on your ankles. Under jeans if you go out, walking around the house, vacuuming, or at work. I built up to 5lbs. So that's what I wear. It gives me model's legs and I don't do anything but wear those, and sometimes do lifts behind or to the sides during the day. I will have to work harder on my abs after about a month. But to easily start and without putting pressure on your chest you lay on the long part of a couch or 2 chairs, cross your legs and lift them in sets. Keeps your tummy firm and doesn't kill your back. Once you feel okay doing those reps, in a few days you can add the leg weights to to that exercise, to firm faster. I can do these with a 2 year old while we watch movies. Give it a try. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Hugs all and happy healthy bodies to you!

These are photo's of me at 30 days Post-Op

Sorry I'm so behind ladies. I was 30 days right before my trip to Aruba. And I never got around to putting up pictures. SO HERE THEY ARE. These babies are looking amazing and I'm super happy. I told my PS at my 1 month appt. I don't care if I never wear a bra again! He just laughed. I love feeling this free and more confident than ever.

5 Weeks POST-OP photo

In Aruba


So I went to VS over the weekend and it took forever! Not to mention I got sized 2x's and I think they might still be wrong. Everything I tried on didn't fit right or cover my breasts. 1st gal said I was 34C. I want to be 34 because I want to extend the back band so it's not so tight, but with C's they were teeny and didn't sit right. The 2nd gal measured said I was 32 for sure and DD maybe DDD. So I tried on 32DD, most fit ok. The 32DDD fit better but was too much material coverage. Do you get what I'm saying. I might get resized somewhere else. I posted 32DD bra, do you think it looks like it fits? It's stretchy so I don't have to adjust the back.

A cute swim suit I picked up at a skate shop

I like netting!

Photos at 7 weeks Post-op, 550cc UHP Natrelle Inspira

Photo Update, I want you to know different angles will make my breasts look bigger. Which of course looks awesome. I will take a straight on level photo just to show you the difference.

Ladies let's have a little chat about boobs and body image

First of all I want to say that I've been thinking about this topic for a couple of weeks now, and hopefully I can come across positive and uplifting in a tough love sort of way. It will be difficult. Many of us carry some negative body images around with us mostly from our childhoods. I will be the first to tell you I've been working on mine for quite a while for I am almost 40 years old. It hasn't been easy but it can be done. The first thing I want you to do is stop looking at women in the public eye, fashion magazines, on TV, MOVIES, Singers, VS models, and especially THE KARDASHIAN'S, or any other comparatives. BECAUSE IT'S A LIE! And I'm going to prove it to you in my photo's I've posted with this commentary.

PS, Breast Augmentation, Butt Implants, lip injections, facial procedures all can be a positive thing and a helpful tool in growing your self confidence but it has to come from within, and you have to BELIEVE it most of all! All the while not comparing yourself to other women.

My 2nd point is that you can look at girl with the same body type as you who got the same exact implants as you, and her's look huge but you feel yours look small. And this is not your eye's tricking you- it's the camera. THE CAMERA LIES! Lenses, Lighting, and Angles, all play a huge role.

Thirdly, I am a photographer so I know what I am talking about. I've shot more than 25 different women (body types) in boudoir photography setting, and can tell you the truth about it. I even have a lens that at a certain angle can make you look 20 pounds lighter and even taller. Plus there is airbrushing and PhotoShop.

So RS friends, my sweet girls, please don't give too much weight to the photo's that other's post comparing yourself to them. It's just for reference and to give you an idea of what you "might" look like after you have the same procedures.

Just keep telling yourself, "Damn I look good, and I feel pretty awesome too"...AND WALK AROUND BELIEVING IT!

Love you guys!

Not sure why my updates aren't showing up in the Newsfeed???

And why does my surgery post op say 3 months when I am 2 months and 5 days? Or 9 weeks.? WHAT's going on?


So here are some photo's of bras I purchased at VS. The photos' were taken at 2 different angles. I'm trying to see if this update will show up, because I did a similar post before this that hasn't.

It really is about the angle you take your photos

Look at this suit top is a VS 34DD. It does have some padding. Even though I'm 32DDD, the back of this one was adjustable, so it worked. And it was 50% off. So why not?

