34B 5'8" Debating Silicon Mod 304cc or 286cc Under Muscle

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I lost 10-15lbs over the last 10 years and lost my...

I lost 10-15lbs over the last 10 years and lost my nice 36C breasts. Want to get back some natural fullness so I don't look flat in sports bras. Debating between what seems to be a shot glass but the 304ccs feel matronly to me. I am also fearful of larger breasts making me look matronly or top heavy. Thoughts?

Went with 286cc

Was debating between 304 cc Naturelles and 286 cc - finally left it up to my doctor who chose 286 cc. Wrapped in bandages for 48 hours but so far so good.

Breasts Still Wrapped Day 2

Day 3 - the unwrap - implants high

My implants are riding high. How long will they take to drop? At the moment the implants aren't really noticeable from the front.

Day 6

Finally got all the surgical goop off my chest and got up and around today. My left breast is definitely more swollen than the right and the implants are high. Trying to find clothes to disguise my puffy chest muscles so people at work don't notice. I'm feeling rather misshappen. My left implant is making strange gurgling noises but I read that's normal. My energy was about 80% today. I was surprised I spent about 4 days in bed. I just didn't have much energy. Off the pain meds for the last two days. Yay! Onwards and upwards...

Post Surgery: Day 12

Breasts have dropped a bit and feel less achy. Still a ways to go... Tried on dresses at Banana Republic and finding some Small size dresses tight across the chest. Not too bad though. I already have broad shoulders so I was worried it might be a problem. I think proportionally they are going to great for my athletic build. Can push them out for special occasions and fly under the radar when I want to. Yay!

Day 25 - Incisions Split Open on Both Breasts

So this was kind of crazy - week 3 post op - both incisions opened up and yellow pus was oozing out. Kind of freaky. I was away on a biz trip so I had to wait a week until seeing the doctor. Fortunately the incisions openings weren't deep and the implants weren't exposed. However it was a major pain because it took about 4 weeks to close up again. Had to put Neosporin on the openings daily which was messy.

I'm guessing I was too active - perhaps too much lifting. I was working at a trade show. Word to the wise - take it easy. Apparently in the 3rd and 4th weeks the interior stitches have started to dissolve yet the closed incision is fragile. It set me back a month exercising which was a huge pain.

11 Weeks After Surgery - Breasts Fluffed - Now 34D/DD from 34B/C - Love it!!!

Well, if you told me I would be a 34DD at Victoria's Secret (from a 34B/C) I would have freaked out prior to surgery. However I LOVE my new breasts and wish I had done this 10 years ago. The size really balances out my frame. My husband loves them, and I can go bra less without feeling self conscious. I went with 286cc which seemed small but I did have a little padding to start with. I am thrilled. One Breast is a little higher but I'm massaging it down. I was afraid of looking matronly but frankly I just look balanced. Yay!!!!

10 Months After Surgery Pix

Pretty darn happy with my results at 10 months. I now wear a 32DD at Victoria's Secret. I have some minor indentation on the lower part of the breast where the muscle meets the fascia (esp left side where the implant was riding high and had to massage down). Pretty unnoticeable (except to me in the right lighting) and too minor to have fixed. My scars are still visible and one side is quite raised due to the stitches splitting on the first month (massaging daily with Bio Oil). Overall, super thrilled with the size. I can go va-va-voom with a push-up and I love the way they look in a tight yoga top - perky but not huge. I would have even gone up to the 304cc had I to do it over. I was so scared I'd look huge. But the size is really nice and comfortable for my active lifestyle. Wish I had done this 10 years ago!

Now 32DD at VS

Oops - missed 2 pix.
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