Momma Got an Upgrade! 345 cc's Natrelle Inspira Silicone, 32D

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I'm almost one month out from my procedure, and am...

I'm almost one month out from my procedure, and am extremely excited. I've, like many of you mentioned, experiencing some distraction and obsession over my implants and coming to a decision about size. Other than that, things are going smoothly. My Dr. requires a mammogram if his patient is 30 years or older, so I had that completed, and that was the only real "task" that I had to perform so far in order to get ready! My pre-op appointment is in a couple weeks, and that is what I'm most looking forward to! Even with the 3-D imaging I'm still struggling with whether I should go with round silicone or shaped gel. It's a slight difference in look [as far as I can tell] and I'm weighing the different pros & cons of each. I don't like the idea that the shaped implants could be more noticeable if they accidentally shift or rotate. I also don't like the idea that they will remain very "stiff" or upright looking while laying down. However, I love that it makes a more natural sloped look. I grimace at the thought of my implants looking like a giant ball on my chest! I like that silicone will supposedly act more natural in the way it moves, etc... but am worried that they will be too much of a "bubble" on top! If anyone has any input, I'd gladly take it!
I'm a mother of two wild little boys, I have a thin and fairly toned body, so I'm wanting to make sure that I don't go too big. The sizes we discussed at my initial consultation range from 300-350 cc's for the round silicone moderate + profile, or 330-375 cc's for the gel. I'm starting with very little breast tissue. I was tiny before having kids, but was like a dairy cow when it came to milk production, so I went up to a 32D while nursing, then back down to my little rocks in socks :( Ready to fill those babies back up! Thanks to everyone who shares their journey with BA as well, it is SOOO helpful to hear other people's experiences :) Cheers!

Before photos

I never thought there would come a day that I posted photos of my breasts online. Maybe I've lost my mind. But in the interest of what I believe is helping others in their decisions, here they are! My deflated, sad little breasts. Before babies I wore a 32C (padded) bra. Bras without padding never seemed to fit, because my boobs were too small to fill in a cup that actually fit the width/size of my chest. Double bras were my friend too :) Then my breasts got huge with pregnancy and nursing. I mean, 32DD huge. I was a dairy cow, so much milk. And my sweet little babies just broke down that breast tissue like it was their little job--twisting and rolling and pinching and pulling and kneading like a cat... It was worth it, don't get me wrong. Breastfeeding was a magical and purposeful connection with my babes. My breasts are just Really empty now.
I have always wanted a BA, and so after babies started wearing a padded bra that fakes everyone out, hoping when I do get my fakes they don't look so shocking! Lol. I'm so happy my husband convinced me to wait to have them done until after babies- I could have never guessed that they would have been so affected!
I have my pre-op appointment in ten days and am really excited to finalize the size and shape. I'm still so uncertain. I thought the 3D images were helpful but really they aren't... The difference in size is minimal and without a full body image it's hard to imagine how they'll look on my body.
I'm thin (like you can see my bones) but I am not tiny, I'm almost 5'6" and have lean muscle tone. So I guess I feel like my curvy hips allow a larger implant, but I worry that they'll look crazy huge because I am thin. I'm just a little lost but hoping my doctor will have more advice/insight.
Thanks for any insight you may, if you happen to be reading my posts :)

One Week Pre-Op

Earlier this week I had my final pre-op meeting and it was a lot of info to cover in one meeting-- but good! I had a little bit of stress because my surgeon wanted to change the surgery date [for his personal reasons] and I almost lost my mind because I've had this scheduled for 2+ months and had to completely orchestrate 5 family members to help out and they all arranged their work schedules to be with my kids! Yikes! Luckily, after a day of stress, they decided they can accommodate me and keep my originally scheduled surgery. PHEW!!! I feel bad that I may be impacting his family/travel plans, but seriously, I had nobody to be with me the day of surgery if I would have had to switch the date. I really wish I could have been more flexible!
Since my initial consultation Dr. Connall's office has started offering Natrelle implants again. So we went over sizing again. I went into the meeting completely undecided, I really had no idea what way to go [shaped or round, 300-375 cc's]. After a lot of discussion [I think I was irritating to the doc], we settled on Natrelle Moderate profile [which because the new ones are filled so full, they're comparable to a Mod+ profile in Mentor] in 345cc's. That final decision was based on a couple factors, but mainly I don't want my boobs to be large, just bigger and filled in. So I measure 12.5cm width, and that 345 cc is exactly 12.5cm in width. So I believe that it will fit my body well.
We signed all of the paperwork [electronically] which basically felt like signing my life away, but I realistically understand that a) doctors have to cover themselves b) I'm electing to have this surgery, it's by no means "needed" and c) the risks are super low and occur and a very low rate of instance.
We also went over all of my medical history and the prescriptions, as well as a detailed account of what to expect surgery day.
All in all, I'm SO EXCITED I just can't hardly stand it!

