A/B cup + 475&500cc HP Silicone = DDD

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Hello! I have been looking on this site and...

Hello! I have been looking on this site and reading your reviews for months now! I am undergoing BA on April 10th this year (2014). This is something I have dreamed of forever and one day I woke up and told my husband... I'm doing it within 6 months. I started my search for a surgeon and found the one after a day. My decision was based on referral, as well as hundreds of 5 star reviews. I chose Dr. Aaron Gorin being that he seems to be the best doctor in Oregon.
I sent his office an email and was surprised to have gotten a personal response from Dr. Gorin himself. We set up my consult on a Sunday (which is the only time my hubby and I can make it in together, and Dr. Gorin came in on his day off...wow!) We started talking about my goal and sizes.
Here's where my problem is... I am a 32 b/a my right breast is considerably smaller then the left... When we sized, I loved the 530cc because it gave me more of an hourglass. But its hard to tell what it would look like without the granny bra and tank top. He told me his implants are in increments of 50, so my hubby and I decided a 500cc would be ideal. Now, I want to achieve a full DD. I don't want to be too close to an F. I have a smaller, athletic figure. I'm getting scared because people I've talked to who have had theirs done say 500cc with my build is too much. So I'm contemplating doing 450cc. Its not a huge difference but I don't want to regret my decision and wish I had gone larger. My pre-op appointment is 1 week prior to my surgery (which I wondered if I should do 2 weeks before?)
I was hoping someone out there could guide me a little more through this or give some advice? Thank you :)

My current size

Here is a picture of my figure & size currently and what I am trying to achieve...


Oops here's more

45 days left!

It's so lame that I have a countdown on my phone :) but I'm so thrilled that it's only 45 days left! I'm just afraid of taking too much/not enough time off for recovery. Everyone obviously recovers differently. I'm doing my surgery on a Thursday, and planning on taking fri-mon off and returning to light duty on Tuesday. I'm an esthetician so I do use my arms and hands a lot. Hmmm?


Another picture of my self/frame.
Mind you in this picture, I had gel push-up pads inserted inside the seams of my swimsuit lol

80% sure

The more and more I think about it, the more I think 500cc will be more than perfect for me! I am becoming a bit obsessive over this, but if they are a bit too big, oh well. If they are too small, I'm going to regret it and kick myself about it forever!

Is this really happening?

40 days away and I am in disbelief. I'm nervous and excited at the same time! I just wanna get this over with already! I've been saving all my tips from work and any extra cash I get into my "boob fund." My plan was to have half buy surgery and half finance for 1 year with no interest, but it looks like I'll have more than that by then to put down so I'm THRILLED! Now I'm starting to look online to see what cute clothes I'll be able to wear! I can't wait to wear a bathing suit without inserts or tons of padding!
I am looking at all the stuff I will need for post-surgery. Does anyone have a good list or link to a good list somewhere?

My current situation.

I caved. I am going to post a nudie just so y'all get a better idea of my situation and my wish boobs and hopefully I get a better idea of cc's

Nightmares galore

I am exactly 2 weeks away from my BA, 1 week from my post-op. And since a week ago, I literally have the same nightmare in moderation... I go into my surgery, I walk out in tears because I didn't go as big as I had hoped and they look exactly the same so I go back pleading to get them fixed. Them I wake up. Ugh!
On a happier note, I have started shipping for clothes for summer! I'm just trying to also figure out what things I'll need for post-op.
I'm in disbelief! April 10th is almost here!!

YouTube... Bad idea.

I'm such a baby about blood and such. Last night my husband and I watched a breast augmentation surgery on YouTube. CAN I JUST SAY HOW HORRIBLE OF AN IDEA THAT WAS?? Oh my goodness! That freaked me out so much to the point where I was almost in tears and asking my hubby why am I doing this? He couldn't help but laugh at me ):<
I can't believe less than 2 weeks! I am so excited! Preop is less than a week away and I feel like I'm not ready... But I am so ready at the same time. I just want to buy cute clothes already!

8 days too long.

I'm growing incredibly impatient. Almost sick to my stomach with anxiety. Restless.
All I can think about is the big day!
Thursday (2 days from now is my pre-op!) more and more leaning to 500cc. I think I will take one of for million bralettes I've already bought!
Soooo VS may or may not have them in stores for $10 a piece. And I had 2 $10 secret rewards so 2 new bras for me :D
I also have 2 more in the mail with two more secret rewards! Yay! I'm obsessed :P


Just got home from my pre-op! It feels unreal that this time next week I will be at home recovering!
My surgery time is 12:30 which sucks because if the not being able to eat after midnight thing. But I get beauty sleep ;)
We filled out more paper work, talked about and received my medications, payed for the procedure, and picked out sizes!!
So sizes: I originally loved the 533cc but since we are going with HP implants, they go in certain increments. I tried a 450 and 500 and my hubby and I decided bigger than the 450, possible smaller than the 500. So Dr. Gorin is going to try the 475 when he's in there but he thinks the 500 will look best. He also doesn't want me to regret my decision which I totally appreciate.
So now I wait 1 week... Ahh! I can't believe this is happening :)

5 daysssssssss UGH!

