NEW PICS! 5/7/14 BOOBIES DAY!!! 26 y/o Mommy of 1. 475 & 500cc's Mentor Mod+ - Tualatin, OR

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I meant to start this a while back but I couldn't...

I meant to start this a while back but I couldn't figure out how to post. Finally I figured it out! :) I am 1 week pre op today! So many emotions! SO EXCITED but so nervous at the same time. I had my consultation with Dr. Connall on March 28th. At that time everything breast augmentation was foreign to me as far as measurements and facts. All I knew was that I was ready to go from my 34 A/small B to BIG BOOBIES! ;) After I had my daughter and was breast feeding I went up to a full C, small D and LOVED them! As soon as I stopped breast feeding I went right back to a small B. I have since lost weight and my measurements now are 5'5" 145LBS. My pre op was April 22nd and we decided to go with 475cc's in my left breast (slightly larger to begin with) and 500cc's in my right. Mentor memory gel, moderate plus profile, under the muscle, crease incision.

Getting everything prepared is overwhelming on top of working full time and with my little one. Any advice on prepping? What is absolutely necessary and what is overkill?

6 more days!

Only 6 more days until DD day! ;) I don't think it has set in yet...I'm so excited today! I got a ton of cleaning done, filled my prescriptions, and organized all my post op necessities. I keep going back and forth thinking about my implang size...are 500's too big for me?! I don't want to change it and regret going too small.

Wish pics!

3 days pre op...having some serious size doubts! HELP

Ok, 3 days until my BA and I can't stop obsessing over pictures...I'm worried about the size I chose. Will 475(L) and 500(R) mod+ be TOO BIG?! My doctor suggested 450 (L) and 475 (R) to get me to the full D or DD that I desire. I know so many people regret not going big enough but what about going TOO BIG? When I told him I wanted the 475/500's his response was "Ehhh you're going to be VERY busty!" That made me nervous but then I look at all you realselfers with 500+ and They don't look TOO big for the most part. My boyfriend keeps reminding me that over time they shrink a bit...Yet all I see are photos of them getting bigger as they drop and fluff...I think he's talking about years down the road so I don't know.

I really need help ladies!

Pics didn't upload the other day

I don't know why these didn't upload the other day but I will try my wish pics again!

More wish pics

Pre op pics

34a or super small 34b :(

Magical cleavage

Able to get decent cleavage now with super padded bra and tight sports bra over it! So done with having to do this!

More pre op pics

Decided to add more pre op pics. Here's a couple with my full body in them so any thoughts on the size implants I'm getting can be compared with my body type.

2 days pre op and NIGHTMARES!

Ok...2 more days! My anxiety is through the roof! I am so excited but can't help but nearly hyperventilate when I think about Wednesday morning! Last night I had nightmares all night long! One being that I had surgery but my boobs weren't any bigger than before and my doctor put way smaller implants in than what I wanted! I woke up on a panic! Lol then when I finally got back to sleep again I dreamt that my nipple exploded! What the hell?! Now all I can do is OBSESS about boobs...I'm sitting here at work and I'm completely useless. Lol oh boyyyyy!

2 days pre op mirror nudie

Last mirror nudie with itty bitty titties! ;) don't mind my tummy (I have a 3 year old so yay for a mommy tummy! Ha) oh and this is my boyfriends bathroom that's why it's dirty! Lol

1 day pre op!!!

The nerves haven't settled one bit! Any advice on how to calm down a bit would be greatly appreciated. I am so excited and happy but I feel as if my excitement is being overcome by my fears! :( how will I ever sleep tonight?! Eeeek!

'Twas the night before BOOBIES! :)

It's 11pm the night before surgery! Due to check in at 7am and surgery to begin at 8am! Ahhhh I hope I can get some sleep tonight! I'm less nervous and more excited and ready to get this over with! :)

All done!!!!! :)

Surgery was this morning at 8am and was done at 9am! Super easy and quick! I'll give more details later. I'm pretty sore right now and tired. Wanted to share a couple of photos before I take a nap.

24 hours post op

Sore sore sore! It's especially worse when I wake up. This is normal though. Taking muscle relaxers and Percocet seem to only give me an hour of relief so I think I will call my PS today for something stronger. Here's a couple pics from early this morning.

More 1 day post op pics

Still very sore but the pain hasn't been too bad. My surgical bra has been driving me insane! It rubs right on my incisions and hurts :( "morning boob" is a real thing ladies! When I wake up the tightness and pain is the worst. With the muscle relaxers and pain meds the pain seems to go away within a half hour. I'm bloated as hell which is driving me insane! :('s some new pics from this evening. The girls are looking good so far!

Oops! I hit update before adding all pics

3 days post op

Today marks 3 days post op :) I'm still very sore and uncomfortable. I can't put my arms down at my sides all the way without discomfort which makes me walk funny! Lol I slept in bed last night instead of propped up on my couch (which I have been doing since surgery) and that was a mistake! Morning boob to the max! :( other than that things are going very well. The "girls" are looking great to me and I couldn't be happier so far! :)

1 week post op!!!

Feeling great and LOVING my new "girls" I had my first post op yesterday and my PS is very happy with my results so far. Let the massaging begin! The pain is gone and soreness is very little. I actually slept comfortably on my side the last 2 nights! Yay! I'll update again in another week or so :)

9 days post op

Soooo I went through some old clothes and bras's safe to say I'll be retiring a few things. Lol so bitter sweet :/ buuuuut also filling out some sexy tops perfectly! ;)

3 weeks and 2 days post op

Life's been busy and I haven't updated lately :/ I'll add some new photos :) the girls are doing great! I LOVE them!!! I even got in panties and tried on a couple bras at target the other day...definitely a DD or larger cause 34D was too small. Waiting a few more weeks to splurge at VS! Lol
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