I have nice boobs again!!

Today was surgery day and it was super easy. I had a few sketchy moments of anxiety/fainting/vomit but was able to stave it all off! Then, it was go time :) the entire group of doctors and nurses were so nice and professional!
Surgery was at 8 and I was home by 10:30, all in all, a very quick procedure :)
The medicines are pretty strong, and I was totally incoherent for the first couple hours after getting home. My sweet husband (who's cooking skills are limited to about two dishes) had made me some really yummy mango rice pudding. Eating made a world of difference, and the nausea is gone, just developing a small headache.
Pain: I'd say it's way less painful than I had imagined, but I'm wise enough to know that the local anesthesia and IV medicines are still cycling through my body!
So for the good part...I am already in love and am really happy about the outcome. My hubby says they look awesome too! Win win!
These photos were taken Almost immediately when I got home, about 2 hours post-op!
Oh and if I didn't mention it before, I went with Natrelle Inspiration SRM 345cc's. They are round silicone.

Sore and still swollen

I'm not sure if today is considered day 2 or 3, but my surgery was just over 48 hours ago.
I had been feeling really good, just some soreness on the side boob area, and where my surgical bra pressed on my incision area. The main discomfort yesterday was bloating from constipation. I had been taking the stool softener AND three other herbal laxatives to no avail. So I figured I should bite the bullet and stop taking the Percocet & Muscle relaxer for awhile. Man, that hurt. I finally gave in around 1am and took a muscle relaxer because it hurt so darn bad.
This morning I was finally able to go a tiny bit, which was a relief, but I had to go right back to taking pain meds. I've been taking 1 Percocet every 3-4 hours. The prescription says I can take two, but they make me feel so loopy that I'm afraid to find out what two does to me! I'm also taking a muscle relaxer every 6-8 hours.
I'm wearing a super comfy bralet from Target, $9.99 :) it sits low so it doesn't rub my incision. I have to say that while I miss them terribly, I'm super happy that my little boys aren't here right now. It would be so hard to keep them off me!
Here's some pics from this morning.

SO worth it!

I'm about one week post op today. I had my follow up appointment a couple days ago, and all looked good, I felt like Dr Connall was really happy with the results, so that felt great. More importantly, I really really am so happy! My husband loves them too which was super important to me! All in all, I feel really good about the size choice. They taught me some massages which actually feel really good to do! It made me sore the first day, but it feels as if it's relieving tension.
Physically I'm feeling quite good! I stopped all pain medicine three days ago (so I took them for 4-5 days depending on how you look at it). My really active really cuddly boys have been home with me after the grandparents had them for the first few days! If you have kids, and you have family or friends willing to take them for the first few days, I Strongly recommend it! I missed them so much, but them no seeing me out of it was a really good thing. Now they just know that my chest is sore and I can't carry them around for a few more days. I've had a few ouchy moments (accidental head butting my my 2 year old, my hubby accidentally elbowed me, I reached wrong and felt like I tore a suture, etc...) but overall, even with the constant dull pain around the lower half of my breasts and the incisions, it's been super easy to handle even without the pain relievers. I also have to say, that the ONLY thing that helped me go #2 was stopping the medicines. I tried everything possible!
Here are some photos, I'm horrible at selfies, please ignore the awkward angles! This Real Self stuff is the first time I've taken selfies, ever, so to learn while also being naked and posting online is kind of hilarious and ironic, oh well ;)
I'm excited to get back to working out and being able to do all of my house chores and playing with my kids with full force, but I know that will come with time...I think overall I feel pretty amazing for being only one week out!
I'm not sure how to change my rating on my doctor, but I'll figure that out soon! I want to give him all the props he deserves :) if anyone has tips for me, thanks in advance! Xo