Time moves so slowly now..

I'm trying to compile a list of necessities I will need post-op. Any good ones out there?

I'm so anxious! Went to the pharmacy yesterday! I was prescribed oxycodone which when I took when my wisdom teeth were removed didn't do anything to help the pain.
The last time i went to get the last tooth removed the dentist gave me 7.5mg tablets of Percocet. Should I tell my surgeon about this?


So I emailed a list of questions I forgot to ask my PS about during pre-op. One of which was about the oxycodone and my tolerance to pain medication. He is going to prescribe me Dilaudid. Has anyone had experience with this?
I'm also going to get Tylenol.
I went to Fred Meyers today and picked up Mederma, vitamin E, and other small essentials. I am having a REALLY hard time finding a front clamping bra! Fred Meyers had 40DDD which is a bit large around the body lol!! And no luck at target. There's a walmart about an hour away... Idk if it's worth the drive!

Ahhh! 2 days!!! Come on Thursday!!

I'm soooo tired of...

So tired of this happening to my bra...!! Ok I won't update until after my surgery. See you all on the other side of boobie land :)


What what!! I got my boobies done earlier today! Last min changes. He put 475cc in my left boob and 500cc in the right due to the size difference.

I was so nervous all night and day, 12:30 I came in and right away I met with two nurses who prepped me, made me feel incredibly comfortable and excited. Then I met with my anesthesiologist. He couldn't get the needle in the first spot and I bled everywhere which was mortifying, he tried again and got it in. While he was doing that, we were taking about something with my hubby, I felt like I was dozing off, I guess I got really happy (says my hubby) and then I fell asleep and he left. Next thing I know, I woke up in a dim lit room (same place I was in earlier and where I had the procedure).
This is the worst part of the story. I was shaking a little and sore. I couldn't move. I was alone and I started to cry and moan. The nurse must have been on the other side of the curtain. She came in gave me medicine and some juice. Next thing I know my hubby and best friend where in the room with me and I stopped being a baby. Hehe
They moved to a recliner and fed me some crackers and juice. I was in a very happy talkative mood.
I got back in my sweater and slippers, They them wheeled me to my car and my hubby drove us home.
So far I haven't seen anything. When I was at home I felt like I could move around ok. I ate a lot finally and took some meds. I have just been dozing in and out of sleep for now. Everything is bandaged off and I can't shower or take the bandages off until Saturday. So I won't be able to update significantly.
As far as the pain goes, my chest just feels right and sore up on top. My friend who just got hers done said the second day is the worst so I'm afraid, however I'm going to stay on top of taking my pain meds.
Today I stuck with 1 Dilaudid and 1 Tylenol along with my nerve meds. Tomorrow I'll try the oxycodone.

I'm starting to doze off again. I'll update soon if anything changes :)


Day 2

I woke up in quite a bit more pain than yesterday. Took some diladud and Tylenol and fell asleep, woke up 2 hours later because my incision was hurting and I was so scared that it was bleeding or something but I don't think so. I'm just in pain. I took 2 oxycodone a and feel so much better. I can't really keep my eyes open for more than 30 min.
I just feel so blessed to have my hubby and best friend taking care of me. It's so hard to get up. I've been trying to sit and sleep at a 45-90 degree angle but damn! I didn't realize how many things we do daily that use our chest muscles!

I can't wait to take my bandages off tomorrow! I snuck my hand in the bandage and I feel boobies!!
I can't believe it!!

Day 2

2 days post op

Today was shower day!!
I felt so sick all morning long. But I felt like I just had to get the bandages off and shower as soon as my hubby woke up. Only woke up 2 times last night in paid and took my medications and pain pills. Still no sign of using the bathroom :/ been using stool softener but it looks like I'm picking up something more heavy duty later. Hence the bloating.
Shower went ok. I got most of the iodine and marking pen off except close to my incision because my hubby was afraid of getting close.
I took some photos! They look so strange right now. I can't wait for them to settle.

As far as the pain is concerned, I was feeling ok day, I fact, I got dresses by myself and my friends took me to get a pedi. As soon as I got home, I layed down and when I tried to get up again, the pain got bad again. Ugh! Has anyone tried taking a muscle relaxer? My friend brought me some but idk if I should take any. I havent taken any of my pain meds since 9am (5pm now).