4 Months Post-Op Photos

I wanted to do a couple collages of before and afters, at the 4 month mark. I used the same sports bra that I took in the befores as well as with the rice sizers so you get better idea. Also, the rice sizers look crazy big and they were 500cc. I got 550cc UHP, and I think they suit my body type perfectly. I tried taking a full body shot so you can see my proportions. I have wide shoulders, and I feel surgeons should take this into consideration. I love my look, and now that my kids are back in school I feel comfortable starting my cardio again. I only feel a little more numbness in my
right nipple then my left and that's about it. Very very elated about my decision and I have no regrets.

4 month photos, nudes* before and after

These are before and afters nude. Bubye saggy nipples. Lol

Swimwear pic from 4 months post op

I feel well proportioned. Here is a full body shot.

I'm 5 months post-op

I'd thought you all would like to see 5 months pics from me. I'm blessed my body took the implants with no issues. I give half the credit to my PS.
The only thing I am slightly irritated with and something you could learn from me and my stupidity is this...After the surgery my scars looked great and were getting pretty light in color. Then I went on vaca and even though my swimsuits coverd my scars, I didn't put on sunscreen. THAT IS A BIG MISTAKE. I FEEL MY SCARS WILL ALWAYS BE REDDISH. I have pretty fair skin and the surgery scars were only 30 days new.
So in hindsight, and it is what it is, take it from me. Wear sunscreen or bandages while your scars are healing, to avoid this happening to you. The sun goes through clothes.

If you are considering using the implants I received

If you are considering using the implants I received I took a photo of the actual product # so you could ask your PS about them, or a compreble.
NATRELLE style is #45. Which is an Ultra High Profile. I attached a link to the sizes they offer. All depending on your body type, measurements, breast tissue, and the expertise of your surgeon.

I've finished 6 months

Time has flown by! My breasts are perfect and I love them. They feel like mine, and my only teenie issue is my right nipple is still more sensitve. Not really numb just more sensitve than the left, and not in bras or shirts just if tugged on.
My biggest dilema is finding sexy lowcut shirts to show them off. The look this fall is turtle necks galore! Help!

I found this one "new" at a thrift shop, and bought a dress from target I'll take a pic of later.

What happens with a medium push up bra, 6 months post op

A couple pics with a push up bra, and a dress with a low cut front

7.5 Months Photo Update

I have a slough of pictures for you! I had to reschedule my 6 month appt. with Dr. Gorin, so I finally just got in and I'm at 7.5 months. He said, "wow, well look at you"! I think because I had one riding much higher at the 1 month mark, and they look pretty perfect now to all that have seen them. Them, like they have a mind of their own? Smfff, I mean me. Ha!
It never gets old taking photos of my progress and telling everyone it was worth every penny.
I'll have you know I got a free perk of botox with the implant co. I went through and had the aethestician do it for me on this last appt. It's been about a week and I'm stunned! She was super amazing and I need to go write some stellar reviews for her.
I'm going back to do my lips with her.
I have a feeling this looking youthful and feeling awesome about myself could turn into my little body affair. YOU KNOW HOW PEOPLE GET WITH TATTOOS, PIERCINGS, HAIR, NAILS, AND WORKOUTS? Its basically the same thing. I love the art of this type of beauty, plus I want my face to match my body. I won't go crazy because it can get spendy and probably addicting, just like lotsa things... but why not, you only live once, its okay to be happy with your looks, which in turn nurtures your soul. YES PLEASE! THANKS FOR CATCHING UP WITH ME RS LADIES!
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays &
Happy New Year

More Photos @ 7.5 months

Grrr I hit post before I got them all loaded. Part two. Hee hee

Fully clothed with 550cc UHP Inspira

I don't even look ridiculous! I'm so happy that I look totally proportionate with clothes on.



Explicit - Click to view

Please check with your surgeon before doing any massaging exercises, due to your individual needs, and product.
This is to just give you an idea in case you weren't shown just told.
My right implant was riding much higher, and doing these exercises helped me extremely.

NATRELLE Styles 10, 15, 20, 45

I've been getting questions about UHP and why I chose them.
I attached a photo to give you a better idea on the shape and diameter of Natrelle Classic; Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile, and Ultra High Profiles. Although they use a range of sizes 270-500 in the example, it's because ultimately they are showing that the base diameter is pretty close, it's the projections that really differ.
I have Natrelle Style 45-550cc. which is, 12.4 diameter with 6.0 projection

I was never told my BWD but as I'm guessing I'm narrow in the chest and petite and my surgeon knew I wanted noticeable and what would look the best fitting, so UHP worked for me.