Hard recovery day, 16 days post op

Hi ladies! I'm 16 days post op today!
Unfortunately I've been feeling kinda down for the past couple days. I had been doing so well, feeling good, but I've developed Mondor's Cords (inflamed superficial veins) on both sides which makes a constant dull aching. Doctors say it goes away on its own with time. I've used a warm hot water bottle today and it did relax them a bit. On top of this constant irritating pain, I've accidentally stretched too far a few times on my left, and it's tugged really hard on my internal suture. So my left breast is super sore all around, but feels bruised under the incision and down into my ribs. Luckily there's no visible bruising. My doctor said it too will feel better in time a do should just relax and take it easy. Ha! Easier said then done, with a 2 & 4 year old boys, and a Hubby who works 15 hours a day, then has me host a dinner for his international work associates (8 people) the night before having his birthday party with 20 people the next day! Lol! I don't know why I'm exhausted and sore ;) ordinarily all of that would be easy-peasy I'm just being a whiny baby!
Back to the boob details, cause I know that's what you want to read about! Other than the pain these past couple days, they're great. They are super soft and already act a lot like real (young) boobs! They bounce, wiggle, squish (see photo) and even fall to the side a little when I lay on my side.
I haven't been bra shopping or measured but based on how my old 32D no-padding bras fit (from when I was nursing/pregnant) I know that I'm at least a 32D. I don't really plan to wear bras very often, I love just wearing a comfy bralet!
I have to wait at least another week or two to take my tape off, but I can't wait, because it feels super tight on my left side and is very uncomfortable when reaching up, almost like its holding it down or something weird...anyone else's tape feel like that?
Happy healing ladies! Thanks for following my journey with me!

Almost three weeks...

A couple full body shots for size/proportion reference...

6 weeks post op

Hi ladies!! I haven't been taking by photos or staying up to date here, sorry! It's funny how obsessed I was leading up to surgery, then consumed during recovery over all of the "is this normal" thoughts, and now that I'm feeling back to myself I hardly think of my boobs!
I had my one month check up this week. The doctor took off the tape. What a relief! My scars are not bad. Definitely visible, but considering how new they are I'm confident they'll fade and look fine in a year or so. I'm not doing any of the laser treatments or silicone strips that they offered. He said I can resume all activity except for direct exercises that target the chest muscles. Before going into my appointment I had been doing some light workout stuff at home and attempted push ups. It felt weird, like nothing was connected. I'm going to hold off on any chest stuff for awhile!
I'm still really pleased with the results. I know the size choice and profile choice can be so overwhelming, I feel like that my PS and I were on the same page about what I wanted to achieve. I know that I could have gone bigger, and that full profile would probably look great in clothes. However, I was more concerned about how I look naked, and naked now with the 345 moderate profile I feel they are PLENTY big :) they look pretty small in certain outfits but I'm good with that-- I didn't want "big" boobs.
As far as recovery goes, I'd say around week 5 everything changed for me. The constant pain around my ribs and under the incisions faded. Now I only feel pain at night and it's just a stiffness more than sharp pain. Some actions still aren't very easy (like it used to be) but I know that will come with time!
Happy holidays ladies!!
Ps, please excuse the crazy irritation that showed up on my chest this morning! My skin is so sensitive and I used a new body oil yesterday :(

Another before photo...

I wanted to do a side by side comparison of this with my pictures posted earlier today, but just don't have the time to deal with it, so here it is, in the padded bra before :) Some days they feel so small and hardly different, just fuller, but then I put an old bra like this one on and I'm reminded how much bigger they are! They already feel just like mine and like they belong. I love it :)

Before & After

Okay not the exact same angle, but you get the point ;)

3 months post op

Everything is going well! Some photo updates are included. They feel like mine, don't hurt anymore. The only thing I have a hard time with is chest specific workouts and some ab work that stretches all the way extended. This is probably because of the mondor's cords.
I'm still really happy with my results and size choice, etc...
I was fitted for a bra finally and measured a 30DDD, but a lined but not padded bra from most brands in 32DD is comfortable. I got the VS Fabulous lined Demi a fits super comfortable!

3 months, clothing pics

As requested :) I am sorry that I suck so bad at taking pictures of myself! I guess to confirm what Senorita was thinking...yes I feel like they look really big naked and in swimsuits, but small/average in most clothes. Please excuse the messy laundry-covered bedroom ???? chores in-progress! Lol!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

So far I've had my consultation, as well as some follow up calls with Dr. Connall's office and every time they have been courteous, happy to help, and informational. I was impressed by his confidence as well as extensive experience. He said he's done well over 2000 breast augmentations... seems to me he knows what he's doing. I also love that he is straight-forward and open about risks, rather than sugar-coating things to just get the business. I haven't compared costs with other doctors in the area, but for me it was an easy choice to work with him based on my consultation, many great reviews, and personal referral from a close friend who also worked with Dr. Connall for her BA. I had a consultation scheduled with another well-known PS in the area, but they called and cancelled two days prior to my consultation [which I'd waited weeks for] because he had to "schedule a last-minute out of town trip" ie, it's Summer in Oregon and he wanted to go on a last minute vacation. I totally get it, but it rubbed me the wrong way! So Dr. Connall it is :)

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