Sadness ):

It still hurts ): and then I look down at my chest and I almost want to cry. I feel like they are too small from what I expected! I can't believe how my body took the 500cc!! I just want them to drop so I can see what I'm dealing with. And for the bloating to go away.
Im keeping my fingers crossed that they get bigger.

Day 4 Post-Op

Last night it passed out after taking a muscle relaxer and all my pain meds. I actually slept the whole night! It's so painful sleeping at a 45 degree angle! I got up only to go to the bathroom (unfortunately no #2). I didn't need my hubby's help to shower but I still can't do a lot of things on my own.
I went to lunch with my friend. She drove. I can't seem to see things straight or read signs. It must be the meds.
My boobies look bigger than yesterday. I also feel like my stomach is the size of a 3 month prego woman due to the bloating of the meds AND I started my period this morning. So maybe after all that goes away, my boobs will look right.
I go back to work on Tuesday, so I plan on just spending the day in bed relaxing tomorrow. Maybe going for a walk with my dogs but that's it. My job is physically demanding so I'm pretty nervous about that but I have no choice, I have to go back to work this week. So hopefully it won't be too difficult :) I ended up telling my boss what I was having done so he would understand why I need the time off. Oh well.

Here are some pics of today's progress...

More pics

Post-op Appt

I rescheduled my post-op appt to today instead of waiting til Thursday because I go back to work tomorrow and work til Saturday (boo!)
It went well. I don't have to wear my strap or bandages anymore! We took the tape off the incision and now I'm good to wear bras (w/o underwire, not too tight, etc).
I also am good to start my massages!
As far as pain today, sooo much less! They just feel uncomfortable and heavy. That's to be expected I guess!
I did look at a side by side picture of yesterday and today and they look way better. Def getting bigger and dropping a tad! Yay!!
Thank you to everyone and your words of encouragement. This had been quite a ride so far. I just can't wait to love them! And I also can't wait to go to the bathroom -_- lol I think tonight. I took a lax drink this morning and I'm going to try again after dinner :)

Back to work

I went back to work today.
Not horrible, just very dizzy.
Every day they look better and better! My next update will be in a week or so. Happy healing everyone!

It's been a while! 16 days post op

I have had a good recovery! It's been tough going back to work, quiting my job, getting a new job, and moving.. So my boobies have been sore. Not much time for Massaging them (so bad!) this week everything almost feels normal besides my nips killing me!
I am going to post a professing picture over the last couple weeks as well as some pics in my old swim suits (smalls). I love my new boobies! I think M bras are fitting me the best. Haven't tried other bras yet.
I can conceal my boobies well to the point that people don't know i had them done, then when I want to show them off.. BAM! Lol can't wait to try on bras soon!
Another post op appt next week.

More pictures

Nothing new. Just feeling them get softer :) post op rescheduled to next week because of my new job.

New Swim!!

I went out and used some giftcards at VS. I got a swimsuit (in a medium) and I tried on bras.
I hate when they size me so I did it myself. Trial and error style. I am a 32DD for now. I think once they settle it will be more like DDD which will be a nightmare to find a 32 in that size. I tried on a 34D (which supposedly a sister size) but I thought it was too big around my body. Lol! Big boobie problems ????


Had my 3 week post up this week (4 weeks), and everything looks right! 2 more weeks til I can hit the gym!! Yaaay!
I wanna wear bras so bad! My birthday is this weekend and I want to find a boobielicious outfit ;)

4 weeks! Happy birthday to ME!!

Best birthday present to myself... Ever :)
Tomorrow is my birthday! Yay! 1 month post-op today! I can't believe it! I seriously couldn't be happier with my boobies! Perfect size!! I can't wait to see how they settle some more!

1 month more pictures :)

Bra :)

I'm not supposed to, but I had to!!
Here's a bra I bought recently from VS. It has 0% padding! 32DD. What do you girls think? Should I try a DDD? If I can find a 32 that is lol! I actually also think I wanna try a push up! Lol so greedy >;)


I'm at 5 weeks and I feel like they have dropped so much in the last week. Almost too small ????
Such boob greed lol! I'm gonna go find some push up bras this week.


Big boobie problems!! I just found a 32DDD amd so far it's the only bra that feels like it fits normal! Now the hunt begins!

Before & After

Wow. I have just loved this boobie journey. I have no regrets!
I love my boobies and so does my hubby :) I will update in the months to come... But for now, happy healing beauties :)

3 month update

So I think since they have settled, I have been unhappy and wanting bigger breasts! I still fit in a 32ddd sometimes dd. I just want them to sit high again like before they dropped. I'm looking for bras that will make this happen. Any recommendations?
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