Let's just say hypothetically it was all about PROJECTION for me and I were to choose Style 20, to get the same as I have now? The size would of been 750cc with a base diameter 15.0cm ! Just think from a diameter of 12.4 to 15.0 those puppies would of been wrapped around into my armpits and up in my neck.
I attached a link to a PS who has all the sizes for Natrelle products with the projections and diameters. FOR ALL YOU NUMBERS GIRLS! HA

Hope this helps you out.

10 Month Photos. Post-op of Natrelle 550cc UHP Silicone under muscle

I just wanted to give you all an update. Side by side comparison of a lightly lined plunge bra, and nude. I sometimes wear an underwire, but prefer the Bali revolution or pictured here VS plunge. My personal preference is less cleavage crack. Sometimes that crack remindes me of my grandmothers giant boob crack she used to smother me with during hugs and I prefer some space on my self, saves my kids the horror. Lol
My scars are still lightening and although my boobies aren't perfectly perfect they are totally me. I love them.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gorin, is by far the best surgeon for breast augmentation in the Portland metro area. I was initially nervous about my first consultation but after meeting with him, I knew without a doubt, I would be choosing him. At his office, the ladies were so happy and welcoming it completely put my nerves at ease. I have owned two businesses of my own and the atmosphere there proved to me, he really cares for his staff. I heard excitement in their voices and the genuine positive vibes were just one more reason why I love it at Gorin Plastic Surgery & Medspa. My type of personality is that I'm a perfectionist and very in-tune with my body. I wanted a surgeon to give me what I wanted: reasonably of course, and not steer me into some other direction. Dr. Gorin entered my room with an exuding energy and happy boisterous persona. It's as if I've always known him. He comes across as a protective older brother truly caring about how you see yourself. He visited with me for almost an hour talking to me about my goals and what I WANTED. Answering all my questions, even the ones about possible scary outcomes of this surgery and giving me real percentages of the problems that could arise. His honesty and way of not “sugar coating” any of my questions showed me that he is trust worthy as well as informed. He trusted me and I trusted him. YOU NEVER FIND THAT! My goal for my body was a larger implant for my size and stature. I wanted the noticeable look, not the natural look. I wanted upper pole fullness and cleavage. I never felt any judgment or friction upon stating that either from Dr. Gorin or any of his staff. They shared in my enthusiasm, and all the girls were willing to tell me about their own BA experiences so I could get a woman's perspective. At the end of my appointment, he even told me to get a second opinion and that other surgeons have 3-D imaging if I wanted to get a better visual. On my way home I canceled my other consultation with a well regarded surgeon in the area, because I had already decided. After speaking with my husband about it, I called Dr. Gorin's office back and made my PRE-OP appointment. I brought my husband with me to this appointment so he could meet Dr. Gorin and see what size I had chosen. On a side note, my husband is a police officer and he too said this is the type of man and doctor I trust with my wife and her body! Dr. Gorin gave me his personal cell phone number to call him with any more questions or concerns that arose before surgery. As well as answering my emails right away when I sent him pictures of my surgery goals. AGAIN, I DOUBT YOU'LL EVER FIND THAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, UNLESS YOU CHOOSE DR. GORIN. Dr. Gorin's has his own in-office surgery center, right next to the hospital. Staffed with nurses, assistants and an anesthesiologist. On surgery day, Dr. Gorin's well working staff made my experience so simple and honestly painless, that after-wards I kept thinking I can't believe I didn't do this sooner in life. His surgery staff made me feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed which is the best bedside manner you could ever ask for. I suffered no complications, needed very little meds during recovery ,and I have 100% sensation in all areas. I'm a tough gal because I've had 3 kids, but seriously I owe it all to him and his impeccable surgical skills, he knows what he's doing. Not to mention my breasts look just as I imagined, and then some. He called me that evening to check on me and ask me how I was feeling and if I had any concerns. At my 6 month check up all he could say was, “WOW, look at you!” My surgery goals of noticeable perfect breasts are realized, and you can add an extra WOW from Dr. Gorin.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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